Methods and apparatuses for simultaneous access by multiple remote devices


The present invention aims to provide a system that allows multiple users operating a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) to access the Internet or the World Wide Web (WWW), and to be able to view and interact with these images remotely on a display screen. It is a further aim to provide a RDP (Remote Data Protocol) client and sever system to facilitate multiple PDA users simultaneously on a single server. The host computer contains an RDP server which has multiple virtual machines contained within, with each virtual machine containing a web browser. Multiple RDP clients interact with the virtual machines with a dedicated virtual machine for each client on the server. Each client is represented by software, which sends the display of the virtual machine to a single remote PDA device via a dedicated modem port. This modem port allows two way communication between a single PDA and a dedicated virtual machine on the server, via a single RDP client. By implementing multiple virtual machines and multiple RDP clients with multiple modem ports, it is now possible to communicate with multiple users of PDA devices on the RDP. The RDP client relays information received via a modem port from the PDA, such as mouse clicks or keyboard commands, to the application program in the virtual machine, which is then processed and a refreshed display sent back to the PDA via the same dedicated RDP client and modem port.


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