The present invention is mainly aimed at obtaining excellent sensor output free from periodic fixed pattern noise even if the pieces of holding capacity are converted into blocks, and the specific solution unit is described below. The signal readout unit includes: a line memory; first switches each connected to a holding capacity; a first common signal line comprising eight switches connected together; and second switches for connecting the first common signal line to the second common signal line. The control unit controls opening/closing of both switches. Between the electrode of the second switch and the second common signal line, there is provided outgoing wiring. From the control unit, control wiring a1. . . , b1. . . is connected to the first switch. To each wiring a1. . . , b1. . . , a pair of a positive signal and an anti-signal in which the logical level has been reversed with respect to each other is supplied respectively. Each wiring a1. . . , b1. . . is arranged so as to be line-symmetric with respect to the outgoing wiring.


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