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Method for producing fine particles of metal oxide
Clear personal care formulations containing quaternary ammonium compounds and other nitrogen-contain...
Hyperbranched polymeric micelles for encapsulation and delivery of hydrophobic molecules
Active substance-containing composition, its production and its use
Non-systemic control of parasites
Copolymers of carboxylic acids and quaternary ammonium compounds and the use thereof as thickeners o...
Nanosize metal oxide particles for producing transparent metal oxide colloids and ceramers
Fabrication of periodic surface structures with nanometer-scale spacings
Formation of thin film resistors
Monolithic radial diode-pumped laser with integral micro channel cooling
Process for the preparation of photosensitive lithographic printing plate
Preparation of polyisocyanate polyaddition products
Dip-molded medical devices from cis-1,4-polyisoprene
Cure parameters in rubber vulcanization
Polysiloxane composition and rubber composition and resin composition
Detection method using luminescent europium-based protein stains
Hydroxy pipecolate hydroxamic acid derivatives
High-power and wide-band fiber optic light source
Cables with water-blocking and flame-retarding fibers
Lightening unit
Coupled plasmon-waveguide resonance spectroscopic device and method for measuring film properties in...
Keyboard testing system
Apparatus for providing light shielding in a liquid crystal display
Method of raising neutralizing antibodies against HIV
M-type microwave device with slanted field emitter
Unimolecular segment amplification and sequencing
Method enabling use of extracellular RNA extracted from plasma or serum to detect, monitor or evalua...
Inhibitors of interleukin-1.beta. converting enzyme
Hepatitis C inhibitor tri-peptides
Hepatitis C inhibitor tri-pepitides
Purification of xanthophylls from marigold extracts that contain high levels of chlorophylls
Cell necrosis apparatus
Microwave garment for heating and/or monitoring tissue
Apparatus and method for optimizing client-state data storage
Program generation method
Out-of-band forward error correction
Sensor and method of fabrication
Humanized antibodies to .gamma.-interferon
Lepidopteran GABA-gated chloride channels
Dermatomyositis-specific auto-antigen
Methods for improving seeds
Multi-linkage suspension system including outboard isolators
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell showing stable and outstanding electric-power generating characteristi...
Indicating device for aerosol container
Ballistic aerosol making apparatus for marking with a liquid material
Microfluidic connector
Method for constructing an underground structure
Hydraulic device powered by wave
Inbred maize line 2227BT
Soybean cultivar 9505119785
Soybean cultivar 51367771
Inbred corn line ZS02433
Hybrid maize plant and seed 33J56
Feedback method and apparatus for printing calibration
Active silencer
Aluminized roll including anodization layer
Segmented transfer blade using a rotating decision stop
Database management system and method for storing persistent and non-persistent attributes
Carrying handle
Carrying handle
Apparatus and method for performing a defect leakage screen test for memory devices
Method for preparing command files for photomask production
Apparatus and method for 2-dimensional steered-beam NxM optical switch using single-axis mirror arra...
Sandramycin analogs
Garlic plant named `Angelique`
Method, memory, product, and code for displaying pre-customized content associated with visitor data
Method and apparatus for monitoring, controlling, and configuring remote communication devices
System for synchronizing configuration information of a network element if received trap sequence nu...
Proxy cache cluster
System for read only memory shadowing circuit for copying a quantity of rom data to the ram prior to...
Intelligent antenna sub-sector switching for time slotted systems
Communication system with a beamformed control channel and method of system control
Mobile telephone apparatus
Data communications apparatus, data communications method, program for coding information data conta...
Method and circuit for determining the power consumption requirements for a semiconductor logic circ...
Handling protected conversation messages across IMS restart in shared queues environment
Method for forming a parachute and a parachute formed thereby
Connector interface for spacecraft modules
Double-pass fully isolated broadband optical signal source for fiber optic interferometric sensors
Method and apparatus for non-dispersive face-cooling of multi-crystal nonlinear optical devices
Optical scheme for high flux low-background two-dimensional small angle x-ray scattering
Adaptively aligned optical correlator and method
Cascaded optical switch comprising at least one gate
Communication apparatus, communication method, and record medium
Direct processor access via an external multi-purpose interface
Multiple user interfaces for an integrated flash device
Thermal retention-device
Display device with transflective electrode
Vacuum processing apparatus
Reflection inversion surface acoustic wave transducer and filter
Absorbent structure and method
Apparatus and method for calling game
Methods for treating skin with 3-hydroxy benzoic acid and related compositions
Computer system having improved data transfer across a bus bridge
PCI slot control apparatus with dynamic configuration for partitioned systems
.beta.-amino-.alpha.-hydroxycarboxylic acid derivatives and HIV protease inhibitors
Digital rights management operating system
Autocorrection of MR images for motion artifacts
NMR probe
Method and apparatus to compensate for image artifacts caused by magnet vibration in an MR imaging s...
Using a multi-electrode probe in creating an electrophysiological profile during stereotactic neuros...
Method for treating hyperparathyroidism
Therapeutically effective 1.alpha., 25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 analogs and methods for treatment of vita...
Nucleic acid molecules encoding cytostatin II
Methods for the treatment of osteoporosis
Mode conditioning for multimode fiber systems
Light distribution reflector for exit signs and the illuminated by LED arrays
Automated method for image analysis of residual protein
Method and apparatus for quick-heating pouring tubes and nozzles
Compositions comprising santalins, santarubins for artificially coloring the skin
Emulsion composition comprising a fluorohydrocarbon compound and a method for preparing
Composition comprising a dibenzoylmethane derivative and a polyamino polymer
Cosmetic skin care compositions containing alpha interferon
Pharmaceutical composition for the treatment of diabetes
Detergent compositions
Silver halide photographic material
Communication of objects including Java bytecodes between 3270 logical units including Java virtual ...
Hand-held laser scanner
Adjustable gauge downhole drilling assembly
Machine tool with two eccentric spindles for multiple diameter boring
Biodegradable targetable microparticle delivery system
Position measuring device for detecting displacements with at least three degrees of freedom
Noninvasive continuous cardiac output monitor
Method to improve thread drawing when manufacturing a vehicle lamp by using a hot plate melt-bonding...
Micro-injecting device
Method for producing alkylene glycol with a low carbonyl compound content
Device and methods for in vivo culturing of diverse tissue cells
Vascular graft impregnated with a heparin-containing collagen sealant
Stamp assembly with embossing member
Martial arts training device
Method and an apparatus for producing packaging containers for liquid foods, as well as packaging co...
Fluid sampler pouch with internal supportive structure
Instant film packs
Lenticular image and method
Vehicle driving force control with operator power demand responsive correction
Preceding vehicle following control system
Danger deciding apparatus for motor vehicle and environment monitoring apparatus therefor
Autonomic system for updating fuzzy neural network and control system using the fuzzy neural network
Game call apparatus
Use of biometrics as a methodology for defining components for ECC encryption
Reconfigurable service provision via a communication network
Prophylactic and therapeutic treatment of the ductal epithelium for a mammary gland for cancer
Voltage supply apparatus, in particular for a radio telephone in a motor vehicle
Page marking system and method
System, method and apparatus for coupon processing and booklet
Form with detachable card, substrate and multilayer material, and process for producing such a form
Multiple-component data package
Tape data carrier, method and device for manufacturing the same
Divider sheet printing and manufacturing methods
Reticulated cellulose and methods of microorganisms for the production thereof
Seed coating compositions for low temperature applications
Impurities removal
Information kiosk
ADA convertible input display
Stack of display rotators on a kiosk pole
System for printing and detecting a photochromic phase change ink composition
Variable data print job system
Hierarchical data storage management
Arbitration mechanism for a computer system having a unified memory architecture
Determination of a best offset to detect an embedded pattern
Internet and related networks, a method of and system for substitute use of checksum field space in ...
Method of using address resolution protocol for constructing data frame formats for multiple partiti...
System for communications of multiple partitions employing host-network interface, and address resol...
Flat bread grill
Process for treating a fried gyoza (a fried dumpling stuffed with minced pork) with water
Method for continuous roasting of food materials
Process for producing a food colorant, colorant thus obtained and uses thereof
Antimicrobial agent against acid-resistant and heat-resistant bacteria
Salad dressing
Geranium plant named `Fistangoli`
Dieffenbachia plant named `Camouflage`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Raspberry Yolompoc`
Portulaca plant named `Summer Joy Pink`
New Guinea impatiens plant named `Ovation Lavender`
Method for delivery of antigens to selected cells of the immune system using chimeric antibodies
Human Defensin DEF-X
Methods and compositions for targeting compounds to muscle
Antifungal polypeptide and methods for controlling plant pathogenic fungi
Compositions and methods for therapy and diagnosis of prostate cancer
Plant fatty acid epoxygenase genes and uses therefor
Vacuum cleaner
Mop head
Golf cart
Luggage cart
Seat for use in a bathtub
Locking system for manual dolly and pallet
Optical diagnostic agents for diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases by means of near infrared radi...
Anti-IgE antibodies
Anti-CCR1 antibodies and methods of use therefor
Immunogenic conjugate molecules
Cores for technetium radiopharmaceuticals
Two-tiered music box with revolving figurines
Multimedia technique for operating devices in a vehicle
Method and system for information dissemination using television signals
Audio steganography
System, method and computer program product for data conversion in a computer network
Method and apparatus for high-speed data queuing and data retrieval
Non-invasive mechanism to automatically ensure 3D-graphical consistency among plurality applications
Robot arm
Process and composition for generation of acid
Multiple tier interfacing with network computing environment
Multiprocessor digital data processing system
Hardware accelerator for an object-oriented programming language
Video parser
Multistandard video decoder and decompression system for processing encoded bit streams including st...
Automatic routing method
Method and system for storing data in a hash table that eliminates the necessity of key storage
Searching system for searching files stored in a hard disk of a personal computer
Systems and methods for utilizing excess electric power from a marine transportation vessel
Arrays of protein-capture agents and methods of use thereof
Method for aligning clock and data signals received from a RAM
Substituted pyrrolidine hydroxamate metalloprotease inhibitors
Iontophoresis electrode device
Plants containing the gdhA gene and methods of use thereof
Electron beam irradiation device
Amidomalonamides useful as inhibitors of MMP of matrix metalloproteinase
Color-filter manufacturing method
Loadbearing wall holdown
Multimedia program editing and presenting system with flexible layout capability by simplified input...
Slope and level trim DAC for voltage reference
Separation process for separating cycloalkenes having at least 2 double bonds from a reaction mixtur...
Semiconductor memory device with reduced power consumption and with reduced test time
Method and apparatus for hair color characterization and treatment
Label having tab member and methods for forming, applying and using the same
Aqueous stable lysine solution
Apparatus and method for on-line replacement of a running script
Information processing system
Exercise ball
Process and apparatus for recovering components of sealed type battery
System and method for creating and navigating a linear hypermedia resource program
Block cipher method
Method and apparatus for managing software in a network system
Optical translation measurement
Recording and playing-back device for use in a disk and method of carrying out recording and playing...
Interface for managing process
Mark up language grammar based translation system
Method and apparatus for speaker identification using mixture discriminant analysis to develop speak...
Memory cache with sequential page indicators
Use of dynamic translation to provide breakpoints in non-writeable object code
Funerary urn
Nasal cannula retainer
Electro-static particulate source, circulation, and valving system for ballistic aerosol marking
User-friendly information processing device and method and computer program product for retrieving a...
Particles having surface properties and methods of making them
Surface mounted 2-D diode laser array package
Device for treating bodily substances
Therapeutic drug for the treatment of micturition disorders
Water-soluble or water-dispersible graft copolymers based on a polyvinyllactam, their preparation an...
Non-hazardous pest control
Flame retardant plastic resin composition
Method and apparatus for watermarking digital bitstreams
Electronic amusement device and method for propagating a performance adjustment signal
Gaming device having multiple award enhancing levels
Game controller and information storage medium
Projected image target shooting toy
Multiple material golf club head with a polymer insert face
Two stage attachment means for lid and base container of stands for tetherball games
Hybrid wiring board, semiconductor apparatus, flexible substrate, and fabrication method of hybrid w...
Process for preparing 3-(substituted phenyl)-5-thienyl or furyl)-1,2,4-triazoles and novel intermedi...
Maintaining document identity across hierarchy and non-hierarchy file systems
System and method for using a client database to manage conversation threads generated from email or...
Enhanced video programming system and method for incorporating and displaying retrieved integrated i...
Training method and apparatus for dental bur identification
Method for training of auditory/visual discrimination using target and foil phonemes/graphemes withi...
Portable karaoke unit
Wall mounted rail system with movable boards
Nail covering system
System and method for remote education using a memory card
Verbena plant named `Vilena`
Electric-component mounting head
Apparatus for picking up articles using a vision controlled robot
Control system for synchronously cooperative operation of plurality of robots
Robot and method of its attitude control
Method of producing semiconductor device
Keyboard musical instrument
Manufacturing method for optical pickup device
Semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Optical functional element and transmission device
Wrist watch-style pager
Image recording medium, image recording method and heat coloring polymer compound
Image recording medium, image recording method and heat coloring polymer compound
Producing iron from solid iron carbide
Spring steel superior in fatigue properties
Modified magnesium based hydrogen storage alloys
Copper foil for printed wiring board having excellent chemical resistance and heat resistance
Hydrogen storage material and manufacturing method of the same
Hydrogen absorbing alloy electrode and process for producing same
Method for dispensing a viscous solution
Method and apparatus for three dimensional interconnect analysis
Doubly-differential interferometer and method for evanescent wave surface detection
Electroluminescent devices having arylamine polymers
Heat-developable color light-sensitive material
Image display device
Driving circuit for display device
Liquid crystal display device and method for fabricating the same
Image-forming method and image-forming apparatus on recording medium including microcapsules
Dielectric layer including silicalite crystals and binder and method for producing same for microele...
Method for manufacturing a powdery material electrode member for a secondary cell
Automated sorting system for matrices with memory
Subcutaneous glucose electrode
Frangible, spray dried agglomerated supports, method of making such supports, and olefin polymerizat...
Method and apparatus for waveguide optics and devices
Aerogel-based phase transition flat panel display
Actuation controller for air bag device
Methods for identifying and classifying objects in a vehicle and methods for adjusting a vehicle com...
Method and device for controlling the wheel performance of a vehicle
Process for automatically controlling the speed of a motor vehicle
Automatic vehicular velocity control apparatus for automotive vehicle
Rotational angle detector and method
Method and apparatus within a switch for performing circular hunts with a window
External resistor and method to minimize power dissipation in DC holding circuitry for a communicati...
Portable telephone
Method of automatically assigning signaling terminals in mobile communication system
Telephone call service by sensing hand-held state of cellular telephone
Intelligent data storage manager
Hamming value determination and comparison
Teamwork and strength training apparatus
Safety lighting
5-Bicycloindole compounds
Circuit arrangement for operating a lamp
Priority-based virtual environment
Ventricular synchronized atrial pacing mode of implantable cardioverter/defibrillator
Variety of geranium plant named `Natalie`
Cryptographic system for wireless communications
Diaryl bicyclic heterocycles as inhibitors of cyclooxygenase-2
Thickness measurement system and method for vehicle occupant detection
Extended syndiotactic polystyrene-elastomeric block copolymers
High lysine fertile transgenic corn plants
Bone suturing device
Process and system for developing an application program for a distributed adaptive run-time platfor...
Data vending machine system and method thereof
Friction welding metal components
Control system for hybrid vehicle
Web commerce tool kit for distributed payment processing
Blade for a developing device and methods of making the same
Decoloring method of decolorizable image forming material
Sustained release medicinal compositions
Use of a silicone gum to stabilize ascorbic acid, and novel compositions comprising these components
Bisamidine compounds as antiproliferative agents
Allantoin-containing skin cream
Silane copolymer coatings
Polypeptide transition metal salts and method of enhancing anti-HIV activity of polypeptide
Temporary medical electrical lead having biodegradable electrode mounting pad
System and process for issuing and managing forced redemption vouchers having alias account numbers
Device and system for management of battery back up power source
Buffer management system for managing the transfer of data into and out of a buffer in a disc drive
Identification or control arrangements
Composite retarder plate, optically compensatory polarizing plate and liquid-crystal display device
Anodically formed intrinsically conductive polymer-aluminum oxide composite as a coating on aluminum
Talking novelty device with book
Ink composition
Hydrophone for acoustic or seismic wave reception
Biochip scanner device
Method for multilevel generation of a granular graphic pattern, a machine for applying such pattern ...
Distance measuring apparatus
Camera having light-blocking label
Film unit drive assembly for an electronic photographic printer and camera and related method thereo...
Vibration reduction apparatus
Photographic camera
Compact through-the-lens digital camera
Camera and binocular preamplifier combination
Submersible water toy
Deep ear canal locating and head orienting device
Cyclic sulfone containing retroviral protease inhibitors
Server architecture with detection and recovery of failed out-of-process application
Spectrophotometric method and apparatus for blood typing
Method of resetting a server
Dimethyl ether for methyl group attachment on a carbon adjacent to an electron withdrawing group
Display panel overlay structure and method for tracing interface modules in a telecommunications pat...
LED traffic light and method of manufacture and use thereof
Optical-based sensing devices
Synchronous audio DRAM storing audio and code data
Model-based view extrapolation for interactive virtual reality systems
Trisubstituted-oxazole derivatives as serotonin ligands
1,4-piperazine derivatives
Combined use of pramipexole and sertraline for the treatment of depression
Diagnostic/therapeutic agents having microbubbles coupled to one or more vectors
Enhancement of sleep with a tachykinin antagonist
Method of manufacturing sheets made of alloy 718 for the superplastic forming of parts therefrom
Robotic furniture texturing
Method for weighing electrodes in electric smelting furnaces
Heat exchange pipe with extruded fins
Method and system for secure distribution of cryptographic keys on multicast networks
Method and system for the automatic initiation of power application and start-up activities in a com...
Object-based security system
Virtual machine implementation for shared persistent objects
Servlet-based architecture for dynamic service composition
Method and apparatus for dynamic application and maintenance of programs
Method and computer program product for implementing redundant lock avoidance
Loudspeaker with a diaphragm having integral vent bores
Identification of molecular sequence signatures and methods involving the same
Very large scale immobilized polymer synthesis
Key-shaped solder bumps and under bump metallurgy
Method and apparatus for providing and processing installment plans at a terminal
Protected shareware
Cross-media notifications for e-commerce
Computerized dispute resolution system and method
Database query cost model optimizer
Methods and apparatus using task models for targeting marketing information to computer users based ...
System and method for secure transfer of digital data to a local recordable storage medium
Label with collectible hologram premium
Kit for facilitating the formation of a frozen surface and method of forming a frozen surface using ...
Amusement ride
Entertainment system, cell charging system, entertainment apparatus, portable information terminal, ...
Automotive entertainment system for rear seat passengers
System for collecting use data related to playback of recordings
Consumption distance based customized rendering of entertainment programming
Septic waste treatment system
Interactive television receiver unit browser that waits to send requests
Sealing material
Polymer-protein composites and methods for their preparation and use
Method for regulating size of vascularized normal tissue
Intracardiac drug delivery
Method of operating a molten carbonate fuel cell, a fuel cell, a fuel cell stack and an apparatus pr...
Diagnostic method and control of preferential oxidation of carbon monoxide
Water management system for fuel cells
Fuel cell isolation system
Method for converting natural gas to liquid hydrocarbons
Integrated manifold/reformer for fuel cell systems
Vehicle suspension ride control diagnostic testing
Apparatuses and methods for a noninvasive measurement of physiological parameters
Biocompatible polymeric delivery systems having functional groups attached to the surface thereof
Transferrin receptor subunit proteins of Neisseria meningitidis
Prokaryotic polynucleotides, polypeptides and their uses
Isolated nona-and decapeptides which bind to HLA molecules, and the use thereof
Hair clip having jaw for accommodating ornaments
Electronic lock that can learn to recognize any ordinary key
Air-conditioning servicing system and method
P53 protein variants and therapeutic uses thereof
Long-life type colorful electroluminescent display panel
Media type detection system for inkjet printing
System design method
Separator for gel electrolyte battery
Power management on a memory card having a signal processing element
Single-unit apparatus for aerosol therapy with integrated compressor group and associated method of ...
Snivel inhaler
System and method for identifying the geographic origin of a fresh commodity
Rounded surface for the pad conditioner using high temperature brazing
Mounting technology for intersubband light emitters
Terminal bobbin for a magnetic device and method of manufacture therefor
Optical signal processing modules
Method for bandwidth sharing in a multiple access system for communications networks
Controlled routing to a plurality of signaling interfaces at a single telephonic switch
Wireless transmission method for antenna arrays, having improved resistance to fading
Multi-layer microfluidic devices
Sailboat for sailing in shallow water
Method of vessel propulsion with coordinated bow propulsion
Multiple-mode wing-in ground effect vehicle
Method and device for handling means for payment and means for payment
Cultivating kelp and mussels together
Compounds and methods for modulating cell adhesion
Nanoporous dielectric thin film formation using a post-deposition catalyst
Chrysanthemum plant named `Amber Pomona`
Handlebars support structure for a motorcycle
Method and device for coding an audio signal by "forward" and "backward" LPC analysis
Heatsink for actively cooled daughterboard system
High-current power bus system
Wireform bracket for managing computer cables
System and method for approximating the coupling voltage noise on a node
Apparatus and method for using version control to dynamically update files while the files are avail...
Simulation method and system for organic electroluminescent device, and electroluminescent device
Athletic shoe with improved sole
Display device and method in digital TV
Internal combustion engine with pressure wave machine
Sound and light effects ball structure
Method for locating mobile station in distributed manner
Image forming method and device utilizing chemically produced toner particles
Developing device and image forming apparatus
Electrophotographic toner
Developing apparatus
Rotatable member having elastic layer and fixing apparatus having said rotatable member
Polymerized toner and production process thereof
Display device and array
Electrical equipment rack having cable management arms with flexible linkage
Brake judder testing
Method for the adjustment of a hearing device, apparatus to do it and a hearing device
Method and apparatus for noninvasive determination of cardiac performance parameters
Rate enhancement of nitroxyl radical-mediated polymerization
Resorbable interbody spinal fusion devices
Measurement confirmation devices and methods for fluoroscopically directed surgery
Ink applicator, ink backflow prevention mechanism of ink applicator, and a pen tip
Battery pack
High rate electrochemical cell with increased anode-to-cathode interface surface area
Sealed storage battery and modular system therefor
Electrolytes for lithium rechargeable cells
Self-sealing accessible container
Interchangeable modular arrangement of computer and accessory devices
Cell placement apparatus and method, and computer readable record medium having cell placement progr...
Method for detection of rare earth metal oxide inclusions in titanium and other non-magnetic or meta...
Point of sale terminal for the visually impaired
Method and apparatus for automatically accessing web pages based on television programming informati...
Apparatus and method for managing and distributing design and manufacturing information throughout a...
Molecules of the AIP-related protein family and uses thereof
Wedding ring shaped excitation coil
Method of fabricating an ohmic metal electrode for use in nitride compound semiconductor devices
Method for manufacturing a non-volatile memory device
Methods and apparatus for building a support vector machine classifier
Disposable and recyclable intermediates for use in electrostatic coating processes
Continuous electrolytically regenerated packed bed suppressor for ion chromatography
Method and apparatus for the deacidification of library materials
Beverage manufacture and cold aseptic bottling using peroxyacid antimicrobial composition
Sheet for molded-in foil decoration and method of producing molded resin having molded-in foil decor...
Toner and method for producing the same
Micro-fuel cell power devices
Inhalation device
Fishway system with turbine
Acoustic standing-wave enhancement of a fiber-optic Salmonella biosensor
Fischer-Tropsch processes using catalysts on mesoporous supports
Method and apparatus for manufacturing postcard-affixed photographic prints and photographic prints
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yotaffy`
Fasten-on air bag device
Method and system for providing spatialized audio in conference calls
Retractable multiband radiator with switching contact for wireless communication devices
Internally laced shoe
Liquid crystal display device having thin glass substrate on which protective layer formed and metho...
Flow control valve
Protective glasses with built-in corrective lenses
Plastic lens composition and method for the production thereof
Protective chaps for construction work
Process for manufacturing organic and inorganic compositions, moulded flat or extruded to give compl...
Compact image display system for eyeglasses or other head-borne frames
Method and apparatus for increasing the sensitivity of a global positioning satellite receiver
Light emitting diode retrofitting lamps for illuminated signs
Shielded modular housing for a substrate
Microencapsulated oil field chemicals
Disc brake suspension for improved turning circle
Fabrication of biocompatible polymeric composites
Apparatus and method for evaluating cardiac functions
Graft modified ethylene .alpha.-olefin copolymer obtained by graft copolymerzing an ethylene/.alpha....
Memory management of complex objects returned from procedure calls
Inorganic conversion coatings for ferrous substrates
Bone repair material and delayed drug delivery system
Bonding bio-active materials to expanded polytetrafluoroethylene or polyethylene terephthalate via a...
Isolated human enzyme, nucleic acid molecules encoding human enzyme, and uses thereof
Ball-point pen
Copolymer containing reactive silyl groups, composition containing the same and method of treatment ...
System and method for computing and encoding error detection sequences
Digital information recording and reproducing system and defect managing system applied to the same
ECC scheme for wireless digital audio signal transmission
Device and method for creating bore-hole branches
System and method for managing expiration-dated products utilizing an electronic receipt
Method, apparatus and article of manufacture for displaying content in a multi-dimensional topic spa...
Apparatus for simulating electrical characteristics of a circuit including a ferroelectric device an...
Attenuated lentivirus vectors expressing interferon
Color CRT with cross-misconvergence correction device
Semiconductor photonic device
Method and system for genetic programming
Electrocatalyst, and electrodes, membrane-electrode assembly and solid polymer electrolyte fuel cell...
Breath-activated metered-dose inhaler
Method and apparatus for treatment of sediment
Composite polymeric material having high resistance to impact energy
Molecular wire injection sensors
Fully dry post-via-etch cleaning method for a damascene process
Streptocarpus plant named `Artemis`
Method and arrangement for controlling deployment of a side airbag
Relocating unreliable disk sectors when encountering disk drive read errors with notification to use...
Channel scanning method and apparatus
Shoelace retaining clip and footwear closure means using same
Manufacturing method of display device
Charged cooled rotary engine
Piezoelectric actuator
Thickening agents for acidic aqueous compositions
Method for detecting a face in a digital image
Compositions and methods for inhibiting human immunodeficiency virus infection by down-regulating hu...
Methods and apparatus for collecting, storing, processing and using network traffic data
Handover between fixed and mobile networks for dual mode phones
Sustaining timer for a safety light
Subnanosecond timekeeper system
Disc brake system with ABS
Foam composite for the repair or regeneration of tissue
Fluid level sensor for fluid tanks of boats
Radiation-curable composition
Transmyocardial revascularization system and method of use
Method for forming a yarn wrapped PTFE tubular prosthesis
Isolated human lipase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human lipase proteins, and uses ther...
Erasable ink and water-base ballpoint pen using same
Multiply-primed amplification of nucleic acid sequences
Quenching oligonucleotides
Assay for perkinsus in shellfish
Electronically mediated nucleic acid amplification in NASBA
Ground piercing metal detector having range, bearing and metal-type discrimination
Photographic film assemblages of the self-developing type having removable portions
Electronic bill payment system with account-number scheming
Computer network
Apparatus for controlling an electronic press to print fixed and variable information
Plasma addressed display device
Verifying camera having focus indicator and method
Method for making body stock
Method of forming a semiconductor structure
Method of manufacturing semiconductor devices
Light scanning devices of a water-tight structure to be inserted into a body cavity to obtain optica...
Information filtering method and apparatus for preferentially taking out information having a high n...
Composite polymer electrolytes for alkali metal electrochemical devices which contain a non-woven gl...
Breath-powered mist inhaler
Aircraft pitch-axis stability and command augmentation system
Latch assembly including sensor
Ball joint gimbal system
Spark resistant structure, in particular for aircraft
Method for controlling the wavelength of an optical fiber-based light source
Surface coating for microfluidic devices that incorporate a biopolymer resistant moiety
Reactor vessel for removing contaminants from dredge material in an underwater environment
Semiconductor integrated circuit for cryptographic process and encryption algorithm alternating meth...
Generalized user identification and authentication system
Process for producing semiconductor devices including an insulating layer with an impurity
YIG oscillator with resilient support structure
Camera with battery holder cover for film compartment
Portulaca plant named `Summer Joy Wine Red`
Instrument panel carrier arrangement in the body of a motor vehicle and instrument panel carrier
Method and apparatus for sensing and stimulating gastrointestinal tract on-demand
16-ENE-vitamin D derivatives
Therapeutic compounds and methods of use
Multiple drive failure tolerant raid system
Method and apparatus for array redundancy repair detection
Coordinatable system of inclined geosynchronous satellite orbits
Polymer based circuit
Method and apparatus for imaging a cartridge case ejector markings
Induction heating fixing device and image forming apparatus
System and methods for measuring forces
Detonating cord stowage system
Sub-caliber projectile for low impulse cartridges
Tactical sling system
Payload mechanism for low impulse cartridges
Low temperature solid state bonding of tungsten to other metallic materials
Cartridge-case base for a sub-caliber projectile
Device for translational braking of a projectile on its trajectory
Polynucleotide compositions encoding Cry1Ac/Cry1F chimeric O-endotoxins
Bistable liquid crystal display device in which nematic liquid crystal has monostable anchorings
Exhaust filter and catalyst structure
Passive midplane for coupling web server processing cards with a network interface(s)
Method of fabricating a microelectro mechanical structure having an arched beam
Multilayer piezoelectric transformer
Digital image color correction device and method employing fuzzy logic
Double-stranded RNA dependent protein kinase derived peptides to promote proliferation of cells and ...
Image transformation and synthesis methods
Space structures with non-periodic subdivisions of polygonal faces
Imidazole derivatives for blocking the release of arachidonic acid from phospholipids
Method and apparatus for evaluating stoneley waves, and for determining formation parameters in resp...
Packaging apparatus
Actuator with compressible internal component
Tamper evident closure
Linerless closure for carbonated beverage container
Slidable brake disc system
Voltage tunable active inductorless filter
Mobile radio communication equipment
Multiple extendable leadwire device
Display apparatus for vehicle
In vitro cell culture device including cartilage and methods of using the same
Pancreatic progenitor cells, methods and uses related thereto
Highly efficient cell-cultivating device
Pipeline leak monitoring system
Bioelectric interface
Hormone-recombinant toxin compounds and methods for using same
Suppression of neu overexpression using a mini-E1A gene
Immunogenic peptides of prostate specific antigen
Flexible hoses
Electric plug
Burial crypt
Chlorinated vinyl chloride resin composition
Process for producing polyvinyl chloride paste blending resin
Composition comprising condensation product of dimer of 2,3-dihydroxynaphthalene and formaldehyde fo...
Organopolysiloxane-grafted copolymeric compound
Propylene polymer blends, processes of producing the same and polypropylene resin compositions
Method for making polymer blends by using series reactors
Process for making a ceramic composition for immobilization of actinides
Inflatable member formed of liquid crystal polymeric material blend
Dry blend pharmaceutical unit dosage form
Hydrocolloid pressure sensitive adhesives
Monitoring system for dicing saws
Method and apparatus for dicing electronic substrate
Techniques for maintaining alignment of cut dies during substrate dicing
Method for reducing damage to wafer cutting blades during wafer dicing
Apparatus for reducing damage to wafer cutting blades during wafer dicing
Method and system for dicing wafers, and semiconductor structures incorporating the products thereof
Techniques for dicing substrates during integrated circuit fabrication
Process and machine for coating ophthalmic lenses
Blood vessel sealing device and method of sealing an opening in a blood vessel
PTFE vascular graft and method of manufacture
Aqueous ink for ball point pens
Method and apparatus for measuring the rollover resistance and compliance characteristics of a vehic...
Method of adjusting wheel alignment angles
Activation control apparatus of occupant safety system
Apparatus and method for controlling a distance between two traveling vehicles and a recording mediu...
Navigation method and navigation apparatus for a vehicle
Vehicle environment monitoring system
Adaptive distributed information network
Device for collecting and absorbing drips on a fluid container
Tree styled monopole tower
Method of transmitting data between a small electric appliance and a supplementary electric applianc...
Dispenser for cleaning paper
Polymeric product
Valve timing control system for internal combustion engine
Engine cam shaft drive incorporating VVT
Valve timing regulation device
Extrusion compositions with improved melt flow
Reverse thermal label
Method for drying substrate
Method and apparatus for including an auxiliary image in a scanned image
Method and system of controlling transfer of data by updating descriptors in descriptor rings
Tunable semiconductor laser system
Anthurium plant named `Aeighteen`
New Guinea impatiens plant named `Ovation Blush Pink`
Portulaca plant named `Summer Joy Yellow`
Spathiphyllum plant named `Aziza`
Methods of treating disease using recombinant adeno-associated virus virions administered to muscle
Recombinant vaccine for diseases caused by encapsulated organisms
Method of producing a composite fermented beverage using genetically modified yeast strains
Method for altering the nutritional content of plant seed
Electronic camera
Automated system and method for capturing and managing user knowledge within a search system
Method, memory system, and computer program product for implementing lock based delayed space recycl...
Disk striping method and storage subsystem using same
System method and computer program product to automate the management and analysis of heterogeneous ...
Streptocarpus plant named `Mercury`
Carbonylation of methanol to acetic acid with removal of impurities from the product
Isobutylene based elastomer blends having improved strength elasticity, and reduced permeability
Dry acid-chitosan complexes
Adsorbents, method for the preparation and method for the separation of unsaturated hydrocarbons for...
Naphtha cracking and hydroprocessing process for low emissions, high octane fuels
Modified lubricated ferrous powder compositions for cold and warm pressing applications
Process for the continuous catalytic transformation of organic compounds
Process for the preparation of an olefin-substituted aromatic or heteroaromatic compound
Hydrocarbon synthesis
Graphic user interface for database system
Cosmetic composition in the form of an emulsion comprising a dispersion of surface-stabilized polyme...
Cosmetic or pharmaceutical composition comprising, in combination, a peroxidase and an anti-singlet ...
Nanoelectrode arrays
Radiation-polymerizable composition, flushing and grinding vehicle containing same
Water dispersible polymeric compositions
Alkaline paper surface sizing agents, method of use and surface sized paper
Coating composition for optical fibers
Oral adhesive sheet and oral adhesive preparation
Hydrocolloid foam dressing
System of absolute measurement for radiological image luminance control
Interconnected optical devices having enhanced reliability
Optical waveguide made of polymer material and a method of fabricating the same
Method and apparatus using positional data detected in a non-contact manner to transfer a substrate ...
Opto-electronic shutter
Bubbling enteric coated preparations
Gangliosides with immunosuppressive activity
Clear, injectable formulation of an anesthetic compound
Immunomodulatory polypeptides derived from the invariant chain of MHC class II
Hepatitis C virus protease-dependent chimeric pestivirus
Screening methods to identify agents that selectively inhibit hepatitis C virus replication
Hepatitis C E1 and E2 truncated polypeptides and methods of obtaining the same
Enzymatic DNA molecules
Antisense reporter system for assaying RNA virus replication
Apparatus and method for three-dimensional imaging using a stationary monochromatic x-ray beam
Replaceable carbridge for an ECR x-ray source
Automated cytological specimen classification system and method
Far infrared heating apparatus
Brachytherapy system for prostate cancer treatment with computer implemented systems and processes t...
Camera and object tracing mechanism of camera
Mixed signal method for display deflection signal generation for low cost displays
Process for the dehydrogenation of a hydrocarbon feed stock
Buried heterostructure for lasers and light emitting diodes
Antiferromagnetically exchange-coupled structure for magnetic tunnel junction device
Method and apparatus for changing the mode of a display apparatus
Human receptor proteins; related reagents and methods
Method and apparatus for filtering interference and nonlinear distortions
Overhead system of inclined eccentric geosynchronous orbitting satellites
Wide shifting in the vector permute unit
Caching optimization with disk and/or memory cache management
Biofilm assay
Reworkable thermoplastic hyper-branched encapsulant
Flame retardant resin compositions
Enhancement of accessibility of cellulose by expansins
Development device for use with an electrophotographic image-forming device
Scanning drawing apparatus
Rotation detecting system for galvano mirror
Wide-angle zoom lens system
Electrical interconnection of planar lightwave circuits
Optical system of data imprinting device
Method for reducing hydrogen chloride emissions from air-blown asphalt
Minerals and methods for their production and use
Process for preparing spinel type lithium manganese composite oxide and cathode active material for ...
Calcium phosphate hydroxyapatite precursor and methods for making and using the same
Method for fabricating silicon oxynitride
Electrode means, comprising polymer materials, with or without functional elements and an electrode ...
System and method for using cookies in java
Fault tolerant system and method
Nucleic acids encoding regulators of FGF-2 transcription (RFT) and variants thereof
3 modified oligonucleotide derivatives
Apparatus for translating a voltage
Information device with adjustable flat panel screen
Translation look-aside buffer utilizing high-order bits for fast access
Method of making hydrolyzed collagen type II
Skin pattern feature extracting apparatus
Anti-perspirant/deodorant applicator
Apparatus for precise molding and alignment of structures on a substrate using a stretchable mold
Method and apparatus for therapeutic treatment of skin
Absorbent article having increased front portion stiffness
Masking film and method for producing same
Devices for presenting airborne materials to the nose
Aerosol container for flowable adhesives with adapters to avoid clogging of the aerosol container
Method for searching a file having a format unsupported by a search engine
Electrode-forming composition, activated carbon electrode and electric double layer capacitor
Method of crystallizing an amorphous film
Surface functionalized mesoporous material and method of making same
Method of forming a superconductor
Continuous process for the manufacture of lactide and lactide polymers
Photoelectron spectroscopy apparatus
Crystal phase identification
Apparatus for aligning two objects
Multivariate rate-based overload control for multiple-class communications traffic
Protection scheme for single fiber bidirectional passive optical point-to-multipoint network archite...
Lightwave transmission system having wide pump wavebands
Method and apparatus for hardware realization process assessment
Apparatus for developing internal ROM code using a ROM bus external interface
Duplex processor with an update bus and method for operating the update bus
Bubble type submarine cabin
Portable boat having a plurality of attachable segments
Modular boat hull and method of assembly
System for arresting a seagoing vessel
Trolling system for water crafts
Trolling motor steering control
Authenticity attribute
Method for embedding non-intrusive encoded data in printed matter and system for reading same
Polyester resin composition
Natural resin formulations
Synthetic polymers and methods, kits or compositions for modulating the solubility of same
Bi-aromatic compounds, compositions containing them and uses
Latent mercaptans as multi-functional additives for halogen-containing polymer compositions
Mass sensor and mass sensing method
Organic thin film transistor with enhanced carrier mobility
Method of preparing an organosilicon compound
Tire interior inspecting method and tire interior inspecting system for carrying out the same
Static cling calendar
Operator icons for information collages
Hierarchical models of consumer attributes for targeting content in a privacy-preserving manner
Potentilla fruticosa plant named `UMan`
Transformation of expanded polymers
Circuit on a curved, or otherwise irregularly shaped, surface, such as on a helmet to be worn on the...
Assembly and method for attaching insulation material
Gene and genetic elements associated with sensitivity to chemotherapeutic drugs
Surface-bound, bimolecular, double-stranded DNA arrays
Melatonin receptor-deficient mice and uses thereof
Wheat aleurone regulatory region
Hybrid maize plant and seed
Structured image (SI) format for describing complex color raster images
Object optimized printing system and method
Glyph address carpet methods and apparatus for providing location information in a multidimensional ...
Toner image transfer apparatus
Donor rolls and methods of making donor rolls
Imagable seamed belts having fluoropolymer adhesive between interlocking seaming members
System and method for collaborative ranking of search results employing user and group profiles deri...
Carrying handle
Airless spray tool
Robot vehicle for hot-line job
Robotic system, docking station, and surgical tool for collaborative control in minimally invasive s...
System for parallel processing of workpieces
Operation terminal and remote operation system for a robot
Apparatus for on-the-fly center finding and notch aligning for wafer handling robots
Method and system for transferring energy between robotic mechanisms in an automated storage library
Lens shutter camera
Laminating tape and to-be-laminated tape, as well as method and device for laminating the laminating...
Optoelectronic device and laser diode
Method of manufacturing amorphous silicon based thin film photoelectric conversion device
Bacterial cell complex composition and method of use
CVD apparatus
Method of growth of branched carbon nanotubes and devices produced from the branched nanotubes
Aldol condensations by catalytic antibodies
Catalytic antibodies and a method of producing same
Nickel-based amorphous alloy compositions
Aluminum alloy extrusions having a substantially unrecrystallized structure
Aluminum plate for automobile and method for producing the same
Zirconium alloy having high corrosion resistance and high strength
Input/output (I/O) scanner for a control system with peer determination
Method for routing conductive paths in an integrated circuit
System, method, and product for multi-branch backpatching in a dynamic translator
Method for manufacturing semiconductor storage element
Highly dispersed substantially uniform mixed-metal-oxide composite supports for exhaust conversion c...
X-ray imaging system
System, method, and coating for strain analysis
Electrochromic devices with improved processability and methods of preparing the same
Electrochromic assembly based on poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) derivatives in combination with a ...
Laminated transparent structure for reflective display
Loudspeakers comprising panel-form acoustic radiating elements
Portable blower tube noise reduction
Geophone including laser interferometer
Ear wind shield
Suction arrangement in a reciprocating hermetic compressor
Steered beam ultrasonic sensor for object location and classification
Configuration of providing microphone in duct and active noise reduction device using same
Method and apparatus for conditioning deployment of air bags on vehicle load
Controller of electric power-steering system
Ultrasound distance measuring system with digital measuring signals transmitted by time multiplexing
Vehicle parking aid system
Night convoy maneuver system
Range finding device of scanning type
System and method including dynamic differential treatment in workflows and contact flow
Method and system for automated customer services
Reducing resource consumption by ACD systems
Acoustic coupling product label and method of using
Folding mobile phone with incorporated antenna
Method for forecasting ranking of racing contests
Aquatic golf swing training device and method for enhancing golf swing memory and strength
Hydraulically-operated bicycle shifting system with power shifting
Bicycle hub transmission with a mechanism for stopping rotation of one or more sun gears relative to...
Auxiliary safety warning light system for a vehicle
Method of visual progressive coding
Method and apparatus for continuously locating an object
Spinning hat pyrotechnic entertainment product
Circuit board for camera
Geranium plant named `Sparkler Red`
Charge control agent manufacturing process thereof and toner for developing electrostatic images
Methods for detecting target nucleic acid sequences
Systems and methods for routing a message through a signaling network associated with a public switc...
System and method for rerouting data calls to internet service provider via lowest access point in a...
Method and system for executing a guided parametric search
Method and apparatus for sharing peripheral devices over a network
Stored procedure universal calling interface
Delta compressed asynchronous remote copy
Portal server that provides a customizable user Interface for access to computer networks
Server administration tool using remote file browser
Recognizing and processing conflicts in network management policies
Loading and identifying a digital rights management operating system
Method for integrating models in a modelling tool into an object oriented repository
Method of installing software on and/or testing a computer system
Antiviral methods using fragments of human rhinovirus receptor (ICAM-1)
Litter scoop
Clothes steamer
Vacuum cleaner dirt receptacle
Handle for an upright extractor
Mop head
Handle for a golf pull-cart
Walker and lift
System and method for processor dual voltage detection and over stress protection
Electronic document routing system
Impact modified polystyrene gaskets for electrochemical cells
Method and apparatus for modifying the effects of color burst modifications to a video signal
Method for estimating impulse response, and receiver
Industrial x-ray/electron beam source using an electron accelerator
Method and apparatus for relocating a beacon in a wireless system
Arrangement, system and method relating radio communication
System and method for wireless voice and computer communications using a wireless link to a public t...
Mobile radio apparatus with auxiliary display screen
Method and apparatus for rf intraluminal reduction and occlusion
Toy and storage play set
Contact activated sound and light generating novelty food containers
Flexible joint construction toy
Heated stuffed animal
Installation and method for controlling a movable apparatus
Foreign language learning device and method
Remote certification of workers for multiple worksites
Computer-aided learning method and systems matching students with instructors
Scoring device and method for a karaoke system
Architectural system for adjustably recreating a vehicle interior and method of constructing a vehic...
Process for azole antifungal intermediate
Shape memory alloy staple
Logic built-in self test
Trim actuator
Coupling device between left and right wheels of vehicle
Method and apparatus for routing internet calls
Piston coffee maker for preparing coffee in small amounts
Liquid crystal thermometer for steaming pitchers
Microprocessors for use in a device for predicting physiological values
Microcell electrophoretic displays
Decolorable material and method for decoloring the same
Flexible sheet of demineralized bone
Grafts made from amniotic membrane; methods of separating, preserving, and using such grafts in surg...
Local anesthetic formulations
Resorbable extracellular matrix for reconstruction of cartilage tissue
Method for preparing a non-fibrous porous material
Assays and peptide substrate for determining aggrecan degrading metallo protease activity
Recombinant retroviral vector
Collimating plate and backlight system
Optical disc and optical disc drive
Diode laser pumped multimode waveguide laser, particularly fiber laser
Optically-pumped external-mirror vertical-cavity semiconductor-laser
Electronic apparatus comprising fingerprint sensing devices
Optical fiber, light-emitting module, and optical fiber amplifier
Connection system for optical redundancy
Indexing drive having a cam-positioning mechanism
Hybrid carrying truck
Silent chain
Injection mold design system and injection mold design method
Saw assembly and lubrication system
Bearing arrangement
Rotatable seal assembly for a bicycle hub transmission
Spherical bearing
Relubricatable idler bushing assembly
Fan assembly support system
Rolling bearing and heat treatment method therefor
Bacillus thuringiensis CryET33 and CryET34 compositions and uses therefor
Planar normality sensor
Liquid crystal display device
Method for etching and cleaning a substrate
Method and apparatus for enhancing noise tolerance in dynamic silicon-on-insulator logic gates
Apparatus and method for driving bus with low power consumption
Amplitude modulator capable of minimizing power leakage to adjacent channels