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License management system
Consumer feedback apparatus
Preferential oxidation catalyst
Secure electronic content management system
Data type mapping for external callouts
Internet message system
Method and apparatus for identifying the start of a data field using a fault tolerant sync word
Guzmania plant named `Deplagnum`
Water jet earth anchor
Automatic topic identification and switch for natural language search of textual document collection...
Plasma-addressed liquid crystal display device
Method of processing multi-function key inputting device
Image blur compensation device with reduced noise effect mechanism
Highly reflective ohmic contacts to III-nitride flip-chip LEDs
Projector employing OEL image panels
Label/form combination assembly
Self-monitoring storage device using neural networks
Wastewater treating agent, method for wastewater treatment, sludge dehydrant and method for sludge t...
System, apparatus and method for providing a portable customizable maintenance support computer comm...
Free-machinable hyper-eutectic Al-Si alloy
Equipment rinsing frame for self-contained underwater breathing apparatus
Skin treatment using neuromuscular stimulation and a treatment gas containing medicine
Restructuring complex for cosmetic compositions
Compositions based on resveratrol
Label with curl and moisture resistant protective layer
Method for cosmetic treatment of the skin and the scalp using electromagnetic waves and essential oi...
Optimization of an electrostatically dosed dry powder inhaler
System and method for controlling humidity in a cryogenic aerosol spray cleaning system
(2-substituted oxyphenyl)alkanamide derivative, hair growth promoter and external composition for sk...
Latent mercaptans as multi-functional additives for halogen-containing polymer compositions
.alpha.-olefins and olefin polymers and processes therefor
1,4-Dioxacylcloalkane-2-one and 1,4-dioxacycloalkene-2-one
Pyrimidine-2,4,6-trione light screening compositions
Device for synchronizing audio and video outputs in computerized games
Game system and computer readable storage medium
Arcade game with keypad input
Video game system and video game memory medium
Basketball rebound trainer
Contact switch
Combination paging and gaming system and apparatus
Path controller for vehicles whose path is influenced by cross currents and a path control system an...
Topical wound therapeutic compositions
Dynamically reconfigurable optical switching system
Surface amplifier
Heat transfer with artificial dielectric device
Bacillus pumilus strain for controlling corn rootworm, nematode and armyworm infestations
Soap dispensing toy
Firearm laser training system and method employing modified blank cartridges for simulating operatio...
Gaming device having game scheme allowing player skill to affect symbol movement without affecting a...
Radio frequency controlled tethered aircraft
Spinnable swing assembly
Heart rate sensor for controlling entertainment devices
System for adding sound to pictures
Molded polyurethane body
Vertebral implant adapted for posterior insertion
Telephone call control system for the public switched telephone network
Dynamic customized web tours
Display device which displays traffic information images on a map
Method and system for executing network streamed application
Magnetically-packaged optical MEMs device
Acoustic finding system
Computer-controlled talking figure toy with animated features
Method for detecting a face in a digital image
Directional horn speaker system
Control system and method for voltage stabilization in electric power system
Activated aluminosilicate binder
Continuous cooking method employing hydrostatic pressure
Beverage supply system
Process for enriching foods and beverages
Fumonisin detoxification compositions and methods
Food or beverage additive containing fucoidan and food and beverage containing fucoidan
Programmable slow-cooker appliance
System and method for extracting and forecasting computing resource data such as CPU consumption usi...
Wheel hub for bicycles
Methods and transdermal compositions for pain relief
Osmotic device containing venlafaxine and an anti-psychotic agent
Method for treating or preventing psychosomatic and psychoimmunologic disorders
Method and apparatus for managing internal caches and external caches in a data processing system
Method and apparatus for securing access to automotive devices and software services
Extensible execute in place (XIP) architecture and related methods
Reliable distributed shared memory
Method and system for electronically modeling and estimating characteristics of a multi-layer integr...
System and method for interfacing and separating formatted content and program code
Method for processing time lapsed seismic data signals
Ground anchorage
High efficiency external counterpulsation apparatus and method for controlling same
Bioengineered vascular graft support prostheses
Electromagnetic energy driven separation methods
Stretchable sleeve for a mailbox
Exterior mirror having an attachment member including an approach light
Light emitting assembly for vehicle wheel
System and method for illuminating a semiconductor processing system
Light emitting diode light source
Solar-powered light assembly with automatic light control
Liquid crystal display
Backlit display for selectively illuminating lenticular images
Picture signal processing system, decoder, picture signal processing method, and decoding method
Process for anticipation and tracking of eye movement
Video object tracking using a hierarchy of deformable templates
Water-proof structure of camera
Fast and reliable data carrier detection by a cable modem in a cable television plant
Monomode optical fibre
Athermalized wavelength division multiplexer/demultiplexer with polymer compensation region and meth...
Planar light waveguide circuit with landmarks
Bonding optical fibers to substrates
Method for positioning optical fibers
Arrangement and method for the channel-dependent attenuation of the levels of a plurality of optical...
Light transmission apparatus and method
Electronic check image storage and retrieval system
Method and apparatus for indexing and retrieving images using visual keywords
Method of and apparatus for ascertaining the genuineness of packaged commodities
Pharmacy pill counting vision system
Dct arithmetic device
Apparatus for displaying fluorescence images
GUI coding for identification of displayable data quality from medical devices
EEG electrode assemblies
Spectrum analysis and display method time series
Flexible manufacturing system
Method of inhibiting angiogenesis using active vitamin D analogues
Method of forming a cementitious panel
Use of a scan chain for configuration of BIST unit operation
Propylene polymerization process
Ammonia refrigerating apparatus
Method for storing and accessing digital medical images
Blackboard-centric layered software architecture
Intervertebral spacer
Microprocessor with non-aligned scaled and unscaled addressing
Catheter having multiple arms with electrode and position sensor
Method of localizing objects in interventional radiology
Methods, systems and computer program products for photogrammetric sensor position estimation
Para-hydrogen labelled agents and their use in magnetic resonance imaging
Linking of an intra-body tracking system to external reference coordinates
Imaging methods and apparatus particularly useful for two and three-dimensional angiography
Vertical drag wheel for a spincast reel
Spinning reel spool
Worm food composition
Process for making a cheese product using transglutaminase
Cooking process
Regulation of anthocyanin pigment production
Soybean variety 93B67
Polymorphic forms of 6-[4-(1-cyclohexyl-1H-tetrazol-5-yl)butoxy]-3,4-dihydro-2(1H)-quinolinone
Claudin-50 protein
Identification of neutralizing epitopes of toxin A and toxin B for the treatment of C. difficile dis...
In-vehicle ordering
Enantioselective reduction of ketones with a silane agent/metal compound/ chiral ligand system
Compounds, compositions and methods for preventing neurodegeneration in acute and chronic injuries i...
Collision avoiding system for vehicles
Oxidative methylation of organic compounds
Algorithmically programmable memory tester with history FIFO's that aid in error analysis and recove...
Drive test fixture
Optical disk, reproduction apparatus reproduction method, and recording medium
Avionics maintenance training device
Method of fertilizing an avian egg in the shell
Survey analysis system and method
Non-rectangular thermo module wafer cooling device using the same
Retail sales cutomer auto-ID activation
Process for producing improved alkaline drinking water and the product produced thereby
BiOCI pigment
Method of static water softening using zeolites of novel morphology
Logo insertion on an HDTV encoder
Synchronizing video streams with different pixel clock rates
Materials treatment
Process for the preparation of mono alkyl aromatic compounds
Hydrocarbon disproportionation
Fractionation of paraffin isomerization process effluent
Sulfonamide compounds and uses thereof as medicines
Peripherally active anti-hyperalgesic opiates
2,1-oxazoline and 1,2-pyrazoline-based inhibitors of dipeptidyl peptidase IV and method
Pyrrole substituted 2-indolinone protein kinase inhibitors
Method and compositions for treatment of the aging eye
Sensor device and an analyzing device specifically adapted to be used in conjunction with diapers fo...
Method for emergency service access using a mobile phone
Two-piece drill bits
Compacted graphite iron brake drum
Computerized interior design expert system
Component based designer for modifying and specializing wizards
Hydraulic gerotor motor having a valve plate adjacent the toothed wheel
Use of aluminum hydroxycarbonate, hydroxyoxycarbonate or oxycarbonate as filler in a rubber composit...
Quantum semiconductor device including quantum dots and a fabrication process thereof
Preserving consistency of passively-replicated non-deterministic objects
Oligosaccharide synthesis
Plasma picture sceen with a terbium(III)-activated phosphor
Communication device with a dual-sided liquid crystal display
System and method for enhanced hydrocarbon recovery
Systems and processes for spray drying hydrophobic drugs with hydrophilic excipients
Hair-treatment compositions
Mammography method and apparatus
Apparatus and methods for cardiac restraint
Moving apparatus for efficiently moving on floor with obstacle
Brew basket with overflow channel
Method for inhibiting fading of a natural pigment using nigerooligosaccharide or maltooligosaccharid...
Very high structure, highly absorptive hybrid silica and method for making same
Biodegradable polymer films and sheets suitable for use as laminate coatings as well as wraps and ot...
Electromagnetic compressor having an integral cylinder assembly and electromagnet molded from a resi...
Optical bodies made with a birefringent polymer
Catalyst compositions and processes for olefin oligomerization and polymerization
Fuel cell system multiple stage voltage control method and apparatus
Cell growth inhibiting and cell differentiation specific SYG972 gene, genomic DNA and promoter there...
System and assembly having conductive fixation features
Information signal recording/reproducing system, information signal recording device, information si...
Recirculating paint system having an improved push to connect fluid coupling assembly
Thin film laser emitting device and method for the manufacture thereof
Method for preparing halomethyl heterocyclic compounds
System and controller for control and distribution of audio and video signals
Pneumatic shift reciprocating pneumatic motor
Data processing device
MRI medical device markers utilizing fluorine-19
Vehicle wash system including a variable speed single pumping unit
Dual material chemical injector for vehicle wash system
Removable cylinder arrangement for lift
Small-size color electro-photographic apparatus
Active implantable medical device for treating sleep apnea syndrome by electrostimulation
Method and apparatus for locating a cleaner bandwidth in a frequency channel for data transmission
Intrinsically safe communication and control system for use in hazardous locations including monotor...
Apparatus and method for non-invasive measurement of current functional state and adaptive response ...
Electric bellows system
Programmable logic controller method, system and apparatus
Electrolytic cell
Assessing blood brain barrier dynamics or identifying or measuring selected substances or toxins in ...
Music data compression apparatus and method
Process for manufacturing simvastatin and the novel intermediates
System and method for providing cross-dimensional computation and data access in an on-line analytic...
Method and apparatus for automatically positioning electronic dice within component packages
Air cleaning system for a robotic welding chamber
Autonomous robotic crawler for in-pipe inspection
Robot hand and robot hand finger
Simulation apparatus for working machine
Packing procedure and machine for putting into practice thereof
Multi-axis articulatable robot having a weld gun with inverted roller screw actuator
Digital regulation of fluorescent lamps
Rach ramp-up acknowledgement
Substituted sulphonyl cyanamides, method for producing same and their use as medicament
Methods and systems for assessing biological materials using optical and spectroscopic detection tec...
Naphthalene derivatives, their production and use
Derivatives from the class of oleandomycin
Method and apparatus for sending a message to a pager using a subscriber telephone number
Incoming call notification method and device for a multimode radio device
Power control in a radio system
Apparatus for the transmission of data in particular from an electromedical implant
Telemetry apparatus and method for an implantable medical device
Humidifier with reversible housing and distribution tray overflow
Method and apparatus for identifying hardware
Method and apparatus for solid state molecular analysis
Cyclopentane heptan (ENE)OIC acid, 2-heteroarylalkenyl derivatives as therapeutic agents
Water heater comprising a plate heat exchanger and a storage container for heated water
Multiple directional scans of test structures on semiconductor integrated circuits
System for controlling read and write streams in a circular FIFO buffer
Antiferromagnetically coupled thin films for magnetic recording
Tail assembly for an underwater vehicle
Waste treatment method and apparatus with integral clarifier
Thin film magnetic recording disk with a chromium-nickel pre-seed layer
Nonvolatile memory cell with low doping region
Intramolecularly crosslinked (1.fwdarw.3)-.beta.-D-glucans
Immune-enhancing food comprising isaria type insect raised fungus (cordyceps japonensis) as a main i...
Natural savory and umami flavoring materials from dehydrated mushroom
Process for production of mushroom inoculum
Composition having nematicidal activity
Method for controlling flies infesting mushrooms by using a N-arylpyrazole or a n-heteroarylpyrazole...
Transcriptional regulatory DNA sequence elements and signal peptide sequence of the Coriolus hirsutu...
Method for producing a rim for a pneumatic tire
Open back brake
Method of forming a package for electronic parts
Automatic two-station adiabatic blank cut-off and part forming system
Process for providing metal stampings with integral studs
Cermet powder for sprayed coating excellent in build-up resistance and roll having sprayed coating t...
Method of repairing a vehicle body, method of calculating amount of a repair work, and sheet for rep...
REMUS positive lock securing apparatus
Inflatable dingy chock
Method for bringing people in life boats aboard a support vessel and a support vessel
Cam operated tool for proximate or remote holding of an object
Launching device
Separation device using a shape memory alloy retainer
Remote maneuver snap-hook making it possible to make a rope fast
Apparatus for retaining and releasing a payload
Hook and unhooking coupling device
Lifting device for palletized loads
System and method for application location register routing in a telecommunications network
Dual RF/IR communication device and method of use thereof
Information processing apparatus and method and display control apparatus and method
Voice-recognition-based methods for establishing outbound communication through a unified messaging ...
Acoustic speech recognizer system and method
Method and system for strategic services enterprise workload management
Integrated proxy interface for web based telecommunication toll-free network management using a netw...
Lidded container
Method for unlocking a single reel tape cartridge locking mechanism in a tape cartridge load operati...
Mounting for a component of small dimensions
Constitutive expression of non-infectious HIV-like particles
Compounds which inhibit HIV replication
Composition and antiviral activity of substituted indoleoxoacetic piperazine derivatives
Ethylaziridine derivatives and their preparation methods
Code image data output apparatus and method
System for penetrating computer or computer network
Accelerated occlusion culling using directional discretized occluders and system therefore
Composable roles
Dynamically generating expanded user messages in a computer system
Brunnera macrophylla plant named `Jack Frost`
Optical method to monitor the processing of a starch-containing material
Systems for generating and analyzing stimulus-response output signal matrices
Information delivery system and method
Method for installing services
Magnetic resonance imaging
Material for bearing rolling element
System and method for selective replication of databases within a workflow, enterprise, and mail-ena...
Investor relations event notification system and method
Creating, translating and publishing large information plans to a network
Application instantiation based upon attributes and values stored in a meta data repository, includi...
Simple workflow access protocol
Unifying data storage in a distributed network
Trusted elements within a distributed bandwidth system
Fast track reassign in a rotating storage media
Method and system for cross-marketing products and services over a distributed communication network
Method and apparatus for semiconductor integrated circuit testing and burn-in
Osteospermum plant named `Kakegawa AU7`
Method for producing large surface area geogrids with high tensile strength
Metal-ceramic formed body and process for producing it
Method for dynamically grouping limited range physical entities in a topological space
Co-production of dialkyl carbonates and diols with treatment of hydroxy alkyl carbonate
Applications for electronic reusable paper
Method and system for spatially disjoint joint source and channel coding for high-quality real-time ...
Underwater camera housing having sealed pivotable shutter actuator and method
Resistor tuning network and method for microelectronic RC-based filters
Forward error correction scheme for cellular mobile radio systems using universal turbo codes
Process for production of para-xylene incorporating pressure swing adsorption and simulated moving b...
Hybrid circuit having nanotube electromechanical memory
Single ended row select for a MRAM device
Nonvolatile ferroelectric memory device having dummy cell circuit
Hybrid neural networks for color identification
Polyoxytetramethylene glycol and process for producing the same
Method of making extrusion die with varying pin size
Optical signal device
Multiple planar complex optical devices and the process of manufacturing the same
Method and apparatus for positioning optical elements
System for removing particulate and aerosol from a gas stream
Method and device for determining an intermediary profile of a metal strip
Removal of post etch residuals on wafer surface
Display techniques for three-dimensional virtual reality
Optical network using remote optical powering of optoelectronic switch
Method and apparatus for packet size dependent link adaptation for wireless packet
Distributed call system
Packet scheduling in a communication network with statistical multiplexing of service classes
Method for access control in a multiple access system for communications networks
Single-frame-curve method of designing and constructing hulls
Sailboat spar track cleaner
Motorized wakeboard
Vessel for data collection in aquatic environments
Sliding deck assembly providing engine compartment access
Protective enclosure for watercraft hulls
Classification file folder marker tabs
Direct thermal printable pull tabs
Simplified data package assembly
Fluid conditioning system
Modified carbon, silicon, & germanium surfaces
Hydrangea anomala subspecies petiolaris plant named `Kasai`
Human DNase II
Multifunction peripheral to host communications
Burst phase correction system for video descrambling
Loudspeaker with improved mounting structure for the surround
Portion of a shoe upper
Microelectromechanical system (MEMS) safe and arm apparatus
Gel deodorant compositions having reduced skin irritation
Process for obtaining DNA, RNA, peptides, polypeptides, or protein by recombinant DNA technique
Germinal center kinase cell cycle proteins
Sphingosine-1-phosphate lyase polypeptides, polynucleotides and modulating agents and methods of use...
Compact ergonomic weatherproof mobile workstation
Method for packet transmission with an ARQ protocol on transmission channels in a digital transmissi...
Implantable infusion pump
Containers for hyperpolarized gases and associated methods
.gamma.-Fe.sub.2 O.sub.3 /Fe.sub.3 O.sub.4 spinels
Bis-amino acid sulfonamides as HIV protease inhibitors
Methods of synthesizing sultams and anti-viral compositions
Cutter head adjustment device
Semiconductor wafer finishing control
Shock actuated responsive mechanism for vertical fluid valve assemblies
Substrate provided with antireflection films and its production method
Dual function dispenser
Serine carbonates
Cinnamomi and poria composition, method to prepare same and uses thereof
Processes for making novel inulin products
Alkoxyamines derived from .beta.-phosphorous nitroxides
Apparatus and process for reflecting radar waves
Composition for thermal insulating material
Compounds for the treatment of alzheimer's disease
III-V semiconductors separate confinement superlattice optoelectronic devices
Tricyclic antidepressants and their analogues as long-acting local anesthetics and analgesics
Tube connector
Copolymer blends and their use as additives for improving the cold flow properties of middle distill...
Method for crystallizing optical data storage media using joule heat and apparatus therefor
Catheter having exchangeable balloon
6-O-alkyl-2-nor-2-substituted ketolide derivatives
Crystallizing polyether polyols, a method for producing them and use of the same
Method and apparatus for a N-NARY logic circuit using capacitance isolation
Circuit for flashing fluorescent lamps
Integrated receiving apparatus of subtractive interference cancellation receiver and adaptive MMSE r...
Compact deaerator unit and feedwater system
Process for the removal of hydrogen sulfide from a gas stream
Fluid clathrate system for continuous removal of heavy noble gases from mixtures of lighter gases
Apparatus for rapidly degassing and decontaminating liquids
Three-phase rotary separator
Process and device for dissolving a quantity of gas in a flowing liquid quantity
Membrane hybrid process for treating low-organic-concentration gas streams
Air separation apparatus having air vent assembly
Apparatus for removing solvents, system for removing solvents, method for removing solvents, and met...
Machine and process for removing dissolved gasses from liquids
Air quality chamber: relative humidity and contamination controlled systems
Antifoam compositions including lecithin and uses thereof
Mechanical wet air generator
Liquid distributor for packing columns
Process for preparing a disinfectant containing suspended metals
Rotary engine
Double pull drawer
Dwelling structure
Motor driven mini-wringer
Through the wall solar cooker
Heterojunction bipolar transistor optoelectronic transimpedance amplifier using the first transistor...
Mobile internet protocol voice system
Liquid crystal display including pixel electrodes with plurality of openings
Process for manufacturing thin pipes
Memory device with row and column decoder circuits arranged in a checkerboard pattern under a plural...
Semiconductor integrated circuit and method for manufacturing the same
Video signal processing
Digital still camera and image data processor
Call center for handling video calls from the hearing impaired
Vehicle area detecting apparatus and vehicle area determining method
System for detecting photocopied or laser-printed documents
Method and apparatus for inerative training of a classification system
Low density ceramics produced from paper recycling residuals
Polyolefin-based composite resin composition having low coefficient of linear thermal expansion
Reagents for swelling rubber and method of using
Blocked phenylenediamine developers for a color photographic element
Method for transferring thermal energy and electrical current in thin-film electrochemical cells
Dual capillary fluid vaporizing device
Aerosol dispensing cabinet
Launching of high altitude airships
Variable size blended wing body aircraft
Fuel cell powered electric aircraft
Wing-drive mechanism and vehicle employing same
Apparatus and method for flight control of an aircraft
Extruded styrene resin foam and process for producing the same
Selective security level certificate meter
Method of protecting high definition video signal
Optical cross-connect switching system
Method for incorporating metal nanoparticles in porous materials
Rhodococcus globerulus strain for controlling corn rootworm
Stride based prefetcher with confidence counter and dynamic prefetch-ahead mechanism
Wide frequency deviation voltage controlled crystal oscillator having plural parallel crystals
Apparatus for quick emulsification and heating of liquids
Multi purpose headgear
Optimization of SQL queries using filtering predicates
Speed lacing device
Method for fabricating an isolated microelectromechanical system device
Method and device for generating an error signal in connection with coherent heterodyne reception of...
Skin care compositions and method of improving skin appearance
Thermal imaging process and products using image rigidification
Catalyst for selective hydrogenation of dinitriles
Modification of starch biosynthetic enzyme gene expression to produce starches in grain crops
Pigment pastes, production thereof and coating agents that can be cathodically deposited, containing...
Titanium-containing interference pigments and foils with color shifting properties
Master batch pigment, toner including the master batch pigment and method for manufacturing the tone...
Catalyst for purifying exhaust gas
Titanium dioxide slurries having improved stability
Process to produce polymers
Converting sugars to sugar alcohols by aqueous phase catalytic hydrogenation
Run formation in large scale sorting using batched replacement selection
Microwatt thermoelectric generator
Service-oriented community agent
Molecular motors
Vortex attractor
Fluid separation system
Multi-stage vessel and separator/coalescer filter element
Methods and devices for detection of xenogeneic graft persistence and infectious agents
Human blue-light photoreceptor hCRY2
Use of neurokinin receptor antagonists to treat androgen-dependent diseases
Production and purification of t-butylstyrene
Gold plating solution and plating process
Negative-type image recording material and precursor for negative-type lithographic printing plate
Method of manufacturing a material having a fine structure
Single-piece molded module housing
Buffer stop assembly
Image processing apparatus and method with locking feature
Front loading medical injector and syringe for use therewith
Method and system for monitoring animals
Electronic still camera and method for communication between electronic still cameras
Vibration-reduced impact tool and vibration isolator therefor
Refrigerant composition
Compositions and methods for saccharide synthesis
Delineator pole and mower attachment
Pumpably verifiable fluid fiber compositions
Detergent for lithography
Information recording medium including playback interrupt information table
Method for the production of polyamides
Metal/ceramic composites with high hydrogen permeability
Process for producing solid catalyst component and catalyst for .alpha.-olefin polymerization, and p...
Pipelined memory controller and method of controlling access to memory devices in a memory system
Method and apparatus for a pulse sequence for magnetic resonance imaging in an inhomogeneous magneti...
Process for preparing toluenesulfinates
System and method for detecting a device requiring power
Sword blade
Knife blade
Sword handle
Sword handle
Knife handle
Gas-discharge lamp having brightness control
CDMA mobile communications system and communication method
Aryloxyacetic acids for diabetes and lipid disorders
Thermoplastic silicone elastomers from compatibilized polyamide resins
Emulsion polymerization process and reactor for such a process
Fractionation apparatus with low surface area grid above tray deck
Fluid delivery apparatus and method
Corrosion protection
Electrochemical process for preparation of zinc powder
Rocket with high pressure fueling module
Three dimensional universal unit for movable structure
Toy airplane powered by electric motor and capacitor power source
Soft brick modular building construction set
Ball comprised of interwoven rings
Low application temperature hot melt adhesive for cigarette preparation
Compounds containing vinyl silane and electron donor or acceptor functionality
Methods of demulsifying emulsions using carbon dioxide
Impact modifiers prepared from (partially) hydrogenated butadiene-containing dispersions
Catalyst body and process for breaking down nitrogen oxides
Very high purity fine powders and methods to produce such powders
Method for treating hydrogen sulfide-containing waste gases
Process for the preparation of high-purity magnesium hydroxide and magnesium oxide from magnesium al...
Dye compositions
Monomer and polymerization process
Polymer composition for flexibilizing building materials
Process for making vinyl caprolactam-based polymers
Method and composition for recovering hydrocarbon fluids from a subterranean reservoir
Hair fixative composition containing an anionic polymer
Integrated monolithic microfabricated electrospray and liquid chromatography system and method
Systems and methods for preparing and analyzing low volume analyte array elements
Human interferon-.epsilon.: a type I interferon
Process for producing a metal article
Adhesive article
Quintessential pictorial label and its distribution
Polymaleimide-containing rubber composition and tire
Cathode-ray tube apparatus
Intravascular apparatus method
Compositions and methods for treatment of staphylococcal infection while suppressing formation of an...
Dietary supplement
Fuel boxes and a method for manufacturing fuel boxes
Method and apparatus for analog compensation of driver output signal slew rate against device impeda...
Semiconductor integrated circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit wiring layout method
Capacitor with high-.epsilon. dielectric or ferroelectric material based on the fin stack principle
Methods and systems for biological reagent placement
Method and system for synthesizing oligonucleotides using nucleotide-specific dispensing bars
System for recognizing spoken sounds from continuous speech and method of using same
Ferroelectric semiconductor device having a layered ferroelectric structure
Sensor and method of fabrication
Photoelectric synthesis of DNA or protein probe arrays
Transistor-based apparatus and method for molecular detection and field enhancement
One-time programmable unit memory cell based on vertically oriented fuse and diode and one-time prog...
Systems and methods for controlling fluid feed to an aerosol generator
Fuzzy logic based color transition improvement method and system
Synthetic genes for plant gums and other hydroxyproline-rich glycoproteins
Magnesium chelatase
Methods and apparatus for combining a plurality of memory access transactions
Multiprocessor computer system with sectored cache line mechanism for cache intervention
Golf ball having a polyurethane cover
Stent coating
Composite polymer blast media
Cycle oil conversion process
Process for manufacturing thin tin/tungsten composite elements
Layered reflecting and photoluminous fire resistant material
Ethylene interpolymer polymerizations
Method and apparatus for providing pre-screened content
Method and system for controlling stand-by braking torque applied to automotive vehicle
Spectrally-shaped optical components using a wavelength-dispersive element and a reflective array
Non-invasive automatic glucose sensor system
Compounds active at a novel site on receptor-operated calcium channels useful for treatment of neuro...
Variety of verbena plant named `Wesverdark`
System for managing asset access in a distributed storage system
Preallocation of file system cache blocks in a data storage system
Memory reclamation method
Defragmentation utility for a shared disk parallel file system across a storage area network
Transparent local and distributed memory management system
Timeout detection facility
Hollow plastic handle for squeeze-dispensing shaving cream to a removable razor head
Sports enthusiast's helmet with battery-powered strobe unit
Dog collar
Dog collar
Steam vacuum cleaner
Intake closure for central vacuum cleaner
Address size and operand size prefix overrides for default sizes defined by an operating mode of a p...
Ramp generation for preventing transitions with infinite short rise time in a video scrambling syste...
Method for equalization of complementary carriers in an AM compatible digital audio broadcast system
Radio transmitter apparatus
Method and apparatus for moderating interference while effecting impulse radio wireless control of e...
Radio receiver and diversity receiver
Power control method and apparatus suitable for use in a radio communication device
System, device and method for mobile radio communication employing selection process capable of decr...
Elastic interface for master-slave communication
Base tray for an espresso machine and a coffee mill
Advanced priority statistical multiplexer
Linear illumination source
Semiconductor laser module and process for manufacturing the same
Optical compensatory sheet comprising substrate, orientation layer and optically anisotropic layer
Ultralight, sound and shock absorbing component set
Illuminating packaging material
Method of manufacturing liquid crystal display device
Vibration decoupling exhaust connector
Shunted multiple throw MEMS RF switch
Shear-based transducer for HDD read/write element height control
Apparatus and method for controlling exposure in a color image pickup device
Hierarchical view of data binding between display elements that are organized in a hierarchical stru...
Method and apparatus for SNA/IP correlation with multiple DSW peer connections
Chained registrations for mobile IP
High intensity radiation imaging system
Method and system for energizing a micro-component in a light-emitting panel
Makeup or care composition comprising a hydrophilic organopolysiloxane
Cosmetic compositions, in particular for cleansing the skin
Nanocapsules based on poly(alkylene adipate), process for their preparation and cosmetic or dermatol...
Silver halide photographic emulsion
Fabric care composition
Portable puzzle storage case and workstation
Web of film formed with a pattern of pillows to be inflated and sealed and used in packaging
Roller pipe burster
System and method of impedance cardiography and heartbeat determination
Medical practitioner credentialing system
Remote approval system and methods for use in network of retail checkout terminals
Device for connecting a catheter or other tubular member onto a guide-wire without access to the end...
Dual manifold system and method for fluid transfer
Method for controlling gloss level
Spinning ring for a ring spinning machine and method of manufacturing thereof
Fluorinated polymeric paper sizes and soil-release agents
Inhibitor composition for chloroprene polymerization
Binder formulations based on aqueous polymer dispersions
Golf ball comprising silicone material
Recording sheets with lightfastness-enhancing siloxanes
Maintenance of hierarchical index in relational system
Method and apparatus for performing pattern dictionary formation for use in sequence homology detect...
Plant flavanone-3-hydroxylase
Insulating vacuum panel, method for manufacturing the insulated vacuum panel and insulated container...
Process control in the textile plant
Vertical cavity surface emitting laser with reduced parasitic capacitance
Digital x-ray material testing and bone densitometry apparatus and method
Inhibitor of programmed cell death
Dispensing means
Method for making aliphatic diisocyanates
Hydrocarbon dehydrogenation reactions
Syringe set rack system and related methods
Alkoxycarbonylamino heteroaryl carboxylic acid derivatives as IP antagonists
Diagnosis of diseases associated with coronary twitching
Control apparatus for an automobile
Aircraft door
Simple technique for implementing a cryptographic primitive using elementary register operations
Apparatus and method for rail track inspection
Active matrix liquid crystal image generator
Electronic still camera
Communication network based on the atmospheric transmission of light
Self-configuring distributed switch
Plunger systems
Device for positioning livestock
Livestock restraining chute
Embryo transfer method and apparatus
Animal restraining device
Sleeve for protection against internal contaminations for a gynaecological gun in particular for bov...
Apparatus for artificial insemination
Safety harness
Simulating shared code thread modules with shared code fibers
Separator for removing fine particulates from an air stream
Cleaning composition comprising a water-soluble or water-dispersible polymer
Isolation and preservation of fetal and neonatal hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells of the bloo...
Phosphate polymers
Display device having two display units
Compositions comprising organosiloxane resins for delivering oral care substances
Inhalation device
High thermal conductivity composite material, and method for producing the same
Continuous electrochemical process for preparation of zinc powder
Ion exchange resins and methods of making the same
Highly soluble and stable mineral supplements containing calcium and magnesium and methods of making
Pharmaceutical agents containing acyclovir, fusaric acid and derivatives thereof
Light pipe, surface light source unit and reflection type liquid-crystal display device
Fuel cell battery with a stack of planar cells
Semiconductor integrated circuit device with fault analysis function
Measuring method and measuring system
Tape guide with wear resistant coating
Heat dissipation structure for electronic apparatus component
Storage and retrieval for resistance-based memory devices
Defective memory component of a memory device used to represent a data bit in a bit sequence
Method and apparatus for assigning color management actions within a computing system
System and method for scanner calibration
System and method for opportunistic upgrading of an image
Color image forming apparatus
System and method for authentication of off-chip processor firmware code
Computer-implemented process and mechanism for implementing an employee stock ownership plan
Multilayered polymer films with recyclable or recycled layers
Crosslinked, heat shrinkable polypropylene compositions
Polymers for photoresist and photoresist compositions using the same
Method for measuring stress induced leakage current and gate dielectric integrity using corona disch...
Diagnostic kit for detecting creatine levels
Amperometric biosensor test strip
System for remote evaluation of ultrasound information obtained by a programmed application-specific...
Measurement of different mobile ion concentrations in the oxide layer of a semiconductor wafer
Apparatus for digital communications with multiparameter light fixtures
Transmitter and transmitting method increasing the flexibility of code assignment
Anionic polymerization of functionalized styrene derivatives containing carbazole
Curable resin compositions
Process for producing meta-aromatic polyamide fiber
Production of plants either transformed with the protoporphyrinogen IX binding subunit of a magnesiu...
Composition for a wiring, a wiring using the composition, manufacturing method thereof, a display us...
Bonding of silicon wafers
Liquid dispenser for oscillating distilling column, and corresponding distilling column
Non-solvent very low VOC formulation for removal of ink from printing presses and the like, and meth...
Lubricating oil composition
Lubricant compositions
Overbased metal detergents
Concentrated liquid detergent composition
Amphiphilic polymer composition
Method for activating denatured protein
Three-dimensional space curve comparison using spatial angle variance metric and applications thereo...
Automatic calibration of remote hydraulic valve flow
System and method for identifying a vehicle based on a load to be transported
Method and apparatus for providing fungible intercourse over a network
Three-stone, heart-shaped setting for diamonds and gemstones
Internal combustion engine control system
Four stroke engine having a supercharger
System and method for regulating message flow in a digital data network
Watermarking an informational signal
Recovering an invisible digital image from a distorted image replica
Distributed database system with authoritative node
Automatic data collection and workflow management in a business process
Apparatus and method for validating and updating an IP checksum in a network switching system
Bacterial strain, processes plant extracts, compositions containing same, processes for their prepar...
Tresyl-monomethoxypolyethylene glycol-modified viruses having viral infectivity
Methods and compositions for aptamers against anthrax
Producer cell that generates adenoviral vectors encoding a cytokine and a conditionally lethal gene
Recording and reproducing apparatus, recording and reproducing method, and data processing apparatus
Multi-feature speech/music discrimination system
Virtual desktop in a computer network
Modifying a key-word listing based on user response
Information processing for searching categorizing information in a document based on a categorizatio...
Method and apparatus for creating extractors, field information objects and inheritance hierarchies ...
System for regulating flow of information to user by using time dependent function to adjust relevan...
Golf ball
Light unit with improved heat dissipation
Soft-tone fluorescent lamp
High pressure discharge lamp and method for producing thereof
Process for production of macrostructures of a microporous material
Zeolite SSZ-64 composition of matter and synthesis thereof
.alpha.-alumina powder and heat-conductive sheet containing the same
Amphiphilic biodegradable block copolymers and self-assembled polymer aggregates formed from the sam...
Pressure-sensitive adhesives for marking films
Lead-free solder powder material, lead-free solder paste and a method for preparing same
Process for making personal care compositions comprising titanium dioxide and personal care composit...
Coated chewing gum products containing antacid and method of making
Rubber composition for a conveyor belt
X-ray tube metal frame gettering device
Componentized, three dimensional, self-aligning, self-engineering building system for homes, and mod...
System and method of clamping a charger input when no charger is detected
Hybrid deposition system and methods
Methods apparatus for the electronic, homogeneous assembly and fabrication of devices
Photocleavable protecting groups and methods for their use
Asymmetric MRAM cell and bit design for improving bit yield
Quantum-size electronic devices and operating conditions thereof
Sequential method for depositing a film by modulated ion-induced atomic layer deposition (MII-ALD)
Magnetic disk drive unit and production method therefor
Consumption information management apparatus, image formation apparatus, and consumption information...
System, apparatus, and method for detecting defects in particles
Circuit breaker
System and method for sensing white paper
Inhaleable spray dried 4-helix bundle protein powders having minimized aggregation
Luminescent-colored inhaler
Case-based reasoning system and method with a search engine that compares the input tokens with view...
Method for transmitting multimedia wireless data to a host system
Method and apparatus for overload control of multimedia communications in a hybrid switching system
Method and system the transmission of facsimile-encoded information between multimedia-capable commu...
Method and apparatus for managing a heterogeneous data storage system
Text categorizers based on regularizing adaptations of the problem of computing linear separators
Method and apparatus for sampling timing adjustment and frequency offset compensation
SrO + BaO + Nb2O5 + TeO2 ceram-glass electro-optical device and method of making
Autonomous calibration of a wireless-global positioning system
Multimode interference coupler with tunable power splitting ratios and method of tuning
Power control with effective Eb/N0
Method for making a film with pattern preventing reproduction by optical scanning for the protection...
Methods for treatment of disorders of cardiac contractility
Inclusion compounds of vanillyl alcohol derivative in cyclodextrin and compositions containing the s...
Device for gas sensing
Device and method for improved diagnosis and treatment of cancer
Vitronectin receptor antagonist pharmaceuticals
Nuclear magnetic resonance well logging method and apparatus
Serine protease variants having amino acid substitutions
Methods of improving homologous recombination
Identification of a G protein-coupled receptor transcriptionally regulated by protein tyrosine kinas...
Jewelry making method using a rapid prototyping machine
Monitoring caloric expenditure resulting from body activity
Interference suppression in a CDMA receiver
Maximum bet table game method and apparatus
Composition containing a precursor capable of being hydrolysed by glucocerebrosidase
Cationic pyrrolo-pyrrol-derivatives, method for producing them and colorants for keratin fibers, con...
Games grid board-life games
Method for playing a video gaming machine
Electronic poker device that provides a payout based on a number of cards replaced and method for op...
Method for assigning prizes in bingo-type games
Gaming machine with unified image on multiple video displays
Trading card having postal markings and method for producing same
Information label for target user, and display package having the label
Sandpaper index file for ease of storage
Lamination by radiation through a ply
Automated diagnostic system and method including disease timeline
Stretch releasing pressure sensitive adhesive tape and articles
System and method for generating a schedule based on resource assignments
Training aids and methods for needle biopsy
System and method for player tracking
Golf stroke demonstration robot
Treatment of brain damage
Equestrian training method
Stable transformation of plant cells
Methods for maize transformation coupled with adventitious regeneration utilizing nodal section expl...
Icon display processor for displaying icons representing sub-data embedded in or linked to main icon...
Method and apparatus to enable job streaming for a set of commonly shared resources
Structure and method for index-guided buried heterostructure AlGalnN laser diodes
Image processing algorithm for characterization of uniformity of printed images
Subunit attaching structure and subunit attaching/removing method in image forming apparatus
System for providing a digital watermark in an audio signal
Copy generation management method, information signal reproducing method, information signal reprodu...
Methods and compositions useful for bryophyte remediation to improve forest health and growth
Surface acoustic wave ladder filter utilizing parallel resonators with different resonant frequencie...
Bus driving circuit and memory device having same
Precharge and reference voltage technique for dynamic random access memories
Semiconductor memory having refresh function
Disk cartridge and disk player
Heat transpiration preparation and method of the heat transpiration of chemical by using the same
Method for controlling composite preform elements during processing
Iron powder and method of producing such
Method of activating metal hydride material and electrode
Production method of Nb3Al superconducting multifilamentary wire
Simultaneous offset dual sided laser shock peening using low energy laser beams
Hidden surface laser shock processing
Simultaneous offset dual sided laser shock peening with oblique angle laser beams
Arrangement for surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy
Non-invasive glucose sensor system
Optical material and optical element using the same
Transparent conductive film of zinc oxide
Organic light-emitting device capable of high-quality display
Silicon light-emitting device and method for the production thereof
Luminous display unit
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Display and its driving method
Enhancement of JC in oxide superconductors
Blends of organic silicon compounds with ethylene-based polymers
Rubber compositions containing silicon coupled oligomers
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Device for shaping an electron beam, method for producing said device and use thereof
Optical switch having a saturable absorber
Composition having lubricity and product comprising the composition
Monoclonal antibody probe for detection of adhesins associated with mature endospores of pasteuria S...
Computer data sharing system and method for maintaining replica consistency
Initializing a memory controller by executing software in second memory to wakeup a system
Method and apparatus for recording and replaying field-length-modulated video signals
Fire door core
Method and radio communications system for controlling signaling
Establishing a communication link
Connection between mobile stations using different speech coding rules
Cryoelectronic receiver front end for mobile radio systems
System for receiving ID-codes from at least one wireless transmitter having a plurality of transmitt...
Weapon shaped virtual reality character controller
Method for electrochemically depositing metal on a semiconductor workpiece
Workpiece processor having processing chamber with improved processing fluid flow
Continuous infusion technique for arterial sealing
Absorbent article having zoned directional stretching
Method of increasing the motility of a GI tract
Base tray for an espresso machine and a coffee mill
Grenade launcher sighting assembly
Excimer or molecular fluorine laser having lengthened electrodes
Sun protection compositions containing UV protection factors and esters of hydroxycarboxylic acids a...
Polyketide derivatives
Ophthalmic compositions
Modulation of the sulfonylurea receptor and calcium in adipocytes for treatment of obesity/diabetes
System and method for creating a call usage record
Process for preparing optically active 1,2-diols
Optical waveguide having a weakly-confining waveguide section and a strongly-confining waveguide sec...
Microstructures with assisting optical elements to enhance an optical effect
Optical amplifying apparatus, optical amplifying method, and optical communication system
High average power chirped pulse fiber amplifier array
Laser with gain medium configured to provide an integrated optical pump cavity
Method and system for processing queries in a data processing system using index
Label and sign holder
Automatic call manager traffic gate feature
Hybrid software/hardware discrete multi-tone transceiver
Differential rewards with dynamic user profiling
System for providing an interface for accessing data in a discussion database
Recoil protection device
Recoilless impact device
Interface pallet assembly for a helicopter-based weapon system
Training cartridge for a self loading gun
Technique for improving accuracy of high speed projectiles
Extendable end-plate for pistol magazines
Rolling bearing
Thrust bearing assembly
Ball bearing
Bearing support
Conformal sliding bearing
Wheel speed sensor with positive mounting latch
Magnetic encoder, wheel bearing and method of manufacturing magnetic encoder
Ice hockey training apparatus
Liquid crystal display device including shield pattern and color filter coexist together in the vici...
Pipette with improved pipette tip and mounting shaft
Device and method for producing single-crystal ingot
Method and system for supplying contents via communication network
Method for determining and implementing electrical damping coefficients
LED reflector device
Specification-variable camera
Camera with multimode power button
Photographic camera system
View finder having an object lens system and an eye-piece lens system arranged on a common shaft
Cage for dynamic attach testing of I/O boards
Simulator-independent system-on-chip verification methodology
Invention to allow multiple layouts for a schematic in hierarchical logical-to-physical checking on ...
Reformable convex adapter for ostomy appliance and method of use
Low frequency acoustic projector
Space allocation for data in a nonvolatile memory
Replacement data error detector
Read exclusive for fast, simple invalidate
ARC furnace with DC arc and AC joule heating
Plant for the direct reduction of particulate iron-oxide-containing material
Absorbent article having a stable skin care composition
Absorbent articles with improved distribution properties under sur-saturation
High liquid suction absorbent structures
Absorbent article with breathable backsheet comprising one layer with improved capillary apertures
Microwatt thermoelectric generator
Adaptive antenna directivity control method and system therefor
Chutes and ladders water ride
Giant swing amusement ride with oppositely pivoting boom arm and cam arm
Treatment of multiple sclerosis (MS) and other demyelinating conditions using lofepramine in combina...
Maintaining packet security in a computer network
Method and apparatus for authenticating time-sensitive interactive communications
Tightly coupled secondary storage system and file system
Disposable article having a proactive sensor
Compositions containing synthetic soil-extract materials and medicaments based thereon
Nuclear magnetic resonance method and logging apparatus
Plastic container with a swirled dome
Display container
Closure with tamper-indicating band
Closure having well with removable membrane
Carton and carton blank
Gland packing
Partition manufacturing method and apparatus
Field layer speaker for consumer products
Compression plate anastomosis apparatus
Nucleic acids and polypeptides
Conditioning of bioactive glass surfaces in protein containing solutions
Direct methanol fuel cell system with a device for the separation of the methanol and water mixture
Method for increasing the operational efficiency of a fuel cell power plant
Fuel cell system including fuel cell for generating electric energy by chemical reaction between hyd...
Fuel processor with integrated fuel cell utilizing ceramic technology
Shielding gas mixture for MIG brazing
Apparatus and method for measuring cardiac output
Apparatus for drying and compacting earthen materials
Stabilization of coal wastes and coal combustion byproducts
Process for gas phase pretreating of lignocellulosic containing material
Amino ceramide-like compounds and therapeutic methods of use
Fulvic acid and its use in the treatment of various conditions
DNA encoding the T cell surface protein CD4 and use of fragments of CD4 in the treatment of AIDS
dapE gene on Helicobacter pylori and dapE- mutant strains of Helicobacter pylori
Bacterial gene and method of treating a gram negative bacterial infection
Active fluid channeling system for a bed
Continuous explosive charge assembly and method for loading same in an elongated cavity
Process for making composite structures containing microporous polyvinylchloride
Process and apparatus for manufacturing a molding continuously
Elastic-thermoplastic graft polymers prepared by multi-stage free radical polymerization
Thermoplastic resins stabilized by blends of sterically hindered phenols, secondary amines, and lact...
Ionomer/high density polyethylene blends with improved impact
Composites from blends of advanced oligomers
Blends of polycarbonate and polyester and sheets and films formed therefrom
Thermoplastic silicone elastomers from compatibilized polyester resins
Movable electric switches that move to reveal underlying control areas
Optical blending for multi-projector display wall systems
Structure of plated wire of fiducial marks for die-dicing package
Electrodeionization apparatus and method of operating the same
Method, instruments, and kit for autologous transplantation
Systems and methods of use for delivering beneficial agents for revascularizing stenotic bypass graf...
Human 7TM proteins and polynucleotides encoding the same
Memory for information search through prefix analysis, in particular for building routing tables for...
Web page annotating and processing
Service interface repository application programming models
Lamp with safety switch
Subwavelength optical microstructure light collimating films
Vehicle lamp
Illumination unit for a device having a multi-color reflective liquid crystal display
Light storage and reflecting device
Encoder and decoder
Waterproof case for camera
Cover for a camera for protecting image capture lens and electronic image display
Photographic zenith telescope
High contrast display panel and a method of making a high contrast display panel
Waveguide with hand switch
Method and apparatus for multi-view three dimensional estimation
Semiconductor device fabrication using a photomask designed using modeling and empirical testing
Handheld code reader with optimal optical reading distance
Apparatus for identifying the circulatory effects of extrasystoles