The invention can provide a detergent composition for dry cleaning which comprises a nonionic surfactant as the component (a), a cyclic polysiloxane as the component (b) and a polyether modified silicone having a HLB value of at most 6 as the component (c), wherein the content of the component (a) is 5 to 70% by weight based on the total weight of the components (a), (b) and (c), the content of the total of the components (b) and (c) is 30 to 95% by weight based on the same, and the ratio by weight of the component (b) to the component (c) {b/c} is 1/10 to 20/1 and a detergent liquid for dry cleaning using the above detergent composition. The detergent composition and detergent liquid are excellent in detergency, capability of preventing recontamination and solubilizing power in water, which is less prone to cause annular stain on clothes even when a pretreatment agent is used, which imparts favorable flexibility and conformability to an object to be cleaned and which has favorable stability with the lapse of time.


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