From an electric pole outside to a cordless handset inside a building/facility, a communication line is established via an electric power line. At this point, it is judged whether or not electric power line communication is possible, and if electric power line communication is possible, the communication line between the cordless handset and a base unit is switched to an electric power line communication system, and a communication line is formed via an optical fiber cable from the electric power line. By measuring the communication quality levels of all lines of the wireless and electric power lines, the communication line having the highest communication quality level may be selected.


< Method and system for electronic capture of user-selected segments of a broadcast data signal

< Reproducing apparatus and superimposing method

> Audio control signal transmission apparatus and reception appartus, control system and control method using an audio control signal, program information transmission apparatus and transmission method, and program reservation apparatus and program reservation method

> Information processing device, picture producing method, and program storing medium

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