A technique for generating a topology associated with a computing environment comprises the following steps/operations. First, components in the computing environment and their dependencies are identified. Identification comprises computing and traversing at least a portion of a model representative of an existence of one or more relationships associated with at least a portion of the components of the computing environment and which is capable of accounting for a full lifecycle (e.g., including deployment, installation and runtime) associated with at least one component of the computing environment. Then, the one or more identified components are presented in a topological representation based on the one or more relationships associated with the one or more identified components. The topological representation comprises a functional plane, a structural plane and an operational plane respectively corresponding to at least a portion of a functional categorization, a structural categorization and an operational categorization of the model. By way of example, the inventive techniques may be applied to a distributed computing environment. The computing environment may also be an autonomic computing environment.

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