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Large canister
Soap pump
Bowl brush base
Method of detecting TCP/IP bindings of installed network interface cards present in a computer syste...
Device and method for the protected output of electronically transmitted and stored documents
Spinal intervertebral implant insertion tool
Case-insensitive custom tag recognition and handling
Method of enhancing clear field phase shift masks by adding parallel line to phase 0 region
Magnetic resonance imaging using direct, continuous real-time imaging for motion compensation
Logs of printed products
Injectors, injector systems and injector control
Method and apparatus for loading syringes without the need for hypodermic needles
Method and system for integrated audiovisual speech coding at low bitrate
Grapevine fanleaf virus resistance in grapevine expressing grapevine fanleaf virus coat protein
Coin holder or dispenser
Poppet valve with heater
Nut runner
Method and apparatus for accessing product information using bar code data
Method and system for attaching information to words of a trie
FCC catalysts for feeds containing nickel and vanadium
Methods of treatment of eye trauma and disorders
Sulfonamide-containing indole compounds
PDGF receptor kinase inhibitory compounds, their preparation, purification and pharmaceutical compos...
Substituted acid derivatives useful as antidiabetic and antiobesity agents and method
Urazole compounds useful as anti-inflammatory agents
Analogs of 2-Phthalimidinoglutaric acid
Tool holder and cooling apparatus therefor
Striker trigger mechanism for automatic and semi-automatic firearms
Hydraulic detent for a variable camshaft timing device
Computer work station (elastic or movable) arm rests
Using differential pressure control system for VCT lock
Segmented lattice rack to store fuels coming from nuclear reactors
Hydrogen infrastructure, a combined bulk hydrogen storage/single stage metal hydride hydrogen compre...
Method of instruction
System and method for fusing instructions
Path speculating instruction scheduler
Refrigeration control
Tooth set for a hydraulic machine
Use of surface-active agents in the impurity removal process from solutions containing acetic deriva...
Thermochromic dental material
Use of sulfated oligosaccharides in lowering blood triglyceride levels
Device for suppressing electromagnetic coupling phenomena
Field adjusting mechanisms and methods for permanent magnet arrangement with backplate
Magnet arrangement comprising a superconducting magnet coil system and a magnetic field forming devi...
Apparatus and method for use in medical imaging
Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Magnetic resonance apparatus having a horizontal basic magnetic field
Distributed capacitance inserts for NMR probes
Image processing method, image processing apparatus, and storage medium
Thermal developing apparatus and assembling method thereof
Method and apparatus for detecting errors in DVD data
Transit system
Bipolar transistor device having phosphorous
Press and vibration severity die certification system
Hydraulic actuated radial friction clutch/brake
Clutch-brake system and press machine
Method and apparatus for adjusting the gib-slide clearance using a thermal treatment process
Capacitive toner level detection
Method and apparatus for using magnetic bearings to position an inking unit roller in at least two d...
Method for magnetically tucking a printing plate into a plate cylinder
Device and method for adjusting a force applied to a movable element
Multiple-sheet monitoring device
Device for guiding signatures, particularly in the region of a wedge-shaped outlet of a cutting cyli...
Cleaning brush and method for removing contaminates from a photoconductor film
Arrangement for providing and feeding transfer material for a thermographic process for producing pr...
Web-fed rotary printing machine
Method and devices for adjusting a roller in a printing machine
Apparatus for image formation on cylindrical surfaces in printing machines
Method of and system for displaying cards
Mammalian cell cycle protein
Nucleic acid molecules coding for debranching enzymes from potato
Path prediction system and method
Polymeric and carbon compositions with metal nanoparticles
Multilevel copper interconnect with double passivation
Surface modification using hydridosilanes to prepare monolayers
Photocatalytic active carbon, colored photocatalytic active carbon, coloring active carbon, and deod...
Compositions and methods for the pulmonary delivery of aerosolized medicaments
Fluorinated polycycles and their use in liquid-crystal mixtures
Rhodanine carboxylic acid derivatives for the treatment and prevention of metabolic bone disorders
Vehicle electrical generator
Piezoelectric speaker
Method of controlling transmission light amount and television camera apparatus using the method
Polymeric photonic band gap materials
Thermoplastic elastomer compositions
Thermoplastic nanocomposites
Methods and apparatus for providing quality of service for legacy applications
Polymer electrolyte membrane and method of fabrication
Vortex twin-fluid nozzle with self-cleaning pintle
Strawberry plant named `PS-3395`
Strawberry plant named `PS-3546`
Apple tree: `Smith Gala`
Impatiens plant named `Balpixred`
Mint plant named `Clackamas`
Impatiens plant named `Balpixbros`
Extrusion blow-molded squeezable tube-shaped container and method for making same
Pre-blending textures
Method and apparatus for routing data to multiple graphics devices
Insertion device for deformable intraocular lens
Deformable intraocular multi-focus lens
Methods for transdifferentiation of body tissues
High refractive index hydrogel compositions for ophthalmic implants
Intelligent surgical footpedal with low noise, low resistance vibration feedback
Method and apparatus to control the formation of layers useful in integrated circuits
Method of synthesizing metal doped diamond-like carbon films
Microfabrication of pattern imprinting
Radiation attenuation system
Electronic component
Cell voltage detector for fuel cell
Method and apparatus for accessing the pericardial space
Method of diagnosing ischemic stroke via UCP-2 detection
Cocoa extract compounds and methods for making and using the same
Compositions, kits, methods, and apparatus for transvascular delivery of a composition to an extrava...
Use of hepoxilins or hepoxilin analogs as antidiabetics, antiinflammatory agents
Use of lipoxygenase metabolite of arachidonic acid and its derivatives in capsaicin-channel agonist
Portable flood control revetment
Submarine apparatus having a spacer mechanism between a body and a boot
Vertical pull apparatus
Method of constructing precast modular marine structures
Device and method for maintaining and guiding a riser, and method for transferring a riser onto a fl...
Systems and methods for driving large diameter caissons
Device for drilling and anchoring and process for placing grout anchors
Image processing device and method, and recording medium
Method and system for estimation of rainfall intensity in mountainous area
Liquid crystal optical element and test method for its boundary layer
Line fault protection unit for an electrical power system
Quotient algorithm in monitoring disturbance processes
Image forming apparatus including components mounted and/or dismounted in selected order
Swirling system for ionizable gas coagulator
Endovascular thin film devices and methods for treating and preventing stroke
Methods and compositions that control lipid production
Power quality utility metering system having waveform capture
Method and system for predicting worst-case capacitive and inductive switching vector
Display device such as electro-optic element and thin film transistor and display device manufacturi...
Extended error correction for SEC-DED codes with package error detection ability
Handling different communications types by using agents to implement communication goal commands
Integrated multidimensional database
Drilling machine having a feed cable tensioner
Cordless power tool
Virtual electronic data library supporting mixed drive types using virtual libraries within a single...
Multi-processor computer system with cache-flushing system using memory recall
Multiprocessor cache coherence system and method in which processor nodes and input/output nodes are...
Insertion of prefetch instructions into computer program code
Apparatus for mapping instructions using a set of valid and invalid logical to physical register ass...
Multiple ECC schemes to improve bandwidth
Method of multivariate spectral analysis
Cure monitoring
Automated calibration for radiation dosimetry using fixed or moving beams and detectors
Method of data compression using principal components analysis
Overheating protection for toner image printed substrate in a radiation fixing device
LCD having a compensator directly on the substrate of adjacent LC cell having particular subpixels
Concept-based search and retrieval system
Geometric engine including a computational module without memory contention
Ultrasonic monitoring system and method
Flat panel liquid-crystal display such as for a laptop computer
Liquid crystal display device
Processable polyethylene/EPDM thermoplastic vulcanizates
Modified copolymer of olefin and cycloolefin
Retroviral protease inhibiting compounds
Optical resin composition comprising thiol-ene prepolymer
Silicon-containing copolymer and photosensitive resin composition containing the same
Polar ethylene-based polymer, cycloolefin polymer blends
Photosensitive polymer including copolymer of alkyl vinyl ether and resist composition containing th...
Structure-based identification of candidate compounds using three dimensional structures and models ...
Transgenic C. elegans as a model organism for investigations on Alzheimer's disease
Stable particle in liquid formulations
Fluid sampling apparatus
Axially activated vial access adapter
System for providing biological materials
Bioreaction module for biochemical reactions
Differential immunoassay
Method for preparing polypeptides with appropriate glycosilation
Analytical test device and method
Method for scanning, analyzing and handling various kinds of digital information content
Knife handle
Gemini surfactants in cleaning compositions
Silverware detector
Heat retentive food tray with cover
Method for producing methacrylic acid acrylic acid with a combination of enzyme catalysts
Optical element, optical deflection element, optical multiplexing element, and scanning apparatus
Method and apparatus for generating and using a tamper-resistant encryption key
Identification of active server cluster controller
Automatic baud rate detection of null modem unimodem client connection
Recovery of cluster consistency following failover
System and method for managing storage space on a sequential storage media
Method and computer system for detecting and correcting a failure in a computer application program ...
Methods and systems for generating XML documents
Composite riser
Z-axis monitoring apparatus for robot blade
Dual arm robot
Automated centrifuge system
Bipedal robot
Multiple independent robot assembly and apparatus and control system for processing and transferring...
Working chamber
Method of and apparatus for detecting error in laser scanning device by determining whether a light ...
System and methods for providing instant services in an internet protocol network
System and method for receiving analog and digital signals
Extendable strap and bag provided with the same
Holster with detection for an inserted electronic device
Apparatus and method for image compositing
Portable colorimeter
Method and system for locating and accessing digitally stored images
System for learning and applying integrated task and data parallel strategies in dynamic application...
Manufacture of solid state capacitors
Heat treatable coated article with anti-migration barrier between dielectric and solar control layer...
Method of shaping sheet glass
Partitioned wave-guide sound insulation glazing
Method of making glass with reduced Se burnoff
Transparent substrate provided with a stack of thin layers, application to thermal insulation and/or...
Infrared and ultraviolet radiation absorbing glass article and method
Exterior accessory module for vehicular modular door
Vehicular rearview mirror with blind spot viewing system
Modular rearview mirror assembly
Enzyme inhibitors for metabolic redirection
Antihistaminic piperidine derivatives and intermediates for the preparation thereof
Process for reducing residual free radical polymerizable monomer content of polymers
Nanocomposite based on a bridged clay, and cable comprising said composite
Semiconductor die package having a UV cured polymeric die coating
Method for the constant maintenance of the mean gap width between a sonotrode of an ultrasonic syste...
Histone deacetylase, and uses therefor
Structure material and molded product using the same and decomposing method thereof
Processes for making surfactants via absorptive separation and products thereof
Disposable culture bag
Image forming apparatus
Preparation of catalyst compositions
Particles for liquid compositions
Logistical and accident response radio identifier
Self-sacrificing cellular system
Stand-by system
Mobile station user interface, and an associated method, for facilitating usage by a visually-impair...
Split-can dipole antenna for an implantable medical device
Electromagnetic-field therapy method and device
Parallel object-oriented data mining system
Visual axis detecting apparatus
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus and process cartridge
Sheet post-processing device, image forming apparatus having the device and error handling method th...
Induction heating type image heating device
Image forming apparatus enabled to optimize transfer medium slack between transferring and fixing po...
Sheet conveying apparatus and original document processing apparatus
Apparatus for mixing fluids
Oil and gas production with downhole separation and reinjection of gas
Packed column for exchanging heat and/or mass
Reductive amination for aldehyde neutralization
Titanium hydroxide, photocatalyst, and coating agent
Method of vertically aligning carbon nanotubes on substrates at low pressure using thermal chemical ...
Cathode electroactive material, production method therefor, and nonaqueous secondary cell using the ...
Electrode material for a secondary cell and its production process
Simultaneous isolation and quantitation of DNA
Process for catalytic ammonia production--preparation and recovery of ammonia synthesis catalyst
Process for preparation of oximes and resulting products
Relic process for producing bioresorbable ceramic tissue scaffolds
Methods for fabricating nanopores for single-electron devices
Porous calcium phosphate cement
Nanotweezers and nanomanipulator
Arm operation mechanism and industrial robot incorporating the same
Power switching mechanism for robotic applications
Automation equipment control system
Wafer carrier
Semiconductor processing apparatus having linear conveyer system
Lightning suppression system for T1 and DSL circuits
Protective coating for electrolytic capacitors
Endless belt with serpentine motion preventing member and image forming apparatus including same
Magnetic resonance imaging guidewire probe
Compositions and methods relating to cyclic compounds that undergo nucleotide base pair-specific int...
HCV core peptides
Compositions and methods for treating viral infections
Mutant genes in Familial British Dementia and Familial Danish Dementia
Method of targeting pharmaceuticals to motor neurons
Diagnostic test for thrombotic or thromboembolic disease
Semiconductor stacked die devices
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device with a low resistance wiring
Semiconductor device having dispersed filler between electrodes
Contact structure for semiconductor lasers
Integrated circuit with multiple processing cores
Internal memory in application specific integrated circuit device and method for testing internal me...
Data processing system generating clock signal from an input clock, phase locked to the input clock ...
Insertion of scan hardware
Method and apparatus for detecting a data receiving error
Video-based surgical targeting system
Selective dorsal column stimulation in SCS, using conditioning pulses
Method for analyzing mass spectra
Normally interlocked universal differential device
System and method for enabling the real time buying and selling of electricity generated by fuel cel...
Seat weight sensor
Method for determining object location from side-looking sensor data
Method and arrangement for controlling a vehicle
Hardware independent mapping of multiple sensor configurations for classification of persons
Method and apparatus for storing, accessing, generating and using information about speed limits and...
Light sensitive compounds for instant determination of organ function
Conjugate, its preparation and use
Compositions containing alpha-2-adrenergic agonist components
Tuberculosis vaccine
Methods for treatment of inflammatory diseases
Light stabilized antimicrobial materials
Transdermal and topical administration of local anesthetic agents using basic enhancers
Formulation for treatment of thromboembolism
Methods for polymeric coatings stents
Coatings appropriate for medical devices
Method and composition for delivering zinc to the nasal membrane
Alprostadil alkyl ester-containing composition for external application
Source detection apparatus and method for audience measurement
HTML electronic program guide for an MPEG digital TV system
System and methods for preparing multimedia data using digital video data compression
Data distribution system using coordinated analog and digital streams
Strawberry plant named `PS-3523`
Easy-fill, easy-press conical bearing
Method and apparatus for processing substrates in a system having high and low pressure areas
Electrical connector component system
Method for global die thinning and polishing of flip-chip packaged integrated circuits
Ultrasound selectable frequency response system and method for multi-layer transducers
Power transmission fluids of improved anti-shudder properties
Boron containing overbased calixarates and lubricants and methods thereof
Bleach compositions
Contaminated surface polishing-washing detergent composition
Solid detergent compositions containing mixtures of surfactant/builder particles
Multiply-substituted protease variants with altered net charge for use in detergents
Method and system for an in-vehicle computing architecture
Mobile information processing system, mobile information processing method, and storage medium stori...
Curve approach device, and vehicle equipped with curve approach device
Map information system for moving body
Systems, functional data, and methods for generating a route
On-board apparatus for avoiding restricted air space in non-overriding mode
Input method for a driver information system
Method for linking a billboard or signage to information on a global computer network through manual...
Radio frequency identification systems for asset tracking
Method for deploying multiplely occupied vehicles to meet the mobility needs in a densely populated ...
System for collecting and displaying summary information from disparate sources
System and method for performing substitute fulfillment information compilation and notification
Transaction signature
Collecting data in a batch mode in a wireless communications network with impeded communication
PACS archive techniques
Nucleic acid construct for expressing active substances which can be activated by proteases, and pre...
Method and apparatus for fault analysis in a communication network
Communications system including lower rate parallel electronics with skew compensation and associate...
Method and apparatus for combined puncturing and repeating of code symbols in a communications syste...
Method of and apparatus for editing annotation command data
Distributed document-based calendaring system
Method and apparatus for information labeling and control
Combination therapy for reducing the risks associated with cardiovascular disease
Methods for rescue of RNA viruses
One-way road point symbol generation
Method and system for managing the result from a translator co-processor in a pipelined processor
System and method for document-driven processing of digitally-signed electronic documents
Exception handling for SIMD floating point-instructions using a floating point status register to re...
PC card controller with advanced power management reset capabilities
Counting speculative and non-speculative events
Musical instrument case
Apparatus and method for controlling variable displacement compressor
Apparatus for preventing vacuum compression of scroll compressor
Capacity modulation for plural compressors
Standing wave excitation cavity fluid pump
Cruciform pump
Quick connect/disconnect coupling apparatus
Torque control oil pump with low parasitic loss and rapid pressure transient response
Magnetic gaming device having predetermined outcomes which appear to be random
Game machine
Casino game and method having a hint feature
Method of playing a multiple-draw poker card game
Soft low lint tissue
Wet wipes containing a mono alkyl phosphate
Flushable fiber compositions comprising modified polypropylene and modified poly (ethylene oxide) an...
Elastomeric articles made from a synthetic polymer
Absorbent product with creped nonwoven dampness inhibitor
Substituted phenylethylene precursor synthesis method
Friction material
Monomethyl paraffin adsorptive separation process
Method of isomerizing light hydrocarbon oil
Bridged zirconocene compounds, process for their preparation and their use as catalyst components in...
Procedure and device for the alkylation of isobutane by light olefins
Process for separating alkylaromatic hydrocarbons
Curcumin and curcuminoid inhibition of angiogenesis
Warming composition
Gel composition and methods of use
Polymers for delivering nitric oxide in vivo
Conjugation of biomolecules using Diels-Alder cycloaddition
Compositions of parasitic helminth PLA2 nucleic acid molecules and uses thereof
Medical suction system
Probe and apparatus for determining concentration of light-absorbing materials in living tissue
Method and apparatus for non-invasive blood constituent monitoring
Apparatus and method for quantification of tissue hydration using diffuse reflectance spectroscopy
Method and circuit for indicating quality and accuracy of physiological measurements
Phantom for optical and magnetic resonance imaging quality control
Optical object tracking system
Lead edge paper curl sensor
Method for quantitatively analyzing fragmented red blood cells
Apparatus and method for measuring optical signal-to-noise ratio
Polarization converter
Combination thermal wave and optical spectroscopy measurement systems
Apparatus and methods for detecting killer particles during chemical mechanical polishing
Split focusing cytometer
Echocardiography workstation
Convolution filtering of similarity data for visual display of enhanced image
Apparatus for remote control of a microscope
Method and apparatus for internet, intranet, and local viewing of virtual microscope slides
Systems and methods for analyzing target contrast features in images of biological samples
Interpolation in transform space for multiple rigid object registration
Method and apparatus for determining physical collective parameters of particles of gases
Method and apparatus for controlling the flow of wafers through a process flow
Quick release for use with impact wrench
Ratchet-type lever mechanism for seat lifter
Acoustic ejection of fluids from a plurality of reservoirs
Method and system for signal detection in arrayed instrumentation based on quantum resonance interfe...
Method and apparatus for accessing a site on a biological substrate
Method for the light-controlled synthesis of biochips
In vivo biosensor apparatus and method of use
Optical sensing device containing fiber Bragg gratings
Adaptive dispersion compensation device and control method for the same
Near infrared blood glucose monitoring system
Method and apparatus for automatic implantable medical lead recognition and configuration
Interferometric modulation of radiation
Methods for enhancing performance and data acquired from three-dimensional image systems
Flexure assemblies and methods of making the same
Polarization mode dispersion compensation using a wavelength locked loop
Optical wavelength routing circuits
Active photonic crystal waveguide device and method
Multi-load thermal regulating system with multiple serial evaporators
Heat absorbing temperature control devices and method
Increased thermal capability of portable electronic device in stationary or docked mode
Latch for computer chassis fan assembly
Liquid-to-air cooling system for portable electronic and computer devices
Thermal connector for transferring heat between removable printed circuit boards
Padding system
Method of mixing high temperature gases in mineral processing kilns
Sludge dewatering and pasteurization process
Cooling system for fuel cell
Catalyst for CO shift reaction
Electromagnetic actuator, optical scanner and method of preparing electromagnetic actuator
3D mesh coding/decoding method
Computer system and method of displaying images
Augmenting and not replacing paper based work practice via multi-modal interaction
Biaural (2channel listening device that is equalized in-stu to compensate for differences between le...
Sleeve for hearing aids, and a method and apparatus for testing hearing
Method for testing a hearing aid, and hearing aid operable according to the method
Hearing aid
Hearing-aid assembly using folded flex circuits
Deprotection of RNA
Generation of xenogeneic antibodies
Plant lipases
Soybean cultivar M800188
Plant-optimized genes encoding pesticidal chimeric cry protein toxins
Automated DNA array image segmentation and analysis
Visualizing high dimensional descriptors of molecular structures
Fax broadcast from a single copy of data
Link list operable to increase memory bandwidth in a transmission system
Efficiency water desalination/purification
Radio frequency identification system for a fluid treatment system
Water treatment method
Compositions incorporating chitosan for paint detackification
Interactive systems and methods for supporting hemofiltration therapies
Cationically charged coating on hydrophobic polymer fibers with poly (vinyl alcohol) assist
Process and apparatus for defoaming a bioreactor
System and method for adjustable disconnection sensitivity for disconnection and occlusion detection...
System and elements for managing therapeutic gas administration to a spontaneously breathing non-ven...
System for automatically weaning a patient from a ventilator, and method thereof
Respiration assistor
Power converter having primary and secondary side switches
Efficient photographic flash
Swithing regulator utilizing seperate integrated circuits for driving each switch
Current limiting technique for a switching power converter
Control method and apparatus for a flyback converter
Overvoltage-protective device for power system, AC/DC converter and DC/DC converter constituting the...
Switching voltage converter
Method and device for improved class BD amplification having single-terminal alternating-rail dual-s...
Variable frequency class D modulator with built in soft clipping and frequency limiting
Signal processor with local signal behavior
Start-up circuit for self oscillating class D modulator
Class D amplifiers including transition zone modulation
Battery polarity insensitive integrated circuit amplifier
High efficiency power amplifying apparatus with phase compensation circuit
Balanced current converter with multiple pulse width modulated channels
PWM-based measurement interface for a micro-machined electrostatic actuator
Two-dimensional storage array with prompt parity in one dimension and delayed parity in a second dim...
Java and native application window integration
Method and apparatus for optimized multiprocessing in a safe language
Program conversion apparatus
Object oriented apparatus and method for allocating array objects on an invocation stack
Automatic removal of array memory leaks
Software-module dynamic loader, a software-module dynamic loading method and a medium storing the so...
Data processing apparatus, method and computer program with optimized key-pointing operation for log...
Semiconductor laser device and method for producing the same
Gas drawing/refilling and sealing structure for gas laser
Method and system for fueling a closed cycle chemical oxygen iodine laser
Self-adapting filters for fine-tuning laser emissions
Distributed feedback type semiconductor laser device and method of manufacturing the same
Distributed feedback laser device and method for manufacturing the same
Vertical-cavity, surface-emission type laser diode and fabrication process thereof
Milling installation
Multi-train installation for the production of cement clinker from raw meal
Method and system for remote control of a local system
Pressure releasable vehicle pedal assembly
Adjustable length crib skirt
Compositions and methods for monitoring the phosphorylation of natural binding partners
Oligonucleotide analogues
Information recording medium
Optical sensor for in situ measurement of analytes
Nanoparticles having oligonucleotides attached thereto and uses therefor
Measurement of hydride using chemiluminescent acridinium compounds and applications thereof
Conductive polyester/polycarbonate blends, methods for preparation thereof, and articles derived the...
Amination process
Fluorous tagging compounds and methods of use thereof
Optical collimator and method for making same
Waveguide coupler modulator
MRI-guided interventional mammary procedures
Integrated circuit annealing methods and apparatus
Method and system for on-line sheet metal nesting
Indirect position determination with the aid of a tracker
Method and apparatus for reducing signal timing skew on a printed circuit board
Pyrazole antimicrobial agents
1,2,4-triazolol[4,3-a][1,3,5]triazine-3,5,7-substituted precursor, and process, and compounds theref...
Method of producing thiobarbituric acid derivatives
Farnesyl transferase inhibitors
Naphthalenyl piperidines as renin inhibitors
Disubstituted imidazoles useful in the treatment of bacterial infections
Hydroxamic acid derivative as inhibitor of the formation of soluble human CD23
Reliquefaction of boil-off from liquefied natural gas
Perforating gun assembly for use in multi-stage stimulation operations
Crystalline microporous oxide catalysts having increased Lewis acidity and methods for the preparati...
Ionic liquid compositions
Tubular polymerization reactors and polymers made therein
Process for making olefins
Method for morphologic analysis of seismic objects
High brightness laser diode coupling to multimode optical fibers
Bronchodilating compositions and methods
Rigid sting extension for ocean turbulence measurement from an unmanned underwater vehicle
Method and system for controlling the eccentricity of a near-circular orbit
Compact mechanism for retrieval of a towed body from moving vehicles
Satellite harmonic torque estimator
Fiber-reinforced ceramics in spacecrafts and aerodynes
Closed-loop infrared countermeasure system using a high frame rate infrared receiver with nulling se...
Working robot
System, autopilot supplement assembly and method for increasing autopilot control authority
Identification and modification of immunodominant epitopes in polypeptides
Cell paste comprising keratinocytes and fibroblasts
Muscle cells and their use in cardiac repair
Gel composition and methods
Inhibitors of factor Xa
Stem cell growth factor-like polypeptides
Absorbent article with center fill performance
Method and system for myocardial infarction repair
Rendering discriminator members from an initial set of result data
System for detecting forces exerted onto a tire
Register stack in cache memory
Transaction authorization system
Managing changes to a directory of electronic documents
Method to efficiently partition large hyperlinked databases by hyperlink structure
Computer program for microwave antenna
Sulfoxide and bis-sulfoxide compounds and compositions for cholesterol management and related uses
Process for purifying 6-methoxy omeprazole
Protein fragments for use in protein targeting
Multi-array multi-specific electrochemiluminescence testing
Methods and compositions for characterizing nucleic acids
Neutralization of polycations in a chromatographic device for whole blood use
Ribavirin-interferon alfa combination therapy for eradicating detectable HCV-RNA in patients having ...
Tumor necrosis factor receptor 2
2'-O-aminoethyloxyethyl-modified oligonucleotides
ISDN B-channel count limitation
Shared database usage in network devices
Problem isolation through translating and filtering events into a standard object format in a networ...
Electro-medical device for use with biologics
Active reduction of tool borne noise in a sonic logging tool
Seismic data acquisition
Speaker and method of assembling the speaker
Acoustically treated turbomachine multi-duct exhaust device
Noise abatement module
Sound-insulating floor structures, sound-insulating floor members and method for constructing said s...
Adjustable sound capturing device (MICTUBZ)
Conductive lock washer
Airflow assisted ramp loading and unloading of sliders in hard disk drives
Data storage method and device for storing streaming and non-streaming data in common memory space
Method and apparatus for measuring the surface temperature of a disk
Disk drive having separate motion sensors for base and actuator
Thin film write head with universal coil design
Disk device having powder removal apparatus and disk device having timing offsetting apparatus for l...
Method of fabricating electrically isolated metal MEMS beams and microactuator incorporating the MEM...
Magneto-resistance effect head and magnetic storage device employing the head
Spin valve sensor with a biasing layer ecerting a demagnetizing field on a free layer structure
Tunnel junction sensor with a multilayer free-layer structure
Dual element magnetoresistive read head with integral element stabilization
Stocker and changer for information recording media
Releasable tube assembly
Bleed back control assembly and method
Low profile adaptor for use with a medical catheter
Needleless connector
Male luer-lock connector for medical fluid lines
Thermographic recording material with improved image tone
Thermal transfer image receiving sheet
Thermally developable materials having barrier layer with inorganic filler particles
Heat-sensitive recording material
Thermochromic dry offset ink, and printed article produced using the same
Composite sheet, method of preparing same, and thermosensitive recording adhesive label sheet having...
Thermal transfer recording image receiving layer and thermal transfer recording image receiver
Uses for food and vitamin preparations containing the natural isomer of reduced folates
Iron-containing protein composition
Method for improving the performance of a food product
Creamy mouthfeel agent for foods and beverages
Methods for detection of mutations in myostatin variants
Packaging adhesive mixtures for controlled gas barrier properties
Electronic apparatus and method for monitoring net calorie intake
Actuatable toy containing deformable bladder
Inflatable humanoid forms
Somersaulting figure
Toy truck
Miniature toy vehicle
Soft resin composition for injection molding and uses thereof
Double-ramp ADC for CMOS sensors
Resiliently-coupled drive wheel assembly for self-propelled vacuum cleaner
Deck boat
Wireless communication device with markup language based man-machine interface
Copy server for collaboration and electronic commerce
Method and system for algorithm-based address-evading network snoop avoider
Streaming-media input port
Forward error correction (FEC) for packetized data networks
Software packaging and distribution system
Apparatus for video access and control over computer network, including image correction
System for segmenting large files in an SMTP network including a digital input scanner
Method and system for protecting digital objects distributed over a network by electronic mail
Computer user interface for viewing video compositions generated from a video composition authoring ...
Network printing system, server, printing machine, and printing method
Information filling station facilitating wireless transfer of data content to a portable device or o...
System and method for storing information searched on the Internet for portable audio apparatus
Method for protecting nomad devices against theft, corresponding device and installation
Method and device of minimizing the number of LDRQ signal pin of LPC host and LPC host employing the...
Cache memory device and memory allocation method
Keyless access control device
Data processing system, memory device, data processor, data processing method, and program
Information processing apparatus, program loading method, recording medium, program updating method ...
Snow making apparatus
Mail server with forwarding function and a storage medium storing a program for the mail server
Appliance with built-in integrated communication port
Domain-based trust models for rights management of content
Spam detector with challenges
System for integrated electronic communications
Method, article of manufacture and apparatus for restricting the receipt of delegate reply messages
Apparatus and method for effecting correspondent-centric electronic mail
Keyless access authorization control device and identification transmitter therefor
Device authentication system
Utilization-based power management of a clocked device
Method and device for simultaneous testing of a plurality of integrated circuits
Viterbi decoding device and method for processing multi-data input into multi-data output
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and layout method of patterns for semiconductor integrated c...
Method and apparatus for installing device driver
Multimedia gift card
Warming, scenting and music playing cabinet for baby clothes/towels
Audio pillow with sun shield
Multi-purpose paper disk, confetti, or fluid projecting device
Amusement device
Thumbwheel selection system
Graphical user interface to query music by examples
Audio component with integrated digital recording and storage media
Media player for distribution of music samples
Noise reduction for a cluster-based approach for targeted item delivery with inventory management
Landscape edging system with stakes attached
Apparatus and method for connecting together and protecting first and second ends of an article of j...
Polynucleotide encoding a polypeptide having heparanase activity and expression of same in genetical...
Fully variable valve train
Internal combustion engine with variable valve control device
Valve-timing control method and apparatus for controlling valve timing of a valve of an engine
Method and device for operating an internal combustion engine
Valve timing control device
Timing chain lubricating system for engine
Sulphonated polymer resin and preparation thereof
Bakery products containing starch n-alkenyl succinate
Linear projective data embedding
Digital watermark inserting system and digital watermark characteristic parameter table generating m...
Image management system and methods using digital watermarks
Method and apparatus for integrating narrowband and wideband data transports
External trusted party call processing in SIP environments
Method for remotely accessing component management information
Hunting garment with safety device
Automatic play apparatus and function expansion device
Apparatus and method for automatically determining notational symbols based on musical composition d...
Recording medium reproducing device having tempo control function, key control function and key disp...
Percussion instrument aid
Method, apparatus, and system for secure data transport
System and method for use in text analysis of documents and records
Query translation system for retrieving business vocabulary terms
Channel communication system
System and method for generating a taxonomy from a plurality of documents
Partition pruning with composite partitioning
Set of dolls for simulating a universal beauty pageant
Precoat filtration media and methods of making and using
Method of forming a semiconductor device including recombination center neutralizer
Compressed metal oxide product
Light source device
High transmission optical inspection tools
Process for synthesizing conductive polymers by gas-phase polymerization and product thereof
Leave-in foaming composition for conditioning, lightening and highlighting hair
Silicones for power treatment powers having surface treated with said silicones and cosmetic materia...
Anthraquinone compounds, manufacturing process, use as pigments and cosmetic composition
Fiber product-treating agents
Process for preparing protective-colloid-stabilized polymers by continuous emulsion polymerization
Method for producing synthetic polymerizates with a very low residual monomer content, products prod...
Encapsulant compositions with thermal shock resistance
Method for etching metal layer on a scale of nanometers
Solid golf ball
High refractive index pressure-sensitive adhesives
Phase change inks containing dimeric azo pyridone colorants
Golf ball
Method of reducing material size
Archery bow holder
Charge pump using dynamic charge balance compensation circuit and method of operation
Process for the production of grain oriented magnetic steel sheets having improved remagnetization l...
Piecewise linear cost propagation for path searching
Netlist consistency checking
Method and apparatus of checking mount quality of circuit board
Method and arrangement for rapid silicon prototyping
System and method of generating integrated circuit mask data
Broadband visible light source based on AllnGaN light emitting diodes
Apparatus for polymer synthesis
Photodetector and the use of the same
Shared global word line magnetic random access memory
Cu film deposition equipment of semiconductor device
Expression cassette and plasmid for strong constitutive gene expression and the use thereof
Transgenic plants presenting a modified inulin producing profile
Tomato gene.Sw-5 conferring resistance to Tospoviruses
Process for producing fine rubber powder by using waste rubber
Electric wire distributor connector
Method and apparatus for producing zeolite
Method and composition for the generation of chlorine dioxide using Iodo-Compounds, and methods of u...
Additive comprising porous calcium phosphate for synthetic resins, and synthetic resin composition
Spanning tree method for K-dimensional space
Medicinal uses of hydrazones
Massaging device with rotating beaters
Piperidine based MCH antagonists for treatment of obesity and CNS disorders
Elastic bandage
Plating-free solid wire for MAG welding
Breathing assistance improvements
Electronic inhaler and control unit
Composite user interface and search system for internet and multimedia applications
Common socket device for memory cards
Current controlled sigmoid neural circuit
Method and system for providing conferencing services in a telecommunications system
Method and system for resource scheduling composite multimedia objects
Integrated network and service management with automated flow through configuration and provisioning...
Dual-homing select architecture
Method and apparatus for aligning a photo-tunable microlens
Alternative message usage for voice mail retreival via revertive calling
Enhanced security for tamper-apparent labels, seals or tags
Security documents
Coding pattern and apparatus and method for determining a value of at least one mark of a coding pat...
Acrylic paint monotype artwork
Odor-eliminating composition
Polybutadiene and process for producing the same
Game apparatus, storage medium and computer program that adjust tempo of sound
Game assistant
Pitching practice device with adjustable strike zone indicator
Process for making an individualized puzzle collage
Roulette of improved type and new gambling game providing for the use of said improved roulette
Method and receptacle for receiving and releasing a pen
System and method for acquiring normalized automotive positional settings
System and method for information warehousing supporting the automatic, real-time delivery of person...
Video karaoke system and method of use
Spotlighted position detection system and simulator
Sequential reasoning testing system and method
Interactive play device and method
Systems and methods for automated image quality based diagnostics and remediation of document proces...
Transmission of subsets of layout objects at different resolutions
Dry ink replenishment bottle with internal plug agitation device
Apparatus and method for reducing ghosting defects in a printing machine
Product template for a personalized printed product incorporating workflow sequence information
Transaction/object accounting method and system
Method and apparatus for selecting an encryption integrated circuit operating mode
Cyclotomic polynomial construction of discrete logarithm cryptosystems over finite fields
Variable density verification
Method of judging digital watermark information
Message authentication code with improved error tolerance
Semiconductor device, memory system and electronic apparatus
Automatic balancing apparatus
Inverter output circuit
Method for using multipurpose internet mail extension types for automatically detecting scalable vec...
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method of manufacturing thereof
Case hardened steel excellent in the prevention of coarsening of particles during carburizing thereo...
Magnetic powder and bonded magnet
Lead free solder and soldered article
Gold-free platinum material dispersion-strengthened by small, finely dispersed particles of base met...
Group shifting and level shifting rotational arbiter system
Laser peening of components of thin cross-section
Method using laser shock processing to provide improved residual stress profile characteristics
Treatment of fibrosis by antagonism of IL-13 and IL-13 receptor chains
Electroluminescence device with shock buffer function and sealing member with shock buffer function ...
Apparatuses and methods for forming electronic assemblies
Charge injection type light emitting device
Projection-type image display apparatus
Light emitting device and manufacturing method thereof
Ferroelectric-type nonvolatile semiconductor memory and operation method thereof
Fluorochemical sulfonamide surfactants
Catalysts for the preparation of fluorinated alcohols and process for the preparation of fluorinated...
Method to implement sealing and electrical connections to single cell and multi-cell regenerative ph...
Microlens and photodetector
Light injector/extractor for multiple optical fibers
Conductive metal particles, conductive composite metal particles and applied products using the same
Aerated frozen product
Automotive display panel
Method and apparatus for data duplexing in storage unit system
Nasal solution containing a broad spectrum microbicide and a method for its use
Lighting fixture for work space management system
Dual band fet mixer
Method and apparatus for container management
Method of transmitting audio signals to multiple remote radio stations from a central location
Method and arrangement in a radio communication system
System for processing a workpiece
Dual cassette centrifugal processor
System for electrochemically processing a workpiece
Plating system workpiece support having workpiece engaging electrode
Process for etching thin-film layers of a workpiece used to form microelectronic circuits or compone...
Spray data analysis and characterization system
Inflatable device for use in surgical protocol relating to fixation of bone
Game racquet with separate head and handle portions for reducing vibration
Respiratory distress syndrome therapy with peptide analogs of human SP-B
Organic-inorganic hybrid photocurable compositions
Quaternary ammonium salt and process for the preparation thereof
Method and composition for the treatment of cancer
Production of branched, largely unsaturated fatty alcohol polyglycolethers
Semiconductor laser module constituted by optically coupling optical fiber having fiber grating and ...
Optical switch
Local area network having multiple channel wireless access
Instantaneous dual band fluorescence detection systems
Reflective optical element
Ejection device for ejecting a plurality of submunitions and associated discharging unit
Projectile or war-head
Universal gun sight mount, adjustable for range
Open bolt firing mechanism for programmable cartridges
Kinetic energy penetrator
Method for the preparation of a stable anaerobic/UV/visible light curable adhesive
Image processing device and information recording medium
Thrust dynamic pressure bearing apparatus and method for manufacturing the same
Bearing structure
Grooved bearing ball and rolling element
Copper-based sintered alloy bearing and motor fuel pump
Motor having single cone fluid dynamic bearing balanced with shaft end magnetic attraction
Control and display device
Removal of elemental mercury by photoionization
Process for controlling body weight
Mobility management system
Methods of characterizing device performance based upon the duration of an endpointed photoresist de...
Casing of digital camera
Adjustable focus imaging device
Electronic image pickup apparatus
Camera film feed device and film feed method
Dynamic assignment of multicast network addresses
Bus protocol for efficiently transferring vector data
Method and apparatus to implement logical partitioning of PCI I/O slots
Method and apparatus for routing interrupts in a clustered multiprocessor system
Processes for making poly (trimethylene terephthalate) yarns
Antibacterial solid surface materials with restorable antibacterial effectiveness
Process for preparing aldehyde compounds
Plant amino acid biosynthetic enzymes
Document security processes
Manufacture of 3-methyl-tetrahydrofuran from alpha-methylene-gamma-butyrolactone in a two step proce...
Ferroelectric memory device and method of forming the same
Wire grid polarizer
Two layer coating system having an enhanced visual effect
Method and device for operating an installation of a primary industry
Fastener tab for a disposable absorbent article
Cleaning methods and compositions for produce
Cleaning composition, pad, wipe, implement, and system and method of use thereof
Method of manufacturing microneedle structures using soft lithography and photolithography
Absorbent articles with distribution materials positioned underneath storage material
Hydrogenfluorides of aminosilanols and their use
Method and apparatus for imaging abdominal aorta and aortic aneurysms
Method for assembling magnetic members for magnetic resonance imaging magnetic field generator
Thienyl substituted acylguanidines as inhibitors of bone resorption and vitronectin receptor antagon...
Alignment apparatus for an eyeglass hinge assembly and method employing same
Control method for bar material feeder of NC lathe and NC lathe
Tile-topped furniture with removable tiles
Personal audio recorder in a vehicular entertainment sound system
Motion transducer system
Musical CD creation unit
Motion transducer efficient for small amplitude movements
Arylpiperazines having activity at the serotonin 1A receptor
Matrix adhering to nasal mucosa
Piperidine derivatives as serotonine reuptake inhibitors
Toilet bar having a latent acidifier
Cosmetic and personal care compositions
Composition and method for lubricating and protecting the oral cavity using flavored petroleum jelly
Hydrophobic nanozeolites for malodor control
Water borne binder composition
Antacid chewing gum products coated with high viscosity materials
Labels and bottles fitted with them
Toner compounds and compositions for black offset inks
Floor finish composition
Plastic blow molded freestanding container
Packaging container
Hot and cold therapy booty
System for conveying objects
Wraparound carton with upwardly extending side walls
Blow molded slender grippable bottle dome with flex panels
Plastic container having structural ribs
Apparatus and method for in-vivo plasmapheresis using periodic backflush
Multiple stimulus reversible hydrogels
Collagen product containing collagen of marine origin with a low odor and preferably with improved m...
Process of producing liquid hydrocarbon oil or dimethyl ether from lower hydrocarbon gas containing ...
Hydrogen generating system
Method for improving the light-off performance of mobile fuel cell systems
Self-inerting fuel processing system
Fuel cell generator
Fuel cell pressurization system
Method of forming a feed for coal gasification
Fungicidal phenylamidine derivatives
System for efficient secretion of recombinant proteins
White oil extrusion lubricant
Conversion of a permanent connection into a signaled permanent connection
Preparation of emulsion homo- and copolymers and device therefore
Low temperature heat-sealable polyester film and method for producing the same
Cold-water flushable compositions comprising polylactic acid dispersed in polyvinyl alcohol
Substrate dicing method
Food dicing device
Deflection members for tissue production
Multilayer golf ball with filled inner layer having dual core, liquid core, or wound core
Wireless polymeric twist tie
Multilayer card
Structures containing a non-oriented multilayer film with a polyolefin core
Thermally stable polymers, method of preparation, and articles made therefrom
Harmonic vibration damping device for musical instruments and firearms
Memory-to-memory copy and compare/exchange instructions to support non-blocking synchronization sche...
Method for identifying related pages in a hyperlinked database
Web page thumbnails and user configured complementary information provided from a server
Venting plate for a containerized candle
Collapsible Christmas tree
Coordinate input indicator
Liquid crystal display device
Optical lens system comprising at least one lens of a synthetic material
Light emitting diode illumination system
Digital television apparatus for controlling a peripheral device via a digital bus
System and process for filtering single tone signals
Input circuit of TV tuner
Focal plane array optical data extraction and memory
Apparatus and method for filament tensioning
Cable clip
Variable optical attenuator
Modular transceiver and accessory system for use in an optical network
Optical-ring integer linear program formulation
Interpolation of a sequence of images using motion analysis
Structure of an image-sensing module
Method, system, processor and program product for distinguishing between similar forms
Correction conversion circuit for converting to image data skew of which is corrected and skew quant...
Ice removal tool
Mobile transmission antenna
Amide and diamide inhibitors of IMPDH enzyme for use in treating IMPDH-associated disorders
Process for production of diacetylrhein
Method for rapid prototyping of solid models
High strength steel sheet and method for manufacturing the same
High-hardness prehardened steel for cold working with excellent machinability, die made of the same ...
Steel alloy railway wheels
Maraging steel and process for manufacturing a strip or a part cut out of a strip of cold-rolled mar...
Method and apparatus for cutting steel to reduce slag adherence
Corrosion-and chip-resistant coatings for high tensile steel
Clad steel rolled section for reinforcing concrete and method of production
Stabilization of configurable molecular mechanical devices
Optical modification of laser beam cross section in object marking systems
Natural or artificial gemstone or ornamental object made of glass
Flame marking system and method
Device for judging symmetry, brightness, and efficiency of light return in precious stones
Surgical devices and methods for use in tissue ablation procedures
Emergency towing system for ships
Remote operated vehicles
Foldable boats
Anchor line connector
Method and system for controlling thrust of watercraft during various steering conditions
Siphon pump for a marine propulsion device
Image data processing system
Interactive speech based learning/training system formulating search queries based on natural langua...
Suspension, head suspension assembly, and disk drive apparatus
Stator of AC generator for use in a vehicle with radially aligned, rectilinear polymorphic cross-sec...
Method of forming finished parts utilizing stereolithography technology
Vulcanizing adhesive composition
Polyurethane elastomer article with "shape memory" and medical devices therefrom
Azatide peptidomimetics
Method of producing an elastomeric alloy that is similar to thermoplastic elastomers, on the basis o...
Non-oxidizing polymeric medical implant
Aqueous dispersions
GnRH analogues with antitumour effects and pharmaceutical compositions thereof
System, method and program product for answering questions using a search engine
Variable axial shielding for pet imaging
Functional set compression
Surgical positioning system
Computation of shapes of three-dimensional linkage structures based on optimization techniques
Harness for pet
Urine collector
Methods of making sterilized milk compositions comprising native gellan gum
Curcumin analogs with anti-tumor and anti-angiogenic properties
Compound assay
Prime implicates and query optimization in relational databases
Very high speed page operations in indirect accessed memory systems
Reducing latency for a relocation cache lookup and address mapping in a distributed memory system
Method of improving selectivity in a tunable waveguide filter
Method and apparatus for simulating physical fields
Displacing edge segments on a fabrication layout based on proximity effects model amplitudes for cor...
Precision alignment feature using a rod with controlled diameter in a silicon V-groove array
Method of estimating elastic and compositional parameters from seismic and echo-acoustic data
Method for determining decay characteristics of multi-component downhole decay data