Game apparatus for and method of playing a family of associated rummy-type card games


A rummy-type card game that conventionally includes the making and rearranging of RUNs and SETs on a playing surface is played by utilizing a wild card as a substitute for a numbered card. The numbered card that the wild card represents may later be substituted at least from hand by any player for the wild card and the extracted wild card then used to replace another numbered card already on or added to the playing surface. If a wild card is present in a RUN, that grouping becomes locked (unbreakable) from rearrangement until such time as the wild card has been properly replaced during play. In the preferred version of this game, a wild card can only be used in a RUN, and one of several different techniques can be employed to neutralize the locked aspect of a RUN that contains the wild card. Another novel feature is that a wild card may also be used to extract any numbered card from a RUN, including a locked RUN, and the extracted numbered card may then used to that player's best advantage. A further significant feature is to provide non-suit dual-function cards that can be optionally used either as wild or penalty-imposing cards.


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