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Valve timing adjusting device having seal unit
Method of controlling a device that varies the valve control times an internal combustion engine, es...
Method and system for controlling internal combustion engine
Embedding watermarks in images
Method and apparatus for recording and reproducing electronic watermark information, and recording m...
System and method for conducting disconnected transactions with service contracts for pervasive comp...
Fire detector with multiple sensors
Control of gene expression in eukaryotic cells
Compositions for treatment and diagnosis of breast cancer and methods for their use
Apparatus and method for automatically generating musical composition data for use on portable termi...
Method and apparatus for logic synthesis with elaboration
Method for reading a CD having CD-text data
Vertical implementation of expectation-maximization algorithm in SQL for performing clustering in ve...
Method for using data from a data query cache
System and method for the automatic construction of generalization-specialization hierarchy of terms...
Apparatus for combined ozonation and electrolytic chlorination water purification system
Method and device for separating caesium, strontium and transuranium elements contained in sodium wa...
System and process for gas recovery
Combustion exhaust gas treatment system
Isolation of small-bandgap fullerenes and endohedral metallofullerenes
Methylaluminoxane compositions, enriched solutions of such compositions, and the preparation thereof
Mercury capsule for use in a fluorescent lamp
Amino acid modulated extended release dosage form
Reshapable hair styling composition comprising aqueous colloidal dispersions of sulfonated polyureth...
Bioenhanced formulations comprising eprosartan in oral solid dosage form
Emulsion living-type free radical polymerization, methods and products of same
Tetrafluoroethylene polymer for stretching
Organic-inorganic hybrid light emitting devices (HLED)
Fabrication of finely featured devices by liquid embossing
Method and apparatus for high density nanostructures
High resolution scanning thermal probe and method of manufacturing thereof
Method for forming bumps, semiconductor device, and solder paste
Preparation and use of dispersions of blended polycarboxypolyamide resins and alkali dispersible res...
Emulsion for pressure-sensitive adhesive
Rubber composition
Liquid crystal display comprising liquid crystal cell, linearly polarizing membrane, cholesteric liq...
Flat display device and fabricating method of the same
Method of preparing and using compositions extracted from vegetable matter for the treatment of fema...
Processing apparatus
Semiconductor laser cathode ray tube for driving at room temperature
Magnetoresistive random access memory device and method of fabrication thereof
Strontium nitride or strontium oxynitride gate dielectric
Muzzle brake for firearm
Massage device with rotating elements
Dry suit dryer
Absorbent product
Process for controlling vacuum forming
Sunscreen emulsion composition and method of use
Cosmetic composition in the form of a powder comprising a specific ester
Diesters of naphthalene dicarboxylic acid
Inhalation counter device
System and method for processing knowledge items of a knowledge warehouse
Method and system for customer service using a packet switched network
SNMP master agent that translates messages to a sub-agent proprietary format using a translation tab...
Aldehyde emission reduction for dibenzylidene sorbitol clarified plastics
Image forming apparatus for forming an electrostatic latent image on a latent image carrier
Input device, game device, and method and recording medium for same
Rotary assembly for a game machine
Upright golf net assembly
Slide and support with games or interactive game pieces
Multiperson tactual virtual environment
Game apparatus, game method, and computer-readable storage medium
Bonding a thermoplastic elastomer to a magnesium based metal
Golf club rhythmic swing meter
Pictorial tour process and applications thereof
Medical simulation apparatus and related method
Optimization of color transformation matrix with all positive coefficients
Method and system for propagating selective amounts of error in a hybrid screening device
Electrostatic charge regulator, method for making same, and image forming method using same
Electrophotographic developer and process for forming image
Two-dimensional linear interpolation and registration control for a hyperacuity printer
Method and apparatus for encryption using partial information
Method and apparatus for outputting a high definition image
Encoding and decoding in accordance with steganographically-conveyed data
Four-degree-of-freedom parallel robot
Self positioning vacuum chuck
Multifinger hand device
System and process for remote, in situ metal work
CD subcode transfer system for transferring correct Q subcodes
Multi-mode global positioning system for use with wireless networks
Driver timing and circuit technique for a low noise charge pump circuit
Semiconductor memory device
Use of cyclopentabenzofuran-derivatives for combating (NF-.kappa.B)-dependent diseases
Antibodies that bind an adipocyte-specific protein homolog
Method for influencing the optical properties of polymers
Niobium or vanadium substituted strontium titanate barrier intermediate a silicon underlayer and a f...
Metal interconnections and active matrix substrate using the same
Electrochromic device
Ultra-small capacitor array
Purified telomerase
Telomerase inhibitors and methods of their use
System and method of BPM determination
Viewfinder apparatus for camera
Petunia plant named `Duesurlav`
Thermosetting compositions containing hydroxyl-functional polymers prepared using atom transfer radi...
Non-blocking drain method and apparatus for use in processing requests on a resource
Installable file system for client in a computer network
Method and apparatus for a commercial network system designed to facilitate, manage and support the ...
Method and system for leasing storage
System and method for creating, executing and maintaining cross-enterprise processes
Method and system for a session allocation manager ("SAM")
Streaming media search and continuous playback of multiple media resources located on a network
Method and apparatus for a signal power control in a wireless communication system
Radio broadcasting receiver
Receiving method and receiving apparatus
Wireless data transport method, and mobile terminal and interworking function device therefor
Resource management in uncoordinated frequency hopping system
Earphone-microphone combination including a radio module and method of shifting its operational mode...
Processes for preparing 3-arylsulfur hydroxamic acids
Pyrimidine derivatives and methods of making and using these derivatives
Imidazole derivatives having an inhibitory activity for farnesyl transferase and process for prepara...
Process for preparing substituted pyridines
Absorbent article containing a foam-formed unitary stratified composite
Method and apparatus for high-speed CRC computation based on state-variable transformation
Compositions and methods for treating nails and adjacent tissues
FGFR3 as a marker for mesenchymal skeletal progenitor cells
Scanner unit for an optical position measuring device
Prepit detecting apparatus
Bonding structure of optical members
Signal router with cross-point view graphical interface
Method of generating IEEE 1394 virtual network in which a virtual network controller is connected to...
Method and system for activation and deactivation of distributed objects in a distributed objects sy...
Automated creation of an XML dialect and dynamic generation of a corresponding DTD
Impact protection device
Micro-electro-mechanical gyroscope
Shooting storage stand and reloading hopper
Apparatus and method for calculating aiming point information for rifle scopes
Tactical medical vest and method of providing emergency medical care
Flexible shoe sole and methods of construction for a shoe utilizing the sole
Liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating thereof
Cold trap assembly
Two etchant etch method
Method and apparatus for measuring insulation resistance
Painless perforated intradermal injection needle
Parallel terminated bus system
Cache states for multiprocessor cache coherency protocols
Read data valid loop-back for high speed synchronized DRAM controller
Positive hydration method of preparing confectionery and the resulting product
Use of CPMG sequences with phase cycled refocusing pulses in inside-out NMR for phase encoded imagin...
Methods and apparatus for measuring flow velocity in a wellbore using NMR and applications using sam...
Magnetic resonance imaging method with sub-sampled acquisition
MRI apparatus provided with axially stiff suspension elements for the gradient coil system
Device for stabilizing parts of a body particularly for computed tomography diagnostics
Method of treating psychological and metabolic disorders using IGF or IGF/IGFBP-3
Method and apparatus of mass-correlated pulsed extraction for a time-of-flight mass spectrometer
Dry powder compositions having improved dispersivity
Shock heat treatment of polypeptides
Apparatus for control of gas flow into a mass spectrometer using a series of small orifices
Image forming apparatus featuring a temperature-sensitive apparatus identifying feature
Freewheel clutch
Method for manufacturing very thin aluminum-iron alloy strips
System and method for applying flexible constraints
Method for enhancing the hybridization efficiency of target nucleic acids using a self-addressable, ...
Portable ice skating rink enclosure
Wheelchair accessible amusement ride
Non-pyrophoric hydrogen storage alloy
Containers having a fracture recess for opening the containers
Hermetically sealed container including a nozzle with a sealing bead
Method for removing contaminants from dredge material in an underwater environment
Technique for constructing and controlling a private line using a switched virtual circuit in an ATM...
Open chain alkoxyamine compounds and their use as polymerization regulators
Nonwoven fabrics and fabric laminates from multiconstituent polyolefin fibers
Morphologically controlled thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer blended high selective gas separa...
Direct metal fabrication of parts with surface features only
Process for preparing a reactive pharmaceutical product for the detection of gastrointestinal disord...
Composition and method for preparing amino acid chelates and complexes
High-melting polyolefin copolymer elastomers, catalysts and methods of synthesis
Cubic (zinc-blende) aluminum nitride
Electronic trading system featuring arbitrage and third-party credit opportunities
Dynamic display advertising
System and method for generating domain names and for facilitating registration and transfer of the ...
Computerized asset management system
Protease inhibitors
Bioactive product and its use
Adhesive hang tab
Anisotropic light-scattering film
Polymerizable compositions for manufacturing transparent polymeric substrates, resulting transparent...
Methods and apparatus for optical imaging
High density composite material
Virtualization of data storage drives of an automated data storage library
Motor vehicle headlamp of the elliptical type capable of emitting a cut-off beam with improved photo...
Spread illuminating apparatus having heat sink function
Circuit board and production of the same
Circuit arrangement for the energy-saving operation of a fluorescent tube
Collapsible light diffusing device and diffused lighting apparatus
Hinged bezel for a computer system
Digital signal recording and reproduction apparatus suitable for recording and reproducing a compres...
Magnet recording/reproducing apparatus with video camera, suited for photorecording without attendin...
Robot and control method for controlling the robot's emotions
Peripheral video conferencing system
Light fibers and methods for producing the same
Dispersion compensating optical fiber, and dispersion compensating optical fiber module
Optical fiber and method of making the same
Method and apparatus for fabricating coated optical fiber, and coated optical fiber
Positioning substrate for an optical device and positioning method using the substrate
Thermally fused integral ferrule and its manufacturing method, and fiber array manufacturing method
Process for the fabrication of an optical interconnection apparatus
Digital image processing
High-speed on-chip windowed centroiding using photodiode-based CMOS imager
Normalized crosscorrelation of complex gradients for image autoregistration
Image processing apparatus
System and method for classifying unknown data patterns in multi-variate feature space
Bio-characteristic value measuring apparatus with simplified setting and display recognition
Method of and apparatus for detecting arrhythmia and fibrillation
Transparent carrying case for cans
Steel having excellent outer surface SCC resistance for pipeline
High strength steel tubing
System and method for inspecting cans
Assembly structure of an instrument panel
Attachment of front quadrant to crossmember
Apparatus and method for determining a state of a power train
Method for detecting motor control loss in a power steering system
Shift control system for automatic transmission
Exercise ball with an air layer
Magnetically responsive writing device with automated output
Sports ball dolls
Three-dimensional interactive book
Flywheel powered bicycle with an articulated rider
Device for removing dried caulking compound from caulking tube nozzle
Metallocene catalyst and catalyst system for producing polypropylene blend of iso- and syndio-tactic...
Polymerization catalysts, their production and use
Wet-stick adhesives, articles, and methods
Flame retardant carbonate polymers and use thereof
Melt blending polyphenylene ether, polystyrene and curable epoxy
Soybean-based adhesive resins and composite products utilizing such adhesives
Semiconductor die manufacture method to limit a voltage drop on a power plane thereof by noninvasive...
System and method for converting a file system path into a uniform resource locator
Food oven with even heat distribution
Satiety product
Water and oil containing emulsion
Sonic device
Transgenic non-human mammals expressing human coagulation factor VIII and von Willebrand factor
Pipelined non-blocking level two cache system with inherent transaction collision-avoidance
Paired register exchange using renaming register map
Firewall performance monitoring and limited access system
Diagnosis of RAMS using functional patterns
Method and apparatus for high integrity hardware memory compression
High speed materials sorting using x-ray fluorescence
Optical projection imaging system and method for automatically detecting cells having nuclear and cy...
Light coupling apparatus and method
Auto correcting temperature transmitter with resistance based sensor
Computer implemented system and method for evaluating gas generator launchers
Signal delay time calculation method of semiconductor integrated circuit and computer program produc...
Airway-based cardiac output monitor and methods for using same
Method and system for processing pipelined memory commands
Permanent magnet assembly and method of making thereof
Utrophin gene expression
Method and apparatus for providing interoperation between a digital communication system and a publi...
Method for searching trunks in telecommunication N/Ws
Tone burst generator and its application to telephony
Method of regulating power transfer across an isolation barrier
Spoken user interface for speech-enabled devices
Radio communication device having underlining scroll display function
Devices and methods for protection of rechargeable elements
Thin lithium film battery
Battery charger and charge control system
Method for drying and producing microporous particles
Methods of synthesis for nanostructured oxides and hydroxides
Non-aqueous electrolyte battery
1,4-substitued 4,4-diaryl cyclohexanes
Photochromic electrophoretic ink display
Highly crystalline Mn2O3 or Mn3O4 manganese oxides
High energy density hybrid battery/supercapacitor system
Thermal printer, thermal printing method and conveyor for recording material
Graft suspension device
RGS compositions and therapeutic and diagnostic uses therefor
Gene therapy approaches to supply apolipoprotein A-I agonists and their use to treat dyslipidemic di...
X-ray based measuring device
Minimally invasive system for assessment of organ function
Method and system for reducing arterial restenosis in the presence of an intravascular stent
Electric iron
Electric iron
Cartridge for a steam and spray iron
Dust pan
Portion of lid for trash can
Stackable yard cart
Method of communicating between agent objects in a computer network
Reusable pulse oximeter probe and disposable bandage apparatus
Apparatus and method for hybrid network access
Electronic device initialization with dynamic selection of access time for non-volatile memory
Additional metal wood composite framing members for residential and light commercial construction
Work station having an air flow controller
Evaluating computer resources
Optical scanner
Ultra-thin outline package for integrated circuit
Dynamic semantic control of a speech recognition system
Method and apparatus for automatic construction of faceted terminological feedback for document retr...
Solid sanitizers and cleaner disinfectants
Topical gel delivery system
Method for sequestration of skin irritants with absorbent article composition
Ultra-mild, clear, aqueous, foamable skin cleanser
Antibacterial composition comprising an amphoteric/anionic surfactant mixture
Laminate and pulse jet filter bag
Olefin separations employing CTS molecular sieves
Catalyst and adsorption compositions having adhesion characteristics
Noble metal coated substrate pigments
Halogen-containing catalyst and process for the preparation thereof
Selective production of meta-diisopropylbenzene
Stabilized dual bed xylene isomerization catalyst system
Process for producing isobutylene from tertiary butyl alcohol
Substituted oxazoles and thiazoles derivatives as HPPAr alpha activators
Heterocyclic aromatic compounds usefuls as growth hormone secretagogues
Use of branched-chain fatty acids and derivatives thereof for the treatment of pain
Cytokine production and tyrosine kinase inhibitors
Stimulating transport of glucose into animal tissue by the administration of pinitol
Photomask designing method, a photomask designing apparatus, a computer readable storage medium, a p...
Optical pick-up apparatus
Precisely adjustable optical device having vibration and temperature stability
Universal optical network unit for use in narrowband and broadband access networks
Predistortion arrangement using mixers in nonlinear electro-optical applications
Optical communication network
Ultrathin optical panel and a method of making an ultrathin optical panel
Motorized specimen cutter
Aluminium alloy, notably for a layer
Virtual learning environment for children
Method and apparatus for restoration of a computer system hard drive
Hydrostatic variable displacement pump having a compact housing to facilitate swash plate installati...
Method for regenerating a hydrogenation catalyst, method for hydrogenating compounds comprising nitr...
Agent for preventing and curing hindrance of ischemic reperfusion
Efficient classification, manipulation, and control of network transmissions by associating network ...
Method and apparatus for managing a memory shortage situation in a data processing system
Object-oriented framework for the generic collection of system data
Multi-node data processing system and communication protocol having a partial combined response
Method, system and program products for determining I/O configuration entropy
Simple enclosure services (SES) using a high-speed, point-to-point, serial bus
Multi-node data processing system and communication protocol in which a stomp signal is propagated t...
Device for detecting and inputting a specified position
Electronic blackboard system
Image processing method and apparatus to select a data compression method according to a size of an ...
Image processing apparatus for comparing images based on color feature information and computer prog...
Transaction processing system using efficient file update processing and recovery processing
Method of designing an interface for a real-time messaging system
Method and apparatus for smart job ticket processing for print streams
Method and apparatus for reading data from a disk
Flame-retardent resin compositions compring thermoplastic resin, thermotropic liquid crystal polymer...
Substrate transfer shuttle
Friction and stiction compensation for spacecraft attitude control
Aeroengine nacelle afterbodies
Vertical take-off and landing vehicle for land, water and air transport
Flexible/fixed support for engine cowl
Freight loading system
Modular printing machine system for printing on sheets
Inking unit for a printing machine and method for supplying ink to a printing machine
Printing-plate changer assembly
Silsesquioxane compositions containing tertiary arylamines for hole transport
Detection and correction of defects from scanner calibration references
Injection molded container and process for making same
Forward link power control device and methods for a mobile communication system supporting transmiss...
Flame photometer detector
Non-skid, radar absorbing system, its method of making, and method of use
Halogen-free, water-blown, flame-retardant rigid polyurethane foam and a process for its production
Polymer compositions comprising antifibrotic agents, and methods of treatment, pharmaceutical compos...
Dispersing emulsion of thermoplastic elastomer and process for preparing the same
Preparation of cyclohexene carboxylate derivatives
Multi-position actuator or sector motor
Intelligent remote location system
Antibodies to c5 polypeptides
Cooking machine
Self-contained excavator and anchor apparatus and method
Ink jet print head cleaning
Self cleaning fuel oil strainer
Solvent composition for denture adhesive
Sealed-type remote pressure-monitoring device and method for fabricating the same
Crossed haptics for intraocular lenses
Decorin binding protein essential peptides and methods of use
System, apparatus, and method for correcting vision using electro-active spectacles
Carbon monoxide filter
Catalyst support material for fuel cell
Platinum-ruthenium-nickel alloy for use as a fuel cell catalyst
Method of preparing of nanometer electrocatalyst for proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Hydrogen sensor for fuel cell applications
Method and apparatus for operating a fuel cell system
Three dimensionally periodic structural assemblies in nanometer and longer scales
Production of a product enriched in isoflavone values from natural sources
Compositions for adhesion prevention
Pressure-sensitive rubber adhesive and pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet made using the same
Continuous process for the preparation of acetals
Method of monitoring the contact burnoff in tap changers
Spectrometer having optical unit including a randomized fiber optic implement
Electrostatically-actuated tunable optical components using entropic materials
Molded electronic package, method of preparation and method of shielding-II
Image forming apparatus
Dynamic customer profile management
Method and system for optimizing wireless communication system performance
Active ride control for a vehicle suspension system
Apparatus and method for monitoring start of engine
Method and system for communicating facility information and devices therefor
Systems and methods for a hybrid diagnostic approach of real time diagnosis of electronic systems
Digital signal filter using weightless neural techniques
Method and system for power control in wireless networks using interference prediction with an error...
Flowing pool shell and tube evaporator
Rate-adaptive therapy with sensor cross-checking
Riser tensioning construction
Apparatus to form columns of granular material
Anchor grid connection element
Internet-enabled voice-response service
VSB DTV receiver with real-only digital synchrodyne to recover baseband symbol code
Parallax calculating apparatus, distance calculating apparatus, methods of the same, and information...
Method and an apparatus for reproducing bitstream having non-sequential system clock data seamlessly...
Image forming apparatus having mixed toner consumption mode
Relational database compiled/stored on a memory structure providing improved access through use of r...
Tube-encased fiber grating
Electronic payment system
System and method for monitoring and controlling energy distribution
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Fuel cell anode structures for voltage reversal tolerance
Pixel circuit display apparatus and electronic apparatus equipped with current driving type light-em...
Lithium secondary battery and method of manufacturing the lithium secondary battery
Dimerizing olefins to make lube base stocks
Method and apparatus for minimizing optical proximity effects
Method and apparatus for direct in vivo gene transfer by electrotransfection
Method and system for organizing an annotation structure and for querying data and annotations
Audience measurement system employing local time coincidence coding
Heat exchanger
Scope analyzer for direct ignition engines
Actuator having internal valve structure
All welded plate heat exchanger
Enhanced underfill adhesion
Method to manufacture magnetic tunneling elements using inductively coupled plasma
Active control of acoustic output in gradient coils
Method and apparatus for configuring imaging system to communicate with multiple remote devices
Speaker apparatus and electronic apparatus having a speaker apparatus enclosed therein
Method and apparatus for projecting MR angiographic data
Feedback controller, digital filter device, and storage device
Toner image fixing method and apparatus
Information processing device for diver
Method, apparatus and system for removing motion artifacts from measurements of bodily parameters
Passive countermeasure methods
Mathematical relation identification apparatus and method
Memory unit and method of assembling a computer
Message preprocessing operations indicated by an associated descriptor read and descriptors belongin...
Method and device for determining absolute angular position of a rotating body
Liquid crystal display device with compensation for viewing angle dependency and optical anisotropic...
Transparent touch panel and liquid crystal display device equipped with transparent touch panel
Method of manufacturing a liquid crystal cell
Liquid crystal display having electrodes with apertures wherein the apertures have different shapes
LCD with compensators in the inclined direction
Smoothing and barrier layers on high Tg substrates
Multi-layer stretch film
Photosensitive polymer including copolymer of alkyl vinyl ether and resist composition containing th...
Selective target cell activation by expression of a G protein-coupled receptor activated superiorly ...
Gamma secretase inhibitors
Substituted pyrimidine compositions and methods of use
Rapid methods for identifying modifiers of cellular apoptosis activity
Substituted 3-thiocarbamoylpyrazoles
Cancer treatment
Local naming for HDL compilation
Adjustable organizer
Set of cutlery
Folded multipurpose tool
Handle for a tool
Two sided sheath for carrying a plurality of tools
Methods and compositions for inhibition of angiogenesis with EM-138
Process for the enzymatic resolution of N-(alkoxycarbonyl)-4-ketoproline alkyl esters or N-(alkoxyca...
Producing diastereomers of 4-hydroxyproline using 4-hp epimerase from Serratia marcescens or Acineto...
Method for stabilizing nitrilase activity and preserving microbial cells
Method for stabilizing nitrilase activity and preserving microbial cells
Method for producing .alpha.-hydroxy acid from .alpha.-hydroxy nitrile using nitrilase
Preparation of dicarboxylic acid monoesters from cyanocarboxylic acid esters
Method and system for voice guided secure entry of private data in a public setting
Methods and apparatus for heuristic firewall
Methods and apparatus for synchronizing access control in a web server
Mobile telephone help information
System and method for charitable giving
Web site quality assurance system and method
Process for making ethylene and propylene
Guaiacoxypropanolamines with alpha/beta adrenergic blocking activity
Mammalian proteinases; oxidoreductases; related reagents
Color organic EL display and method for driving the same
Phosphate free fire retardant composition
Photographic processor having side by side processing paths and method of operation
Grid array inspection system and method
Radio communication system wherein insertion of an attachable external storage medium causes the mob...
Magnetic random access memory with thermally stable magnetic tunnel junction cells
Superconductor barrier layer for integrated circuit interconnects
Method of forming the images in the systems having objects moving relative to each other
Time management and task completion and prediction software
Audio-visual education system using movable toys
Optical fiber amplifier with reduced noise and method of making the same
Optical amplifier and optical transmission system
Method of operating a noise-compensating gain controller for an optical amplifier
Long, high-power semiconductor laser with shifted-wave and passivated output facet
Athermalized integrated optical waveguide devices
Premises cable with fiberglass reinforcement
Fiber optic cable with profiled group of optical fibers
TiO2 ultrafine powder, and process for preparing thereof
Method and apparatus for producing hydrogen
CdZnMS photocatalyst including cations for water decomposition and preparation thereof and method fo...
Preparation of high silica zeolites bound by zeolite and use thereof
Exposure apparatus including silica glass and method for producing silica glass
Synthesis of functionalized lithium initiator
Measurement of fuel cell impedance
Method of performing parasitic extraction for a multi-fingered transistor
Method and apparatus for building an integrated circuit
Hardware design language generation for input/output logic level
Promoter system of plant translationally controlled tumor protein gene
Particle-mediated conifer transformation
Enhanced storage organ production in plants
Cyclin D polynucleotides, polypeptides and uses thereof
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and transmission medium
Method and system for transferring an application program from system firmware to a storage device
Nickel-hydrogen secondary battery and process for producing electrode therefor
Medical mouthpiece with elliptical passageway
Aerosol generator and methods of making and using an aerosol generator
Real estate database search method
Reliable identification with preselection and rejection class
Locking timer and outlet cover
System and method for selectively retrieving messages stored on telephony and data networks
Apparatus, method and system for personal telecommunication incoming call screening and alerting for...
Apparatus and method providing ubiquitous call transfer of an incoming call to a mobile subscriber u...
Apparatus, method and system for handoff of a mobile broadcast of information specific to a geograph...
Method and apparatus for multi-user resource management in wireless communication systems
Background model design for flexible and portable speaker verification systems
Approximate querying method for databases with multiple grouping attributes
Autonomous container ship
Method and apparatus for delivering ozone to ballast tanks
Lift-off cover assembly for a barge
Inflatable vibration reducing fairing
Loading arrangement for floating production storage and offloading vessel
Tiered file folder label
Laminated country map or road map
Laminated card assembly
Apparatus for installing a silt fence
Air induction system for small watercraft
Safety support with a noise attenuator for a vehicle wheel
Method of teaching robot with traveling axis off-line
Control of microbial populations in the gastrointestinal tract of animals
System and method for estimating capacitance of wires based on congestion information
Ultrasonic object consolidation
Method and apparatus for quantitative determination of accumulations of magnetic particles
Universal markers of transgenesis
System for increasing traffic on an electronic site of a system of networked computers
2-phenylpyran-4-one derivatives
Method and apparatus for a digitized CATV network for bundled services
Brominated polystyrene having improved thermal stability and color and process for the preparation t...
Method and apparatus for fixing a graft in a bone tunnel
Content-driven speech-or audio-browser
Method and apparatus for eliminating redundant array range checks in a compiler
Recessed air conditioning controls for a utility vehicle
Method and system for predicting transaction
Computer-implemented sharing of java classes for increased memory efficiency and communication metho...
Internet storage manipulation and navigation system
System for transmitting/receiving data records among computer nodes with communication applications ...
Uniform network access
Method and apparatus for encoding content characteristics
Method and apparatus for defining signal timing for an integrated circuit device
Shortened asymmetrical tunnel for spatially integrating light
System for manipulation and display of medical images
Ink feed trench etch technique for a fully integrated thermal inkjet printhead
Configurable nanoscale crossbar electronic circuits made by electrochemical reaction
Method and apparatus for performing H-space bump mapping suitable for implementation with H-space li...
System and method of selecting pages that an appliance is sending
Liquid crystal light valve system with contrast control
Image-producing methods and apparatus
Image driven operating system
Graphical viewer for biomolecular sequence data
Method and apparatus for generating patches from a 3D mesh model
Low overhead method for selecting and updating an entry in a cache memory
Method and system for collecting and processing marketing data
Display device and electronic watch
Air management system and method for chemical containment and contamination reduction in a semicondu...
Method, system and storage medium for providing training to multiple users
Packaged MEMS device and method for making the same
Surface acoustic wave filter formed with a ripple at the high frequency shoulder of the pass band
Toy racing car track section
Process for dying material to match a predetermined color
Speaker apparatus and television set
Lipase-catalysed esterification of marine oil
Process for vacuum coating extruded material
Shaped bodies for transporting, packaging, storing, and handling food products
Multilayer, coextruded, biaxially stretched high-barrier plastic casing
System, controller, computer readable memory, and method for precise on-line control of heat transfe...
Integrated dispenser and business machine system
Tissue products containing antiviral agents which are mild to the skin
Flowable composition and a process for making the flowable composition
Enhancement of air bleaching catalysts
Production of anionic surfactant granules by in situ neutralization
Production of anionic surfactant granules by in situ neutralisation
Surface adhesion modifying compositions
Compiler and method for automatically building version compatible object applications
Solid electrolytic capacitor and production method thereof, and conductive polymer polymerizing oxid...
Multiple frequency signal detector
Cycloalkyl-substituted aryl-piperazines, piperidines and tetrahydropyridines as serotonergic agents
2-aryl indole derivative as antagonists of tachykinins
High strength galvanized steel plate excellent in adhesion of plated metal and formability in press ...
Power control system for AC electric arc furnace
Electronic displays using organic-based field effect transistors
Self-protecting documents
System and method for electronic data delivery
Direct oxygen injection groundwater remediation method and system
Method of forming an intraocular lens
Biologically active substance-secreting hybrid gel
Positively charged poly(alpha-(omega-aminoalkyl)lycolic acid) for the delivery of a bioactive agent ...
Paper web breakage prediction using bootstrap aggregation of classification and regression trees
Compounds and methods for therapy and diagnosis of lung cancer
1-substituted phenyl-1-(1h-imidazol-4-yl) alcohols, process for producing the same and use thereof
Substituted pyrrolidine compounds useful as neuraminidase inhibitors
Five-membered carbocyclic and heterocyclic inhibitors of neuraminidases
Antiviral agents
Tumor necrosis factor stimulated gene 6 (TSG-6) protein
Instrument and use of instrument for correcting the shape of an external ear
Tool for facilitating the connecting of a catheter or other tubular member onto a guide-wire without...
Nucleic acid molecules and other molecules associated with the .beta.-oxidation pathway
Coated resorbable polymer and method of making the same
Signal processing apparatus and a data recording and reproducing apparatus including local memory pr...
Reactive dye compound comprising at least one chromophore moiety and at least one nitrogen-containin...
Fluorescent inks for writing instruments using fluorescent dyes and white pigments
Crimp connector
Ceramic design transfer process
Branched polyolefin synthesis
System for creating a community for users with common interests to interact in
Irradiation process for making olefin graft copolymers with low weight side chains
Disk prosthesis for cervical vertebrae
System for interactive chat without a keyboard
Method and system of program transmission optimization using a redundant transmission sequence
Bag with reusable built-in closure tab
Method and apparatus for computer automated detection of protein and nucleic acid targets of a chemi...
Root-preferred promoters and their use
Fiber optic apparatus and use thereof in combinatorial material science
Aminoaryl oxazolidinone N-oxides
Assuring sequence number availability in an adaptive hybrid-ARQ coding system
Process for the preparation of epothilone analogs
Method for determining a starting gear step
Methods for manufacturing olefins from lower alkans by oxidative dehydrogenation
Liquid ink
Catalyst for hydrorefining fraction oils, its carrier and preparation
Apparatus and process for forming novel spiral compositions
Pigment mixture
Sunscreen agents, photoprotective cosmetic compositions containing them and uses thereof
Lip or care stick which contains vitamins
High gloss mascara
Cosmetic composition
Hypericum plant named `Kolmred`
Petunia plant named `Duesurple`
Petunia plant named `Conbloss`
Hypericum plant named `Kolmgreen`
Hypericum plant named `Kolmfa`
Bracteantha plant named `Antique Shades`
Echinacea plant named `Kim's Mop Head`
System and method for driving a signal to an unbuffered integrated circuit
Method and apparatus for testing plumbing
Modified polysaccharides containing amphiphillic hydrocarbon moieties
Methods for the inhibition of epstein-barr virus transmission employing anti-viral peptides capable ...
Peptide comprising the sequence CAFRQVC and methods using it
Antigentically-marked non-infectious retrovirus-like particles
Treatment of viral infections using the L-isomer of ribavirin
Anti-HIV imidazolone derivatives
Clinical method for measuring cerebrospinal fluid perfusion by magnetic resonance tomography
Transmission for an electric bicycle
Thermal line printer and a method of driving the same
Location based service request system
Wall mount cradle for personal digital assistants
Method and system for naming and binding objects
Process for manufacturing card-shaped data carriers
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Insecticide resistance assay
Computer program profiler
Method and apparatus implementing error injection for PCI bridges
Polymer film compositions for capsules
Instruction translation method
Method for embedding part in base made of thermoplastic resin
Switchable longitudinal gradient coil
Pop-up picture card
Method and apparatus for using an array of grating light valves to produce multicolor optical images
Method and system for hybrid error diffusion processing of image information using adaptive white an...
High frequency shingled multiple drop per pixel ink overprinting method
Isolating signal divider/combiner and method of combining signals of first and second frequencies
Polyamide resin composition
High performance fluorinated polymers and methods
Plasma torch cartridge and plasma torch equipped therewith
Semiconductor device with rod like crystals and a recessed insulation layer
Programmable logic array with vertical transistors
Solar cell panel and solar energy collecting device
Detergent and cleaner containing soil release polymer and alkanesulfonate and/or .alpha.-olefinsulfo...
Optical recording method
Strip for whitening tooth surfaces
Blocked polyisocyanates based on HDI
Methods for forming regional tissue adherent barriers and drug delivery systems
Compressed air refrigeration system
Refrigerant recycling system with automatic detection of optional vacuum pump
Image forming apparatus with automatic density compensation
Process for sensing and analyzing electrical activity of the human heart utilizing one lead system w...
Method and composition for modulating amyloidosis
Process for the preparation of simvastatin and analogs thereof
Method for preparing quinoline-5,8-diones
Combination passive and active speed detection system
Method and apparatus for disabling an airbag system in a vehicle
Dialysis pressure monitoring with clot suppression
Positioning system and method for orienting an ablation element within a pulmonary vein ostium
Tethered-ball training device
Method and apparatus for monitoring cervical diameter
Arrangement for determining the relative angular orientation between a first machine element and a s...
Arrangement for determining the relative angular orientation between a first machine element and a s...
Patient interface system
Arrangement for determining the relative angular orientation between a first machine element and a s...
Digitized document circulating system with circulation history
Dynamic serialization of memory access in a multi-processor system
Electron gun in color CRT
Method of horizontally growing carbon nanotubes and field effect transistor using the carbon nanotub...
Microwave assisted cleaning and reclamation of industrial wastes
Treatments for improved beer flavor stability
Tagging materials for polymers, methods, and articles made thereby
Liquid composition, method of cleaning ink-jet recording head, ink-jet recording apparatus, cartridg...
Cryogenic mixed gas single phase storage and delivery
Foam core imaging member with glossy surface
High temperature superconductor tunable filter
Hydrogel biosensor
Loudspeaker enclosure
Ball bearing
Steering column with bearings
Roller bearing
Electrical pittingproof rolling bearing
Caged roller assembly and reduction gear unit using the same
Bearing device for a threaded spindle of a machine tool
Rotary pin
Motion analysis system
Liquid crystal display device with flip-flop tiled panels
System for improving the maximum operating temperature and lifetime of chromatographic columns
MEMS-based spinning nozzle
Mounting structure of piezoelectric transformer and method of mounting piezoelectric transformer
Methods for treatment of HIV and other infections using A T cell or viral activator and anti-retrovi...
Activity eye wear
Snug fitting floating eyeglasses
Magnetoresistive head and magnetic storage apparatus
Taking lens device
Method and apparatus for supplying contactless power
Memory element, method for structuring a surface, and storage device
Fair and high speed arbitration system based on rotative and weighted priority monitoring
Electronic mail system with advertising
Active matrix liquid crystal display device
Rosar method for landing helicopters under adverse weather conditions and for recognizing and detect...
Systems for delivering a cosmetic and/or therapeutic active to oral surfaces using an integral carri...
Liquid partially trimerized polyisocyanates based on toluene diisocyanate and diphenylmethane diisoc...
Image fixing apparatus
Disc storage system having non-volatile write cache
Fluorescence diagnosis system
Through-hole wiring board
Process for the preparation of zofenopril calcium salt
Method for simulating drilling of roller cone bits and its application to roller cone bit design and...
Composition for use in a water reservoir
Composition for topical application comprising at least one iminophenol compound
Hard surface cleaning and disinfecting compositions comprising fluorosurfactants
Coating compositions containing methyl/ethyl esters and methods of using same
Coating compositions containing methyl/ethyl esters and methods of using same
Method of manufacturing a liquid crystal display panel including a terminal electrode part thereof
Transmission support structure for a rotary wing aircraft
Retaining and guiding configuration
Method of anti-fuse repair
Tamper-proof animal identification tag
Inhalation atomizer with a one-piece valve element
Method of processing carbon fibers
Optical recording medium, reproducing apparatus, and recording and reproducing apparatus therefor
Method for producing N-substituted 2-pyrazoline-5-one
Memory device balanced switching circuit and method of controlling an array of transfer gates for fa...
Insulating composite hollow shaft tool
Method and apparatus for in-situ spectroscopic analysis
Tetracyclic benzimidazole derivatives and combinatorial libraries thereof
Biological reagents and methods for determining the mechanism in the generation of .beta.-amyloid pe...
Pre-filled drug-delivery device and method of manufacture and assembly of same
Tricyclic compounds for the inhibition of the ICE/ced-3 protease family of enzymes
Method of producing antihypercholesterolemic agents
Anti-aliasing video camera processing apparatus and method
Induction of a Th1-like response in vitro
Method and apparatus for manipulation of MMX registers for use during computer boot-up procedures
System and method for detecting point-of-deployment (POD) module failure
Ionization vacuum gauge
Magnetoelectronics element having a stressed over-layer configured for alteration of the switching e...
Maintaining the state of a MEMS device in the event of a power failure
Camera having a printer with a paper feed device using a vibration actuator
Transonic flow shockwave position stabilizer
Device for helping newborn livestock to walk
Optical wiring device
Diffusive optical element, illumination optical system, and image-shooting apparatus
Apparatus and methods for collecting global data during a reticle inspection
Apparatus and method for data decoding
Numerical method of estimating physical properties of three-dimensional porous media
Device and process for the heat insulation of at least one underwater pipe at great depth
Subcutaneous glucose electrode
Processor executing unpack instruction to interleave data elements from two packed data
Tensioning system for a musical drum
Pattern for sole plate of club head
Golf club with curved shaft
Earpiece assembly for a stethoscope
Method of variable resolution on a flat panel display
Method and system for providing inorganic vapor surface treatment for photoresist adhesion promotion
System and method for application object transport
Propellant retention device
Ruggedized methods and systems for processing hazardous waste
Integrated lever assembly
Liquid crystal display device and method for manufacturing the same
Film forming unit
Frequency tunable resonant scanner and method of making
Active reflection and anti-reflection optical switch
Coated-wire ion bombarded graphite electron emitters
Process for the biological production of 1,3-propanediol with high titer
Solid surface sheet materials containing synthetic mica
Process for catalytic selective oxidation of a hydrocarbon substrate
Hydroformylation process utilizing multidentate phosphite ligands
Casting mixtures comprising granular and dispersion fluoropolymers
Method of producing cyclododecanone and cyclododecanol
Sol-gel derived porous microcomposite of perfluorinated ion-exchange polymer and metal oxide
Electrically insulating material, method for the preparation thereof, and insulated objects comprisi...
Biasing correction for simple GMR head
Components and catalysts for the polymerization of olefins
Method for sequencing and characterizing polymeric biomolecules using aptamers and a method for prod...
Methods of providing symptomatic and prophylactic treatment for medical and neurological conditions
Polyethyleneimine primer for imaging materials
Tire having colored tread
Dehydroamino acids
Capacitor substrates made of refractory metal nitrides
Cathode materials for secondary (rechargeable) lithium batteries
Multiple array and method of making a multiple array
Thin film magnetic head adaptable to track narrowing of magnetic recording medium and the method of ...
Method to install equipment racks in aircraft
Electric fence
Laser irradiating device and laser irradiating method
Chloro-, hydroxy- and alkoxysilane derivatives of polysaccharides or oligosaccharides, polymerizable...
Au-based clad composite material, producing method thereof and micromotor using the same
Folding jaws cylinder
Wear-resisting, ink-repellent coating process for printing-press components
Mounting for sheet material
Signal processing method
Tube and golf club with handle made of said tube
Bunte salt azo dye compound
Two-way optical communication device and two-way optical communication apparatus
Method of making energy storage device having electrodes coated with insulating microprotrusions
Photovoltaic device assembly, solar cell module using the same and manufacture method of solar cell ...
Humidifer device for fuel cells and operating system thereof
Ceramic membrane structure and oxygen separation method
Method for producing a fuel cell separator
Vignette recognition and compression
Color electrographic apparatus with developing device having separated toner supply and recovery cha...
Fixing apparatus and image forming apparatus having the fixing apparatus
Conductive fluid-based position sensor and method
Aspartyl protease 2 (Asp2) antisense oligonucleotides
Self-adjusting multi-speed pipeline
Mch3, a novel apoptotic protease, nucleic acids encoding and methods of use
Nystatin-resistant Aspergillus terreus CLS 247-13, KCTC 0673BP for preparing triol heptanoic acid em...
Temporal noise reduction, compression and analysis of thermographic image data sequences
Modular display case
Aliphatic-aromatic copolyesters
Fluorine-doped diamond-like coatings
Combined sheath with a locking mechanism and knife
Code transmission scheme for communication system using error correcting codes
Data reading method and data reading apparatus
Classes of high linear and nonlinear response compounds
Catalyst composition and a process of using thereof
Rectifying column for extractive distillation of close-boiling or azeotropic boiling mixtures
Method for operation of a catalytic reactor
Process for producing hydrotalcites and the metal oxides thereof
Method of purifying lithium hexafluorosphate
Process for the production of sodium carbonate anhydrate
Anisotropically shaped SrTiO3 single crystal particles
Thermally stable aluminum hydroxide
Li-based hydrogen storage composition
Low-cost multi-laminate sensors
On-press recording type lithographic printing method and apparatus
Ink jet printing process and printing apparatus
Gel slab sealing strip for an electrophoresis tank
Pharmaceutical composition
Integrated optics beam deflectors and systems
Optical interconnect capable of performing addition/subtraction
2.times.2 integrated fiber array optical switch and method of operation
Optically controlled exchange switches within an optical signal network
Cascaded integrated fiber array optical switch and method of operation
Grating and method and apparatus for forming same
Cathode ray tube with addressable nanotubes
Stabilized tibolone compositions
Methods for the inhibition of egg production in trematodes
Chiral fluoroquinolone arginine salt forms
Carvedilol methanesulfonate
Method and system for detecting audience response audio visual stimuli
Low cost three-dimensional memory array
Model checking of message flow diagrams
Electrolytic membrane, method of manufacturing it and use
Bibronchial double lumen tube
Windshield cover
Inflatable insulating liners for shipping containers
Apparatus for effecting body temperature changes
Token-based document transactions
Block level analysis of segmentation tags
Image encoding apparatus and image decoding apparatus
Method and apparatus for detecting photocopier tracking signatures
Polybifunctional reagent having a polymeric backbone and latent reactive moieties and bioactive grou...
Method and system for using a two-tiered cache
Fast single-pass cylindrical to planar projection
Method and apparatus for acquiring emergency service in a mobile radio communication system
Localized special services in a mobile communications system
Intelligent burst control functions for wireless communications systems
Mobile radio communication apparatus having a plurality of MINs
Chemical method for producing smooth surfaces on silicon wafers
Substituted acetylpridine derivatives and process for the preparation of intermediates for optically...
Process for obtaining alpha-campholenic aldehyde
Method and system for optically detecting an electric current by means of light signals having diffe...
Microwave devices based on chemically induced dynamic electron spin polarization
Optical device, terminal unit, and system for wavelength division multiplexing
Telecentric F-theta lens for laser microfilm printer
Method of cutting a cellular polymer surface with a continuous platform cutting apparatus
Multi-domain liquid crystal display device
Microbar and method of its making
Side-arm microactuator with piezoelectric adjuster
Peripheral component interconnect (PCI) configuration emulation for hub interface
Method and apparatus for transaction pacing to reduce destructive interference between successive tr...
Program-downloadable data processing system and method for accessing memory by using a unified memor...
Dynamically configurable page table
Method and apparatus for effecting secure document format conversion
Synergistic combinations of guanosine analog reverse transcriptase inhibitors and inosine monophosph...
Methods and arrangements for configuring portable security token features and contents
Water cooling system for continuous casting equipment
Therapeutic peptide-based constructs derived from domain II of bactericidal/permeability-increasing ...
Detergent cosmetic compositions and uses thereof
Whitening compositions containing ascomycete derived enzyme
External preparations for skin whitening
Process for forming a colored image having a dominant attribute
Fabric softening compositions
Substituted pyrazoles as p38 kinase inhibitors
Method and apparatus for laser removal of hair
Discontinuous films from skin care compositions
Method and apparatus for package leak testing
Packing system for perishable goods
Wall cladding anchorage
Door panel and door assembly
High impact strength film containing single site catalyzed copolymer
Migration inhibiting layer for a weatherstrip
Method for producing highly viscous polyesters
Thermoplastic polymer alloy compositions and process for manufacture thereof
Transmyocardial revascularization system and method of use
Substituted 1-benzazepines and derivatives thereof
Catalyst testing process with in situ synthesis
Formulated nucleic acid compositions and methods of administering the same for gene therapy
Method compositions for treating the inflammatory response
DNA fragmentation factor
Removable system for converting a breach loading shotgun to a .22 long rifle
Ramp motion mechanism
Electrostatically and/or magnetically attractable toner powder
Films, fibers and articles of chemically modified polyethylene oxide compositions with improved envi...
Process for production of an oxetane
Information processing method and apparatus, automotive information system and method of controlling...
Method and system for numerical simulation of fluid flow
Scanning single electron transistor microscope for imaging ambient temperature objects
Use of S-ydcB and B-ydcB, essential bacterial genes
High performance client/server editor
Self-calibrating optical imaging system
Detection of stroke events using diffuse optical tomography
Electronic part
Installation of single passenger interface unit and method thereof
Liquid supply or drain pipe equipped with a leakage detector
Shaft coupling structure, and method for manufacturing divided spline used for shaft coupling struct...
Drug storage and dispensing apparatus
Polymer constructs
Logistics module system and method
Method and apparatus for reducing trailing vortices in the wake of an aircraft
Device for guiding material webs in rotary presses
Device and method for attaching a printing web to a webbing sail and device and method for webbing-u...
Elastic belt metering device for a printing press
Device for cleaning a cylinder in a printing machine
Device and method for side wire binding
Product and process for tokens
Methods and apparatus for downlink diversity in CDMA using Walsh codes
Lung elastic recoil restoring or tissue compressing device and method
Method of drinking water disinfection
Internal heating element for pipes and tubes
Substituted group 4 metal complexes, catalysts and olefin polymerization process
Rib waveguide device with mode filter
Pulse plating rectifiers and methods, systems and computer program products for controlling pulse pl...
Motion control systems
Assembly line control system
Floating point number data processing means
Apparatus and method for user authentication
Method for docking/undocking a portable computer to/from an expansion unit
.beta.-amyloid inhibitors, processes for preparing them, and their use in pharmaceutical composition...
Polypropylene base resin composition for foam-molding, foamed article using the same composition, pr...
Error detection convolution code and post processor for correcting dominant error events of a trelli...
Method and apparatus for reducing cache pollution
Estimation of toner usage based on pulse width count and pulse edge count
Method for determining multi-dimensional topology
Method and apparatus for collecting discharged toner from a discharged toner box with a discharged t...
Methods for the preparation of biphenyl isoxazole sulfonamides
Device and method for time-division multiple access radio communication
Multi-vial drug reconstitution and injection device
C-terminal modified (N-substituted)-2-indolyl dipeptides as inhibitors of the ICE/ced-3 family of cy...
Cash transaction having antitheft mechanism
Method for alkylating the alpha carbon of the 2-methylbutyrate secondary chain of lovastatin
Methods for the preparation of hepatitis C virus multiple copy epitope fusion antigens
Method of operating a motor vehicle, and motor vehicle equipped to perform the method
Apparatus for storing data in a motor vehicle
Device and method for stabilizing a combination of a tractor vehicle and at least one semitrailer or...
Control system for automatic vehicle transmissions
Coin and bill video game terminal system
Control system for vehicle occupant protection device in a motor vehicle