A device for quality testing of a body comprising a surface comprising a structuring bounded by edges and a substantially edge-free unevenness, wherein the structuring illustrates a quality impairment and wherein the unevenness illustrates a potential quality impairment, includes a means for generating a height representation, wherein the height representation of the surface includes the structuring and the unevenness. A means for calculating a variation representation calculates the variation associated to the point for every point of the height representation, so that at a boundary of the structuring a high variation is obtained, while at a boundary of the unevenness a low variation is obtained. A means for detecting regions which are potentially quality affecting detects regions as potentially quality-affecting which comprise a variation which is smaller than a predetermined variation threshold value regarding its magnitude. These potentially quality-affecting regions may then be further examined for different criteria to exclude the uncritical regions and to find out only the actually quality-affecting regions from the number of potentially quality-affecting regions. Thus, a safe quality control of vehicle tires on which a writing is attached as a structuring and which comprises bulges or constrictions as substantially edge-free unevennesses may be obtained.

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