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Miniature monolithic optical add-drop multiplexer
Methods of treatment using NBS-1, antibodies and proteins thereto, and uses of the antibodies
Semiconductor device and display device having laser-annealed semiconductor element
Semiconductor thin film and semiconductor device
Ultra-thin alkaline earth metals as stable electron-injecting electrodes for polymer light emitting ...
EL display device, driving method thereof, and electronic equipment provided with the EL display dev...
Video signal processing circuit, video display and electronic equipment both using the circuit, and ...
Organic electroluminescent display device
Liquid crystal display in which at least one pixel includes both a transmissive region and a reflect...
Cleaning blade for latent image holding member, apparatus for forming image and process for forming ...
Microlens for surface mount products
Optical element, optical control method and device using this optical element, and method of manufac...
Electro chromic assembly based on poly (3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene derivatives in the electrochromic...
Capacitor with defect isolation and bypass
Telomerase inhibitors and methods of their use
Noise attenuation device
Electronic exercise system
Apparatus and methods for enhanced exercises and back pain relief
Titanium-base decoration member and method for curing the same
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery and method of manufacturing the same
Method of controlling reception in data broadcast receiver
Automated interpretation of T-wave alternans results
Method and apparatus for selecting a processing mode for a bicycle computer
Use of substituted N-phenoxy-N-phenyl aminoalcohol compounds for inhibiting cholesteryl ester transf...
Use of substituted N,N-disubstituted non-fused heterocyclo amino compounds for inhibiting cholestery...
Kalanchoe plant named `Jepmoni`
System and method of presenting channelized data
Manipulation of computer volume segments
Method and apparatus to allow remotely located computer programs and/or data to be accessed on a loc...
Network security and surveillance system
Role-based navigation of information resources
Computer remote power on
Integrated graphics processing unit with antialiasing
Graphics system interface
Circuit and method for trilinear filtering using texels from only one level of detail
Single platform electronic tester
File server system using connection-oriented protocol and sharing data sets among data movers
Communication channel selecting method and base station device
Method and apparatus for determining the position of a mobile communication device using low accurac...
Dual band portable phone switchable between different phone systems
Autonomous control method and process for an investment casting shell
Radio frequency tracking filter
Micro-environment chamber and system for rinsing and drying a semiconductor workpiece
Chemical solutions system for processing semiconductor materials
Semiconductor wafer processing apparatus having improved wafer input/output handling system
Surgical method for treating urinary incontinence, and apparatus for use in same
Method of producing an apertured covering sheet for an absorbent article and a material produced in ...
Wrist support
Methods for controlling deployment of an occupant restraint in a vehicle and determining whether the...
Power management for an implantable medical device
Ten paneled basketball
Copy button on drive
Method and system for subscriber provisioning of wireless services
Use of anabolic agents anti-catabolic agents and antioxidant agents for protection treatment and rep...
Chitosan formulation with azelaic acid and other actives for the treatment of acne
Methods of modifying surface characteristics
Method of making synthetic hydrophilic polymers and products resulting therefrom
Antibodies against lymphocyte-associated cell surface protein LAM-1
Optical system unit for optical transceiver
Optical information medium and recording method therefor
Device and system for waveform shaping
Segmented waveguide for large diameter fiber optic rotary joint
Large scale mixed-signal integrated circuit design
Chip card rebate system
Maintaining counters for high performance object cache
Link plate for silent chains and method of producing the same
Silent chain
Tensioner with plunger stopper mechanism
Methods of using viral replicase polynucleotides and polypeptides
Web application for accessing media streams
Multimedia search and indexing for automatic selection of scenes and/or sounds recorded in a media f...
Detection of polymorphisms by denaturing high-performance liquid chromatography
Method and device for handling propelling charges in fully and semi-automatic loading systems for ar...
Device to fasten a sealing base onto an ammunition case and base adapted to this fastening device
Flammable liquids
Lubricant reservoir insert for a bearing housing
Rolling bearing with sealing plate having grease enclosed therein
Rolling device
Bearing arrangement for a shaft supporting a rotating tool
Overlay material for plain bearing
Bushing assembly having an inbuilt lubricating member
Motor having a plain bearing for adjusting an axial play of a rotor shaft and associated method ther...
Large volume twin shaft compulsory mixer
Interface control of communication between a control processor and a digital signal processor
Method and apparatus for providing bimodal voltage references for differential signaling
Method and apparatus for differential strobing
Floor mat
Position display device
Shaped multilayer metal foil shield structures and method of making
Method and system for network-based speech recognition
Method and apparatus for locating and providing services to mobile devices
Switching system with MEMS modification of a signal wavefront
Method for displaying result of hybridization experiment using biochip and method for evaluating exp...
Rangefinder apparatus
Filter change-over device
Nozzle base for vacuum cleaner
Handle for a vacuum cleaner
Hand tool
Ice scraper
Trash receptacle
System and method for detecting double-bit errors and for correcting errors due to component failure...
Timing diagram compiler and runtime environment for interactive generation of executable test progra...
Method and apparatus for obtaining coherent accesses with posted writes from multiple software drive...
Optimizing computer performance by using data compression principles to minimize a loss function
Method and apparatus for switching clocks presented to synchronous SRAMs
Method and apparatus for bus hang detection and identification of errant agent for fail safe access ...
Apparatus and methods for controlling restart conditions of a faulted process
Water soluble package and liquid contents thereof
Process for producing particles of amine reaction product
Method of pretreating and bleaching stained fabrics
Process for preparing detergent tablet
C16 unsaturated FP-selective prostaglandins analogs
Sulfation process
Dock exchange system for composite guidewires
Radio-frequency reception arrangement for a magnetic resonance apparatus
Catalyzing the transient response in steady-state MRI sequences
Magnetic resonance analyzing flow meter and flow measuring method
Quiet mode magnetic resonance imaging system and method
Method of employing angle images for measuring object motion in tagged magnetic resonance imaging
Anti-dandruff and conditioning shampoos containing polyalkylene glycols and cationic polymers
Method of treating coronary artery disease by administering a recombinant FGF
VEGF-gelonin for targeting the vasculature of solid tumors
VEGF-related protein
Method for regulating hair growth
Method of acylating peptides and novel acylating agents
Ion exchange chromatography of proteins and peptides
Coherent jet system using liquid fuel flame shroud
Monocular head-mounted display system
Microlarynx electrosurgical probe for treating tissue
Eyeglass retainer
Aluminum electrolytic capacitor and method for producing the same
Slide apparatus
Robot control device, robot control method and storage medium
Vehicle entertainment system having built-in test environment server
Method and system for measuring system availability for in-flight entertainment systems
Water globe with touch sensitive sound activation
System for data management based on hand gestures
Compositions and methods for improved delivery of hydrophobic agents
Treatment of pain
Sintered shaped body reinforced with platelets
Method for manufacturing artificial reef based on industrial waste
Method for feeding fines or granules into a light-arc furnace
System and method for interactive implementation and testing of logic cores on a programmable logic ...
Mock translation system, method, and program using multi-byte placeholder characters to test transla...
Method and apparatus for providing finer marking granularity for fields within objects
Method and apparatus for converting COBOL to Java
Products for detecting nucleic acids
Ocean power plant inlet screen
Computer system with PC cards and method of booting the same
Method for producing mother alloys for iron-based amorphous alloys
Terbium-dysprosium-iron magnetostrictive materials and devices using these materials
High-purity copper sputtering targets and thin films
Aluminum alloy strip or tube for the manufacture of brazed heat exchangers
Method and apparatus for borehole surveying
Electric riding mower with motor generator set and noise abatement
Intake noise reducing device for internal combustion engine
Air-conditioning apparatus, partition and exposure apparatus
Acoustic diaphragm
Impedance converter for a condenser microphone
System for the water vapor reforming of a hydrocarbon
Functional integration of multiple components for a fuel cell power plant
Catalytic oxidation process
Evaporation control method for liquid fuel in fuel cell system
Fuel cell
System and method for early detection of contaminants in a fuel processing system
Production process for allyl ether-based polymer
Reduction of gastro-intestinal bacterial load
Tumor necrosis factor antibodies
Chicken monoclonal antibodies specific for coccidial antigens involved in invasion of host lymphocyt...
Antithrobin nucleotides and proteins from horn fly
Double-sided self-adhesive reinforced foam tape
Minicord cable apparatus having high modulus buffered optical fiber and method for making
Nanocomposites made from polypropylene graft copolymers
Synergistic effect on viscosity between associative polymers
Acrylonitrile/styrene/acrylic/filler compositions and methods for making same
Method for producing a blended cementitious composition
Broad MWD, compositionally uniform ethylene interpolymer compositions, process for making the same a...
Thinning and dicing of semiconductor wafers using dry etch, and obtaining semiconductor chips with r...
Techniques for maintaining alignment of cut dies during substrate dicing
Soybean cultivar 962561706660
Cartilage matrix and in vitro production of transplantable cartilage tissue
Parallel sequencing method
Cap for writing instrument
Method of manufacturing porous matrix-type controlled release systems using emulsion technique
Polymeric articles having embedded phases
Multi-well microfiltration apparatus
Multilayer infrared reflecting optical body
Benzotriazoles containing .alpha.-cumyl groups substituted by heteroatoms and compositions stabilize...
Polyolefin/copolyamide RF active adhesive film
Catalyst for polyester production, process for producing polyester using the catalyst, polyester obt...
Fused polypeptides
Kits for detecting chromosomal rearrangements
JAK-3 inhibitors for treating allergic disorders
Method and system for analyzing biological response signal data
Selection of sites for targeting by zinc finger proteins and methods of designing zinc finger protei...
Triple-tube, dispersible countermass recoilless projectile launcher system
Identification system
Bath cart
Method for correcting teaching points for welding robot and welding robot system employing the same
Conveyor system
Video-signal processing apparatus providing a first clock signal and second clock signal which is ba...
High power LED lamp structure using phase change cooling enhancements for LED lighting products
Self aligning pen light bulb
Decorative light
Flourescent lamp for recessed ceiling mounting
Flat surface illumination device, liquid crystal display panel and liquid crystal display device
Illumination system and exposure apparatus and method
Device for the oriented illumination of a surface by a microprism guide
Imaging system
Camera capable of being held stably
Control system of zoom lens for digital still cameras
Digital camera
Camera having liquid crystal display
SLR camera which can selectively utilize light-sensitive film or an image pick-up device
Dispersion compensating module and mode converter, coupler and dispersion compensating optical waveg...
Optical communication system
Optical fiber cable and optical fiber cable with plug
Optoelectronic device with power monitoring tap
Method and apparatus for a cable location and protection system
Tray locking feature for a fiber enclosure
Athermal bragg grating package with course and fine mechanical tuning
Method and apparatus for displaying regions in a document image having a low recognition confidence
Surface analysis using ellipsometry
Method for real-time auto-cropping a scanned image
Neural network for predicting values in non-linear functional mappings
Method for mobile robot motion control
Infrastructure independent position determining system
Electrical gastro-intestinal tract stimulator
Method for wireless communication transfer with an implanted medical device
Implantable medical device with voice responding and recording capacity
Tear resistant porous extensible web
Stainless steel drainage surface having separated corrugated arrays
Apparatus for remote operation of spray cans
Iron oxide waste agglomerates and method of assisting a steel-making operation
Method for manufacturing high magnetic flux denshy grain oriented electrical steel sheet based on lo...
Method for forming Cr2O3 film on stainless steel surface
Stainless steel for use in seawater applications
590MPa class heavy gauge H-shaped steel having excellent toughness and method of producing the same
Multioligonanilinated fullerenes
Diacritical processing for unconstrained, on-line handwriting recognition using a forward search
Moveable antenna employing a hybrid RF and DC circuit
Shapeable communication device
Exploiting a broadcast system to enhance a wireless gaming experience using position holders to repl...
Antenna array system
Apparatus and method for voice activity detection in a communication system
Methods for screening for specific inhibitors of trap and identifying compounds for treatment of dis...
Viscous suspension spinning process for producing resorbable ceramic fibers and scaffolds
Diamond cut
Vessel control force allocation optimization
Water craft
Floating concrete dock sections and methods for making the same
Surfboard tail protector
Use of iso-osmotic saline solutions, method for preparing same and medicine based on said solutions
System and method for warning of a tip over condition in a tractor trailer or tanker
Object detecting system
Method and arrangement in a hybrid vehicle for matching engine and generator torques at times of eng...
Vehicle satellite sensor for frontal or side occupant restraint deployment
Method for establishing a release criterion for restraining means
Integrated control of active tire steer and brakes
Bubble making toy
Glider toy
Building block system, especially a toy building block system
Toy hoop
Structural improvement of angel doll's transmission
Control system for, and method of, operating toy vehicles
Shatterproofing of fluorescent lamps
Bio-chemical germanium complexes with high therapeutic efficiency and wide application spectrum
Fluorescent lamp for grocery lighting
Controlled atmosphere packaging
Fermentation process for producing long chain omega-3 fatty acids with euryhaline microorganisms
Compounds and methods for treatment of asthma, allergy and inflammatory disorders
Repair porcelain product, composition and method
Process for the oxidation of alcohols using homogeneously soluble polymer-enlarged nitrogen compound...
Olefin polymerization catalyst and process for olefin polymerization
Time division duplex transceiver utilizing a single oscillator
Method and system for alternating transmission of codec mode information
Apparatus for transilluminating objects
Apparatus and method for differentiating between low sensory attentional disorder and affective diso...
Device that interacts with target applications
Systems, methods and computer program products for invoking server applications using tickets regist...
Method for determining a minimum control speed for an aircraft
Spinal plate element adjusting device having a threaded engagement
Compositions for fluoropolymer bonding to non-fluorinated polymers
Coating compositions based on polyether alcohols prepared from 3,4-epoxy-1-butene
Highly functionalized polymers and a process for making the same
High energy density capacitors and compounds for use in their preparation
Peptide nucleic acids
Sugar-modified gapped oligonucleotides
Electronic programming guide with movie preview
Method and apparatus for automated testing of circuit boards
Reversible overcap for adjustable volume container
Devices and methods for moving an image capture device in telesurgical systems
Nuclear medical diagnosis apparatus and image reconstruction method therefor
Image transfer system
Method of selecting non-diabetogenic milk or milk products and milk or milk products so selected
Method of forming whey protein products
Certain 5-alkyl-2-arylaminophenylacetic acids and derivatives
Transgenic mouse expressing non-native wild-type and familial Alzheimer's Disease mutant presenilin ...
Weighing apparatus
Research system using multi-platform object oriented program language for providing objects at runti...
Inbred corn plant GF6151 and seeds thereof
Low permeability side curtain airbag cushions having extremely low coating levels
Channel allocation in radio systems
System, method, and computer program product for representing proximity data in a multi-dimensional ...
Method for locally refining a mesh
Method and apparatus for data hierarchy maintenance in a system for mask description
Selection of evaluation point locations based on proximity effects model amplitudes for correcting p...
Process for producing sulfonylimide compound
Cerebral oxygenation monitor
Organosilyl compounds having nuclear hormone receptor modulating activity
Liposomes containing particulate materials
System and method for communication with radio frequency identification tags using tow message DFM p...
Use of menthyl-2 pyrrolidone-5-carboxylate as an insect repellent
Magnetic electrode for delivering energy to the body
Low-sulfur polysulfide silanes and process for preparation
Agile service interaction manager for intelligent network services
Mobile station user interface, and an associated method, facilitating usage by a physically-disabled...
Handheld device having an optical data reader
Radiotelephone operating method with connected NPA dialing analysis
Electronic mail apparatus and computer readable record medium having electronic mail program recorde...
Method and system for processing fragments and their out-of-order delivery during address translatio...
Reference voltage distribution for multiload i/o systems
Sealable film
Process for producing a spherical silica gel
Vehicle drive force control system and method
Coin-shaped battery and method for producing the same
Electrical energy devices
Positive photosensitive composition
Substrates carrying polymers of linked sandwich coordination compounds and methods of use thereof
Photovoltaic cell and solar cell utilizing the same
Carrying case
Method of magnetic resonance imaging
Automated analysis for financial assets
Digital information recording apparatus for recording digital information
Method and system for enforcing licenses on an open network
Internet commerce method and apparatus
Active marketing based on client computer configurations
Integrated electronic commerce system and method
Methods and apparatus for improved thermal printing
Cradle for X-ray CT system and X-ray CT system
Ventricular catheter with reduced size connector and method of use
Probe for magnetic resonance imaging
Medical probes with field transducers
Closed loop drug delivery system and remote management thereof
Implantable cardiac stimulation device including a system for and method of automatically inducing a...
Polyurethane films prepared from polyurethane dispersions
Reactive dyes, process for their preparation and their use
Organic positive temperature coefficient thermistor
Computer system with single processing environment for executing multiple application programs
Piezoelectric optical switch device
Spacecraft attack and distress ejectable recorder
Method of and apparatus for generating data sequences for use in communications
Peak detecting shock gauge and damage diagnostic for mobile and handheld computers
Systems for remote management of a network of waste containers
Medical transaction system
Method and means for backup and restoration of a database system linked to a system for filing data
High-precision bilinear interpolation
Computer including optical interconnect, memory unit, and method of assembling a computer
Dynamically-tunable memory controller
Lunar transit timepiece and apparatus using the same
Command boundary identifier for conversational natural language
Diazapane derivatives useful as antagonists of neurokinin 1 receptor and methods for their formation
Computer generated presentation system
Escapement device
Caisson for absorbing wave energy
Smart weapon
Separately storing core boot data and cluster configuration data in a server cluster
Non-asbestos friction materials
System, method and computer program product for hardware assisted backup for a computer mass storage...
System and method for memory management using contiguous fixed-size blocks
System, method and article of manufacture for authorizing the use of electronic content utilizing a ...
Automatic engineering change order methodology
Menu authoring system and method for automatically performing low-level DVD configuration functions ...
Growth-promoting agent
System for reducing NOx transient emission
Macroscopic aggregates of microcrystalline zeolites
Sound bite augmentation
Method and apparatus for improving transition fault testability of semiconductor chips
Low lead aviation gasoline blend
Process for transforming a gas oil cut to produce a dearomatized and desulphurized fuel with a high ...
Homogeneous catalyst bed and process of transforming hydrocarbons into aromatic compounds with the b...
Method for preventing or retarding the formation of gas hydrates
Oxidative halogenation of C1 hydrocarbons to halogenated C1 hydrocarbons and integrated processes re...
Method to prepare cyclopropenes
Catalytic oxidative dehydrogenation process
Indeno[1,2-c]-, naphtho[1,2-c]- and benzo[6,7]cyclohepta[1,2-c]pyrazole derivatives
1-(pyrrolidin-1-ylmethyl)-3-(pyrrol-2-ylmethylidene)-2-indolinone derivatives
Furans, benzofurans, and thiophenes useful in the treatment of insulin resistance and hyperglycemia
Isocoumarin derivatives inhibiting angiogenesis
Phenylacetonitrilealkylaminoalkyl-ortho-substituted aryl compounds as immunosuppressives
Small molecules that elicit a polarized Th1 response and for modulation of cellular immunity
Benzenedicarboxylic acid derivatives
Electronics module having power components, and a method of manufacture
Apparatus for deburring, chamferring and beveling workpieces
Rigid lightweight carrying case
Fiber-based plasma addressed liquid crystal display
Roller story
Method and system for compiling source code containing natural language instructions
Methods and apparatus for linking a program for remote execution
Methods for improving reliability while upgrading software programs in a clustered computer system
Method and apparatus to automatically deinstall an application module when not functioning
Dynamic detection of hardware configuration in a digital terminal
Method and apparatus for performing periodic ranging for cable modems
Adaptive control for a refrigeration system using pulse width modulated duty cycle scroll compressor
Apparatus for and a method of fabricating a coriolis flowmeter formed primarily of plastic
Antibacterial composition for control of gram positive bacteria in food applications
Applicator and method of applying
Method and apparatus for distinguishing reference values from non-reference values in a runtime envi...
Lactobacillus bifidus growth promoting composition and use thereof
1-(3-aminoindazol-5-yl)-3-butyl-cyclic urea useful as a HIV protease inhibitor
Preparation of asymmetric cyclic ureas through a monoacylated diamine intermediate
Crystal forms of 1-[5-methanesulfonamidoindolyl-2-carbonyl]-4-[3-(1-methylethylamino)-2-pyr idinyl]p...
Capacitive sensor and array
Viewing aid for doors and windows
Hearing aid with audible alarm
Method of comparison for computer systems and apparatus therefor
Method and apparatus for identifying, classifying, or quantifying protein sequences in a sample with...
Magnetic field adjusting apparatus, magnetic field adjusting method and recording medium
Gradient amplifier with combined current regulation and differential control
Method and apparatus of using soft non-ferritic magnetic material in a nuclear magnetic resonance pr...
Spin resonance spectrometer with protection from reflected harmonics
Nuclear magnetic resonance birdcage coil with Cassinian oval former
Transfer of the resonance frequency of the resonance circuit by extra RF frequency combined with the...
Rail gripping vehicle
Position recognition apparatus for a personal rapid transit control system
Guideway transit system and automated vehicle used in this system
Guideway transit system
Rail transit system
Method of inhibiting liver glycogen phosphorylase with 2-alkylpyrrolidines
Press machine
Gang punch tool assembly
Press drive with oil shear clutch/brake units
Auxiliary control system for use with programmable logic controller in a press machine
Method for quality assurance of crimp connections produced by a crimping device and crimping tool an...
Press drive with oil shear clutch/brake units
Method and device for feeding of long objects
Quick access/adjustment piston
Overload protector for mechanical press
Wet clutch/brake adapted to access press lubricant
Wet-type flywheel brake integrated into oil film quill
Lubrication system
Method and apparatus for determining the status of a relief valve
Press having a plunger adjusting system, particularly for massive forming
Press bearing lubrication system
Platform adjustment device for scanner
Transport module for the moving of heavy loads
Crimping die employing powered chuck
Method of and apparatus for machining web-shaped workpiece and apparatus for processing scrap
Crimping die employing powered chuck
Vehicle weight and cargo load determination using tire pressure
System for assembly and distribution of automobiles utilizing a plurality of partner integrators and...
System and method for product yield prediction
Run time information arithmetic operation apparatus
Fully-coupled positioning process and system thereof
Method and device for classifying the driving style of a driver in a motor vehicle
Casino card game with bonus hand
Multilayer label
Tamper evident tapes and labels
Adhesive fastener assembly
Product information label
Taxonomy generation for document collections
Method and apparatus for improving the performance of a generated code cache search operation throug...
Sago fluidity starch and use thereof
Hot melt adhesives for dermal application
Steganographic techniques for securely delivering electronic digital rights management control infor...
Methods and systems for watermark processing of line art images
Data processing apparatus and method and storage medium
Video steganography methods avoiding introduction of fixed pattern noise
Method of integrating a watermark into a compressed image
Memory bandwidth utilization through multiple priority request policy for isochronous data streams
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yoswift`
Salvia plant named `Santa Barbara`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Pink Yograceland`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Coral Yonashville`
Receptor-mediated gene delivery using bacteriophage vectors
Benzoylcyclohexanediones and benzoylpyrazoles, their preparation, and their use as herbicides and pl...
Suction nozzle for vacuum cleaning appliances
Lid for hamper
Cone shaped scrubber sponge
Air compressor work table
Utility tray for golf club carts
Analysis and separation of platelet-derived growth factor proteins
Human cytomegalovirus DNA constructs and uses therefor
Production of compacted biocidal agent from particulate biocidal agent without using a binder
Electronic musical instrument with a reduced number of input controllers and method of operation
Rotating musical remote control mobile device with detachable toys
Recording and playback apparatus and method, terminal device, transmitting/receiving method, and sto...
Network sales system
Process control configuration system for use with a profibus device network
Computer system and process for transferring streams of data between multiple storage units and mult...
Data cache using plural lists to indicate sequence of data storage
Using a materialized view to process a related query containing a one to many lossless join
Using a materialized view to process a related query containing an antijoin
Disk storage with modifiable data management function
Method of measuring the accuracy of parasitic capacitance extraction
Antisense modulation of interleukin 12 p40 subunit expression
Synthesis of combinatorial libraries of compounds reminiscent of natural products
Tumor necrosis factor antibodies
PCR-hybridization assays specific for integrated retroviruses
Plants and plant cells transformation to express an AMPA-N-acetyltransferase
Cylindrical geometry hall thruster
Lens displacement or other control using shaped memory alloy driver
Dual-mode radio connected to an apparatus for communicating through in analog mode
Electromagnetic wave amplifier and electromagnetic wave generator
Method for forming a high dielectric constant material
Contrast media
Integrated circuit contact card, comprising a detachable minicard
Soybean cultivar 921031
Airline passenger management system
Process for the automatic machine production of engineering data
Confetti projector
Sensor apparatus using an electrochemical cell
Hand truck handle
Inhaler dose counter
Medicinal aerosol formulation
Video searching method and apparatus, video information producing method, and storage medium for sto...
Alkoxysilane/organic polymer composition for thin insulating film production and use thereof
Device for detecting internal pressure of air-filled gunwale protector
Automobile window message display device
Folding eyeglasses
Dance visualization of music
Method and apparatus for building and testing electronic circuits
Bracteantha plant named `Redbralem`
Wire harness assembly line and wheeled worktables
Ceramic wiring board
Ceramic materials resistant to halogen plasma and components using the same
Chemical mechanical polishing for forming a shallow trench isolation structure
Substrate for mounting an optical component, a method for producing the same, and an optical module ...
Multi-layered integrated semiconductor device incorporating electrically connected integrated circui...
Bus driving circuit and memory device having same
Loading drive system
Welding electrode made of a nickel-based alloy and the corresponding alloy
Alkaline fuel cell
Two-dimensional tunable filter array for a matrix of integrated fiber optic input-output light chann...
Heterobifunctional poly(ethylene glycol) derivatives and methods for their preparation
Armored spring-core superconducting cable and method of construction
Electric heating element
Vehicle antenna
Optical deflector
Optical bodies made with a birefringent polymer
Temperature control structure
Energy control strategy for a hybrid electric vehicle
Steering device for vehicle
Method for operating a restraint system connected by a bus line in case of a short circuit
Comparitor logic control system and method for a clutch
Method and apparatus providing notification of network conditions
Method and apparatus for call interception capabilities for use with intelligent network services in...
System and method for matching calls to electronic phonebook entries
Computerized telephone apparatus
Voice recognition user interface for telephone handsets
System and method for use of feature codes in a wireless communication device
Field serviceable derailleur device
Device to provide continuously variable gearing
System and method for selective adjustment of exercise apparatus
Exercise device
1H-4(5)-substituted imidazole derivatives
Travel speed controller for electrically powered light weight vehicle, and electrically powered ligh...
Use of substituted N-fused-phenyl-N-benzyl aminoalcohol compounds for inhibiting cholesteryl ester t...
Computerized game apparatus with progressive bonus
Geranium plant named `Free White`
Angiotensin II antagonists against disorders associated with impaired neuronal conduction velocity, ...
Powder coating of epoxy resin, non-cyclic polyanhydride, and aliphatic non-cyclic anhydride or dibas...
Recombinant animal viral nucleic acids
PCI device arbiter
Adjustable swivel assembly for seat suspensions
Oxime compounds, their use, and intermediates for their production
Instruction signature and primary input and primary output extraction within an IEEE 1149.1 complian...
Method, apparatus, and article of manufacture for developing and executing data flow programs
Reciprocating chemical muscle(RCM) and method for using same
Thermochromic devices
Image-forming medium coated with microcapsule layer associated with image-formation layer
Anti-inflammatory analgesic
Organic articles
Method for specific measurement of acid phosphatase derived from osteoclasts
Enterococcus faecalis EF040 and uses therefor
Enzyme-catalyzed modifications of macromolecules in organic solvents
Hydrophobe biomolecular structure
Control device and control method for a vehicle
Boot jack
In plane switching mode liquid crystal display device and method for manufacturing the same
Kidnap alarm with acceleration sensor
Method and system for detecting a resistive force applied against an automotive power window
Interconnection of toy building elements in a releasable restraining engagement
Method and apparatus for improving the quality of continuously cast metal
Lipid derivatives of antiviral nucleosides: liposomal incorporation and method of use
Method and system for discarding locally committed transactions to ensure consistency in a server cl...
Sensing optical fiber and sensor system
Image forming apparatus with a returned toner transfer feature after a nonimage formation operation
Process for contour machining of metal blocks
Method of and apparatus for contactless planarity measurements on ferromagnetic metal strip
Apparatus and method for high throughput electrorotation analysis
Apparatus and method for agent-based feedback collection in a data broadcasting network
Distributed live auction
Apparatus for mounting power cylinders for driving piers
Apparatus and method for measuring optical characteristics of an object
Transcription factors related to TFIIA
Methods and materials relating to novel CD39-like polypeptides
Information signal output control method, information signal duplication prevention method, informat...
Wide-angle headlighting and sidelighting assembly
Headlamp for vehicle
Headlamp adjuster with overload clutch mechanism
Double-stacked type lamp unit for the vehicle
Easy-to-assembly LED display for any graphics and text
Light-emitting device for covering removably conie roadblock
Imaging device
Factory mode free setting apparatus and method thereof
Vehicle operator performance recorder triggered by detection of external waves
Face synthesis system and methodology
Optical fiber and method of manufacturing the same
Dispersion shifted optical fiber and method of forming the same
Optical interconnects with hybrid construction
Cassette stack opening on both sides
Optical viewing system and clamping device therefor
Compact rendering for processing binary high addressability images
Image processing system for scanning a rectangular document
Bonding method and apparatus
Illumination optical device and image reading device
Wafer sidewall inspection system and method
Classification of supraventricular and ventricular cardiac rhythms using cross channel timing algori...
Arrhythmia display
Accelerometer count calculation for activity signal for an implantable medical device
Implantable stimulation device having synchronous sampling for a respiration sensor
Method and system for operating an implantable medical device
Apparatus and method for treatment of urological disorders using programmerless implantable pulse ge...
Method of assembling lightweight sandwich wall panel
Process for the preparation of aryl carboxylate esters
Protective seal for cans
Apparatus for forming stacks of discoidal articles of predetermined number, in particular of metal l...
Treatment composition based on pregelatinized starch and process for applying it to a metal, especia...
High surface pressure resistant steel parts and methods of producing same
High carbon steel wire excellent in wire-drawability and in fatigue resistance after wire drawing
Apparatus and method for ultrasonically examining remotely located welds in cast stainless steel nuc...
Four stone round gemstone arrangement
Six stone oval gemstone arrangement
Combined star-shaped gemstone jewelry arrangement and setting
Caulk gun handle cushion system
Process for the preparation of copolymers of ethylene with alpha-olefins
Self-opening serially-arranged plastic bag pack of the star-seal type
Patient support table for medical imaging having regions for reduced radiation attenuation
Fixed array microwave imaging apparatus and method
Bone measurement method and apparatus
Liquid yogurt with encapsulated lactic acid bacteria and method for producing the same
Sterilizing method by substituting the dissolved oxygen in milk or the like with nitrogen gas, a pro...
Food product
Peanut butter stabilizer and method for manufacturing stabilized peanut butter
Production of membrane proteins in the milk of transgenic nonhuman mammals
Transgenic COL2A1-null mice expressing human COL2A1
Method and system for nerve stimulation prior to and during a medical procedure
Purified proteins, recombinant DNA sequences and processes for controlling the ripening of coffee pl...
Compounds useful as neuro-protective agents
Application for radio frequency identification systems
Method and system for measuring and compensating for eddy currents induced during NMR imaging operat...
Tree network including arrangement for establishing sub-tree having a logical root below the network...
Prolonged storage of red blood cells
Transgenetic mouse which comprises an inactive Peg3 gene, and the use thereof
Catalytic oxidation of organic substrates by transition metal complexes in organic solvent media exp...
CD hook
Method of epoxidizing olefins
Portable, organized sporting equipment carrier
Color panel identification and synchronization in a thermal printer
Weight-bar support structure with retractable arms
Device for ventilation of baby cot, cradle or bag for baby carriage
Helicopter drip pan
Sanitary napkin
System for attaching a reinforcing band to a wall of a supporting structure and a device for placing...
Retaining wall block system and method with varying block face sizes
Rock bolt and method of forming a rock bolt
Method for reducing CO2, CO, NOX, and SOx emissions
Aquaculture wastewater treatment system and method of making same
Blocks and connector for mechanically-stabilized earth retaining wall having soil-reinforcing sheets...
Printed medium activated interactive communication of multimedia information, including advertising
Method and computer program product for diagnosing and handling non-responsive device in a computer ...
Process for the removal of nitrogen contained in natural gas
Fluorine-containing diene, its production method and its polymer
Arylalkane compositions produced by isomerization, dehydrogenation, and alkylation
Process for the production of paraxylene that comprises an adsorption stage, a liquid phase isomeriz...
Managing a semiconductor fabrication facility using wafer lot and cassette attributes
Optical switch having equalized beam spreading in all connections
Soliton pulse generator
Optical wavelength tunable filter
Low chromatic aberration rod lens array, its unit and image scanner employing them
Device for correcting a tremble of a focused image and a camera which is provided with the same
Creep resistant Nb-silicide based two-phase composites
Method of conveying an intercessory prayer pledge
Apparatus and method for sensing and magnetically communicating physical parameters of rotating shaf...
Use of monohydrate zinc acetylacetonate as halogenated polymer stabilizer and preparation method
Thickener-rheology modifier system for personal care compositions
Image sensing and recording apparatus and method performing image sensing operations in accordance w...
Memory media and method of processing date data using pseudo zoned decimal format
Interface system and method for asynchronously updating a share resource with locking facility
Volume management method and system for a compilation of content
Web server with unique identification of linked objects
Object-oriented I/O device interface framework mechanism
Method and apparatus for adjusting an interval of polling a network printer based on changes in work...
Interface device and image forming apparatus
Method and apparatus for image formation that can handle simultaneously input data without causing a...
System and method for providing temporary remote access to a computer
Active matrix display device and scanning circuit
Image producing apparatus having a function to control document data
Image formation apparatus displaying the capacity of data of image to be formed
Exposure slit with light reflection hood
Automatic plate feeding system
Low memory printer controller
Multimode multi-track optical recording system
Fluid and vacuum control in an ink jet printing system
Continuous tone reproduction using improved ink jet droplet dispersion techniques
Method and apparatus for data compression based on modeling schemes
Apparatus and method for asymmetry control
Apparatus for automatically processing both encoded and unencoded data
Stochastic screening method with dot pattern regularity control and dot growth
Estimation of device temperature
Circuit, disk controller and method for calibrating a high precision delay of an input signal
Multi-purpose image generator for driving multiple output devices
Method of encrypting information for remote access while maintaining access control
Interchangeable jewelry system with invisible coupling device
Method and system for tracking human speakers
Air bag system with biomechanical gray zones
System, method and computer program product for airport equipment information and exchange
Method for determining and modifying protein/peptide solubility
Teaching method and kit
Synthesis of N,N-disubstituted-p-phenylenediamine
Multi-subtype FIV vaccines
Plasma display and method of operation with high efficiency
Taking lens device
Comparator circuit for comparing differential input signal with reference signal and method
Voltage-current sensor with high matching directivity
Maintaining acid catalyst sites in SAPO molecular sieves
Optical semiconductor device having an active layer containing N
System and method for combining multiple learning agents to produce a prediction method
Baton handle show pom
Maintaining correspondence between text and schematic representations of circuit elements in circuit...
Methods for producing medium-density articles from high-density tungsten alloys
Apparatus and method for treating infected tooth using ionophoresis
Apparatus and method for preventing and treating cellulite
Compositions for rapid and non-irritating transdermal delivery of pharmaceutically active agents and...
Laser dermablator and dermablation
Systems and methods for producing and using fine particle materials
Method of producing stratiform articles and products
Ultraviolet absorbent
Lipid extract of the Skeletonema algae
Facial cleanser and method of treating skin conditions
Use in cosmetics of a rigid gel, and cosmetic or dermatological compositions used
Water supply device for divers
Method and device for facilitating combined aerosol and oral treatments for diabetes mellitus
Using materialized view to process a related query containing a one to many lossless join
Liquid aqueous bleaching compositions
Liquid polyfunctional additives
Cyclic amide compounds
Indolecarboxylic compounds and their use as pharmaceutical compounds
Method for repelling arthropods
Polyolefin resin composition
Modified G protein sunbunits
Three of a kind card game and method of playing the same
Computer readable medium and information processing apparatus
Durable system for controlling the disposition of expended munitions fired at a target positioned cl...
Game ticket system to be played with keno
Method and apparatus for coordinating an interactive computer game with a broadcast television progr...
Ocular enhancement training system
Apparatus to calculate dynamic values for pressure density in an aircraft
Golf ball mold and golf ball
Cuphea plant named `Light Lavender II`
Conformal coating using multiple applicators
IL8 inhibitors
Method and apparatus for particle assessment using multiple scanning beam reflectance
Feeder/programming/buffer operating system
Multilayer extreme ultraviolet mirrors with enhanced reflectivity
Unitary light diffusing cavity
Lobelia plant named `Laguna Blue Ice`
Testis expressed polypeptide
Method and apparatus for multiplexing and demultiplexing addresses of registered peripheral intercon...
Carbon monoxide sensor for vehicle compartment
System and method for creating a dynamic data file from collected and filtered web pages
Method and apparatus for accelerating data through communication networks
Multidirectional audio decoding
Process and streaming server for encrypting a data stream
Method and system for adjusting a function in a vehicle
System and method for consolidating television rating systems
System for monitoring the association of digitized information having identification indicia with mo...
Apparatus for processing hyper media data formed of events and script
Toner processing systems and electronic display devices and methods
Method for correction adjustment of resized image aspect ratio mismatch
Active tripod mount enables easy docking between any compliant camera and dock
Voltage control of integrated circuits
Method and apparatus for determining the RC delays of a network of an integrated circuit
Snapshot and recall based mechanism to handle read after read conflict
Caching method using cache data stored in dynamic RAM embedded in logic chip and cache tag stored in...
Data carrying device and systems for use therewith
Communication system
Method and apparatus for providing multiple electronic design solutions
Bacillus thuringiensis strains and their insecticidal proteins
Foam core skate frame with embedded insert
Liquid crystal display device having sealing frame and/or spacers formed of anisotropic polymer used...
Reconfigurable resonant cavity with frequency-selective surfaces and shorting posts
Multi-channel optical modulator
Integrated circuit biochip microsystem
Memorial novelty doll device having integral sound producing means and kit and method for customizin...
Nucleotide sequences for detection of Bacillus anthracis
Health supplements containing phyto-oestrogens, analogues or metabolites thereof
Compositions of texturized fibrous materials
Film coatings and film coating compositions based on polyvinyl alcohol
Refining of glyceride oils by treatment with silicate solutions and filtration
Automatic product weighing machines, particularly for food products
Microwave cooking rack
Method for assessing disposable absorbent articles
Dispenser for moist tissue
Reactive dye compounds
Papermaking apparatus and process for removing water from a cellulosic web
Mixed surfactant system
Stable colored thickened bleaching compositions
Protection and solvent washing of in-canal hearing aids
Method and system for providing more uniform fuser oil distribution on a fuser surface
Method and apparatus for allocating mixed transaction type messages to resources via an integrated q...
Solid catadioptric omnidirectional optical system having central coverage means which is associated ...
Litho strip and method for its manufacture
Rotating-hearth furnace for reduction of metallic oxides
Lease renewal service
Interleaved multiple multimedia stream for synchronized transmission over a computer network
Internet hosting system
Method and apparatus for improving performance of drive linking through use of hash tables
Public cryptographic control unit and system therefor
Method and system for preventing the downloading and execution of executable objects
Method of limiting the release of organic materials into the environment during the making of founda...
Sonic well logging with multiwave processing utilizing a reduced propagator matrix
Apparatus and method for reducing noise levels
Loudspeaker spider with regressive rolls
Suction muffler for compressor
Process for filling a muffler shell with fibrous material
Miniature implanted orthopedic sensors
Instrument for inserting graft fixation device
Implantable members for receiving therapeutically useful compositions
Method for producing porous structures
Method for chemically acellularizing a biological tissue sample
Method for treating boron-containing waste
Split linked A/B switch apparatus
Busbars for electrically powered cells
Bioresorbable implant for fracture fixation
Compounds and methods for treatment and diagnosis of chlamydial infection
Purposeful movement of human migratory cells away from an agent source
Mechanical lifting device
Method and apparatus for determining removable magnetic media types in a computer after detection of...
Disposable absorbent articles with improved skin dryness performance and with improved skin aeration
Composition for promoting healthy bone structure
Nanosize particle coatings made by thermally spraying solution precursor feedstocks
Bleed member and bleed valve assembly
Seat belt system
Method and device for determining particle size distribution and zeta potential in concentrated disp...
Tetrahydrofluorenyl containing group 4 metallocenes useful as catalysts for the polymerization of ol...
Process for polymerizing olefins with supported Ziegler-Natta catalyst systems
Methods and apparatus for partial encryption of tokenized documents
Triple reflector antenna deployment and storage systems
Method of surgically treating scoliosis
System for displaying an integrated portal screen
Channel definition architecture extension
Flexible container having integrally formed resealable spout
Manipulation of tocopherol levels in transgenic plants by transformation with a synechocystis 2-meth...
Lidding film for modified atmosphere packaging
Methods for the preparation and characterization of multi-substituted fullerenes
Fragrance compound
Gradient coil system for a magnetic resonance tomography apparatus for producing gradient fields wit...
System and method for maintaining a virtual connection to a network node
Health care policy on-line maintenance dissemination and compliance testing system
Multiplexed analysis of clinical specimens apparatus and method
Motor vehicle control device with regulation and/or limitation of driving speed
Method of inhibiting cell function associated with CCR2 by anti-CCR2 amino-terminal domain antibodie...
Germanium silicon oxynitride high index films for planar waveguides
Roller mechanism for container or cart
Absorbent article which maintains skin temperature when wet
Construction of thermal print head and method of forming protective coating
Engine cradle for a vehicle
Free flowing fertilizer composition with enhanced deposition/anti drift characteristics
Ultra low density explosive composition
Aldehyde test strip
Process for making a low density detergent composition by controlling nozzle height in a fluid bed d...
Cleansing and moisturizing surfactant compositions
Particulate compositions having a plasma-induced, graft polymerized, water-soluble coating and proce...
Medical bandaging material
File update by pre-initializing compressor/decompressor with other than decompression aid data
Release agent delivery system for use in printer devices
Aircraft lift arrangement
Recording and reproducing apparatus
Decorative aquarium with water dance effect
Post-deployment monitoring of server performance
Data copyright management system
Drive device
Resin nozzle positioner
Optical scanner
Varying cluster number in a scalable clustering system for use with large databases
Privacy data escrow system and method
Total flexibility of predicted fetching of multiple sectors from an aligned instruction cache for in...
Compounds and methods to treat cardiac failure and other disorders
Substituted benzimidazoles and their use as parp inhibitors
Fused heteroaromatic glucokinase activators
Protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B (PTP-1B) inhibitors containing two ortho-substituted aromatic phosph...
1-(3,5-dimethoxyphenyl)-2-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-ethylene for diabetes treatment
Spindle assembly drive
Educational card game
Self-characterizing vibrating conduit parameter sensors and methods of operation therefor
Balance bar for a coriolis flowmeter
Generalized modal space drive control system for a vibrating tube process parameter sensor
Flowmeter calibration system with statistical optimization technique
Method and apparatus for Coriolis flowmeter having an accuracy enhancing balance bar
Resistance based process control device diagnostics
Method for monitoring a rotational angle sensor on an electrical machine
Process for preparation of (R)-1- (aryloxy)propan-2-ol
Method of mobilizing hematopoietic stem cells
Varying web page link based on user and web page status
Functional polymers bearing non-metal oxyacid derivatives on dimethylene spaces
Business model for recovery of missing goods, persons, or fugitive or disbursements of unclaimed goo...
Method for delivering products for human consumption from a manufacturing center to passenger carryi...
Method and apparatus for determining yield impacting tests at wafer level package level for semicond...
Intermediate compounds in the preparation of farnnesyl transferase inhibiting 1,8-annelated quinolin...
Light-emitting device comprising gallium-nitride-group compound-semiconductor and method of manufact...
Balanced gain flattening filters
Zoom lens barrel
Microcell electrochemical device assemblies with thermal management subsystem, and method of making ...
Estimation of frequency offset in a communication system
Modular floating breakwater for the transformation of wave energy
Variable blazed grating
Clematis plant named `Evijohill`
Call re-establishment for a dual mode telephone
Carrier route optimization system
Shoe heel
Liquid crystal display device
Piezoelectric acoustic component
Inherited information propagator for objects
Cone mapping physical optics for design of indoor communication system
Trench forming assembly having removable pin anchoring mechanism
Methods for treating certain diseases using naaladase inhibitors
Method for controlling the plasma level of lipoproteins to treat alzheimeris disease
Ndr2-related proteins
Genes encoding mycobacterial proteins associated with cell binding and cell entry and uses thereof
Live vaccine against Brucellosis
Calcium binding proteolipid compositions and methods
Biodegradable polymeric endoluminal sealing process, apparatus and polymeric products for use therei...
Shield design for stable magnetoresistive head
Ripple scheduling for end-to-end global resource management
Pyrazole derivatives P38 MAP kinase inhibitors
Diagnostic imaging of lymph structures
Cooking oil or grease separator
Indium photosensitizers for PDT
Antiviral phosphonate nucleotides
Rammer for an artillery piece
Hydroxystilbene/ascorbic acid compositions for treating skin afflictions
Aqueous carrier systems for lipophilic ingredients
Toilet bowl cleaning tablet with uniform dissolution of components and bleaching compound
Hard surface cleaning and disinfecting compositions comprising fluorosurfactants
Bleaching composition for keratin fibers, comprising a combination of two polyurethane polyethers
Hydrophobically-modified hedgehog protein compositions and methods
Permanent magnet dynamo electric machine
Compact vibration cancellation device
Pet apparel with leash
Configurable stresser for a web server
Method and apparatus for the automatic loading of an article onto a printing machine
Selection of livestock using IGF levels
Method of ameliorating alimentary tract damage due to chemotherapy or radiation
Sealed terminal assembly for hermetic compressor
Composite aluminum alloy scroll machine components
Adaptive control for a refrigeration system using pulse width modulated duty cycle scroll compressor
Tiltable tray assembly for storing and displaying articles and the like
Method and apparatus for weft correction
RX gear
Method and apparatus for electrically braking a motor
Method and apparatus for sealing an edge region of a planar material ply
Apparatus and method for stitching a material portion
Magnetic resonance image diagnosing apparatus
Nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus and methods of use and facilities for incorporating the same
Distribution of modem error correction and compression processing
Forward error correction apparatus and methods
Messaging agent and method for retrieving and consolidating messages
Internet controlled telephone system
Process for the manufacture of camptothecin derivatives
EL panel made with low molecular weight PVDF/HFP resin
Intelligent analysis system and method for fluid-filled electrical equipment
Method and apparatus for etching silicon
Stabilizer combination for the rotomolding process
Rubber compositions containing ground curing bladder rubber
Plastic housing with condensation protection for electric and electronic assemblies
Electronic assembly
Polymer electrolyte membrane assembly for fuel cells
Method of moving fluid in a microfluidic device
Micro-positioning optical element
Drug delivery devices, and methods of use
Method for electropolishing metal on semiconductor devices
Chrysanthemum plant named `Italia`
Use of sectorized polarization diversity as a means of increasing capacity in cellular wireless syst...
Updating data and parity data with and without read caches
Methods of storing and depackaging attributes of an object
Lubrication system for rolling bearing