The present invention relates to fabric care methods for restoring and/or rejuvenating color of worn, faded fabric, by applying to said fabric a fabric color care composition which comprises: water soluble and/or water dispersible polymers; surfactant capable of forming a bilayer structure; and mixtures thereof. Optionally, the composition can contain other ingredients to provide additionally fabric care benefits, and/or to improve performance and formulatability. The composition is preferably applied as small particle size droplets, especially from spray container that preferably are in association with a set of instructions for use.


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> Production of 5-methyl-N-(methyl aryl)-2-pyrrolidone, 5-methyl-N-(methyl cycloalkyl)-2-pyrrolidone and 5-methyl-N-alkyl-2-pyrrolidone by reductive amination of levulinic acid esters with cyano compounds

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