Method and system for controlled cooling of small milk quantities


A system for controlling the cooling of small milk quantities in a cooling tank (4). An agitation pipe (2) extended through a regular milk outlet (26) in a first end wall (6) of the tank is provided, having a nozzle end (32) for introducing incoming/re-circulated milk onto a milk cooling surface (14) at a predetermined position (dp). The position (dp) being situated (1) between a first end wall (6) and a central part of the tank (4) and laterally displaced (b) relative to the perpendicular central axis of the tank. The nozzle end (32) is directed towards a second end wall (8) of the tank (4). Agitation is performed by the agitation pipe (2) upon demand or when the milk quantity is insufficient for a regular agitator element (27) to work properly.


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