A sound, light and storage system which includes a sound and light module that may be placed adjacent to a bed, couch or other furniture. Various speakers and lights are provided on the sound and light module. The speakers may be connected to various entertainment or other equipment including televisions, video players, compact disk (CD) players, digital video disk (DVD) players, radios, computers and/or stereo systems, for example. The lights, as well as the speakers or the entertainment or other equipment to which the speakers are connected, may be wired to a control panel provided on the sound and light module to enable a person lying or sitting on the bed or couch convenient control of the lights, speakers and/or equipment. Alternatively or in addition, the lights, speakers and/or equipment may be connected to a remote control module and/or wireless control device. The sound and light module may be provided adjacent to a storage module which is provided adjacent to the bed and may be used to store various articles or support a video, CD player, DVD player, telephone or a radio or stereo system, for example, for convenient access by a person lying on the bed. The bed may include a bed and storage unit which may be fitted with drawers for the storage of various articles beneath the bed.

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