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Text proximity filtering in search systems using same sentence restrictions
Classification tree based information retrieval scheme
Method and system for querying and posting to multiple career websites on the internet from a single...
Technique for creating a unique quasi-random row identifier
Catalysts and processes using them
Capillary fluid switch with asymmetric bubble chamber
Hydroxyphenyl derivatives with HIV integrase inhibitory properties
Method and apparatus for driving plasma display panel
F18-labeled thia fatty acids and methods of making and using the same
Remote gaming device
One-time-use camera with belt-drive connection between manual film winder and film winding spool
Control loop for adaptive multilevel detection of a data signal
Method and device for obtaining isobutenes from conjugated hydrocarbons
Semiconductor device and method and apparatus for manufacturing semiconductor device
Magneto-resistive memory with shared wordline and sense line
Nonvolatile ferroelectric memory having shunt lines
Partially conjugated polymers with spiro centers and their use as electro-luminescent materials
Security mechanisms in a web server
Ranking of query feedback terms in an information retrieval system
RF identification system for use in toys
Process for driving an electrochromic element
System and method for assessing the need for installing software patches in a computer system
Aiming device for use on gun or other projectile-firing device
Pharmaceutical compositions for reducing the appearance of cellulite
Cosmetic use of botulinum toxin for treatment of downturned mouth
Limb protection sleeve for matching tourniquet cuff
Insoluble s-triazine derivatives and their use as UV filters
Compositions containing stabilized ascorbic acid and related methods
Cosmetic formulations containing extracts from Phyllanthus emblica and Centella asiatica and/or Baco...
Composition for and method of topical administration to effect changes in subcutaneous adipose tissu...
Targeting gene expression to living tissue using jet injection
Aerosol compositions
Method and system for browsing data on a storage device
Apparatus for recognizing alphanumeric characters
Methods of preparing cationic layer compounds, cationic layer compounds prepared thereby, and method...
Functionalized polymers
Process for purifying hepatitis B viral surface antigen comprising pres2 peptide
Method for etherifying a benzyl alcohol, resulting products and applications
4-hydroxy-4-phenylpiperidine derivatives and pharmaceuticals containing the same
Methoxy capped alkoxylated glycerin compounds
Photochromic polymerizable composition
Tetrahedral twist: chemistry puzzle and teaching device
Fishing game device
Game machine audio device and information recording medium
Game system, game machine, game data distribution machine, network system and information storage me...
Method and apparatus for team play of slot machines
Method and system for graphic display of link actions
Marine propulsion apparatus with dual driveshafts extending from a forward end of an engine
Method of storing products and storage system
Automatic scheduling and formation of a virtual meeting over a computer network
Method and apparatus for generating idle loop screen displays on mobile wireless computing devices
Children's sleeptime timer and clock device
System for instruction thinking skills
Training harness
Testing and/or setting device for a photodynamic diagnosis or therapy system, or for training on suc...
Method of manufacturing a surgical model
Electronic device and display system employing the same
Hybrid tea rose plant named `Meileyet`
Break-away buckle
Upper limb prosthesis
Process and system for the automatic determination of an optimal movement program of a robot
Pomegranate extracts and methods of using thereof
Method of fabricating an SOI wafer by hydrogen ion delamination without independent bonding heat tre...
Semiconductor integrated circuit having ESD/EOS protection
Nonvolatile octal latch and D-type register
Vertical alignment liquid crystal display device having planarized substrate surface
Synchronous circuit for FM multiple broadcast receiver
Synchronous data transfer system and method with successive stage control allowing two more stages t...
Degradable heterobifunctional poly(ethylene glycol) acrylates and gels and conjugates derived theref...
Method of manufacturing an index divider sheet assembly
Suspension arm and load beam for a disk drive
Brazeable 6XXX alloy with B-rated or better machinability
Solder alloy composition
Solder alloy and soldered bond
Remote access to electronic meters using a TCP/IP protocol suite
Graphitic nanotubes in luminescence assays
Glucose sensor package system
Substrate with a photocatalytic coating based on titanium dioxide and organic dispersions based on t...
Catalyst for purifying an exhaust gas
Curable composition
Process for the preparation of .alpha.-methylene-.gamma.-butyrolactone and
Additive for inkjet printing, recording solution, method for preventing discoloration and fading of ...
Piezoelectric microactuator for precise head positioning
Piezoelectric element, process for producing the same and ink jet recording head
Recessed bond pad
Apparatus for kinesthetic signaling to the driver of a motor vehicle
Method and apparatus for monitoring seat belt use of rear seat passengers
Steer-by-wire system
Satellite crash sensor and method with constant and dynamic thresholds for multi-stage restraint dep...
Apparatus and method for vehicle speed control
Running controller for automobile
Dynamic vocoder selection for storing and forwarding voice signals
Method and apparatus for performing distributed speech processing in a communication system
Method for selecting unique identifiers within a range
Intelligent network
Call distribution system inferring mental or physiological state
Communications bridge for circuit switched data transfer simulation
Dynamically controlled vehicle simulator system, and methods of constructing and utilizing same
Device for driving a sprocket of a bicycle
Multiple-speed chain driving device
Variable stride elliptical exercise apparatus
Heat dissipating arrangement for a resistance unit in an exercise device
Recumbent total body exerciser
Battery charging apparatus
Automated swinging device
Integrated communication system for a vehicle
Subscriber registration and access control system and related methods
Method of managing resources within a network of consumer electronic devices
Personnel lift device and amusement use thereof
Water slide
Chrysanthemum named `Relinda Yellow`
Aminometyl oxooxazolidinyl benzene derivatives
Chemical compounds
Graft copolymers, method for preparing same, compositions containing said copolymers, and use thereo...
Target therapies for treating common viral infections
Block copolymers interpolymerized with in situ polystyrene and process for preparation thereof
Process for the preparation of aryl ketones generating reduced amounts of toxic byproducts
Method for treating orthopedic fractures with a fixation member
CD-R medium recording method
Automatic wing-flap
Controller of vehicle propulsion system
System and method for flash call setup in an internet protocol based cellular network
Full-color toner image fixing method and apparatus
Method of imparting water resistance to molded polysaccharide
Detergent mixtures containing ester quats, chitosan and/or chitosan derivatives and protein hydrolyz...
Domestic care product
Method and apparatus for bypassing a local exchange carrier using analog in-band signaling
Simulated memory stack in a stackless environment
Content addressable memory device
Method and system for automatic determination of priority data streams on computer networks
Oil extended rubber and rubber composition
Lens group zoom lens system, and display device having phototaking function
Print having attached audio data storage and method of providing same
Reconfigurable and scalable intergrated optic waveguide add/drop multiplexing element using micro-op...
Fine drive and positioning units and memory apparatus
Composite chew toy
Search data processor
Method and system for restoring a computer to its original state after an unsuccessful installation ...
Inbred corn plant 17QFB1 and seeds thereof
Systems for purification of boron trichloride
System and method for a handset-based emergency audible beacon
Unit for imparting lubricity to electrophotographic photoconductor, electrophotographic image format...
Method and apparatus to automatically back up switching system files
Method and apparatus for operating a control unit for controlling operational sequences in a vehicle
Carbon electrode for melting quartz glass and method of fabricating thereof
Process for processing programs, process for detecting depth of frame associated with specified meth...
Method and apparatus for handling exceptions as normal control flow
Optimization of N-base typed arithmetic expressions
Computer-aided nucleic acid sequencing
Complexity management and analysis of genomic DNA
Resin composition
Information filtering for selectively limiting access
System and method for structured news release generation and distribution
Component based object-relational database infrastructure and user interface
Methods and systems for performing article authentication
Method of controlling usage of software components
Dock support and height adjustment apparatus
Methods and apparatus for enhancing dynamic range, sensitivity, accuracy, and resolution in fiber op...
Method and apparatus for constructing a temporary parking lot
Chevron exhaust nozzle for a gas turbine engine
Compressor mounting device with integrated muffler
Device for measuring liquid level preferably measuring tide level in sea
High pressure hose particularly suitable for automotive fuel delivery system
In-wall speaker mounting apparatus
Noise damping device of rotation driving apparatus
Aircraft engine acoustic liner and method of making the same
Therapeutic sleeping aid device
Method and apparatus for detecting an object on a side of or backwards of a vehicle
Speech communication apparatus and method for transmitting speech at a constant level with reduced n...
Cardiac rhythm management system with differential sensing channel
Battery conservation in implantable cardioverter-defibrillators and pacemakers
Acid end group poly(d,l-lactide-co-glycolide) copolymers high glycolide content
Immortalized human middle ear epithelial cell lines
Tire pressure monitor and location identification system and method
Support bracket for sheet piling-supported modular wall system
Phthalic acid diamide derivatives fluorine-containing aniline compounds as starting material, agricu...
Catalyst component, catalyst for olefin polymerization and process for producing olefin polymer
Method for processing personal data
Allyl pendent homo- and co-polymeric systems
Spectrometer assembly
Method and apparatus for automatically reintegrating a module into a computer system
Method of clustering electronic documents in response to a search query
Bioresorbable material and method for producing the same
Ribbon rose rosary
System for controlling the motion of an arm carrying a read/write head during load and unload operat...
Interactive light display
Remotely illuminated electronic connector for improving viewing of status indicators
Christmas bulb socket
Game accessory power supply connector
Microdisplay system
Enhancing the output of a polarized light source using birefringent materials
Hot air and light emitting curling brush
Viewing management for video sources
Method and apparatus for a virtual system time clock for digital audio/video processor
Camera and autofocus apparatus
Photographic firearm apparatus and method
Optical system for shooting a three-dimensional image and three-dimensional image shooting apparatus...
Method and apparatus for buffering an incoming information signal for subsequent recording
Fire retardant and/or self-extinguishing fiber optic assemblies
Optical fiber cable distribution shelf with cable management system
Extraction apparatus for a fiber optic connector component
Outside plant fiber distribution apparatus and method
Fiber array with wick-stop trench for improved fiber positioning
Management and control of the power levels of wavelength multiplexed optical signals
Variable fiber optic attenuator
Systems and methods for rotating high addressability images
Document image data storing and controlling system for saving storage data
Methodology for displaying search results using character recognition
Method and apparatus for generating tool paths
Produce identification and pricing system for checkouts
Compressed document matching
Edge enhancement correction for improved image quality
Amniotic fluid alerting device
Connector for fetal probe
Introducer element and method of using same
Apparatus for recording an electrocardiogram
Device for detecting, for characterizing by differential diagnosis, and treating tumors
Magnetically suspended fluid pump and control system with defibrillator
CS lead with single site sensing and dual site pacing
Use of stain masking backsheets in absorbent articles
Spring steel door hold-open tool
Method of manufacturing a composite sheet steel, especially for the protection of vehicles against s...
Method for phosphatizing iron and steel
Fully-stabilized steel for porcelain enameling
Metal surface treatment agents, methods of treating metal surfaces and pre-coated steel substrates
Preservative steel plate having high resistance weldability, corrosion resistance and press formabil...
Composite sheet steel, in particular, for protecting vehicles against shots
Microfabricated capillary electrophoresis chip and method for simultaneously detecting multiple redo...
Calcium receptor active compounds
Nanoparticles having oligonucleotides attached thereto and uses therefor
Pressurized writing instrument employing a compressible piston member
Waxy wheat starch types having waxy proteins in granule
Method for processing oilseed material
Method of blocking free radical processes which result in mediated pathology without deleterious pro...
For higher basidiomycetes mushrooms grown (as one cell biomass) in submerged cultures
Pneumatic foot switch assembly
Food grilling system for oven cavity with byproduct removal
Electronically controlled roaster oven with digital control assembly
Thermal insulating panels
Computerized patent and trademark fee payment method and system for law firms
High-molecular-weight polypropylene having a broad molecular-weight distribution
Apparatus for controlling polymerized teos build-up in vacuum pump lines
Systems and methods for secure transaction management and electronic rights protection
System for emitting electrical charge from a space object in a space plasma environment using micro-...
Method of making a kink resistant stent-graft
Container closure having a frangible seal
Support apparatus for endoscopic surgery
Surface model generation for visualizing three-dimensional objects using multiple elastic surface ne...
Method and system for the automated temporal subtraction of medical images
Chew toy for domestic ferrets and similar small pets
Pressure pulse probe for animal behavior correction
Animal control system
Change-speed construction for a fishing reel
Freeze-dried foods and process for producing the same
Low calorie nut butters
Nude mouse model for the growth and treatment of human neurally-derived tumors
Project-based full-length biomolecular sequence database with expression categories
Chimeric gene for the transformation of plants
Method for automatic intrusion detection and deflection in a network
Method and apparatus for transforming system simulation tests to test patterns for IC testers
Method for hierarchical parasitic extraction of a CMOS design
Method and apparatus for remotely evolving configuration bitstreams
Method and apparatus for testing evolvable configuration bitstreams
Method for testability analysis and test point insertion at the RT-level of a hardware development l...
Method and apparatus for routing confidential information
Method and system for heuristically designing and managing a network
Cleaning system for infrared ATR glucose measurement system (II)
.beta.2- adrenergic receptor agonists
Dispenser system for preventing unauthorized fueling
Method and apparatus for capturing the image of a palm
Shroud for elliptical exerciser
Method and apparatus to embed and retrieve attribute information in magnetic resonance imaging coils
Media independent interface between IEEE 802.3 (ethernet) based physical layer devices
Self-aligned, magnetoresistive random-access memory (MRAM) structure utilizing a spacer containment ...
Sterilizable cultivation system with separately attachable microfiltration membrane
Fixing roller and fixing device using same
Silicone resin compositions having good solution solubility and stability
Splice closure
Inspection system for sheet material
Macro lens system
Color stable iron and zinc fortified compositions
Fast opening aerosol valve
E-mail signature block segmentation
Perceptual-based spatio-temporal segmentation for motion estimation
Apparatus, method and system for topological channel assignment for focused beam, fixed wireless tel...
Apparatus and method for sharing information in simultaneously viewed documents on a communication s...
Watercraft mooring system
Retractable/deployable enclosure assembly for a watercraft vehicle
Lightweight rescue boat davit
Functionalized porous silicon surfaces
Impatiens plant named `TiRe`
Hybrid motive power vehicle
Navigation system
Gypsum casting composition and method of casting
Computer continuous diagnosis and maintenance using screen saver program
Method and device for adding information to video signal, method and device for detection informatio...
Head-mounted display device
Power unit for vehicle
Flat panel display screen with programmable gamma functionality
Microwave resonator
Semiconductor integrated circuit for converting macro-block data into raster data which is adaptable...
Organopolysiloxane fine particles, process for the production thereof and liquid crystal displays
Negative output voltage charge pump and method therefor
Optical switch incorporating therein shallow arch leaf springs
Circuit card assembly having controlled expansion properties
Papermaking belt
Detergent tablet containing bleach activator of specific particle size
Method and system for uniformly accessing multiple directory services
Method for optimizing communication speed between processors
Process for informing an information center about the path covered by a vehicle in a road network, t...
Formulation of nucleic acid and acemannan
Polyoxypropylene/polyoxyethylene copolymers with improved biological activity
System for method for the modification and purification of proteins
Concentrated liquid accumulations comprising a microbicidally active ingredient
Ink composition for marking pen
Laundry treatment for fabrics
Voltage scanning, measurement, storage and reporting device
Plastic centre whose dimensions can be reduced, for forming spools of yarn to be dyed
Tubular composite containers having unsupported film liners and methods and apparatus for making sam...
Flame retardant for mesh sheets and flameproof mesh sheet
Lyocell fibers, and compositions for making same
Adjusting character dimensions to compensate for low contrast character features
Use of scatter factor to enhance angiogenesis
Recombinant clostridial toxin protein
Card reader
Obtaining and utilizing commercial information
Composite trunking
Styryl sulfone anticancer agents
Field emission display device equipped with nanotube emitters and method for fabricating
Apparatus for bursting and replacing pipe
Method for reducing dissipation rate of fluid ejected into boundary layer
Toner and development unit and image forming apparatus using the same
Electrostatic actuator
Shrub rose plant named `POULalo`
Method and apparatus for setting the rotation speed of a drive motor of a work machine
Coherency protocol for computer cache
Rolling bearing and bearing device
Rolling bearing
Rolling-bearing roller fixing device and rolling-bearing roller including such a device
End play preload adjusting assembly for bearings
Rolling member
Display device and display method
Cleaning device for intake pipe passage of engine
Actuator housing
Method and system for accessing shell folder capabilities by an application program
Method for controlling automatic transmission downshift phases
Emission control in an automotive engine
Speech coding rate selector and speech coding apparatus
System and method for storing compressed and uncompressed data on a hard disk drive
Method and system for fuel injector coefficient installation
Use of a peptide preventing the intolerance reactions of the skin, in particular in cosmetic composi...
Detection of wheat and barley fungal pathogens using the polymerase chain reaction
Apparatus for forming implants in gastrointestinal tract and kit for use therewith
Aerodynamic fly-height and turbulence control for hard disk drive heads using microactuators
Detergent compositions
Polymerizable dispersant
Mine neutralization device
Geophysical exploration system and method
Apparatus and method for nondestructive testing of dielectric materials
Lactones with antioxidising and hypolipidaemic activity useful in the therapy of the atherosclerosis
Three closure dispensing cap for a container
Flame retardant for mesh sheets and flameproof mesh sheet comprising the same
Apparatus for high-speed lacing of an article
Process for producing dialkyl carbonate
Device for monitoring latex properties during emulsion polymerization
Banded prolonged release active agent dosage form
Rapidly disintegrating solid oral dosage form
Inhibitors of prenyl-protein transferase
Anti-inflammatory pharmaceutical formulations
Inhibitors of prenyl-protein transferase
Inhibitors of prenyl-protein transferase
Soybean phytase and nucleic acid encoding the same
Method for enhancing transplanted tissue using scatter factor
Anti-cholesterolemic egg, vaccine and method for production, and use
Public wireless/cordless internet gateway
Field of view underwater dive computer system
Color tunable light source
Method for forming magnetic memory with structures that prevent disruptions to magnetization in sens...
Light source control device
Method and apparatus for constructing an underground barrier wall structure
Ballasting method and apparatus for the installation of synthetic underwater pipelines
Denaturants for sympathomimetic amine salts
Rigid body microactuator having elastic joint attachment
Compounds and methods for modulating nonclassical cadherin-mediated functions
Method for reworking photoresist
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Oxide/organic polymer multilayer thin films deposited by chemical vapor deposition
Method of making an LCD or X-ray imaging device with first and second insulating layers
Active matrix electroluminescent display devices
Impatiens plant named `TiPec`
Control apparatus for hybrid vehicle
No wat welding system
Probe card and test system for semiconductor wafers
Digital circuit layout techniques
Support for a vehicle seat
Power distribution circuit board with bullet connectors
Error recovery methods for controlling robotic systems
Arrangement of delivering internet protocol datagrams for multimedia services to the same server
Firing control system for non-impact fired ammunition
Ammunition container
Process for making metallic/intermetallic composite laminate materian and materials so produced espe...
Propulsion system
Cowling arrangement for outboard motor
Nitrile process
Treatment of chromium oxide and catalytic manufacture of vinyl fluoride
Grafted poly (p-phenylene terephthalamide) fibers
Method and apparatus for mechanical and chemical-mechanical planarization of microelectronic substra...
Developer or toner comprising a particle having a treatment
Toner binder of polyester having a high melt flow index and toners therefrom
Method for producing polyamides from aminonitriles
Electrical insulating material and stator bar formed therewith
Anti-retroviral activity of 2',3'-dideoxy-3'-fluoronucleosides
Conductive polymer compositions containing surface treated kaolin clay and devices
Modeling dough and method of making the same
Method and apparatus for determining the depth of acceptable sediment removal from a body of water
Production scale method of forming microparticles
Thin film conductor layer, magnetoresistive element using the same and method of producing thin film...
Compositions and methods for epidermal chemexfoliation
Process for production of ethylene polymers
H-rev107-like protein
Hermetically sealed current feedthrough for outdoor electrical gear
Method and apparatus for high-speed lacing of a teabag
Systems, methods and apparatus for wireless transmission and reception of data by agricultural field...
Method and apparatus for measuring internal property distribution in scattering medium
CCK antibodies used to improve feed efficiency
Anti-cholesterolemic egg, vaccine and method for production, and use
Scanning unit for finger identification
Method of loading objects using spanning tree
Toy vehicle trackway set having vehicle snatching toy figure
Process for cleaning and drying cherry pits
System and method of consolidating information for display by electronic price labels
Gaming chip with built-in timer
Method for testing solar cell assemblies and second surface mirrors by ultraviolet reflectometry for...
Self-aligned bump bond infrared focal plane array architecture
Fluorescent lamp having asymmetric electrodes inside the discharge tube
Fluorescent lamp base and fluorescent lamp
X-ray tube capable of generating and focusing beam on a target
Aqueous systems comprising an ionic polymer and a viscosity promoter, processes for their preparatio...
Facility for the production of isobutene and propylene from hydrocarbon cuts containing four carbon ...
Process for upflow fixed-bed hydroprocessing of fischer-tropsch wax
Gas hydrate inhibitor
Inorganic oxides with mesoporosity or combined meso-and microporosity and process for the preparatio...
Carbon black and process for producing the same
Method for generation of hydrogen gas
Ultrafine particles comprising an organometallic core and process for the production thereof
Thin overlayer for magnetic recording disk
Method for polymerizing cyclic ether
Antibodies to .alpha.v.beta.3 integrin
Nanowire arrays
Remote resonant-circuit analyte sensing apparatus with sensing structure and associated method of se...
Thermal digital lithographic printing plate
Means of producing high diblock content thermoplastic elastomers via chain transfer
Amphipathic compound having succinic acid skeleton
Coated abrasive article
Methods of preparing polyurethane adhesives, adhesives produced thereby and medical devices employin...
Electrophotographic image formation process and apparatus
Display device and electronic apparatus using the same
Spiro[pyrrolidine-2,3'-oxindole] compounds and method of use
Low-pressure mercury vapor discharge lamp with electrode shield
Target cell-specific non-viral vectors for inserting genes into cells, pharmaceutical compositions c...
Emissions blocking apparatus
Error correction method for a memory device
Method and system for performing circuit analysis on an integrated-circuit design having design data...
Automatic arrangement of wiring patterns in semiconductor device
Adding code in an application during runtime to enrich object behavior
Method for fabricating ZnO thin film for ultraviolet detection and emission source operated at room ...
Magnetic tunnel junction device with improved insulating tunnel barrier
Methods for external controls for nucleic acid amplification
Aircraft-wheel lifting device
Doll nursery
Vacuum deposition and curing of oligomers and resins
Nasal dilator
Aerosol composition containing silicone-based fluid and improved spray system
Carbons containing fluorine, method of preparation thereof and use as electrode material
Method of fabricating a groundwater monitoring system and a monitoring system formed using said meth...
Compositions isolated from plant cells and their use in the modification
Flicker free fuser control
Color electrophotographic printer and feeding speed control method therefore for eliminating registr...
Optical head and optical disk apparatus
Dynamic optimized color lut transformations based upon image requirements
Image segmentation apparatus and method
Electrophotographic development system with induction charged toner
Preset fluid dispensing meter
Topical suspension formulations containing ciprofloxacin and dexamethasone
Optical head using micro-machined elements
Substituted phenylheterocyclic herbicides
Geranium plant named `Fisorchi`
Automatically integrating an external network with a network management system
Communication control apparatus, method, and computer readable storage medium for determining a rela...
Fast braking warning system
Radio receiver
Radio apparatus with diversity antennas
Method and system for determining a neighbor list for a code division multiple access (CDMA) sector
Base station for a radio communications system
Method and apparatus for high-pressure wafer processing and drying
Plating system workpiece support having workpiece-engaging electrodes with distal contact-part and d...
Method for multi-volume, write-behind data storage in a distributed processing system
Electrically powered spacecraft/airship
Pump device for pumping an active fiber of an optical amplifier and corresponding optical amplifier
Hybrid fiber twisted pair local loop network service architecture
Surface pattern
Flourescent X-ray analyzer
Two beam optical switch and attenuator and method of use
Optical record carrier and scanning device
Objective measurement and graph theory modeling of web sites
Liquid-crystal display device
Air cooled marine engine exhaust
Method to build a high bandwidth, low crosstalk, low EM noise transducer
Interactive talking dolls
Discovery features for SNMP managed devices
System and method for analyzing remote traffic data in distributed computing environment
Method for collaborative transformation and caching of web objects in a proxy network
Sequential data transfer with common clock signal for receiver and sequential storage device and wit...
Enhanced instrumentation software in fault tolerant systems
Antiviral nucleoside analogues
Apparatus and methods of image and signal processing
Fabrication of collimators employing optical fibers fusion-spliced to optical elements of substantia...
Curable organopolysiloxane materials
Cosmetic compositions containing resveratrol and retinoids
Composition in the form of an O/W emulsion with a high wax content, and uses thereof in cosmetics an...
Combination of a retinoid with a histidine derivative
Composition and method for removing iron stain and scale
Detergent composition
Substituted benzene compounds, process for their preparation, and herbicidal and defoliant compositi...
Indolin derivatives as sun protection agents
Suspoemulsion system for delivery of actives
Surfactant compositions with enhanced soil release properties containing a cationic gemini surfactan...
Water-whitening resistant latex emulsion pressure sensitive adhesive and its production
Methods of performing cosmetic treatments with gasified solid particles and instant gel preparations...
Amphiphilic fluorine derivatives with telomeric structures; preparation procedure and biomedical app...
Bottle base
Cutter activating machine for packaging apparatus
Pultruded utility pole
Weldable sightglass assembly
Transgenic plants with altered senescence characteristics
Self-tapping tee
Ectrudable cement core thermoplastic composite
Cocktail-type positive temperature coefficient (PTC) polymer blend composition and circuit protectio...
Compound of polyester and polyalkylene grafted comb polymer
Polyethylene films having improved optical properties
High-friction polymer blends comprising polypropylene and thermoplastic block copolymers
Alkenyl aromatic polymer foam laminates
Dicing apparatus
Graft polymeric membranes and ion-exchange membranes formed therefrom
Target-dependent reactions using structure-bridging oligonucleotides
One-step system for cleansing, conditioning, and treating the skin
Liposome-enhanced test device and method
Carboxylic acid derivatives having fused rings
Methods and products related to 16-HETE analogs
Optical waveguide sensors
Contraband substances reference sample carrier
Reticle-equipped telescopic gunsight and aiming system
Method and apparatus for the control of a die casting or similar machine
Liquid hard surface cleaning compositions
Method and apparatus that supports multiple assignment code
Block copolymer with condensation or vinyl polymer, functions imparting, and lower cohesive E segmen...
Polyester/platelet particle compositions displaying improved dispersion
Process of rheology modification of polymers
Reactions catalyzed by chromium (III) carboxylates
Polyamide-based compositions and articles made from these compositions
Polyesters including isosorbide as a comonomer blended with other thermoplastic polymers
Medical uses of focused and imaged x-rays
Antisense inhibition of ras gene with chimeric and alternating oligonucleotides
Osmotically stabilized microbubble preparations
Lyocell fibers having enhanced CV properties
Hard disk patterning
Portable computer expansion base with enhancement speaker
Stabilization of injection locking of CW lasers
Single chamber gas discharge laser with line narrowed seed beam
Compounds having activity as inhibitors of cytochrome P450RAI
Inhibition of scatter factor for blocking angiogenesis
Treatment with polyvalent antivenom containing immunoglobulin which is greater than 50% venom-reacti...
Fingerprint identification/verification system
Vehicle detector using a loop sensor
Method and apparatus for improving dead reckoning distance calculation in vehicle navigation system
Navigation apparatus
Ambient adjusted volume control for in-vehicles messages
Bonus joker poker
Compounds and compositions for delivering active agents
Growth hormone secretagogues
Method for treating Hashimoto's thyroiditis
18-substituted-19-nor-vitamin D compounds
Methods of identifying inverse agonists of the serotonin 2A receptor
Positively charged non-natural amino acids, methods of making thereof, and use thereof in peptides
Powder varnish dispersion
Antibody to human testin and methods of making and using
Drug release stent coating
Package for removable device tips
Metalloproteinase inhibitors
MCH2, an apoptotic cysteine protease, and compositions for making and methods of using the same
Foot warming exothermic device
Inbred corn plant 8M116
Process for production of xylene
Invisible connector for jewelry strand
Method and system for controlling internal combustion engine
Valve control system and method for an internal-combustion engine
Document with a moire-generating raster structure
Calculation of quality and its use in determination of indirect noninvasive blood pressure
Multiple material printable sheet with inset
Tags having a metallic heft and appearance and process for making them
Label for use on rubber products
Method of improving the properties of a flour dough, a flour dough improving composition and improve...
Method for feeding a web treating agent to a paper or board web processing apparatus
Method and apparatus for wavelet-based digital watermarking
Method and apparatus for watermark detection for specific scales and arbitrary shifts
Digital video recording/playback system with entry point processing function
Signal processing apparatus, recording medium, and signal processing method
Electronic shopping system
Protected keepalive message through the internet
Geranium plant named `Balfanflai`
Geranium plant named `Balfancardim`
Chrysanthemum named `Delphires`
Chrysanthemum named `Odin`
Detergent tablet
Animal leash
Reflective tag for animals
Vacuum cleaner
Site furniture
Formulation of Tc and Re carbonyl complexes using stannous ion as the reductant for pertechnetate an...
Opioid receptor targeting
Carbohydrate crosslinked glycoprotein crystals
Vehicle navigation system with location-based multi-media annotation
Encryption system capable of specifying a type of an encrytion device that produced a distribution m...
Method of adding information to video signal and information adding device
Methods, apparatus and computer program products for message processing control including selective ...
Remote access, emulation, and control of office equipment, devices and services
Video cataloger system with synchronized encoders
Computer product for integrated document development
Method, device and article of manufacture for implementing a real-time task scheduling accelerator
Automated alternating current characterization testing
System and method for continuously adaptive indexes
Method and apparatus for interactive sourcing and specifying of products having desired attributes a...
Method and computer program product for calculating event occurrences
System and method for communicating with a serial communications device using multiple virtual ports
Transiently immortalized cells
Electric lamp with metal shell
Polymer covered advanced polymer/wood composite structural member
MPEG-2 transport demultiplexor architecture with non-time-critical post-processing of packet informa...
Thin film magnetic memory device capable of easily controlling a data write current
Semiconductor device fabrication method using an interface control layer to improve a metal intercon...
Rhenium and technetium complexes containing a hypoxia-localizing moiety
Label for concealing information
Noise attenuation panel
Method and system for intelligent agent decision making for tactical aerial warfare
Electronic sound generator with enhanced sound
Freeze-protecting a fuel cell by vacuum drying
Secure computer system
Utility cart
Gas containment apparatus
Aerosol formulations
Carbon fibril-forming metal catalysts
Compressible welded wire wall for retaining earthen formations
Thermosetting powder coating composition
Interactive online language instruction
Movable magnification icons for electronic device display screens
Window breaking and clearing technique training device
Aerosol dispensing inhaler training device
Method and apparatus for teaching rapid decoding (reading) and encoding (spelling)
Two-stage transmucosal medicine delivery system for symptom relief
Broadcast sweepstakes game system and game piece device
Method of using photoalbum templates
Papaya plant named `Poamoho Gold`
Semiconductor light emitting element
System and method of compensating for non-linear voltage-to-delay characteristics in a voltage contr...
Clock buffer circuit, and interface and synchronous type semiconductor memory device with clock buff...
Dielectric waveguide line bend formed by rows of through conductors
Antenna feeder line, and antenna module provided with the antenna feeder line
Communication records management device
Portable telephone
Dietary compositions and methods
Organic electroluminescence element
Nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compound, organic light-emitting device material and organic light-...
Electronically active primer layers for thermal patterning of materials for electronic devices
Method for manufacturing organic electroluminescence display device
Organic electroluminescent device with electron injecting electrode containing ALLi alloy
Method to fabricate layered material compositions
Preparation of elastomer reinforced with in situ formed silica and tire having component thereof
Polyarylene compositions with enhanced modulus profiles
Ferroelectric memory devices including patterned conductive layers
Miniature electrical relays using a piezoelectric thin film as an actuating element
Color cathode ray tube with panel glass having a different light absorption characteristic from that...
Antireflective coating and method of manufacturing same
Methods for making interconnects and diffusion barriers in integrated circuits
Tone signal processing apparatus with intermittent clock supply
Suction sound damper for a hermetically encapsulated compressor
Co-operative control system for a vehicle
Method and system of determining an acceptable torque level to be applied to at least one clutch pac...
Method and device for regulating at least one travel dynamic variable in a motor vehicle
Intelligent cruise control device
Flip-up type or folder type mobile telephone terminal which enables user to answer call without open...
Personal communicator including a handset phone with an integrated virtual image display
Selectable assignment of default call address
System and method for dynamic voice-discriminating noise filtering in aircraft
Rear view apparatus
Collapsible, powered platform for lifting wheelchair
Assessment of cardiovascular performance using ultrasound methods and devices that interrogate inter...
Therapy apparatus with laser irradiation device
Lamp and portable lighting device
Multiple round card game of chance
Chrysanthemum plant named `Halifax Yellow`
Method of forming bumps on wafers or substrates
ICAM-1 derivatives with altered ability to bind LFA-1
Method and control arrangement for minimizing consequences of accidents
System for dynamic jitter buffer management based on synchronized clocks
Source converter processing method and machine-readable media storing it
Method and system for transparently failing over application configuration information in a server c...
Device for controlled release of tension
Vehicle-control communication system
Internet asset management system for a fuel dispensing environment
Toner, and process for producing toner
Golf ball with water immersion indicator
C-nitroso compounds and use thereof
Cosmetic composition for skin comprising urea
Minicapsulorhexis valve
Personal care product in the form of a free-standing stick
Polynucleotide compositions for intramuscular administration
Vibro-acoustic treatment for engine noise suppression
Buffer controller
Snowmobile construction
Diagnostic apparatus with radio link
Sports footwear and studs therefor
Optical modulation device and projection display device utilizing the optical modulation device
Laboratory fume hood control apparatus having rotary sash door position sensor
Energy trapping type piezoelectric filter with a shielding conductive member on a bottom insulating ...
Mounting structure for the photographic element of a camera
Camera, camera system, information recording system, timepiece, and link system for camera and timep...
Focus detector
Camera with a device for locking the film feed
Object-oriented compiler mechanism for automatically selecting among multiple implementations of obj...
Weight for toy or decorative balloons
Alkynyl containing hydroxamic acid compounds as matrix metalloproteinase/tace inhibitors
Procedure for marking binary coded data sets
Hot pressure fixing device for fixing a toner image carried on a substrate
Temperature stabilization in flip chip technology
System and method for electronically processing invoice information
Method and apparatus for the production, delivery, and receipt of enhanced e-mail
Fast extraction of one-way and two-way counts from sparse data
Method for retarding the duplication of a data-storage device
Method and system for enabling smaller investors to manage risk in a self-managed portfolio of asset...
Drainage system with membrane cover and method for covering wastewater reservoir
Fluid flow velocity measuring system for internal combustion engine
Germination-specific plant promoters
Radiation-curable liquid resin composition for coating optical fibers
Method to control CRT phosphor aging
Cell surface glycoproteins
Method for minimizing errors in sensors used for a recording apparatus of car accidents
Device for measuring the volume of a body cavity
Method and apparatus for determining a processor failure in a multiprocessor computer
VOD refining method for fast-cut stainless steel containing sulphur
Steel holder block for plastic molding
Heat resistance Cr-Mo alloy steel
Process for the annealing of drawn carbon steel rolls and coils of carbon steel sheet
Item and product sample card with video or audio device carrier
Marking diamond
Cutting board with integral scale
Support bracket for heater element in bake oven
Method, device and receptacle for heating pre-prepared meals
Apparatus for supporting foodstuffs in a microwave oven
Microwave package and support tray with features for uniform crust heating
Crosslinkable carpet-back coating with hydroxy-functionalized vinyl acetate emulsion polymers
Addressable intelligent relay
Reconstruction in helical computed tomography using asymmetric modeling of detector sensitivity
System for imaging mechanically stabilized tissue
Brachytherapy system for prostate cancer treatment with computer implemented systems and processes t...
Method and apparatus for the production of honeycombs for beekeeping
Inhibitors of HIV infection
Method of manufacture of natural cheese
Salad dressing emulsion
Osteocyte cell lines
Nucleotide sequences of lats genes
System bus read address operations with data ordering preference hint bits for vertical caches
Data cache having store queue bypass for out-of-order instruction execution and method for same
Load/store instruction control circuit of microprocessor and load/store instruction control method
Predecoding multiple instructions as one combined instruction and detecting branch to one of the ins...
Method and system for dynamically changing page types in unified scalable shared-memory architecture...
Instruction cache associative crossbar switch
Antifouling paint
Object-oriented distributed communications directory system
Antithrombotic agents
Antibodies to human tumor necrosis factor receptor TR9
Method for determining angiogenesis using scatter factor
Vaccine for clostridium botulinum neurotoxin
Method and apparatus for subcutaneous identification
Enterprise interaction hub for managing an enterprise web system
Cationic surfactants, process for producing the same and utilization thereof
Hybrid maize plant and seed
Selective aromatics disproportionation process
Distributed automated testing system
Managing the transfer of e-mail attachments to rendering devices other than an original e-mail recip...
Concealed weapons detection system
Credit card billing method and system
Extractive distillation process for the reduction of sulfur species in hydrocarbons streams
Method and apparatus for producing signal processing circuits in the delta sigma domain
Methods of screening for agonists and antagonists of the HNEAA81 receptor
Active matrix display
Method and apparatus for facilitating physiological coherence and autonomic balance
Aluminum production cell and cathode
Method for creating higher grade wood products from lower grade lumber
Method and system for controlling access to a resource
Electronic camera using flash for exposure control
Video refresh compression
Extended wavelength strained layer lasers having strain compensated layers
Magnetic memory
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Method of reducing electromigration in copper lines by forming an interim layer of calcium-doped cop...
Optical article printing for controlled attenuation
Graphical user interface for control of a home entertainment system
Bumping prevention system
Systems and methods for automatic application version upgrading and maintenance
Process for designing a fuzzy regulator
Toy that provides an indication when an end user consumes a consumable substance
Cold start-up of a PEM fuel cell
Method and system thereof for organizing and updating an information directory based on relationship...
Automatic recovery of forgotten passwords
Loss metrics in a communication network
Two-piece barrel for low-energy training ammunition
Hydrogen absorbing alloy electrode, method of fabricating hydrogen absorbing alloy electrode, and al...
Inhalation actuated device for use with metered dose inhalers (MDIS)
Aerosol beam-focus laser-induced plasma spectrometer device
Support composition based on a cerium oxide, a zirconium oxide and a scandium or rare earth oxide an...
Pyrocarbonic acid diesters and the preparation and use thereof
System and method for determining birefringence of anterior segment of a patient's eye
Pharmaceutically active nitrogen ring compounds and methods of use thereof
Product dispenser with inventory monitoring
Polymer emulsion and process for preparing the same
Compounds derived from menthol and use as refreshing agent
Adapter automatically controlling power supply for air conditioning apparatus by sensor
Method of playing game and gaming device comprising a primary gaming unit and a pinball-type game
Gaming machine with multiple payoff modes and award presentation schemes
Control method, apparatus and carrier wave for difficulty in a video game
Methods and apparatus for parimutuel historical gaming
Twist lock/unlock mechanism for gaming device handle
Device and method for triggering a random event
Gas phase anionic polymerization of diene elastomers
Papaya plant named `Laie Gold`
Electronic access control device
Particles having a polymeric shell and their production
Adaptive predictive synchronous current frame regulator method and apparatus
Greetings or the like card
Backup battery storing structure for a camera
Hemerocallis plant named `First Spring`
Method and apparatus of detecting spectrum spread signal
Anti-viral compounds
System with control registers for managing computer legacy peripheral devices using an advanced conf...
Two platform motion seat
Lewis acid-catalyzed claisen rearrangement in the preparation of chiral products
Method and implant for expanding a spinal canal
Automatic update of camera firmware
System and method to perform histogrammic counting for performance evaluation
Method and system for embedding electronic watermark information in main information
Twin lobe spacecraft dispenser apparatus and method
Electric power steering unit and method for vehicle
Wireless push-to-talk internet broadcast
Generation and distribution of personalized multimedia natural-phenomenological information
System and method for providing secure URL-based access to private resources
Method and apparatus for coding and decoding data
System for the automatic loading and/or unloading of products
Two-group zoom lens system and display device having phototaking function
Method for dry cleaning a wafer container
Welding machines
MEMS optical switch and method of manufacture
Low power audible alarm relay device for a rolling code security system
Fan novelty head gear
Tintable luminescent paint
High intensity directed light and sound crowd dispersion device
Process for the preparation of cyclopropylacetylene
Semiconductor processing exhaust abatement
Loading machine for transferring closely adjacent elongate articles, in particular fuel elements, an...
Method and apparatus for reducing overhead associated with content playback on a multiple channel di...
Apparatus and method for fixing toner images onto a recording medium
Blending arbitrary overlaying images into panoramas
Network management software library allowing a sending and retrieval of multiple SNMP objects
Mapping web server objects to TCP/IP ports
Software system and methods for testing the functionality of a transactional server
Field reordering to optimize cache utilization
System, method, and program for preserving background settings during install and uninstall operatio...
Brassica polymorphisms
Micromachined ultrasonic spiral arrays for medical diagnostic imaging
Apparatus for the enhancement of water quality in a subterranean pressurized water distribution syst...
Extended cache state with prefetched stream ID information
Methods and associated apparatus for downhole data retrieval, monitoring and tool actuation
Method, system and device for building a wall in the ground
Pipe inspection device and method
Repeated image forming apparatus with neighboring image boundary gradiation correction
Program-viewing inhibition device
Graft polymerization of substrate surfaces
Quick-set film-forming compositions
Random work arranging device
Process for preparing peptide nucleic acid probe using polymeric photoacid generator
Disaster recovery method for a removable media library
Secure database system
System and method for backing up data stored in multiple mirrors on a mass storage subsystem under c...
Method and apparatus for verifying a software configuration of a distributed system
Maintenance of code knowledge for up-to-date access thereof
Live upgrade process for object-oriented programs
Relocation of suspended data to a remote site in a distributed storage system
Fastener assembly for roof marker lamp
Snap-in roof marker lamp assembly
After market LED taillight bulb
Line type illuminator
Linear illumination device
Spectral sensitization of nanocrystalline solar cells
Indication device
In situ projection optic metrology method and apparatus
System and method for transmitting data
Method and apparatus for receiving infrared signals with improved noise immunity
Rear monitoring system
Television or radio control system development
High order spatial mode transmission system
Dispersion-shifted optical fiber
Optical waveguide circuit and method of fabricating same
Waveguide optical semiconductor device, method of fabricating the same and optical device module
Method for managing fiber and copper cable in distributing frame or bay shelves
High density fiber distribution tray system
Splice holder with improved access feature
Image processing method for reducing the noise in an image of a sequence of three temporal images, a...
Method for determining a skew angle of a bitmap image and de-skewing and auto-cropping the bitmap im...
Multiple ultrasound image registration system, method and transducer
Image processing apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for variable magnification of an image
Illumination device and image reading apparatus using the same
Method and apparatus for retrieving documents based on information other than document content
Intracardiac potential analyzing apparatus and method
Data recording methods for an implantable device
Apparatus and method for determining a mechanical property of an organ or body cavity by impedance d...
Handheld bioelectric impedance measuring apparatus
CPR protector
Cardiac mapping and ablation systems
Absorbent article with improved fluid distribution materials
Termite bait cover
Password delay
Creating optimized physical implementations from high-level descriptions of electronic design using ...
Therapeutic laser device and method including noninvasive subsurface monitoring and controlling mean...
C7 carbamoyloxy substituted taxanes
Measurement of mold growth on amorphous substrates
Method for inducing the proliferation and migration of endothelial cells using scatter factor
Anti-cholesterolemic egg, vaccine and method for production, and use
Method for measuring a degree of association for dimensionally referenced data
Process for co-production of metaxylene and paraxylene
Acoustic filter apparatus for an electronic device
Method and apparatus for maintaining a unified view of multiple mailboxes
Cosmetic composition comprising an amide and novel amides
Methods and compositions for treating generalized anxiety disorder
Arylpiperazines having activity at the serotonin 1A receptor
Dual position vehicle steering command module
Fluid treatment process
Continuous casting slab suitable for the production of non-tempered high tensile steel material
Mannitol/hydrogel cap for tissue-insertable connections
Cremation urn lid with dragon emblem
Integrin receptor antagonists
Therapeutic inhibitor of vascular smooth muscle cells
System for facilitating game play in an electronic lottery game network
Method and apparatus for automatic tax verification
Process for the preparation of polyolefins
Polypeptide-polysiloxane copolymers
System and method for transmitting and receiving data in a network
IR radiation-seeker missile jammer
Tubular grafts from purified submucosa
System and method for installing an application on a portable computer
Method and system for performing text edits during audio recording playback
Method and apparatus for automated design of complex structures using genetic programming
Compositions and methods for the treatment and diagnosis of cardiovascular disease
Reaction block assembly for chemical synthesis
System and method for providing prize award results
Citation selection and routing feature for hand-held content display device
Substituted 3-cyano-[1.7],[1.5], and [1.8] naphthyridine inhibitors of tyrosine kinases
Fluorescent lamp and methods for making electrode assemblies for fluorescent lamps
Telephone calling card service system integrating virtual destination numbers
Multi-port programmable tester
Optoelectronic modules for offset launching of optical signals, and methods for making same
Method and apparatus for tracking truck groups between wireless and wireline applications
Phenylalanine ammonia lyase polypeptide and polynucleotide sequences and methods of obtaining and us...
Geranium plant named `Fisgren`
Vehicle anti-theft system and method
Method and system for bypassing cache levels when casting out from an upper level cache
Utilize encoded vector indexes for distinct processing
Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
Exhaust gas purification system of internal combustion engine
Piezoelectric paste and piezoelectric film and piezoelectric part using the same
Voiceprint identification system
Developing device, process cartridge and image forming apparatus
Method and apparatus for capacitively testing a semiconductor die
Sound attenuating earmuff
Process and apparatus for applying pressure to a reactant
Accelerated calibration for electronic compass module
UDP-N-acetylenolpyruvylglucosamine reductase
Methods and compositions for modulating spermatogenesis
Homologously recombinant slow growing mycobacteria and uses therefor
Inhibitors of formation of protease resistant prion protein
Cyclic boroproline compounds
Peptide derivatives
Automatic code generation
Locking mechanism
Rotary head drum device
Surface pattern for paper product and package