The present invention provides an active control system for coupling the movements of a pair of independently operated manual input devices such as dual flight control sticks operated by a pilot and co-pilot flying an aircraft. Each input device is configured to receive manual input data in the form of angular displacement of the device about one or more rotational axes. The active control system provides desired tactile feedback to an operator who displaces one of the manual input devices in the form of a restorative centering force. If an external system such as an auto-pilot system is engaged, the restorative force may be in a direction necessary to reconcile manual displacement of the input device with a position commanded by the external system, rather than directed toward the center position. The system also acts to reflect manual displacement of each input device as a force applied to the other. For example, when a pilot moves his or her control stick forward, the co-pilot will feel a like force tending to move the co-pilot's control stick forward.


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