A computer-implemented process prepares bank service charge reports for banking activity of a client. An electronic translator is provided for converting service charge items of a plurality of individual banks, expressed in terminology of the respective individual banks, to a service description expressed in a standardized terminology. Bank service charge items and bank account data are inputted into a computer. The bank service charge items and bank account data are for a specified period of time for one or more banks being used by a client. The bank service charge items and bank account data are obtained from one or more bank statements of a client and are expressed in the one or more statements in terminology used by the one or more banks. In the computer, one or more bank service charge reports are automatically created for the client from the inputted bank service charge items by using the electronic translator. Each bank service charge report provides a breakdown of bank service charges based upon the standardized service descriptions. A historical database is provided of average bank service charges for selected standardized service descriptions based upon bank service charges of a plurality of clients. The individually broken down bank service charges are compared to the average bank service charges to identify potentially excessive bank service charges. A similar process is performed for earnings credit items.

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