A headset terminal for speech applications includes a headband assembly, an earcup assembly and a power source assembly. Processing circuitry is positioned in at least one of the earcup assembly and the power source assembly and includes speech processing circuitry for recognizing and synthesizing speech. A radio communicates with a central system to process the activity information of the headset terminal user. A rotatable microphone boom assembly includes controls mounted on opposite sides of a rotation axis to maintain a consistent orientation on the boom assembly with respect to the head of a user. The boom assembly snaps together with the earcup assembly to rotate. The headband assembly includes at least one transverse band and a sliding arm coupled to the earcup assembly for dynamically adjusting the position of the earcup assembly. A latch of the power source assembly snaps into position to secure it with the assembly and slides between latched and unlatched positions to secure a battery.

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