Methods and apparatuses for digit joint arthroplasty. The present invention preferably allows for the treatment of disorders of digit joints generally and interphalageal joints more specifically. The present invention provides implants for the replacement of digit joint cartilage. The implants of the present invention preferably include a head and a shaft. The head may be shaped similarly to the cartilage that is being replaced. The shaft is adapted so as to be able to be fit into, for example, the phalanx. In certain preferred embodiments, the shaft is threaded so that it may gain purchase to the phalangeal cortex. The articulating portion of the implant preferably mimics the articular surface of the native phalanx and thereby places minimal motion restriction on the patient. The implants and methods of the present invention have particular utility with the DIP joint of the hand.


> Implant Scaffold Combined With Autologous Tissue, Allogenic Tissue, Cultured Tissue, or combinations Thereof

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