An electroluminescent display system, comprising: a) a display composed of an array of regions, wherein the current to each of the regions is provided by a pair of power lines and wherein each region includes an array of light emitting elements for emitting light; b) a pixel driving circuit for independently controlling the current to each light-emitting element in response to an image signal, wherein the intensity of the light output by the light emitting elements is dependent upon the current provided to each light emitting element; and c) a display driver for receiving an input image signal and generating a converted image signal for driving the light emitting elements in the display, wherein the display driver analyzes the input image signal to estimate the current that would result at, at least, one point along at least one of the power lines providing current to each of the regions, if employed without further modification, based upon device architecture and material and performance characteristics of device components, and generates the converted image signal as a function of the input image signal and the estimated currents.


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