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Systems and methods for providing information to users
Polymerization catalysts
Postive-locking dowel for concrete
Glass fiber
Laminated glass and glass plate used for producing laminated glass
Method for producing a pattern on a transparent substrate
Blue privacy glass
Rearview mirror assembly construction
Method of chlorination of end of fluorine-containing compound
Absorbent article using continuous filaments and absorbent sheet
Variable potential ion guide for mass spectrometry
Top layers of metal for high performance IC's
Dielectric interposer for chip to substrate soldering
Single and multi layer variable voltage protection devices and method of making same
Ferroelectric liquid crystal display and fabricating method thereof
Method for the manufacture of chlorophthalic anhydride
Liquid phase oxidation of halogenated ortho-xylenes
Low energy carbonylation process
Radio receiver having a dynamic bandwidth filter and method therefor
Enhanced wireless radio channel utilization
Weight compensation apparatus, stage apparatus using the same, and exposure apparatus
Information processing apparatus and method
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Recording material separating apparatus of which separating member is retractable in operative assoc...
Fibrous system for continuously capturing metals from an aqueous stream
Affinity binding-based system for detecting particulates in a fluid
Ultrafine powders and their use as lasing media
Bulk monocrystalline gallium nitride
Method for matching golfers with a driver and ball
Matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors
Isoforms of human pregnancy-associated protein-E
Devices and methods for a multi-level, semi-quantitative immunodiffusion assay
Sulfonyl divalent aryl or heteroaryl hydroxamic acid compounds
Electrical connection apparatus
Electronic device and method of manufacture the same
Detecting apparatus, input apparatus, pointing device, individual identification apparatus, and reco...
Flat panel type display apparatus
Thin film magnetic head and method of manufacturing the same
Magnetoresistive effect magnetic head, rotary magnetic head apparatus, and manufacturing method ther...
Optical head and apparatus provided therewith
Boundary scan element and communication device made by using the same
Developement of hardmac technology files (CLF, tech and synlib) for RTL and full gate level netlists
Static-dynamic timing analysis method and storage medium
Method and apparatus for automatic recovery of microprocessors/microcontrollers during electromagnet...
Skin deodorizing compositions
Compositions of non-ionic block copolymers to treat autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, and to red...
Gastric emptying-promoting composition
Spill resistant pharmaceutical system
Oral delivery system and method for making same
Aqueous dispersion suitable for the production of coatings and binders for solid oral drugs
Method for identifying a ligand for a biological substrate
Sustained-release prostaglandin I derivative preparation
Integrated pad and belt for chemical mechanical polishing
Surgical instruments and procedures for stabilizing a localized portion of a beating heart
Modified electrolysis cell and a housing for the same
Method for setting gaps in hydrodynamic bearings
Microwave waveguide filter having rectangular cavities, and method for its fabrication
Phase assisted synchronization detector
Enhanced companion digital organizer for a cellular phone device
Hair dye and hair-dyeing methods using the same
Film for packaging chemical agents
Passive quantitative liquid dispenser
Kit for removing mildew
Detergent composition
Enzyme composite particles having an acidic barrier and a physical barrier coating
Quick-release hook
Electronic transaction system and method and storage medium storing therein control program for exec...
Antisense modulation of NF-kappa-B p65 subunit expression
Antisense inhibition of src-c expression
8-aza-bicyclo[3.2.1]octan-3-ol derivatives of 2,3-dihydro-1,4-benzodioxan as 5-HT1A antagonists
Fluidized catalytic cracking process
Fluid catalytic cracking process for heavy oil
Cache-coherency protocol with recently read state for extending cache horizontally
Synthesizing the instruction stream executed by a microprocessor from its branch trace data
Method and apparatus for advancing load operations
Head stock of guitar
Cooling fan dust guard
Insulation means for a centrifugal pump
Peristaltic compressors suitable for relaxation-free compression of polarized gas
Pressure impacted cooling and lubrication unit
CAM operated fuel pump with split function follower springs
Inverted peristaltic pumps and related methods
Gas compressor comprising a double acting piston, an elongate chamber, multiple inlets mounted withi...
Computer-controlled gaming apparatus and method
Parallel games on a gaming device
Bingo/poker game
Reel or video reel gaming format
Controller-based linked gaming machine bonus system
Dispenser for premoistened wipes
Feminine care product with discrete areas of a skin wellness additive
Apparatus and process for converting asymmetrically nested absorbent webs
Hot-melt adhesive having improved bonding strength
Sheet for alerting a wearer to urination
Toilet training article containing an astringent agent
Prophylactic and therapeutic treatment of the ductal epithelium of a mammary gland for cancer
Composition and method for promoting oral health
Absorbent paper product comprising two plies
Pulse oximeter user interface
Signal processing method and device for signal-to-noise improvement
Sample analysis instrument
Amusement system using living body measurement by light, head setter for the amusement system, and p...
Apparatus for optically characterising thin layered material
Device for verifying the accuracy of a spectral analyzer
Method and system for measuring patterned structures
Laser scanning cytology with digital image capture
Image reading apparatus, image reading method, and storage medium
Filtering method and apparatus for improving resolution of ultrasound image
Calibration and correction in a fingerprint scanner
Computerized adaptive imaging
Contrast enhancing apparatus for video signal
Heaviest only fail potential
Reinforcement teeth structure for ratchet
Multiplex PNA-ISH assay
Parallel or antiparallel, homologous or complementary binding of nucleic acids or analogues thereof ...
Method of fabrication of microarray of gel-immobilized compounds on a chip by copolymerization
Optical switch using movable micromechanical cantilevers and evanescent coupling
Optical communications equipment
Determination of vibration frequency characteristics of electroded crystal plate
Bistable micromirror with contactless stops
Image display apparatus and system
Mechanically assisted restoring force support for micromachined membranes
Heat transfer tube for falling film type evaporator
Device bay heat exchanger for a portable computing device
Heat dissipating device and computer
Radial folded fin heat sinks and methods of making and using same
High density thermal solution for direct attach modules
Heat dissipating structure
Hand suspension with compliant locating feature
Electrical test probe provided with a signal transmitting wire having an enlarged portion for preven...
Spiral reverse osmosis membrane element, reverse osmosis membrane module using it, device and method...
Methods for synthesizing high-efficiency diamond and material and diamond material produced thereby
Surface coated non-carbon metal-based anodes for aluminum production cells
Toner and two-component developer, container therefor, and image forming apparatus
Method for in-situ measuring and in-situ correcting or adjusting a signal process in a hearing aid w...
Rechargeable hearing aid
Hearing aid
Hearing aid compatible piezoelectric speaker
Removal of metals from contaminated substrates by plants
Non-contacting gas compressor seal
Device for transforming chemical structures in a fluid comprising a solvent and salts by ultrasonic ...
Composite particles
Process for immobilizing arsenic waste
Methods for screening compound libraries
Chromatographic separation of enantiomers of bicyclic lactams
Turbine-boosted ultraviolet-radiation sterilizing fluid processor
High-pressure device
Electrically connectable adhesive agent for semiconductor
Method for producing a stove-enameled molded component
Adhesive of epoxy resin and OH-terminated polyester with C.sub.8 -C.sub.30 appended alk(en)yl
Energy-curable cyanate/ethylenically unsaturated compositions
Energy-curable cyanate/ethylenically unsaturated compositions
Coated abrasive article
Composition of polyepoxide, 1,3,5-tris-(2-carboxyethyl) isocyanurate and dicarboxylic acid
Photo-polymerizable compositions and articles made therefrom
Adhesive/sealant composition and bonded structure using the same
Surface-emitting semiconductor laser
Tunable laser source with integrated optical amplifier
System for producing singlet delta oxygen laser
Ring laser and method for driving a ring laser
Drive system for a tube mill
Jewelry bracelet
Novelty bracelet
Wafer bonded vertical cavity surface emitting laser systems
Non-synchronous control of pulsed light
Pyrimidine derivatives
Bicyclic imidazo-5-yl-amine derivatives
Synthetic porous crystalline MCM-70, its synthesis and use
Hydrocarbon conversion to propylene with high silica medium pore zeolite catalysts
Fuel composition with improved lubricity performance
Needle tube lock for tattoo machines
Downhole telemetry system having discrete multi-tone modulation and dynamic bandwidth allocation
Plush bottle holder
Multilayer injection nozzle assembly
Process, generating module, server, control module and storage means for the creation of validation ...
Methods of using a neurotrophin and its analogues for the treatment of gastrointestinal hypomotility...
12832, a novel human kinase-like molecule and uses thereof
Semiconductor integrated circuit and method for manufacturing the same
Method for random access to picture blocks in video pictures
CAM circuit with radiation resistance
Semiconductor device with low power consumption memory circuit
Inter-carrier short messaging service providing phone number only experience
Loudspeaker damper and loudspeaker
Loudspeaker diaphragm
Suppression of fluid-borne noise
Method and apparatus for structural repair
Reworkable thermosetting resin compositions
Adhesive compositions containing low molecular weight polymeric additives
Anionic polymerization process
Systems and methods for implementing hierarchical acknowledgement bitmaps in an ARQ protocol
Endoscopic system
Use of focused ultrasound for vascular sealing
Image registration system and method
Method of manufacturing a spacer used in an electron beam generating device, an electron beam genera...
Baby food stimulating growth of the thymus
Optical element used in compact interference measuring apparatus detecting plurality of phase differ...
Error recovery method for video compression coding using multiple reference buffers and a message ch...
Semiconductor device trimming method, semiconductor device trimming apparatus, and method for creati...
User interface for displaying document comparison information
Method to translate UDPs using gate primitives
Parking operation aiding system
Automotive lane changing aid indicator
Distance measuring apparatus
Method and apparatus for predicting the onset of seizures based on features derived from signals ind...
Method and system for computing forces on data objects for physics-based visualization
Method and device for the predictive determination of a parameter representative of the mental activ...
Method and apparatus for performing timing verification of a circuit
Pick and place robot system
Benzimidazole derivatives, processes for preparing them and their use as pharmaceutical compositions
Tracking method and system, as for an exhibition
Macrocyclic magnetic resonance imaging contrast agents
Admission control method for data communications over peripheral buses
Methods of making quinoline amides
Method of producing negative electrode for lithium secondary cell
Formed in situ separator for a battery
Dual-phased styling product that provides styling and conditioning benefits
Power generating method using seawater and power generating apparatus using the method
Binder for electrode for lithium ion secondary battery, and utilization thereof
Carbon-based active material for rechargeable lithium battery and method of preparing carbon-based a...
Non-aqueous electrolytic solution and lithium secondary battery
Methods for monitoring antiretroviral therapy and guiding therapeutic decision in the treatment of H...
HIV-specific T-cell induction
Miniature X-ray source and method
Steerable infrared imaging catheter having steering fins
Telemetric reader/charger device for medical sensor
Continuous localization and guided treatment of cardiac arrhythmias
Absorbent article
Device for applying a substance to the eyelashes or the eyebrows
Assembly for mixing at least two products
Dispensing device intended to equip a container
Dispensing device and method
Poly-aminoacid derivatives and their use in compositions for treating keratinous fibres
Composition containing fibers and a dispersing copolymer
Process for producing .alpha.-sulfo-fatty acid alkyl ester salt
System to produce sugar from plant materials
Fluid-activatable adhesive articles and methods
Organopolysiloxane composition, emulsion-forming concentrates and aqueous emulsions formed therefrom...
Enamel safe cleaning process
Material for fluorine-containing coating composition and method for coating by using same
Nonfelting wool and antifelt finishing process
Dielectric ceramic composition and ceramic capacitor
Nonaqueous liquid detergent with wash-water soluble low-density filler particles
Alkyl glycidyl ether-capped polyamine foam control agents
Use of polysulfide-free preparations as an additive for loam or clay-based construction materials
Coating compositions having improved scratch resistance, coated substrates and methods related there...
Container for garbage
Garbage can
Method and system for device status tracking
Personal hoverplane with four tiltmotors
Electronic processor providing direct data transfer between linked data consuming instructions
Compilable address magnitude comparator for memory array self-testing
Automated queue recovery using element- based journaling
Systems and methods for transporting young fowl from a hatchery to a growout house
Structurally enhanced cracking catalysts
Moving image combining apparatus combining computer graphic image and at least one video sequence co...
Isocynate derivatizing agent and methods of production and use
Process for preparing highly pure raffinate II and Methyl tert-butyl ether
Scroll compressor with vapor injection
Refrigerant compositions
Smoke modifying agents and smoking material rods comprising smoke-modifying agents
Gradient coils for MRI systems having multiple current density zones
Portable NMR measurement device
Dust tolerant windowless scanner
Image display apparatus
Detection of EFM stream component widths
Cyclic AMP phosphodiesterase isoforms and methods of use
Engine enclosure for construction vehicles
Product wrapping incorporating air drag device
Rotary printing machine having a first gearwheel and a second gearwheel with a secured rotary angle ...
Device for driving folding rolls
Inking unit in a printing machine having a chambered doctor blade and multiple inking zones
Method and device for fastening a printing plate to a plate cylinder of a rotary printing machine
Sheet material conveying apparatus with individually-adjustable pockets
Device for fixing the position of a sheet on a feeding table
Passively energized floating guide
Printing unit having screen printing cylinders and transfer cylinders forming printing nip
Rotary printing machine
Method for spot coating on printing substrates in large size printing machines
Automotive meter having illuminated pointer
Adaptive antenna reception apparatus using reception signals by arrays antennas
Epoxy resin composition for a fiber-reinforced composite material, yarn prepreg, and process and app...
Carbide emitter mask etch stop
Method for producing defined layers or layer systems
Self-cleaning nozzles of wet scrubber
Binning flush in graphics data processing
IOL for reducing secondary opacification
Foldable intraocular lenses with highly flexible optics and rigid fixation members
High refractive index hydrogel compositions for ophthalmic implants
High refractive index hydrogel compositions for ophthalmic implants
High refractive index hydrogel compositions for ophthalmic implants
Organic EL element
Plasma treatment method for fabricating microelectronic fabrication having formed therein conductor ...
Electric connection of electrochemical and photoelectrochemical cells
Organic photovoltaic devices
Ceramic honeycomb structure
Impregnation of a graphite sheet with a sealant
Fuel cell system
Fuel gas production system for fuel cells
Integral composite wax-polymer membranes
Polycondensation resins and polyaddition resins produced by heterogeneous catalysis
Fuel cell stack
Method, system, and device for deploying a containment boom
Method and apparatus for consolidating earth strata
Vibrometer system using a two input beam phase conjugate mirror
Semiconductor memory device having improved noise margin, faster read rate and reduced power consump...
Signal delay apparatus, leakage signal removing apparatus and information processing apparatus
Optical fiber cable with components having improved compatibility with waterblocking filling composi...
Voltage controlled oscillator, FM signal optical transmitter, FM signal optical receiver and FM sign...
Toner seal for a cleaning device
Optical compensatory sheet comprising optically uniaxial or biaxial transparent stretched film
Process cartridge toner supply arrangement for image forming apparatus
Recovery from data fetch errors in hypervisor code
Displayer-embedded cellular phone battery
System and process for analyzing a medical condition of a user
Ballast for discharge lamp
CDMA communications system adaptive to mobile unit speed
Composite structure for enhanced flexibility of electro-optic displays with sliding layers
Structure-defining material for OLEDs
Organic light emitting diode devices using thermostable hole-injection and hole-transport compounds
Thin film transistors having source wiring and terminal portion made of the same material as the gat...
Method for speeding up internet protocol address lookups with efficient use of memory
Method and system for providing multi-user electronic calendaring and scheduling functions for onlin...
Storage apparatus
Glow discharge lamp, electrode thereof and luminaire
Radio communication system, frequency allocation method and frequency allocation device
Enhanced light extraction in LEDs through the use of internal and external optical elements
Memory having write current ramp rate control
Method of fabricating a ferroelectric stacked memory cell
Fabricating ferroelectric memory device with photoresist and capping layer
Uncomplexed cyclodextrin compositions for odor and wrinkle control
Methods of creating a tamper resistant informational article
Signal-processing method and device therefore
Method for producing a purified alkaline metal terephthalate, derived from the products of saponific...
Spacecraft for removal of space orbital debris
Control apparatus of power steering device
Computer method and apparatus for storing and reproducing handwritten characters
Degasified PEM fuel cell system
System and method for backup a parallel server data storage system
Recycling garbage can
Fe-Ni based permalloy and method of producing the same and cast slab
Aerosol tilt valve
Document information management system
Odor controlling composition and methods of making and using
Apparatus and method for generating additional sound on the basis of sound signal
Hockey station and slat apparatus
Cellular phone voice interface structure
Method and apparatus for slitting flexible pipe in an underground bore
Lighting apparatus
Sporobolus plant named `Morning Mist`
Method of treating gastric ulcer by administration of epidermal growth factor
Switching device and method of fabricating the same
Biosensor containing glucose dehydrogenase
Electrically conducting ruthenium dioxide aerogel composite
35 mm promotional camera and a system for promoting consumer loyalty
Chrysanthemum plant named `Orinoco`
Process for storage and use of sensitive information in a security module and the associated securit...
Device and method for interconnecting distant networks through dynamically allocated bandwidth
Power saving methods for programmable logic arrays
Headphone having an adjustable localization of auditory events
Receiver for user-demand information and entertainment system using wide area digital broadcast
Strap bracket
Clamping circuit for liquid crystal display device
Sterilization process without sterile rinse
Children's ride-on vehicle
Molecular clones with mutated HIV gag/pol, SIV gag and SIV env genes
Improving the control of streaming data through multiple processing modules
Wireless communications terminals and methods including multiple entry phonebook for multiple transc...
Instrument for selecting and depositing multicellular organisms and other large objects
Lubricant for smoothing caulking joints and method of use
Process for the preparation of polypropylene-b-poly(ethylene-co-propylene)
Boundary scan cell architecture with complete set of operational modes for high performance integrat...
Apparatus and method for aiding thrombosis through the application of electric potential
Displaying image data using automatic presets
Storing frame modification information in a bank in memory
Ski paraphernalia carrying basket for a chair ski lift
Method and apparatus for efficiently generating and implementing engine error codes and verifying th...
System and method for actively changing an effective flow-through area of an inlet region of an airc...
Manipulation-proof integrated circuit
Method of feeding reproductive female pigs and feeds for reproductive female pigs
Steel composition, method for making same and parts produced from said compositions, particularly va...
Method for eliminating organophosphorus compounds contained in a gas or liquid
Multi oligosaccharide glycoconjugate bacterial meningitis vaccines
Phosphoramide compounds
Slide inclination correcting method and slide inclination correcting apparatus in press machinery
Method of making signs having metalized cube corner sheeting
Method for producing surfactant granulates
Plasma antenna system and method
Concrete products for promotion of afforestation
Fiber management bracket
Products for body hygiene based on lapacho extracts containing quercitine, their preparation and use
Method for the continuous production of polybutylene terephthalate from terephthal acid and butane d...
Low-cost atmospheric SOFC power generation system
Glass-ceramic coatings and sealing arrangements and their use in fuel cells
Substrate processing method and apparatus
PWM control circuit, microcomputer and electronic equipment
Vehicle headlamp's optical axis control system
Apparatus for detecting abnormal execution of program
Displaying in a first document a selectable link to a second document based on a passive query
Mass spectrometric methods for biomolecular screening
Method and logic for locking geological data and an analyzer program that analyzes the geological da...
Insertion needle for use with implantable, expandable, multicontact electrodes
Electrochromic device
Attention mechanism for immediately displaying/logging system checkpoints
Speed sensor
Circuit arrangement for operating a fluorescent lamp
Adaptive channel equalizer
Trisubstituted carbocyclic cyclophilin binding compounds and their use
Pressure-cycled, packet-transfer infusion of resin-stitched preforms
Method of fabricating ceramic matrix composites employing a vacuum mold procedure
Stressed-skin modular fiber reinforced plastic bridge
Resin composition, a fiber reinforced material having a partially impregnated resin and composites m...
Hybridization probes derived from the spacer region between the 16S and 23S rRNA genes for the detec...
Azalea plant named `Crimson Queen`
Process for the breaking and cleaning of contaminant-containing raw paper stocks, in particular of r...
Method and apparatus for directing internet users to health care information such as names of health...
Method to reduce overhead associated with system I/O in a multiprocessor computer system
Data certification and verification system having a multiple-user-controlled data interface
Short-arc discharge lamp
System and method for multimedia display
Method for optimizing the number of good assemblies manufacturable from a number of parts
Interoperable am/fm headset wireless telephone device
Continuous temperature variance pyrolysis for extracting products from tire chips
GaN based group III-V nitride semiconductor light-emitting diode and method for fabricating the same
Magnetic memory device
Semiconductor memory device and various systems mounting them
Process for low temperature atomic layer deposition of Rh
Methods and compositions for inhibiting the proliferation of prostate cancer cells
Inhalation device
Separable label assembly in continuous roll form and method of manufacturing same
Cooking enhancing convection oven and method of enhancing the cooking in a convection oven
Inbred maize line NP2015
Solar array concentrator system and method
Method and apparatus for motor velocity measurement compensation in electric power steering damping
Goal based educational system utilizing a remediation object
Suspension for running toy and running toy
Modular guide link for conveyor chain
Dental alloys
Inhaler dosing device
Methods of producing ruthenium perovskite
Method and apparatus for scheduling music for specific listeners
Lighted strap assembly for a ball
Communication device having a coupler with a connection point
Pier adjusting mechanism and method for facilitating the adjusting and leveling of a pier platform
Seawater pressure-driven desalinization apparatus and method with gravity-driven brine return
Petunia plant named `Jam Bluin`
Inhibition of exoprotein production from gram positive bacteria
Monolithic reconfigurable optical multiplexer systems and methods
Human antibodies derived from immunized xenomice
Method and device for producing aerogels
Portable telephone terminal apparatus for receiving data and data receiving method therewith
Method of framing reconnaissance with motion roll compensation
Argyranthemum plant named `Balargrite`
Microchip card for accessing a remote application, associated communication system and terminal and ...
Method and apparatus for computer software analysis
Development method apparatus, image formation and process cartridge for suppressing variation in ton...
Horn loudspeaker
Indexing key ranges
Method for the preparation and application of pressure and heat applied image transfers
Liquid crystal display device with reflector forming part of capacity element
Honeycomb body with adsorber material, in particular, for a hydrocarbon trap
Carnitine analogues as topical, microbicidal spermicides
Method and system for multi-threaded processing
Coated optical microcavity resonator chemical sensor
Compounds for immunotherapy of prostate cancer and methods for their use
Silicone dispersions
Group 8-10 transition metal olefin polymerization catalysts
Carousel bit mask system and method
Automated system-on-chip integrated circuit design verification system
Breath test apparatus and methods
Polymorphic forms of 6-[4-1(1-cyclohexyl-1H-tetrazol-5-yl)butoxy]-3,4-dihydro-2(1H)-quinolinone
One-step lateral flow assays
Susceptibility weighted imaging
Method and system for asymmetrically maintaining system operability
Apparatus and method for preparative supercritical fluid chromatography
Method of executing an interpreter program
Aircraft with ventral fairing and seal for such an aircraft
Method and system for processing documents controlled by active documents with embedded instructions
Tunneling magnetoresistive device
Tubular members integrated to form a structure
Method, system and devices for authenticating persons
Apparatus and method for electronic exclusion and confinement of animals relative to a selected area
Process for producing hydrogen absorbing alloy powder, hydrogen absorbing alloy powder, and hydrogen...
Methods and apparatus for predicting and selectively collecting preferences based on personality dia...
Method and apparatus for creating alternative versions of code segments and dynamically substituting...
Methods of increasing the production of cobalamins using cob gene expression
Vaccinal preparations
Method of inhibiting phosphodiesterases with substituted alkanohydroxamic acids
Operation lever device
Portable dispenser for mixing and dispensing fluid mixtures
Directional signal and noise sensors for borehole electromagnetic telemetry system
Flow based incentive spirometer
Non-aqueous electrolytic secondary cell
Image forming apparatus including contact transfer member having transfer current controlled in acco...
Oxygen scavenging polyamide compositions suitable for PET bottle applications
Edible film formulations containing maltodextrin
Feeding device for printed circuit board and feeding element
Temperature measurements in tubular reactors during treatment of fluid masses
Polarized gas separator and liquid coalescer for fuel cell stack assemblies
C3b/C4b complement receptor-like molecules and uses thereof
Bipolar electrode having non-conductive electrode substrate and fibrous electrochemically active mat...
Non-aqueous electrolyte battery having a lithium manganese oxide electrode
Polymerization process
Ray-based image analysis for biological specimens
Laboratory database system and methods for combinatorial materials research
Image forming apparatus for transferring toner in a developing unit
Message data reception device and method for controlling display of message data items and other dat...
Implantable cardiac stimulation device, system and method which provides an electrogram signal havin...
Fatty acid transport proteins
Method for use in sampling and/or measuring in reservoir fluid
Calibrating system for a compact optical sensor
Electron bombarded passive pixel sensor imaging
Insulated gate field effect transistor and semiconductor integrated circuit
Integrated flywheel uninterruptible power supply system
Audible circuit breaker
Method and apparatus for handoff of a connection between network devices
Global positioning system code phase detector with multipath compensation and method for reducing mu...
N-benzylpiperidine and tetrahydropyridine derivatives
Overlay for telecommunications distribution frame
Telecommunications fiber optic infrastructure and method utilizing same
Interleaved bidirectional WDM channel plan
Optical signal repeater and output level control method used in this repeater
Arrangement for mitigating first order and second-order polarization mode dispersion in optical fibe...
Cordless light system
Method and apparatus for analyzing software in a language-independent manner
Controlling the order in which content is displayed in a browser
Induction of a Th1-like response in vitro
Selective routing
System and method for real-time, personalized, dynamic, interactive voice services for travel availa...
Network device with local timing systems for automatic selection between redundant, synchronous cent...
Redundant, synchronous central timing systems with constant master voltage controls and variable sla...
Disk drive with improved characterization segment pattern and method of recording the same
Disk drive employing separate read and write repeatable runout estimated values for a head having a ...
Mobile device and disk drive having a seek current profile responsive to an environment signal
Magnetoresistive magnetic sensor with tunnel effect and magnetic storage apparatus
Information signal recording and playback method and apparatus therefor
Housing for data storage devices or for accommodating such devices
Waveform equalizer and data reproducing apparatus using the same
Audio signal reproduction apparatus and method
Recording medium for storing start position information for each zone and method and apparatus of ma...
Recording medium for storing start position information for each zone and method of managing data us...
Interface needle and method for creating a blunt interface between delivered liquids
Controllable intralumen medical device
Peripherally inserted catheter with flushable guide-tube
Apparatus for connecting a compatibility liner with a source of perishable therapeutic
Micro catheter and guidewire system having improved pushability and control
Catheter button system and surgical method of anchoring catheter button
Catheter connector including seal ring and method
Thermal transfer image-receiving sheet
Use of a heat-sensitive recording material as a label
Heat sensitive recording material
Transfer sheet, method of manufacturing the same and transfer printing method
Method of reversible selective manifestation of different states of functional element
Heat-sensitive recording material
Thermal Transfer image-receiving sheet
Systems and methods for screening for adverse effects of a treatment
DNA molecules encoding the melanocortin 5 receptor protein from rhesus monkey
Method and apparatus for personalization of a public multimedia communications terminal
Apparatus and method for generic data conversion
Protecting resources in a distributed computer system
Implicit forwarding and resolving of a reference made by an importing module to an exporting module ...
Peach tree named `Burpeachfourteen`
Riser section and cover therefor
Method for transaction command ordering in a remote data replication system
System and method for facilitating a windows based content manifestation environment within a WWW br...
Discharge lamp for dielectrically impeded discharges comprising supporting elements between a bottom...
Movable lens hood mechanism of a zoom lens
Dehydrocyclodimerization process with catalyst reactivation
Formation of ohmic contacts in III-nitride light emitting devices
Integrated memory with memory cell array
Method of performing a two stage anneal in the formation of an alloy interconnect
Foam materials
Progressive gaming method
Integrated forms and method of making such forms
Heat retentive inductive-heatable laminated matrix
Cytoplasm for maize
Method and design for increasing the firing range of artillery shells
Driver-programmable driving mode system for automatic transmissions
Fuzzy based thresholding technique for image segmentation
System and method for communicating with and controlling toy accessories
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary cell
Method and system in a data processing system for activating a password requirement utilizing a wire...
Portion of a floor jack side panel
Aluminum-beryllium-silicon based alloy
Nasal cannula
Portable aerosol-type fire-fighting protection device
System and method for detecting and diagnosing pump cavitation
Calixarene derivatives
Wireless lock-out system, apparatus and method for using the same
Methods, systems, and computer program products for generating and providing access to end-user-defi...
Method of compacted stone column construction
Rubber product with metallic structure and method of producing the same
Petunia plant named `Jam Burg`
Safety ramp
Method for treating tumors caused by APC gene mutation with anthocyanins and cyanidin
Method and system of cooperative collision mitigation
Sensor cell
Electroluminescent material, electroluminescent element and color conversion filter
Method for sinusoidal modeling and prediction of fast fading processes
Focal-length adjusting unit for photographing apparatuses
Alstroemeria plant named `Zanvelvet`
System, method and program product for software development
Composition and method of treating arthritis
Amido compounds and process for producing the same
Method, apparatus and article of manufacture for debugging a user defined region of code
Passive radiator having mass elements
System and method for reducing the footprint of preloaded classes
Lightning shelters
Liquid crystal display device having an improved attachment structure of a chip component
Method of fabricating a coated process chamber component
Electronic seals
Framework for a balloon decoration
Mobile robotic with web server and digital radio links
Chimeric viral-neutralizing immunoglobulins
Target control abstraction for debugging embedded systems
Glossy paints containing emulsion polymers of vinyl acetate
Method for extending the effective dynamic range of a radio receiver system
Bioabsorbable bag containing bioabsorbable materials of different bioabsorption rates for tissue eng...
Computer based method and a system for controlling an industrial process
Business model for leasing storage on a digital recorder
Scaffold for tissue engineering cartilage having outer surface layers of copolymer and ceramic mater...
Variable spectrum generator system
GP40 and uses thereof
High density non-volatile memory device
Inhibitors of proteasomal activity for stimulating bone and hair growth
Multiple print engine system with selectively distributed ripped pages
System and method for tracking medical items and supplies
Pigment dispersing resins
Method and system for shadow heap memory leak detection and other heap analysis in an object-oriente...
Porous tissue scaffolding materials and uses thereof
Zero dead time architecture and method for flow cytometer
Prion gene modified mouse which exhibits heart anomalies
Channel letter
Interferometers for optical coherence domain reflectometry and optical coherence tomography using no...
Regulated angiogenesis genes and polypeptides
Clostridial toxin disease therapy
Burst and packet wireless transmission using product codes with iterative decoding
4,4-Disubstituted piperidines, and methods of use thereof
Method for the chromatographic isolation of vitamin E isomers
Process for the preparation of a highly linear alcohol composition
Doll lounger
Cradle for digital camera
Formation of an embedded capacitor plane using a thin dielectric
Arrangement for moving an airplane door swivellably disposed on a supporting arm
Voice decoder and method for detecting channel errors using spectral energy evolution
System for and method of customizing an animal feed based on nucleic acid material content
System for recognizing of a device connection state by reading structure information data which prod...
Two-port valve
Portable instrument for electro-optically reading indicia and for projecting a bit-mapped color imag...
Integrated and authoring and translation system
Integrated water treatment control system with probe failure detection
Machine tool
Systems and methods that detect a page identification using embedded identification tags
Method and apparatus for reducing the overhead of virtual method invocations
Steering system and method for steering a vehicle
Sulfonated polyester compounds with enhanced shelf stability and processes of making the same
Oral delivery of macromolecules
Spectrometer attachments and phosphorescence decay measurement
System status light indicator device embedded in a connecting port
Device for the reception and/or the transmission of electromagnetic signals with radiation diversity
Product with antistatic properties
Preparation of substituted aromatic compounds
Ablation and imaging catheter
System and method for a wide area wireless personal communication system incorporating advanced mess...
Gas barrier coating composition, process for producing the same, and gas barrier coating film
Pipe coupling and drain plug for engine oil change
Tungsten-containing fuel cell catalyst and method of making same
Method and circuit for compensation control of offset voltages in a radio receiving circuit integrat...
Organic electroluminescent display panel having a polyimide-isolating wall of reverse-trapezoid cros...
Olefin polymerization processes and products thereof
Shorting switch and system to eliminate arcing faults in power distribution equipment
Sustained-release alginate gels
Neural network drug dosage estimation
User station software that controls transport, storage, and presentation of content from a remote so...
Enhancing knowledge discovery from multiple data sets using multiple support vector machines
Insulating driver with injection molded shank and fluted working tip
Mini-invasive nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy catheter probe
Fixing apparatus and image-forming device
Airline cockpit security system
Method and system for low-overhead measurement of per-thread performance information in a multithrea...
Term-based methods and apparatus for access to files on shared storage devices
Device for reducing signal noise in a fetal ECG signal
Infinitely refillable syringe
Transgenic mouse model for cardiac hypertrophy and methods of use thereof
Nanoparticulate compositions comprising amorphous cyclosporine and methods of making and using such ...
Polynucleotides encoding polypeptides having 8-oxoguanine DNA glycosylase activity and uses thereof
LCD device having an improved backlight unit
Soybean cultivar 0120300
Automatic gain control circuit and control method therefor
Fully integrated ALL-CMOS AM transmitter with automatic antenna tuning
Methods of performing vagal-induced asystole
C2-substituted indan-1-ols and their derivatives, processes for their preparation and their use as p...
Surface acoustic wave element
Nitrosated and nitrosylated taxanes, compositions and methods of use
Method and apparatus for conditioning muscles during sleep
Combinations of .beta.3 agonists and growth hormone secretagogues
Method of retaining a gastric tube
Method and apparatus for the A/D conversion of analog signals and corresponding A/D converter arrang...
Authoring system for computer-based information delivery system
Technical support chain automation with guided self-help capability using active content assertions
Trusted infrastructure support system, methods and techniques for secure electronic commerce transac...
Distributed filtering and monitoring system for a computer internetwork
Method and system for an enhanced network and customer premise equipment personal directory
Process for producing olefin polymer composites having improved melt strength
Computer based system for evaluating a particular natural resource property
Computer system and a database access method thereof
Method for the database-supported selection of products for electronic-commerce applications on the ...
Inhibiting catalyst coke formation in the manufacture of an olefin
Alternating current driven type plasma display device and method for production thereof
Aluminium production cell design
Drag strut connector
Facilitating photographic print re-ordering
Differentially controlled varactor
Automatic toll collection system for automotive vehicle
Fluidized bed reactor
Incoherent light-emitting device apparatus for driving vertical laser cavity
Intelligent network interface system and method for accelerated protocol processing
Apparatus and method for testing ferroelectric memories
Insect inhibitory lipid acyl hydrolases
Vestibular and RAS enhancing device
Optically transparent pressure sensitive adhesive sheet for use in heat transfer image pattern forma...
Wavelet processing with leading and trailing edge extrapolation
Variable frequency automated capacitive radio frequency (RF) dielectric heating system
Video guidance sensor system with laser rangefinder
Vehicle traveling control system with state display apparatus
System, method, and business model for speech-interactive information system having business self-pr...
Retrieving information from a broadcast signal
Energy-conserving communication apparatus selectively switching between a main processor with main o...
Timing adjustment of clock signals in a digital circuit
Electronic game apparatus
Method for non-disclosing password entry
Compatible version module loading
Decorative urn
Die-bonding solder materials
Use of inhaled NO as anti-inflammatory agent
Pre-metered dose magazine for breath-actuated dry powder inhaler
Representation of technical content using object-oriented abstraction of meaning
Method for indexing an image during an automated takeoff estimate of a construction drawing
Catalytic preparation of alkali metal alkoxides
Slot machine alarm clock apparatus and method
Telecommunication network usage metering management architecture
Yielding column
Anti-terrorism shipping control
Peach tree named "Southern Star"
Methods and devices for extracting thermal energy from the body core of a mammal
Three-dimensionally movable transfer robot
Glucocorticoid enhancement of gene expression
Control system for active power filters
Interruption free navigator
Method and apparatus for control of bowel function
FeRAM capacitor post stack etch clean/repair
Camera with electronic flash device
Delphinium plant named `Delgaal`
(Z)-styryl acetoxyphenyl sulfides as cyclooxygenase inhibitors
Multiple interface scripting language
Decorative automotive interior trim articles with cast integral light stable covering and process fo...
Oil-resistant rubber modified polystyrene composition
Implant prehension device
Access to resource files stored in ROM
Service entry point for use in debugging multi-job computer programs
Method for coding speech and music signals
System and method of automatically modifying source code for marshaling, unmarshaling and marking mo...
Combination touch pad and cell of cellular phone and the producing method therefor
Tower crane with composite structure, self-assembling, with folding and telescoping tower, and arm m...
Method and apparatus for link state determination in voice over frame-relay networks
Apparatus for thermally cycling samples of biological material with substantial temperature uniformi...
Voice recording/reproducing apparatus which enters a standby mode while in a communication mode with...
Detecting duplicate and near-duplicate files
Customizable heated insole
Reflective display device and retro-reflector used therefor
Method, apparatus and computer program product for three dimensional text creation
Schemes for selecting and passing an application from an application provider to an application serv...
Noise reduction system and method
Self-service machine operated by communications terminal, and service providing method thereof
Method for configuring the functional properties of an audiological device
Method and system for controlling the improving of a program layout
Stereo radio receiver
Compensation model and registration simulation apparatus and method for manufacturing of printed cir...
Electro-optic display and adhesive composition for use therein
Services-based architecture for a telecommunications enterprise
Method for identifying compounds useful in the therapy of bone disorders
Construction system for manufactured housing units
Variable length instruction alignment device and method
Production of healthier and stronger seedling crops under low-light environment
Computer program embodied on a computer-readable medium for a document retrieval service that retrie...
Adult/child restraint harness
Leukocyte depletion filter media, filter produced therefrom, method of making same and method of usi...
Human hypoxanthine- (guanine) phosphoribosyl transferase-2
Articles with illuminated sequenced motioned displays
Wireless handset
Short carbon fiber enhanced thermal grease
Multilayer printed circuit board structure
Treatment of inner ear hair cells
Pipe coupling plug
Hydrophilic polymers, pressure sensitive adhesives and coatings
Fan flow sensor for proton exchange membrane electrolysis cell
Portable computer system with an operating system-independent digital data player
Disc reproduction apparatus and method therefor
Perfluoroalkyl haloalkyl ethers and compositions and applications thereof
Tape feeder with improved cover tape disposition path and drive
Method and system to pre-fetch compressed memory blocks using pointers
Handling of multiple compliant and non-compliant wake-up sources in a computer system
Persistent reservation IO barriers
Method and apparatus for determining the strengths and weaknesses of paths in an integrated circuit
Device and method for determining proportions of body materials
Low cost broad range loudspeaker and system
Method and apparatus for assessing the visibility of differences between two signal sequences
System for and method of reducing toner seal leakage by the introduction of a step groove in the dev...
Network system and method for automatic discovery of topology using overhead bandwidth
Dental materials
Method and apparatus for automatically handling a sample cup cap
Site-specific aminoglycoside derivatives and their use in immunodiagnostic assays
Foldable knife structure
Computer network testing system and method using client playback of edited network information
Dialogue control system, dialogue control method and robotic device
Large substrate test system
System and method for using a two part cover for protecting a reticle
Examining chemical reactions
Method for generating a motion of a human type link system
Coordinated robot control from multiple remote instruction sources
Heat absorbing temperature control devices and method
System and method for employing pulse width modulation with a bridge frequency sweep to implement co...
Radiation protection system
Method and apparatus for recording a three dimensional figure on a two dimensional surface allowing ...
Finding hidden images in video based on detected proximity of cuts
Method for preserving wood and preserved wood obtained in accordance with the method
Optical amplifying glass and method for its production
Silicone polymer insulation film on semiconductor substrate
High contrast PDLC transmission gratings and method of manufacture
Shroud for disk drive with particulate filter elements
Computer method and apparatus for optimized controller in a non-linear process
Image forming apparatus with various voltage levels applied to transferring member
Image heating device with temperature sensors provided in sheet passing portion and non-sheet passin...
Image fixing device with phase controlled heaters
Developer container having sealing member
Image forming apparatus to which a process cartridge having a part connecting member is detachably m...
Developing apparatus
Testing method of semiconductor integrated circuit and equipment thereof
Method of purifying sewage
Automated blood component separation system
Thermal interface material and heat sink configuration
Semiconductor chip assembly with interlocked conductive trace
Discrete magnets in dielectric forming metal/ceramic laminate and process thereof
Ceramic electronic parts and method for manufacturing the same
Magneto-optical recording medium having pit pitch greater than groove pitch
Method and apparatus for scanning free-running logic
Bus I/O placement guidance
Method and formulation for decreasing statin metabolism
Method for treating diseases of fungal, yeast, and prion protein etiology
Stable isotope metabolic labeling for analysis of biopolymers
Pharmaceutical preparations and methods for their regional administration
Dry-copying method for producing flat, individually dosed preparations of active agents
Method of treating irritable bowel syndrome
Method and apparatus for creating a working opening through an incision
Process monitoring apparatus and method
Electrolysis system
Method and apparatus for producing uniform process rates
Method and system for managing a pulse width of a signal pulse
Method, system and program for scrolling index scans
Method for removing engine deposits in a gasoline internal combustion engine
Process for stamping detergent bars
Detergent composition
Intelligent fault management
Satellite repeater diversity resource management system
Transaction control system including portable data terminal and mobile customer service station
Transit planning system
No preamble frame sync
Method for the treatment of fibrosis
Method and apparatus for declaring correctness of reception of channels for use in a mobile telecomm...
Process for isomerization dewaxing of hydrocarbon streams
Process for deasphalting residua by reactive recycle of high boiling material
Process and apparatus with refractory shelf for hydrodynamic mixing zone
Method of producing calcium sulfate alpha-hemihydrate
Dual microcode RAM address mode instruction execution using operation code RAM storing control words...
Register bit scanning
Front of a guitar body
Brushless DC wet motor fuel pump with integral controller
Screw compressor having intermediate shaft bearing
Electric pump
Electromagnetic device particularly useful as a vibrator for a fluid pump
Piston pump, method and installation for filtering water
Funnel for cathode ray tube
Ion implanting system
Automated system for playing live casino table games having tabletop changeable playing card display...
Sterilizable film composite for packing purposes
Ophthalmic uses of lasers
Method for viewing tumor tissue located within a body cavity
Finger oximeter with finger grip suspension system
Refocusing wavelengths to a common focal plane for electrical trace testing
Apparatus and method for detecting polarization
Medical screening
Method and apparatus for processing an image, and recording medium
Reversible, portable winch with bidirectional ratchet teeth for attachment to load-bearing structure
Tuned fiber optic interleaver
Quartz crystal monitor wafer for lithography and etch process monitoring
Correction factors for the analysis of piezoelectric devices
Frequency tunable resonant scanner with auxiliary arms
Phase change material blend, method for making, and devices using same
Heat dissipation of low flow resistance in a notebook computer
Device for the cooling of components
Cooler for electronic unit and electronic unit
Heat sink assembly with fixing members
Computer heat dissipating structure
Circuit arrangement
Method for creating durable electrophotographically printed color transparencies using clear hot sta...
Construction of large, robust, monolithic and monolithic like, AMLCD displays with wide view angle
Cathode ray tube having enhanced electron beam deflection efficiency
Secondary containment seal
Mechanical face seals
Assembly for concentrically positioning a casing relative to a shaft
Flexible connection arrangement for the two pipe portions particularly for motor vehicle exhausts
Non-contacting mechanical face seal
Mechanical end face seal system
Mechanical end face seal having an improved mating ring
Method of recycling wash-water resulting from film treatment
Delivery system and method of making article
Process for reducing volatile organic compound content of refinery liquid waste streams using aqueou...
Material activating method and device for carrying out the same
Method and apparatus for non-invasive breathing assist
Respirator for different forms of respiration
Variable cuff pressure adapter
Transformer with controlled interwinding coupling and controlled leakage inductances and circuit usi...
Stabilized power supply using delta sigma modulator
Superconducting dual function digitizer
Resonance type switching power supply unit
Inverter DC link volts "tooth" modulation scheme
Selectable arrangement energy converter
Radio system including mixer device and switching circuit and method having switching signal feedbac...
Cationic coating composition
Magnetic carrier
Removable adhesive of epoxy resin, amine and non-ionic surfactant
Adhesive powder
Composition of epoxy resin, curing agent and reactive compound
Epoxy/thermoplastic photocurable adhesive composition
Energy cured sealant composition
Epoxy/thermoplastic photocurable adhesive composition
Method of making a retroreflective article that has a binder layer containing an epoxy resin and sil...
Ternary photoinitiator system for curing of epoxy/polyol resin composition
Fiber optic connector containing a curable adhesive composition
Process for the preparation of triazine carbamates
589 nm laser
Semiconductor laser device and method for fabricating thereof
Semiconductor laser diode for controlling width of carrier inflow path
Method of making a tunable laser source with integrated optical amplifier
Device for sluicing a hot meal-form material
Wrist bracelet
Jewelry ornamentation for a ring or bracelet
Antisense modulation of Fas mediated signaling
Polyhydroxyl-substituted organic molecule sensing method and device
Fluorescent quenching detection reagents and methods
Corona preionization electrode unit for use in gas laser apparatus
Flow shaping electrode with erosion pad for gas discharge laser
Path monitoring in optical communication systems
System and method for increasing upstream communication efficiency in an optical network
Non-hygroscopic salts of active ingredients having therapeutical and/or nutritional activities and o...
Dice game
Automated provisioning of telephone services
Calling party pays system bypass
Basic drug compositions with enhanced bioavailability
Tattoo technology
Piezoelectric type electric acoustic converter
Targeted drug delivery using sulfonamide derivatives
Preparation of novel particles for inhalation
System and method for secure classification of electronic mail
System for communicating through maps
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Method and system for document collection final search result by arithmetical operations between sea...
System for storing and retrieving old and new electronic identifiers
Suction muffler for chiller compressor
Device for contactlessly gripping and positioning components
Seismic methods having extended energy release
Apparatus for high flux photocatalytic pollution control using a rotating fluidized bed reactor
Absolute reference aerosol sampler
Ensemble manifold, system and method for monitoring particles in clean environments
Tissue fastening devices and methods for sustained holding strength
Machine and process for the calibration and proving of flow sensors
Method and apparatus for making density gradients
Variable pitch stationary exercise bicycle
Postural awareness apparatus
Two-way magnetorheological fluid valve assembly and devices utilizing same
Chin-up bar
Exercise apparatus with elliptical foot motion
Exercise apparatus with elliptical foot motion
Treadmill with adjustable cushioning members
Cyclocentric ergometer
Exercise Machine
Squat exercise hook harness
Method and device for obtaining relevant traffic information and dynamic route optimizing