A system and method for reducing data transfer latency and network-induced jitter in computer networks that can handle the transfer of large object data types such as multimedia objects without requiring a large local object store. The system includes a cache memory system coupled between a data consumer and a data provider. The cache memory system includes a jitter buffer and a local object store, each of which is configured to store at least a portion of a requested data object. The cache memory system satisfies the low-latency and low-jitter data feed requirements of the data consumer by delivering initial bytes of the requested data object from the local object store to the data consumer while pre-fetching remaining object data bytes from the data provider using the jitter buffer. The cache memory system then, at least at some times, fetches additional remaining object data bytes from the data provider using the jitter buffer and delivers the additional remaining object data bytes to the data consumer. The system can be used to retrieve, store, and deliver both real-time and non-real-time multimedia objects.

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