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Method for limiting interference between satellite communications systems
Thermal control system for controlling temperature in spacecraft
Spacecraft solar panel spherical trickle charger
Method for producing body structure of fiber-reinforced composite, and body structure produced there...
Control apparatus equipped with back drive
Lost-in-space stellar attitude acquisition using multiple star trackers
Device for forming a sheet pile for a sheet fed rotary printing press
Accessory for a printing unit
Method for transferring signatures and gripper assembly for a matched velocity transfer device
Method for generating a frame for graphic objects that are described by Bezier curves
Device for drawing a web into a printing press
Web-fed rotary press
Luminous display and method of making same
Lightvalve projection system in which red, green, and blue image subpixels are projected from two li...
Interleukin-1.beta. converting enzyme like cysteine protease
Non-volatile memory embedded in a conventional logic process
Dual article package
Dynamic programming network
Metered dose inhaler for beclomethasone dipropionate
Preparation of pigments
Image forming apparatus including transfer device outer displacive type ferroelectric layer
Convertible snow cycle/bicycle apparatus
Bicycle hub with spoke seal
Light emitting diode 9-volt battery snap flashlight
Consolidated amorphous carbon materials, their manufacture and use
Modulators of CCR5 chemokine receptor activity
Supercapacitors and method for fabricating the same
Exercise machine, physical strength evaluation method, and pulse rate meter
Semiconductor device with Si-Ge layer-containing low resistance, tunable contact
Atom or group transfer radical polymerization
Robot and control method for entertainment
Machine to produce espresso coffee
Nucleic acids encoding polypeptides having haloperoxidase activity
Multifocal ophthalmic lenses and processes for their production
Determination of ocular refraction from wavefront aberration data and design of optimum customized c...
Surgical correction of human eye refractive errors by active composite artificial muscle implants
Vehicle traveling position detecting system
Method for fabricating high resolution color filter image array optoelectronic microelectronic fabri...
Method of producing photovoltaic element module
Thin film solar cell
Electronic device and electronic apparatus
Humidifying gas induction or supply system
Purifier of hydrogen from reformer for fuel cell
Fuel cell system
Electrode substrate for electrochemical cells based on low-cost manufacturing processes
Pressure-sensitive adhesive tape, disposable diaper using the same and structure for attaching a tap...
Tetracyclododecene compositions and process for producing the same
Low cost molded plastic fuel cell separator plate with conductive elements
Probe station thermal chuck with shielding for capacitive current
Serial-to-parallel conversion circuit, and semiconductor display device employing the same
Method for producing ultrahigh resolution optical device panel
Matrix substrate, liquid crystal display device using it, and method for producing the matrix substr...
Evaluation method and evaluation apparatus for semiconductor device
High efficiency channel drop filter with absorption induced on/off switching and modulation
Engine management system
Recording medium outputting method, database server, recording medium outputting apparatus, and reco...
Method and apparatus for collecting operation event logs in NC machining
Cabling picker in a library of stationary memory devices
Method and tool for customization of speech synthesizer databases using hierarchical generalized spe...
Distribution of motion control commands over a network
Cromolyn for eye and ear infections
Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of prostate cancer
Percutaneous medical probe and flexible guide wire
Plow for installing utility lines
Method of removing or positioning a substructure of an offshore platform
Solidified composition to strengthen weak stratum and constructing method using the same
Magnetic storage apparatus using a magnetoresistive element
Semiconductor package
Optical recording method, optical recording apparatus, optical reading method, and optical reading a...
Image forming process and apparatus and control method thereof
Toner carrier having a particular Z value, a particular creep value, or a particular universal hardn...
Logic circuit having error detection function, redundant resource management method, and fault toler...
Method of designing semiconductor integrated circuit device, method of analyzing power consumption o...
Certificate handling for digital rights management system
Method and apparatus for fixation of proximal femoral fractures
Internet test-making method
System, method and computer program product for enhancing commercial value of electrical power produ...
High speed bus system and method for using voltage and timing oscillating references for signal dete...
Fuel cell operated welder
Method and apparatus for running multiple java applications simultaneously
Polymer electrolyte battery and polymer electrolyte
Process for producing polypropylene or propylene random copolymer
Automatically integrating and executing application software modules
Preparation of multiwall polymeric microcapsules from hydrophilic polymers
Fluorometric detection using visible light
Data output method and apparatus having stored parameters
Self-optimization with interactions
Embedded forward reference and control
Computerized automotive service system
Soft touch infeed
Optical cable troughs, fittings, and couplings
Thinfilm fuse/antifuse device and use of same in printhead
Multiple peripheral support for a single physical port in a host-based printing system
Apparatus and method for generating multiple original prints
System and method for writing to a register file
System and method for information stamping a digitized image
Fusing system including a heat storage mechanism
Method for estimating the power consumed in a microprocessor
Ultrasound sex determination of avian hatchlings
Image processing system
MR method for exciting the nuclear magnetization in a limited volume
Protein fold recognition using sequence-derived predictions
Method and apparatus for producing a three-dimensional digital model of an orthodontic patient
Method for generating a refined structural model of a molecule
Efficient electromagnetic full-wave simulation in layered semiconductor media
Option fixing device
Implantable medical device for measuring time varying physiologic conditions especially edema and fo...
Method and apparatus for operating coriolis flowmeters at cryogenic temperatures
Electrochromic rearview mirror incorporating a third surface partially transmissive reflector
System for improving search area selection
Method and system for merging event-based data and sampled data into postprocessed trace output
Access security system
Low distortion ECG filter
Method for making an improved paintball grenade
Method and device for reading navigation data
Method of constructing a microwave antenna
Multi task information recordation system and information storage medium
Method of and apparatus for dynamic alignment of substrates
Pelagic free swinging aquatic vehicle
Reference cell
Synthetic particles as agglutination reagents
Flexible hydraulic brake line assembly for a motor vehicle
Substrate for planographic printing
Preparation of crosslinkable water-soluble or water-dispersible compositions and radiation-sensitive...
Optical proximity detector
Satellite multimedia delivery to vehicles
Secure gateway for analyzing textual content to identify a harmful impact on computer systems with k...
Electronic watermarking method, electronic information distribution system, image filing apparatus a...
Establishing a point-to-point internet communication
Oak tree named `QNFTA`
Asymmetric monofluorinated benzaldehyde alditol derivatives and compositions and articles containing...
Method and apparatus for controlling severity of cracking operations by near infrared analysis in th...
Central office technician notification and information system
Partial OCR note confirmation methods
Remote operating system
Image-forming apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
Honeycomb particulate filters
Elastomer delustering method
Fluororesin composition
Silicone composition and cured silicone product
Coating agent composition and composite film
CRT panel glass and CRT, and their production methods
Bulk internal bragg gratings and optical devices
Slurry container
Non-volatile memory semiconductor device including a graded, grown, high quality oxide layer and ass...
Channel band conversion apparatus for optical transmission systems
Hole patching device and method of use
Quick release locking device for a strap
Drag-free hull for marine vessels
Apparatus for providing resistance to cargo spills and terrorism at sea
Safe remotely operated single operator personal boat mooring system
Aqua turbo generator
Propylene glycol alginate gels
Electronically tuned active antenna apparatus
Human antibodies that bind human TNFa
Narsissus plant named `Charles Thatham`
Two step synthesis of D- and L- .alpha.-amino acids and D- and L- .alpha.-amino aldehydes
Method of treating iron overload with acetaminophen
Breathing sole
Hybrid switching mode liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing thereof
Microelectromechanical system for measuring angular rate
System and method for layered video coding enhancement
Mixer circuit with output stage for implementation on integrated circuit
66 KDA antigen from Borrelia
Immunomodulatory peptides
Scalable long-term shelf preservation of sensitive biological solutions and suspensions
DNA molecule encoding for cellular uptake of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and uses thereof
Printed circuit board configuration having reduced EMC/EMI interference in electromechanical relay c...
System, method and computer program product for increasing the performance of a proxy server
Method of resizing a liquid crystal display
Flowable germanium doped silicate glass for use as a spacer oxide
Small-sized hydroelectric power generating apparatus
Pop-up items having pressure-sensitive adhesive
Reactive matching for waveguide-slot-microstrip transitions
Plasma enhanced chemical deposition of conjugated polymer
Method of forming a semiconductor contact that includes selectively removing a Ti-containing layer f...
Method and laser system for production of high-resolution laser-induced damage images inside transpa...
Phosphabenzene compounds and their use in hydroformylation
Clocking scheme for independently reading and writing multiple width words from a memory array
Oil free dry screw compressor including variable speed drive
Device for measuring the forces generated by a rotor Imbalance
Process for the preparation of perfluoropolyoxyalkylenes with hydroxyl end groups
Image forming device having grounded photoreceptor
Method and system for data protection
Method for paint repair in a reduced retooling cost system
Remote data access and system control
Compact microwave-powered lamp, inkjet printer using this lamp, and ultraviolet light curing using t...
Surface light source device and adjusting method of chromaticity thereof
Electronic device with interleaved portions for use in integrated circuits
Label system
Backed sanitaryware and process for the production thereof
Solventless, resistless direct dielectric patterning
Miniaturized thermal cycler
Method for fabricating biosensors using hydrophilic polyurethane
Daylily plant named `Red Hot Returns`
Variable resonator
Water-resistant and floatable footwear and method of manufacture therefor
Fuel and process for fuel production
Optical mirror coatings for high-temperature diffusion barriers and mirror shaping
Driving method and driving circuit for piezoelectric transformer, cold cathode tube emission device,...
Cost based materialized view selection for query optimization
Thermographic imaging elements and processes for their use
Timing and control and data acquisition for a multi transducer ground penetrating radar system
Magnetic head including stepped core and magneto-optical recording device using the same
System for managing power of peripheral communications by automatically closing communications chann...
Oil bodies and associated proteins as affinity matrices
Magnetic head for high coercive force magnetic recording medium
Method and apparatus for performing generational garbage collection using barrier bits
Optimal line break determination
Data transfer control method and system, data transfer control program file, and file storage medium
Flexible interconnecting substrate, film, carrier, tape-shaped semiconductor device, semiconductor d...
Automatic tool changer
Boom of bucket type excavator and method for making same
Liquid-filled ornament
Portable information apparatus incorporating radio communication antenna
Techniques for hydraulic fracturing combining oriented perforating and low viscosity fluids
Fluorescent maleimides and uses thereof
Norbornene fluoroacrylate copolymers and process for the use thereof
Pulse width modulation utilizing a shifted control signal
Therapeutic infrared energy wrist cover
Toner cartridge with mixed toner delivery apparatus
Conveyor, and weighing machine and metal detecting machine using the conveyor
Method to control refuse management fleets
Indenoisoquinolines as antineoplastic agents
Method and device for generating optical radiation
Method of fabricating group III-V nitride compound semiconductor and method of fabricating semicondu...
Magnetic random access memory capable of writing information with reduced electric current
Automatic identification equipment and IC cards
Method for forming a dielectric layer of a semiconductor device
Secondary battery having cap assembly
Aerosol actuator
Hand held induction tool
EDTA and other chelators with or without antifungal antimicrobial agents for the prevention and trea...
IGF-I point variants
Shrub rose plant named `Meipreston`
Exhausting spring structure for high-pressure discharging pipe of compressor
Snap-fit throttle shaft
Linear guide rail and method for working same
Externally pressurized gas bearing spindle
Conductive ceramic bearing ball, ball bearing, motor having bearing, hard disk drive, and polygon sc...
Device for measuring and adjusting preloading on bearings
Expansion turbine for low-temperature applications
Cushioning device for footwear
Reflective liquid crystal display device
Method for stabilizing operation of fluid catalytic converter units
Flexure coupling block for motion sensor
Method and apparatus for charging a piezoelectric element
Method and device for monitoring a bearing arrangement
TGF-B inhibitors and methods
Nucleic acids encoding GTPase activating proteins
Storage medium having electronic circuit, apparatus communicating information with the electronic ci...
Sheet metal rocker arm, manufacturing method thereof, cam follower with said rocker arm, and assembl...
Method and apparatus to eliminate inadvertent horn activation
Local loop telecommunication repeater housings employing thermal collection, transfer and distributi...
System for managing and automatically deleting network address identified and stored during a networ...
System and method for managing channel usage in a data over cable system
Signal time of arrival estimation method and system
Free solution ligand interaction molecular separation method
Continuous preparation of incorporated photographic amides
Method for the preparation of citalopram
Data transmission system
Secure gateway having routing feature
Multiple storage class distributed nametags for locating items in a distributed computing system
Magnetic head and method of manufacturing the same
Three-dimensional stacked semiconductor package
Method for providing pre-designed modules for programmable logic devices
Dynamic load cell apparatus
Manually operable and self erecting foldable planar image board and easel composite display device
Signal coupling methods and arrangements
Carbon fiber-filled sheet molding compound and method of manufacturing same
Aqueous cationic tenside preparations, method for the production and use thereof
Multicomponent superabsorbent gel particles
Porous insulating compounds and method for making same
Apparatus and methods for separation/purification utilizing rapidly cycled thermal swing sorption
Security system for network address translation systems
Apparatus and method for providing access security to a device coupled upon a two-wire bidirectional...
Free space optical interconnect system tolerant to misalignments and method of operation thereof
Database system and method of organizing an n-dimensional data set
Method of detecting residue on a polished wafer
Paclitaxel formulation
Method and apparatus for rendering an IC design layout employing graphics files at low zoom-in facto...
Database having a hierarchical structure utilized for designing system-on-chip integrated circuit de...
Method of designing a semiconductor integrated circuit device in a short time
Method of placing a repeater cell in an electricalcircuit
Semiconductor device
MRAM configuration
Reference level generator and memory device using the same
Data analysis method and apparatus for data mining
Potting compound for fabrication of fiber optic gyro sensor coil and method for fabricating sensor c...
High strength composite thermoelectric cooler and method for making same
Nectarine tree named `Zee Fire`
Standby SBC backplate
Absorbent article with improved fluid acquisition system
Method and system for providing radiation treatment to a patient
Method and system for providing limited access privileges with an untrusted terminal
Golf club head
Resin binder composition for non-contact fixing process
Configurable man-machine interface
Magnetic head moving motor and magnetic recording apparatus
Gas-flow device for automatic shotguns
Easily manipulated closures for bag-like containers, containers incorporating the same, and methods ...
High resolution TFT liquid crystal display device having a wide TFT channel
Microminiature thermionic converters
Digital controlled electronic ballast with piezoelectric transformer
Agitated vessel for producing a suspension of solids
Process for multi-layer coating
Aqueous electrodeposition coating, the production and use thereof
Process for the production of polyamides from dinitriles and diamines
Ink jet printing method
Colored interference pigment
Photocatalytic process
Air-cleaning apparatus and air-cleaning method
Antifungal compositions with improved bioavailability
Gold based heterogeneous carbonylation catalysts
Method for the production of serinol
System and method for creating and inserting multiple data fragments into an electronic mail message
Texture filtering for surface elements
Extended-life toner cartridge for a laser printer
Universal robust filtering process
Road surface gradient detecting apparatus
Environmental traffic recognition identification prediction strategies
Method and apparatus to power up an integrated device from a low power state
Method and apparatus for continuous casting
Chemical product and method
Dual alloy piston and method of manufacture
Endless belt
Blends containing linear low density polyethylene, high density polyethylene, and low density polyet...
Platable engineered polyolefin alloys
System and methods for the reduction and elimination of image artifacts in the calibration of x-ray ...
Suture anchor
Nucleic acid molecules encoding the cytoplasmic domain of human Ob receptor
Method and apparatus for determining concentration of NH-containing species
Electrochemoluminescent detector
Pharmaceutical compositions, methods, and kits for treatment and diagnosis of lung cancer
Disk cartridge
Systems and components for enhancing rear vision from a vehicle
Process for introducing a liquid in a fluidized bed
Chemically modified polyethylene oxide compositions with improved environmental stability
Aromatic amine curatives and their use
Low compression, resilient golf balls including an inorganic sulfide catalyst and methods for making...
Poly(ethylene oxide) coated surfaces
Tannate compositions and methods of treatment
FKBP inhibitors
Combinatorial synthesis system
Diagnostic agent for diabetes
Polymer electrolyte
Anti-inflammatory compounds
Metal oxide electrochemical pseudocapacitor having conducting polymer coated electrodes
Cylindrical lithium-ion battery
Cordless telephone handset cradle
Method and apparatus for enforcing locking invariants in multi-threaded systems
Method and apparatus for generating encryption stream ciphers
Apparatus for reducing an electrical noise inside a ball grid array package
Mechanism allowing asynchronous access to graphics adapter frame buffer physical memory linear apert...
Method for choosing device among plurality of devices based on coherncy status of device's data and ...
Roadway sign
Semi-enclosed applicator for distributing a substance onto a target surface
Mobile radio terminal and automatic frequency control circuit
Composite material
Synergistic flame retardant combination of salts of 1-hydroxy-dihydrophosphole oxides and/or 1-hydro...
Valve-regulated lead-acid cells and batteries and separators used in such cells and batteries
Method and apparatus for the deposition of metal nanoclusters and films on a substrate
Fluid distribution surface for solid oxide fuel cells
Strongly textured atomic ridge and dot Mosfets, sensors and filters
Printed circuit board and manufacturing process thereof
High and very high voltage DC power cable
Fuel supply system for a vehicle including a vaporization device for converting fuel and water into ...
Modified polymer and modified polymer membranes
Method and apparatus for osteoporosis screening
Method for detecting or repairing intercell defects in more than one array of a memory device
Vehicle mounted device and a method for transmitting vehicle position data to a network-based server
Method for obtaining precision road maps
Vehicular route optimization system and method
Navigation apparatus, navigation method, and information recording medium in which program for navig...
System and method for avoidance of collision between vehicles
Method and apparatus for performing refueling transactions using customer-issued speech commands
Gaming machines with board game theme, apparatus and method
Method for optimising coverage by reshaping antenna pattern
Methods and apparatus for preventing unauthorized write access to a protected non-volatile storage
Clasp for jewelry and accessory
Revolving structure for built-up toy
Toy building set
Toy construction element
Built-up spinning top
Auto-ignition combustion management in internal combustion engine
Photothermographic element comprising a fluorescent dye and methods of image formation
Electronic watermark insertion device
Method for increasing the functionality of a media player/recorder device
Secure storage device for transfer of digital camera data
Electronic mail message checking system
Network image view server using efficient client-server, tiling and caching architecture
Method for transferring data files between a user and an internet server
Method and apparatus for providing accelerated content delivery over a network
Webbing tension sensor
Replication-competent herpes simplex virus
Compositions and methods for recombinant Adeno-Associated Virus production
Green fluorescent protein
DNA regulatory element for the expression of transgenes in neurons of the mouse forebrain
Adaptive data security system and method
Broadcast service access control
Inverse inference engine for high performance web search
Document search method for registering documents, generating a structure index with elements having ...
Framework for dynamic hierarchical grouping and calculation based on multidimensional member charact...
Database structure having tangible and intangible elements and management system therefor
Method and device for object control with a plurality of operation-target flags
Aerosol delivery apparatus for chemical reactions
Method and apparatus for cleaning flue gases
Foundry binder and process
Waveguide plate and process for its production and microtitre plate
Temperature moderation of an oxygen enriched claus sulfur plant using an ejector
Low temperature process for the production of hydrogen
Multi-layer fullerenes and method of manufacturing same
Carbon electrode material for a vanadium-based redox-flow battery
Catalyst composition including attrition particles and method for making same
Linear cyclodextrin copolymers
Stable dispersion of liquid hydrophilic and oleophilic phases in a conveyor lubricant
Layered nanofabrication
Method for manufacturing filter having ceramic porous film as separating film
Heat stable self-sealing tire liner
Cleaning composition comprising alkoxy substituted perfluoro compounds
Imagewise printing of adhesives and limited coalescence polymerization method
Mg-Al-based hydrotalcite-type particles, chlorine-containing resin composition and process for produ...
Record material for pressure-sensitive copying systems
Devices for use in MALDI mass spectrometry
High bandwidth memory interface
Tunable optoelectronic frequency filter
Optical waveguide connectors
Cathode ray tube with magnetic coil for display enhancement
Method for preventing or treating elevated blood lipid level-related diseases by administering rutin...
Strain of streptomyces, and relevant uses thereof
Method for increasing productivity in breeder hens
Golf tee and golf ball display
Non-volatile memory read/write security protection feature selection through non-volatile memory bit...
Substrate-fluorescent LED
Three terminal magnetic random access memory
Nonvolatile ferroelectric memory device and method for detecting weak cell using the same
Monoclonal antibody specific to polypeptide which induces interferon-G.gamma. production
Recombinant narbonolide polyketide synthase
Inexpensive, reliable, planar RFID tag structure and method for making same
Plastic material made from a polymer blend
Flame retardant resin compositions
Oxygen scavenging condensation copolymers for bottles and packaging articles
Process for producing particulate, water-soluble cellulose derivatives
Method and device for detecting and differentiating between contaminations and accepts as well as be...
Lithographic printing plate precursor
Blocking saves to web browser cache based on content rating
Article comprising a cell system
Method for collecting and disposing of human waste
Disposable oxygenating device
Virtual distributed multimedia gaming method and system based on actual regulated casino games
Circuit board cooling system
High-speed multi mode fiber optic link
Telephone enabling remote programming of a video recording device
Method for optimizing forward link power levels during soft handoffs in a wireless telecommunication...
Method and system for consistent update and retrieval of document in a WWW server
Method for producing optical quartz glass for excimer lasers and vertical-type heating furnace
Marine instrument
Shielding device for protection of floaters of an inflatable boat
Pontoon watercraft
Polycarbonate resin pellet tank type container and transportation method using the same
Process for desalination of saline water, especially water, having increased product yield and quali...
Systems and methods for locating subsurface objects
All-purpose multi-carrier label
Low odor reactive coalescent
Structure of ventilation motor assembly in microwave oven
Cyclic diamine compound with 6-membered ring groups
Game machine having a main unit exchanging data with a portable slave machine
Recording medium having sequentially accessible data recording regions, data access method, game pro...
Goal shot training system
Tennis ball
GPS receiver
Image processor, image processing method, medium and game machine
Information processing device and method for reading information recorded on an information recordin...
Illuminated transparent article having a semi-transparent image thereon
Value-bearing document with window
Integrated pressure sensitive adhesive label application surface and pull card holder
Method of making a security label
Web printing process for labels
Electronic notification agent
Chemblox educational molecular models
Method for monitoring food intake
Compositions and methods for modulating apoptosis
Base protecting groups and rapid process for oligonucleotide synthesis
Male-sterile brassica plants and methods for producing same
Domain objects for use in a freeform graphics system
Xerographic printing apparatus, varying bias during the transfer step
Auger for magnetic materials with specific use for developer transport in elelctrographic printing s...
Toner transport apparatus using flexible augers
Transfer device, image-forming apparatus using the same and method for producing transferring member
Method for compensating position of robot using laser measuring instrument
Information processing device, information processing method and storage medium
Lithium ion-selective electrode for clinical applications
Vertically aligned liquid crystal display with improved viewing characteristics
Semiconductor memory device
Low latency shared memory switch architecture
Image forming apparatus, including a lock unit for preventing a reading unit and a platen cover from...
Method for inhibiting melanogenesis and uses thereof
Passive purification in metal hydride storage apparatus
Stabilizer conductor comprising an aluminum based cryogenic stabilizer
Process for the production of Nb3A1 extra-fine multifilamentary superconducting wire
Fe-Ni alloy shadow mask blank with excellent etch perforation properties and method for manufacturin...
Computer numerical control utilizing synchronized logic execution in an open computer platform
Wiring design apparatus and method thereof
Method and system for self-replicating manufacturing stations
Process for the production of pyridine derivatives
Polymerizable biaryls, process for their preparation and their use
Display device
Self-emissive display device of active matrix type and organic EL display device of active matrix ty...
Liquid crystal display device, wiring substrate, and methods for fabricating the same
Preparation of energy storage materials
Aluminum trihydroxide phase
Fabrication of microfluidic circuits by printing techniques
Method of appraising a dielectric film, method of calibrating temperature of a heat treatment device...
Preparation of epoxides from alkanes using lanthanide-promoted silver catalysts
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor memory device having capacitor protection layer and method for manufacturing the same
Bulk acoustic wave filter with optimized series and shunt resonator static capacitances
Vehicle steering damping system with magnetostrictive element
Apparatus and method for detecting a child seat
Control system for hybrid vehicles
Method of electronic brake force distribution while cornering
Method and arrangement for controlling a vehicle and/or for providing driver information when there ...
Dual network housing device
Satellite telephone handset
Systems and methods for maintaining the voice path connection during caller disconnect of an emergen...
Task oriented dialog model and manager
Speech recognition assisted data entry system and method
Sidecar steering aid
Bicycle protector
Retroflective prismatic retro-reflectors without visually disturbing seams
Stationary exercise bicycle with shock absorption system
Method and apparatus for boxing
Trauma mitigation and pressure reducing composition
Isocyanoalkylcarbonic acid derivatives, the reaction thereof in isocyanide multicomponent reactions ...
Swing support assembly
Elevated wooden racetrack for go-karts and associated methods
Skiing facilities capable of changing shape of surface of ski slope and method for changing shape of...
Method and apparatus for detecting and deterring the submission of similar offers in a commerce syst...
System and method for retrieving information from a database using an index of XML tags and metafile...
Packet filtering in connection-based switching networks
Methods and apparatus for preventing atrial arrhythmias by overdrive pacing multiple heart tissue si...
Component testing with a client system in an integrated test environment network
Video distributing apparatus and video distributing system
Light fixture
Communication enabled consumer products and controller
Traffic control system for signalling timely any obstruction on the road
Satellite digital audio radio service tuner architecture for reception of satellite and terrestrial ...
Method for location registration of mobile stations in a mobile communications system
Method and system for providing general information to users in a mobile radio network
Apparatus for low-temperature annealing of metallization microstructures in the production of a micr...
Aminohydroxylation of olefins in the presence of acetamide
Intramedullary interlock screw
Method and apparatus for sequentially reproducing optical recording media
Rotating oleodynamic distribution system for the steering of rear axles of vehicles
System for completing a multi-component task initiated by a client involving Web sites without requi...
Vector for expression of heterologous protein and methods for extracting recombinant protein and for...
Methods and compositions for treating pain of the mucous membrane
System for polymerizing collagen and collagen composites in situ for a tissue compatible wound seala...
Effervescent drug delivery system for oral administration
Anti viral composition
Antithrombogenic polymer coating
Methods of preventing or reducing scarring with decorin or biglycan
Pharmaceutical compositions for topical use containing hyaluronic acid and its derivatives
Optically active 1,4-benzodioxin-2-carboxylic acid derivatives and process for producing the same
Optocouplers having integrated organic light-emitting diodes
Crosstalk reduction in a bidirectional optical link
Tunable multi-channel optical attenuator (TMCOA)
Method for actively modelocking an all-fiber laser
Data fetching control mechanism and method for fetching optimized data for bus devices behind host b...
Method and apparatus for preparing polyaniline
Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
Emission control device and method
Systems and methods for controlling a presentation using physical objects
Correction of a pseudo-range model from a GPS almanac
Electro ceramic MEMS structure with oversized electrodes
Coupler for digital communication on electric power-lines
Strobe control device
Damper device for camera
Camera display apparatus having rotating elements to indicate information
Photometry device for a camera including external light sensor
Halogen addition for improved adhesion of CVD copper to barrier
Rechargeable battery system for hand-held devices
Shared memory multiprocessor system and method with address translation between partitions and reset...
Apparatus and method for multiple channel high throughput purification
Twist mop
Single use applicator
Snow cone cart
Janitorial cart
Fork lift truck
Data recovery system for radio frequency identification interrogator
Continuous electrolytically regenerated packed bed suppressor for ion chromatography
Chiral ligands for asymmetric catalysis
Process for the production of white oil
Method for hydrogenating aromatic polymers in the presence of special catalysts
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and semiconductor device
Automated brush plating process for solid oxide fuel cells
Focusing electrode and method for field emission displays
Methods and apparatus for time domain reflectometry
Method, system and program for topographical interfacing
Gas-insulated switchgear
Solid state x-radiation detector modules and mosaics thereof, and an imaging method and apparatus em...
Optical switch using an integrated Mach-Zehnder interferometer having a movable phase shifter and as...
Multilayer ceramic electronic component
Ultrasonically-calibrated fast-start echo canceller for cellular and pcs telephone car kits
Surface texture measuring apparatus
Method of design for testability for integrated circuits
Lithium battery with boron-containing lithium-manganese complex oxide cathode material
Transition metal compound, catalyst component for olefin polymerization and process for the preparat...
Radio telephone with a combined battery and support structure
Delay coordinating system for a system of operatively coupled agricultural machines
Semiconductor memory device with an on-chip error correction circuit and a method for correcting a d...
Optical systems for Z-axis alignment of fiber, lens and source arrays
Disk drive device
Windowing mechanism for reducing pessimism in cross-talk analysis of digital chips
Children's ride-on vehicle and bucket assembly
Sub-oceanic cable network system and method
Service quality monitoring process
Dual communication services interface for distributed transaction processing
Methods, systems and computer program products for centralized management of application programs on...
Bus system
Process for the production of metal melts
Cosmetic products for the reduction of sweat acidity
Combined calcium and vitamin D supplements
Method of hair treatment using organic amino compounds
Color stable iron and zinc fortified compositions
Detergent compositions comprising phenol oxidizing enzymes from fungi
Chelating compounds, their complexes with paramagnetic metals
Method for MRI data acquisition and reconstruction with minimal latency
Devices compositions and methods for the pulmonary delivery of aerosolized medicaments
Valve for osmotic devices
Antenna for wireless communication system
Process and an apparatus for loading a disposable camera with a photographic roll film, and a dispos...
Method of manufacturing Fe-Ni alloy
High temperature oxidation resistant ductile iron
System and method for physically modeling electronic modules wiring
Method and apparatus for pre-routing dynamic run-time reconfigurable logic cores
Method and apparatus for providing intermittent connectivity support in a computer application
Heteropolysaccharide produced by an agrobacterium radiobacter
Polyvinyl chloride resins and method of preparation and use in the production of whitened polyvinyl ...
Polyurethane dispersants
Engineered polyolefin materials with enhanced surface durability and methods of making same
Bleaching compositions
Oral care kits and compositions
System and method for locating individuals and equipment, airline reservation system, communication ...
Radio frequency data communications device with adjustable receiver sensitivity and method
Acoustic detection of stress-induced mechanical damage in a borehole wall
Enhanced submucosal tissue graft constructs
Cells, genetically modified with optical marker
Passive cardiac assistance device
Direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC)
Benzamidoxime derivatives, intermediates and processes for their preparation, and their use as fungi...
Human tumor necrosis factor receptor-like proteins TR11, TR11SV1, and TR11SV2
Pyrrolidin-2-one compounds and their use as neuraminidase inhibitors
Cloning of chicken anemia DNA
Gene expressed in prostate cancer
Method and apparatus for segmental bone replacement
Bloom-resistant benzotriazole UV absorbers and compositions stabilized therewith
Acrylic films and acrylic laminates
Non-yellowing part-tertiary-alkyl phenyl substituted triazine and pyrimidine ultraviolet light absor...
Filter for illusion apparatus
Cremation remains container
Miniature connector array
Rear light unit for a vehicle and circuit therefor
Indication lamp
Lighting apparatus for illuminating well-defined limited areas
Personal security assembly
Discharge lamp with ventilation passage
Clamping structure assembly of projection lamp
Sun phantom led traffic signal
Convertible portable telephone
Method of streaming video from multiple sources over a network
Method for generating information sub-streams for FF/REW applications
Method and system for acquiring a three-dimensional shape description
Long-life focal plane shutter for reconnaissance cameras
Photo-taking apparatus, control method adapted for the photo-taking apparatus, and computer program ...
Optical fiber mounting and cleaving device and method
Temperature compensated fiber bragg grating
Optical fiber management system
Optical fiber holder
Micro-optoelectromechanical system based device with aligned structures and method for fabricating s...
Pool and spa components with fiber optic illumination
Object-base digital image predictive coding transfer method and apparatus, and decoding apparatus
Apparatus and method of decoding an image using a statistical model based on pixels
Wavelet image compression and decompression
Image processing method and apparatus
Image information network
Apparatus and method for image data interpolation and medium on which image data interpolation progr...
System and method for improved digital differential analyzer
Multi-phase cardiac imager
Method of and devices for fluorescence diagnosis of tissue, particularly by endoscopy
ECG auto-gain control
Method and apparatus for electroencephalography
Antimicrobial 2-pyridones, their compositions and uses
Phosphate-treated steel plate
Method and apparatus for capping container cans for food products and drinks
Implantable nickel-free stainless steel stents and method of making the same
Gemstone measurement apparatus
Animal feed supplement comprising specific phospholipid compositions
Lipolytic enzymes
Composition containing bamboo charcoal and carrier having the same
Method of preparing and using compositions extracted from vegetable matter for the treatment of neur...
Process for making mineral, food or pharmaceutical grade salt products
Oven and rotisserie
Exchangeable storage apparatus, recording medium drive actuator, head drive actuator, and recording ...
Security and tracking system
Osteopontin coated surfaces and methods of use
Apparatus for the integration of television signals and information from an information service prov...
Method of producing an endoprosthesis as a joint substitute for a knee joint
Boar cart for insemination of sows
Animal ear holder apparatus and method of obtaining desired animal behavior
Method and apparatus for dispersing pigeons
Fly bite and botfly prevention legging for equine
Fishing reel
Chimeric animal model susceptible to human hepatitis C virus infection
Transgenic mice expressing mutant human APP and forming congo red staining plaques
Computer software products for nucleic acid hybridization analysis
Method, apparatus, and article of manufacture for providing access to data stored in compressed file...
Error detection in cache tag array using valid vector
Translation lookaside buffer flush filter
Method and apparatus for high-speed network rule processing
Method and apparatus for evolving an object using simulated annealing and genetic processing techniq...
Textile substrate
Ferroelectric memory having a BaTiO3 recording layer oriented in a <111> direction
Memory cell array and method for manufacturing it
Acoustic frequency selection in acoustic logging tools
Method for writing and/or erasing high density data on a media
Process for reconstructing a three-dimensional image of an object
Methods and apparatus for object-based process control
Estradiol derivative and immunoassy using the same
Aliphatic esters and their utilization as perfuming ingredients
Multiplexed bus data transmission control system
Small molecule inhibitors of rotamase enzyme activity
Removal of photoresist and photoresist residue from semiconductors using supercritical carbon dioxid...
Method of lithiating five membered heterocycles
Process for the conversion of perfluoroalkanes, a catalyst for use therein and a method for its prep...
Fiber-containing detergent composition
Solubilization of 1,3,5-triazine derivatives with N-acyl amino acid esters
Smear-resistant cosmetic
Composition for use in personal care comprising organic acid salts of polymeric biguanidines
Cosmetic composition comprising a functionalized polyorganosiloxane
Method and apparatus for memory allocation in a multi-threaded virtual machine
Symmetry compensation for encoder pulse width variation
.DELTA.9 Tetrahydrocannabinol (.DELTA.9 THC) solution metered dose inhaler
Non-M non-O HIV strains, fragments and uses
Treatment of Kaposi's sarcoma with IL-12
Arylsulfonyl Hydroxamic Acid derivatives as MMP and TNF inhibitors
Plastic molding materials which can be detected by X-ray contrast
Security analyst performance tracking and analysis system and method
Customer feedback acquisition and processing system
Message broker apparatus, method and computer program product
Diagnosis and interpretation methods and apparatus for a personal nutrition program
Security services and policy enforcement for electronic data
Device for reliability creating electronic signatures
Method of cryptological authentification in a scanning identification system
Phone amplification and privacy device
PDA cradle
Nucleoside triphosphates and their incorporation into oligonucleotides
X-ray catheter with coaxial conductor
Electrode leads for use in laparoscopic surgery
Methods and devices to expand applications of intraoperative radiation probes
Methods and apparatus for tachycardia rate hysteresis for dual-chamber cardiac stimulators
Spinal cord stimulation leads
Toothbrush assembly
System and method for authenticating peer components
Communication system with multicarrier telephony transport
CD card
Embedded software negotiation of PCM companding format
Multi-layer structure with variable bandpass for monochromatization and spectroscopy
System and method of bridging a transreceiver coil of an implantable medical device during non-commu...
Selection and bundling method for random length materials
At-speed built-in self testing of multi-port compact sRAMs
Method and system for sampling rate conversion in digital audio applications
Air supply control device
Discrimination of information access methods
Write cache circuit, recording apparatus with write cache circuit, and write cache method
All digital automatic gain control circuit
Washer supply device for power nailers
System and method for voice access to internet-based information
Method and apparatus for Viterbi decoding of punctured codes
Collection of images in Web use reporting system
Adaptively transforming data from a first computer program for use in a second computer program
System and method for minimizing message transactions for fault-tolerant snapshots in a dual-control...
Methods and apparatus for memory allocation for object instances in an object-oriented software envi...
System and method for allocating storage space using bit-parallel search of bitmap
Methods and systems for testing parallel queues
Claus feed gas hydrocarbon removal
Method for improving personal computer reliability for systems that use certain power saving schemes
Penyl oxo-acetic acids useful in the treatment of insulin resistance and hyperglycemia
Heterocyclic inhibitors of p38
2-phenylbenzimidazoles and 2-phenylindoles, and production and use thereof
Utilization of dialkyfumarates
Nitromethylthiobenzene derivatives as inhibitors of aldose reductase
Integrated chip optical devices
Method for generating laser light and laser crystal
System and method for amplification of a laser beam
Method and arrangement in connection with optical bragg-reflectors
Multi-wavelength polarization monitor for use in fibre optic networks
Acousto-optic variable attenuator with active cancellation of back reflections
Highly doped fiber lasers and amplifiers
Method of authenticating beacon
Drill guide and method for drilling holes
Method of preparing magnetostrictive material in microgravity environment
Book containing model components combinable to form a three dimensional model
System for expressing complex data relationships using simple language constructs
Selective hydrodehalogenation method
Apparatus for keeping several versions of a file
Two-paste dental alginate impression material
Method for operating a magnetic resonance tomography apparatus with shim coil adjustment dependent o...
Tilted gradient coils
Wireless input apparatus
Voltage generating circuit, and common electrode drive circuit, signal line drive circuit and gray-s...
Printer system
Color image enhancement during YCbCr to RGB color conversion
Downsampling and upsampling of binary images
Plasma display screen comprising a red phosphor
Particle separator
Aerial fireworks product having synthetic resinous stabilizing base
Method for controlling an aerospace system to put a payload into an orbit
Inflatable airfoils, and elevated and propulsion driven vehicles
Launch lock for spacecraft payloads
Spacecraft orbit control using orbit position feedback
Flap actuator system
Automated job creation for job preparation
Apparatus for supplying cooling air to a cooler section in a fusing device
Golf ball and method of manufacturing the same
Method and system for providing implicit edge antialiasing
Apparatus for controlling data transfer between a bus and memory array and method for operating same
Stimulation of immune response with low doses of cytokines
Soft gel compatibilized polymer compound for high temperature use
Roasting oven with dual heating elements
Process for the preparation of ethylene copolymers, and their use as additives to mineral oil and mi...
Iontophoresis device and drug unit
Electrodepositable coating compositions comprising amine salt group-containing polymers prepared by ...
Interspecific tree named `Flavor Jewel`
Interspecific tree named `Spicezee`
Apricot tree named `Brittany Gold`
Interspecific tree named `Royal Treat`
Plum tree named `Rubirosa`
Peach tree named `Burpeachten`
Chrysanthemum plant named `White Yograceland`
Carrier system positioning method
Polypeptides having haloperoxide activity
Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of lung cancer
Segmented pre-formed intrastromal corneal insert
Fresh water generator and fresh water generating method
Electrochromic device having improved switching behavior
Tetrahydrofuran compounds having alicyclic structure
Residential load shedding
Method and apparatus for enhancing flux rates of a fluid in a microporated biological tissue
Therapeutic/cosmetic compositions comprising CGRP antagonists for treating skin redness/rosacea/disc...
Substituted imidazoles as selective modulators of Bradykinin B2 receptors
Use of catechol derivatives as proteinase inhibitors
G protein chimeras and methods of screening compounds
Vitreous form of known bradykinin antagonist
Human proteases and polynucleotides encoding the same
Perfusion lead and method of use
Modular tenon and slot mortise building blocks for habitable shelters
Middle armor block for a coastal structure and a method for placement of its block
Erosion control block adapted for use with cellular concrete mattresses
Material treatment method and apparatus
Method of forming an in-situ void system
Self-cleaning shallow water strainer
Apparatus and method for heating single insulated flowlines
Discriminator circuit for a charge detector
Aluminum-beryllium alloys for air bridges
Active load or source impedance synthesis apparatus for measurement test set of microwave components...
Apparatus and method for coding a moving picture
Preexposure method and apparatus for photosensitive films
Integrated circuit image sensor for wheel alignment systems
Coil driving method, coil driving apparatus and MRI apparatus
Conditional access system
Conductive heat sink
Automated shielding algorithm for dynamic circuits
Light-producing display having high aperture ratio pixels
Metallocenes, polymerization catalyst systems, their preparation, and use
Methods and apparatus for branch prediction using hybrid history with index sharing
Information providing apparatus and method, information receiving apparatus and method, and transmis...
Parallel module rotary screw compressor and method
Impact tool battery pack with acoustically-triggered timed impact shutoff
Visualization of nonenhanced MR lymphography
Method and apparatus for performing a perspective projection in a graphics device of a computer grap...
System and method utilizing a conductive brush for providing power signals to a cartridge access dev...
Computing device with a card receptacle
Decoding of embedded bit streams produced by context-based ordering and coding of transform coeffiec...
System and methods for reporting toner level in a partially sensed environment
Method and apparatus for programming a paste dispensing machine
Bus and/or interface local capture module for diagnostic analyzer
Electrocardiograph sensor and sensor control system for use with magnetic resonance imaging machines
Application-specific optimization of echo time in MR pulse sequences for investigating materials wit...
Toner replenishing device and toner cartridge thereof
Automated fee collection and parking ticket dispensing machine
Enhanced network caching and mirroring system
Network-based remotely-controlled power switch device
Logarithmic light intensifier for use with photoreceptor-based implanted retinal prosthetics and tho...
Unitary vacuum tube incorporating high voltage isolation
Vector kerr magnetometry
Method for removing substances from gases
Poly-material envelope organizer for receipts, coupons, and/or package (recyclable) for flat product...
Production of hexabromocyclododecane of enhanced gamma isomer content
Optical monitoring for OXC fabric
Apparatus and method for obtaining blood for diagnostic tests
System for modifying a master partition table of a master boot record to create a personalized local...
Nectarine tree named `Sweet August`
Sintered oil retaining bearing and fabrication method thereof
Bearing with adjustable setting
Bearing arrangement and method for fixing at least one bearing in place in a bearing retainer
Ceramic ball bearings and assembly
Wear-preventing and positioning device for a screw compressor
Friction bearing having an intermediate layer, notably binding layer, made of an alloy on aluminium ...
Axial ventilator with external-rotor drive motor
Liquid crystal display device in which neighboring pixel electrodes overlap source line by different...
Ignition timing control apparatus for internal combustion engine
System for active stiffness, power, and vibration control in bearings
Indole derivatives having an antiviral activity
Focusing of microparticles in microfluidic systems
Biodegradable botulinum toxin implant
Comb shunt for ESD protection
Electrical junction box
Fire detector with electronic frequency analysis
Density detection using real time discrete photon counting for fast moving targets
Plume shield for ion accelerators
Benzimidazolone antiviral agents
N-linked urea or carbamate of heterocyclic thioesters for vision and memory disorders
System and method for avoiding deadlock in a non-preemptive multi-threaded application running in a ...
Protecting information in a system
Bird launcher for training dogs, and method
Pre-bond encapsulation of area array terminated chip and wafer scale packages
Reactant, compound and process for the perfluoroalkylation of a nucleophile, and the derivatives obt...
High-isolation polarization diverse circular waveguide orthomode feed
Optical recording medium having light transparent cover layer smaller in outer diameter than substra...
Auto-oxidation and internal heating type reforming method and apparatus for hydrogen production
Apparatus and method for stimulating human tissue
Scheduler for avoiding bank conflicts in issuing concurrent requests to main memory
Gas turbine system and method
Charge maintenance system for lead-acid battery
Method and system for selection of a boot mode using unattended boot sequencing
2'-O-amino-containing nucleoside analogs and polynucleotides
Method of fabricating an SrRuO3 film
Article comprising a high power/broad spectrum superfluorescent fiber radiation source
Bar code driven data communication network
Embedding supplemental data in an information signal
Single phase aqueous surfactant-free nontoxic air freshening composition and wick-containing air fre...
Micro disc drive employing arm level microactuator
Photometry device
Nectarine tree named `September Bright`
Variant of vascular endothelial growth factor
Absorbent article
Apparatus and method for measuring the level of a fluid
Commutator motor with a vibration-isolating member around shaft
Controller-based radio frequency amplifier module and method
Display system for airplane cockpit or other vehicle
Wearable computer and garment system
Pyrotechnic ignition apparatus and method
Spring disc for securing a combustible cartridge case to a case base
Display device formed on semiconductor substrate and display system using the same
Suspension fitting for a motor vehicle exhaust system, and a vehicle fitted therewith
Nozzle guard alignment for ink jet printhead
Piezoelectric lighter with safety arrangement
Compounds and methods
Toluene extraction of dinitrotoluene wash water
Multi-line ADSL modulation
Program information broadcasting system, broadcasting device, and receiving terminal unit
2,2,1 Asymmetric partial response target in a sampled amplitude read channel for disk storage system...
Compression apparatus for diagnostically examining breast tissue
Method of nucleic acid compaction
Certain alkylene diamine-substituted heterocycles
Switching method in a multi-threaded processor
Lithium secondary battery
Universal serial bus powered battery charger
Process for the application of a metal film on a polymer surface of a subject
Method for making micrometer-sized carbon tubes
Electronic component
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Lithium secondary battery
Electrolyte comprising fluoro-ethylene carbonate and propylene carbonate, for alkali metal-ion secon...
Apparatus and method for disposing of pet waste
Constructing, downloading, and accessing page bundles on a portable client having intermittent netwo...
Microlens formation through focal plane control of an aerial image
Methods and circuits for testing a circuit fabrication process for device uniformity
Method and system for programming a peripheral flash memory via an IDE bus
Hepatocyte lineage cells derived from pluripotent stem cells
Treatment for fabrics
Floral container
Transmission/reception apparatus and transmit power control method
Interferon-alpha mediated upregulation of aquaporin expression
Process for bleaching paper using bleaching-active dendrimer ligands
Method of manufacturing a photovoltaic device
Micro-fuel cell sensor apparatus and method for modeling the sensor response time
Method for producing hydrogen
Fluid permeable flexible graphite article with enhanced electrical and thermal conductivity
Polycyanoaryl ether and method for production thereof
Double-faced pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet and pressure-sensitive adhesive member
Preparation of substituted olefins
Bridged metallocenes for olefin copolymerization