This invention relates generally to synthetic procedures that include the step of ring-opening metathesis of cyclic olefins and reaction with an acyclic diene co-reactant to produce regularly repeating A,B-alternating olefin polymers. The A,B-alternating polymers are produced by varying reaction conditions and/or reactant proportions and using only two types of olefin metathesis (ring-opening and cross) to provide regularly repeating ABAB . . . etc. polymers via ring-opening metathesis polymerization (ROMP). More particularly, the invention pertains to synthesis of A,B-alternating olefin polymers via olefin metathesis reactions using a Group 8 transition metal complex as the metathesis catalyst. Polymers provided herein have utility in a variety of fields, including not only polymer chemistry per se, but also in the pharmaceutical, biomedical, and packaging industries where the structure and properties of polymers need to be tightly controlled.


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