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Method and apparatus for forming piles in place
Pile and method of driving a pile
Mine ventilation
Fuel tank sump containment apparatus
Paving assembly
Erosion control system
Multi-layer piezoelectric electrical energy transfer device
High performance vehicle radar system
Microwave hematoma detector
Range-gated radar motion detector
UWB dual tunnel diode detector for object detection, measurement, or avoidance
Temporal measurements of ultrashort far infrared electromagnetic pulses
Nonlinear fiber amplifiers used for a 1430-1530nm low-loss window in optical fibers
Method for synthesis of a dilithium diisopropenylbenzene-based diinitiator
Production of organomagnesium compounds using catalysts
Opalescent fillers for dental restorative composites
Method for manufacturing fluoroaryl magnesium halide
Film position determining device
Information recording device
Shutter device of camera
Lens hood
Studio lighting system
Camera with film cartridge alignment feature
Film-engaging sprocket drive
Building panel with vibration dampening core
Cone reflector/coupler speaker system and method
Exhaust device for a turbine engine
Stamp-formed muffler
Silencer and electromagnetic vibrating type pump employing the same
Vehicle shelf trim panel with insert molded speaker grille
Metal base design for a speaker
Method to reduce water saturation in near-well region
Ultra-high strength, weldable, boron-containing steels with superior toughness
Method for loading pressurized liquefied natural gas into containers
Process for producing a pressurized methane-rich liquid from a methane-rich gas
Naphtha aromatization process
High-tensile-strength steel and method of manufacturing the same
Computer system and method for determining a travel scheme minimizing travel costs for an organizati...
Reservation software employing multiple virtual agents
Method and apparatus for interacting with a computer reservation system
Automated hotel reservation processing method and system
Automatic transaction processing of component-based server applications
Concentrated subscriber wireless remote telemetry system
Kneeling disk
Pet food dish
Non skid pet bowl
Electric vacuum cleaner
Hip-carried vacuum cleaner
Cleaning device
Bag for floor care apparatus
Environmental barrier material for organic light emitting device and method of making
Mercury and lead free high pressure sodium lamp
Flash discharge tube having exterior trigger electrode
Capacitive glow starting of high intensity discharge lamps
Electrodeless gas discharge lamp assembly having transversely mounted envelope and method of manufac...
Color cathode ray tube equipped with field leak preventing coating
Electronic streak camera
2-phenylpyridine derivative and production method thereof
System for removing solids from a well bore
Golf putter with trailing weighting/aiming members
Methods, systems and computer program products for photogrammetric sensor position estimation
Detecting, localizing, and targeting internal sites in vivo using optical contrast agents
Sensors for continuous monitoring of biochemicals and related method
Non-invasive prenatal diagnosis
Method and device for a blood velocity determination
Thin film piezoelectric polymer sensor
3-(thio-substitutedamido)-lactams useful as inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinase
Measurement of alumina in reduction pots
Process for treatment of residues which arise in industrial processes and in waste incineration
Reduced temperature aluminum production in an electrolytic cell having an inert anode
Process for controlling the alumina content of the bath in electrolysis cells for aluminum productio...
Method featuring a non-consumable anode for the electrowinning of aluminum
Method and device for measuring the temperature and the level of the molten electrolysis bath in cel...
Method for producing aluminum metal from aluminum trichloride
Method and kit for retrofitting a pinball machine
Drop slot game machine
Slot-type gaming machine with variable drop zone symbols
Article dispenser comprising a game of chance
Fan structure having a spherical four-bar mechanism
Pachinko stand-alone and bonusing game
Methods and compositions for the detection of bacterial endotoxins
Method of and products for promoting improved growth of plants and more water-efficient growing soil...
Proteinic drug delivery system using aerosolized membrane-mimetic amphiphiles
Method and apparatus for cognitive training of humans using adaptive timing of exercises
Method and apparatus for teaching proper swing tempo
System for analyzing and/or effecting experimental data from a remote location
Method of optimizing train operation and training
Coin display and indexing method
Display system with color coded styles and sizes of merchandise
Torque rod apex mount
Combination driving hub for bicycle
Motor vehicle steering box with Ackerman control
Electric power steering system
Method of operating a vehicle occupancy state sensor system
Polysiloles and polygermoles
Organic electroluminescence device
Valved dispensing system for multiple dispensing streams
Plastic dosing cap
Method and device for the aggregation of signals from sampling values
Image processing apparatus
System and method for relaying signals to base stations in a wireless communications system
Multimedia computer keyboard
Self-identifying peripheral device
Access control unit interface
IC memory card
Scalable modular data storage system
Metalloproteinase inhibitors
Compositions containing and methods of using 1-aminoindan and derivatives thereof and process for pr...
Amide therapeutics for the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease
Use of idebenone and analogues against .beta. amyloid induced cytotoxicity
Compound to regulate the morphological transition of dimorphic candida
Database system with original and public databases and data exploitation support apparatus for displ...
Eosinophil eotaxin receptor
Tetracycline-inducible transcriptional inhibitor fusion proteins
Receptor activator of NF-.kappa.B
Adhesives and composite structures formed therewith
Transition metal complexes containing neutral, multidentate azacyclic ligands
Ethylene polymerization catalyst and catalyst system
Ethylene polymerization catalyst and catalyst system
Process for making polyolefins
Polyolefin concentrates and composition having improved carbon black dispersion
Flame retardant insulation compositions having enhanced curability
Titania bound sodium titanate ion exchanger
Reinforcement additives
Precipitated silicic acid
Catalyst and process for the fluorination of hydrohalomethanes
Sintering process for diamond and diamond growth
Process for treating precious metal ores
Container and closure system
Sprayable sunscreen compositions
Nasal sprayer with folding actuator
Dispenser head
Dosage control for dispenser with child-resistant feature
Pump sprayer with slide lock
Fluid dispenser with child-resistant nozzle assembly
Sustained G-force centripetal acceleration apparatus and method
Retractable barrier
Dynamic control valve system adapted for inflatable restraint systems for vehicles
Gas generating compositions containing mica
Smokeless gas generant compositions
All terrain vehicle for disabled persons
Gas generants comprising transition metal nitrite complexes
Process of recycling waste polymeric material and an article utilizing the same
Portable induction heater
Coin detection device
Magnetic reading devices
Endoluminal implant with therapeutic and diagnostic capability
Methods and apparatus for making paint roller covers with thermoplastic cores
Magnetic metal sensor and method for detecting magnetic metal
Fishing reel with lockable bail system
Lighter that is convertible to a fishing lure
Metal fishing lure
Fish hook and weed guard device
Fishing lure
Thrust generating flexible fin fishing lure
Fishing lure scent strip
Spinning reel for fishing having spool support structure
Collapsible fishing chair with detachable floats
Fishing lure
Guarded fishing lure holder and tackle tote
Angling accessory device
Integral vest fishing tackle carrier
Levitating bait weedless fishing lure
Fishing rod holder
Planar board having strike indication and ease of retrieval
Apparatus for animal health monitoring
Detection of contaminants in food
Process for stabilizing vegetable plants
Nutritional supplement composition and use
Nutritional supplements
Reducing E. coli content of beef
Preparation of dough and baked products
Confused-in-space stellar attitude acquisition using multiple star trackers
Aircraft missile-hit survivability using infrared lamp and sacrificial support structure
Universal driver circuit for actuating both valves and ordnances
Coupling system for connecting a gas turbine engine to an aircraft mounted exhaust system
Hot air injection for swirling rotational anti-icing system
Medium earth orbit communications satellite system
Liquid oxygen downcomer
Device profiles for use in a digital image processing system
Minimizing blocking artifacts in a filtered image
Laser composition for preventing photo-induced damage
Apparatus and method for applying heat bondable lamina to a substrate
CMOS imager with improved sensitivity
Multiple mode imaging system
Method and system for prefetching sequential data in a data storage system
Critical word forwarding in a multiprocessor system
Location-triggered reminder for mobile user devices
Tether fastened to personal digital assistant by latch having spring biased manual toggle
Information processing terminal
Personal data assistant with remote control capabilities
Method of operating a portable communication device
Personal digital assistant (PDA) printer apparatus and printing method
Networked system for interactive communications and remote monitoring of drug delivery
Computerized medical diagnostic system utilizing list-based processing
Intelligent multi-access system
Distributed selectable latent fiber optic sensors
Dynamic allocation of wireless mobile nodes over an internet protocol (IP) network
Linked lists of transfer descriptors scheduled at intervals
Method and device for decontamination of ground
Depositing particulate material or soil onto plastic film extending over a face of a landfill or oth...
Sealing arrangement for tunnel segments
Riser bundle
Beam joining cap for trench shield
System for filtration of septic tank sewage effluent
Tire block and method of making the same
Optical apparatus
Method of developing photosensitive resin plate and developing device
TV camera lens device
Automatic focusing apparatus for a video camera
Method for handling film customization data and system
Passive radiator cooled electronics/heat sink housing for a powered speaker
Land seismic data acquisition method and seismic cable and cable spool vehicle therefor
Seismic pulse generator
Silencer for a gas turbine
Silencer for internal combustion engine
Aircraft cabin interior noise treatment
Manifold attachment
Method for producing ultra-high strength, weldable steels with superior toughness
Dual multi-component refrigeration cycles for liquefaction of natural gas
Ultra-high strength ausaged steels with excellent cryogenic temperature toughness
Method for efficient manual inversion of seismic velocity information
Phosphate ester base stocks comprising mixed n-butyl/isobutyl phosphate esters and aircraft hydrauli...
Process for producing a displacement gas to unload pressurized liquefied gas from containers
Graphic user interface for database system
Declarative and programmatic access control of component-based server applications using roles
System and method for configuring and managing resources on a multi-purpose integrated circuit card ...
Method and apparatus for object reference processing
Gateway architecture for data communication bandwidth-constrained and charge-by-use networks
Automated system for identifying alternate low-cost travel arrangements
Method and apparatus for understanding natural language
Mop head
Sponge glove
Dish rack
Dish drainer
Waste paper basket
Holder for refuse receptacle
Lamp and lamp based assembly
Electric lamp with an anti-reflecting layer
High-resolution night vision device with image intensifier tube, optimized high-resolution MCP, and ...
G.M. tube environment radioactivity meter having a sensitivity degradation monitoring device with a ...
Vehicle lamps with improved filament and filament support configurations
Method of fabricating row lines of a field emission array and forming pixel openings therethrough
Cathode ray tube having a fag with spring holder
Automated system for two-dimensional electrophoresis
Computer-assisted methods and apparatus for identification and characterization of biomolecules in a...
High throughput surface plasmon resonance analysis system
Automated system for two-dimensional electrophoresis
Automated system for two-dimensional electrophoresis
Kit for electroblotting polypeptides separated on an electrophoresis gel
Debit card with activation control
Method and device for detecting double-talk, and echo canceler
Interactive toll-free telephone service automation
Internetwork telephony with enhanced features
Cable modem map display for network management of a cable data delivery system
Non-coherent frequency shift keying detection scheme
Method of using IL-11 for treating gingivitis
Induction of cytotoxic T-lymphocyte responses
Anti-viral isolates obtainable from leeches
Transcriptional coactivator that interacts with Tat protein and regulates its binding to TAR RNA, me...
Non-Imuunosuppressive cyclosporins and their use in the prevention and treatment of HIV infection
Human T-cell lymphotropic virus type II envelope protein and human monoclonal antibodies specific th...
Group O HIV-1, fragments of such viruses, and uses thereof
Anti-protozoan methods and materials
Sonic nebulized nucleic acid/cationic liposome complexes and methods for pulmonary gene delivery
Enhanced expression of transgenes
Cationic lipid formulation delivering nucleic acid to peritoneal tumors
Process for the preparation of immunomodulatory polysaccharides from aloe
Stable solution of hyaluronate in a balanced salt medium
Methods for controlling gram negative bacteria in mammals with bicyclo spiroether compounds
System and methods for frame-based augmentative communication having pragmatic parameters and naviga...
Automatic erasing device for erasing chalk marks on a writing board by water
Touch activated audio module and sign
System for training persons to perform minimally invasive surgical procedures
Microphone and receiver for automatic accompaniment
Computerized system and method for teaching and assessing the holistic scoring of open-ended questio...
Methods and apparatus for providing an interactive musical game
Locking washer and locking apparatus using the same
Vinyl based cellulose reinforced composite
Canvas stretching and framing device
Modular building construction and components thereof
Wall or floor tile
Building constructions using beams and related method
Roof tie down connecting fork and yoke
Module combined girder and deck construction
Prestressing system for wood structures and elements
Sealing device and method for sealing concrete seams
Method for timber harvesting and system for forestry
Vibration correction system for a camera
Camera system
Precipitation-hardened aluminum alloys for automotive structural applications
Lead-calcium alloys, particularly for battery grids
Hydrogen-absorbing alloy and secondary battery
Mn alloy materials for magnetic materials, Mn alloy sputtering targets, and magnetic thin films
Modified electrochemical hydrogen storage alloy having increased capacity, rate capability and catal...
Advanced battery controller with state of charge control
Voltage sample and hold circuit for low leakage charge pump
Circuit that implements semaphores in a multiprocessor environment without reliance on atomic test a...
Method for producing semiconductor-on-insulator structure with reduced parasitic capacitance
Video on-screen display with reduced feedthrough and crosstalk
Frequency synthesizer with digital frequency lock loop
Single-poly EPROM cell with CMOS compatible programming voltages
Fast overvoltage protected pad input circuit
Electrochemical heat source
Composition and process for the reactive brazing of ceramic materials containing alumina
Method of bonding bio-molecules to a test site
Method and system for synthesizing oligonucleotides using nucleotide-specific dispensing bars
Optical storage medium for binding assays
Molecular detection apparatus and method
Transistor-based molecular detection apparatus and method
Bio-molecule analyzer with photosensitive material and fabrication
Method and apparatus for obtaining electric field-enhanced bioconjugation
System and method for reducing undesired radiation generated by LSI
Transistor group mismatch detection and reduction
Method and apparatus for clock gated logic circuits to reduce electric power consumption
Bus system having both serial and parallel busses
Multiplexed active biologic array
Process for microfabrication of an integrated PCR-CE device and products produced by the same
Nucleic acid arrays
Functionalized silicon compounds and methods for their synthesis and use
Probe kit for identifying a base in a nucleic acid
Capillary array electrophoresis scanner
Methods involving direct write optical lithography
Single electron transistor memory array
Apparatus for vaporizing liquid raw material and method of cleaning CVD apparatus
Distributed charge source
Method of making MOSFET with high dielectric constant gate insulator and minimum overlap capacitance
Interactive construction of 3D models from panoramic images employing hard and soft constraint chara...
Incremental update for dynamic/animated textures on three-dimensional models
System and method for identifying the language of written text having a plurality of different lengt...
System and method for interaction between one or more desktop computers and one or more mobile devic...
System and method for encapsulating legacy data transport protocols for IEEE 1394 serial bus
Method for extending the available number of configuration registers
Method and apparatus for establishing network connection for a processor without an operating system...
Hybrid mint plant named `Neerkalka`
Poinsettia plant named `Eckabey`
Sugar-modified cytostatics
Enhanced affinity hyaluronan binding peptides
Synchronized confetti sprayer and descending illuminated ball
Variable valve timing mechanism
Privacy-enhanced database
Restoring broken links utilizing a spider process
Ultrasound image information archiving system
Computer architecture using self-manipulating trees
Logical division of files into multiple articles for search and retrieval
Olefin polymerization process with fatty amine additives for improved activity and reduced fouling
Cold flow improvers for distillate fuel compositions
Olefin polymerization catalysts containing amine derivatives
Wax anti-settling agents for distillate fuels
Supported olefin polymerization catalysts
Polymer-supported catalyst for olefin polymerization
Azaborolinyl metal complexes as olefin polymerization catalysts
Method for producing narrow wires comprising titanium oxide, and narrow wires and structures produce...
Silicon carbide substrate, and method for producing the substrate, and semiconductor device utilizin...
Method for conditioning fluidised bed combustor ashes
Method for recovering and separating metals from waste streams
Stabilized bromine solutions, method of manufacture and uses thereof for biofouling control
Extraction processes and solvents for recovery of cesium, strontium, rare earth elements, technetium...
Process for preparing usable products from an impure ferric sulfate solution
Dispenser head
Sparkle linen spray
Dispenser head
Dispenser head
Anti-clog pump sprayer
Fluid dispenser with child-resistant nozzle assembly
Dip tube filter for manually actuated dispenser
Safety restraint buckle three-state tongue sensor
Nonazide ammonium nitrate based gas generant compositions that burn at ambient pressure
Air-safed underwater fuze system for launched munitions
Gas generant compositions methods of production of the same and devices made therefrom
Retractor locking mechanism
Bus seat safety restraint
Harness for human wear
Fire detector with replacement module
Systems for the conveyance of standing passengers
Moving object control system
Multicomponent food product and methods of making and using the same
Oxygen-absorbing component, oxygen absorbent package and oxygen-absorbing multilayered body containi...
Spoon fishing lure assembly
Fishing weight
Fishing rod with inserted fishline
Fishing weight
Electrically powered canoe with fishing accessories
Article having a decorative metal layer, and method of producing the same
Method of making a metallic fishing lure with an internal lead core weight
Fishing rig and method
Twisted, spinning fishing lure and counterweight
Fishing lure
Fishing rod respooler
Fishing lure system
Enhanced fishing line flow mechanism
Noise-making fishing lure
Bait bucket
Fishing lure having hook clip
Universal bobber
Sports equipment bag
Reel body of double bearing reel
Planar board having strike indication and ease of retrieval
Asymmetric oscillation mechanism for a spinning reel
Intra-line fishing rod with fishing line guide members
Reusable personal sun-monitor
Device for producing the image of an object using a flux of neutral or charged particles, and an int...
Method and apparatus for detecting prospective abnormal patterns
Method and system for producing interactive three-dimensional renderings of selected body organs hav...
MR-visible medical device for neurological interventions using nonlinear magnetic stereotaxis and a ...
Scanning system and method for locating sources of radiation emission
Devices and methods for removing pathogens from biological fluids
Rapid cryobaric sterilization and vaccine preparation
Methods for quenching pathogen inactivators in biological materials
Recombinant antigen from the NS3 region of the hepatitis C virus
Multiplex method for nucleic acid detection
Exogenous nucleic acid detection
Cover sheet for PTP
Polyolefin graft copolymers derived from linear copolymers of alpha-olefins and divinylbenzene havin...
Aqueous adhesive for bonding elastomers
Method for polymerizing vinyl monomers
Apparatus and process for the intensive degassing of PVC suspensions and dispersions
Miniature magnetic resonance catheter coils and related methods
Apparatus and method for infectious disease detection
System for noninvasive hematocrit monitoring
Photoactivation of endogenous porphyrins for treatment of psoriasis
Method for estimating and imaging of transverse displacements, transverse strains and strain ratios
Pulse oximeter and sensor optimized for low saturation
Method for cell swapping to improve pre-layout to post-layout timing
Method for configuring a programmable semiconductor device
Extractor and schematic viewer for a design representation, and associated method
Multi-layer non-carbon metal-based anodes for aluminum production cells and method
Electrocatalytically active non-carbon metal-based anodes for aluminium production cells
Fuel cell aluminum production
Carbon bodies resistant to deterioration by oxidizing gases
Anode, a process for the manufacture thereof and a process for the production of aluminum
Slow consumable non-carbon metal-based anodes for aluminium production cells
Bath for electrolytic reduction of alumina and method therefor
Process for producing incompatible polymer-containing polyester film
Sheet material guide
Color filter, liquid crystal display panel, computer, and method for manufacturing color filter
Surface-crosslinking process for water-absorbent resin
Amusement game including video displays not related to the game
Game machine informing prize mode information based on variable display stop request
Airfoil with dynamic stall control by oscillatory forcing
Circulation system using column core
Supercooled large droplet ice detector
Adaptive matched augmented proportional navigation
Rapid thrust response control logic for shaft-driven lift fan STOVL engine
Blown air lift generating rotating airfoil aircraft
Rapid response attitude control logic for shaft-driven lift fan STOVL engine
Product package
Diagnostic assay system and method
Compact combination camera
Imaging apparatus and method
Compact photographic apparatus
Erect folding photographic camera
Collapsed folding photographic camera
Cache coherency protocol having hovering (H), recent (R), and tagged (T) states
Contingent response apparatus and method for maintaining cache coherency
System using priority data of a host recall request to determine whether to release non-volatile sto...
Method and apparatus for transactional writing of data into a persistent memory
Power on/off in combined PDA/telephone
Motorcycle with navigation system carried thereon
Flexibly deleting objects in a resource constrained environment
Document modification based hyperlink limiting method and apparatus
System for ranking search results from a collection of documents using spreading activation techniqu...
Guide builder for documentation management in computer applications
Apparatus and method for allowing object-oriented programs created with different framework versions...
Distributed networking using logical processes
Subsurface decontamination method
Method and apparatus for monitoring a hydroelectric facility trash rack and optimizing performance
Combination reinforcement for floor on piles
Buoyancy device
Autonomous marine vehicle
Integrated underground storage reservoir and above-ground canopy and dispensing system
Soil brace and root blocker
High speed infrared imaging system and method
Elimination of standing waves in photoresist
Method and apparatus for measuring the concentration of hydrogen peroxide vapor
Styrene-butadiene block copolymer
Dimming system and method for magnetically ballasted gaseous discharge lamps
Nonlinear fiber amplifiers for a 1430-1530nm low-loss window in optical fibers
Advanced touchless plumbing systems
Multiple hazard marker system, components therefor and methods of making the same
Ultra-wide band RF-enhanced chemotherapy for cancer treatmeat
Retrofittable apparatus for converting a substantially planar surface into an electronic data captur...
Method and system for down-converting electromagnetic signals by sampling and integrating over apert...
Method for determining the pulse response of a broad band linear system and a measuring circuit for ...
Method for producing organo-alkali metal compounds
Golf ball covers containing high acid ionomers
Method for grinding colorants
Process for the preparation of stable, non-hygroscopic salts of L(-)carnitine
Prevention/retardation of hair growth
Polymers containing spirobicyclic ammonium moieties as bile acid sequestrants
Compositions and methods for decreasing sebum production
Emulsions of silicones with non-aqueous hydroxylic solvents
Apoptotic protease Mch6, nucleic acids encoding same and methods of use
Gene encoding IGG FC region-binding protein
Nucleic acids encoding hedgehog proteins
Analogs of NT-3
Activin like receptor--Isolated kinase proteins ALK-2, ALK-4, ALK-5, and nucleic acid molecules enco...
Leukotriene B4 receptor transgenic mice
Optical fiber/waveguide illumination system
Optical wave combining/splitting device
Multiple collimated-beam photonics package
Hermetic cable joint
Print-molding for process for planar waveguides
Optical fiber for light amplifier
Mid infrared transmitting fiber optic based otoscope for non contact tympanic membrane thermometry
Metal Glycididaagolc, and preparation and uses thereof
Substituted benzopyran derivatives for the treatment of inflammation
Erythromycins and process for their preparation
PAI-1 determination and use thereof
Tissue-specific and pathogen-specific toxic agents and ribozymes
Antisense modulation of ADAM10 expression
Membrane system for controlled tissue regeneration in cases of diseases of the periodontium
Disintegrin metalloprotease and its use
Methods and compositions for identifying and modulating ctionprotein-interactions
Disintegrin homologs
Mammalian proteinases; related reagents and methods
Vertical filter architecture using interleaved memory for storage of pixel data
Device and method for determining sleep profiles
System and method for detecting and displaying wind shear
Method and apparatus for an enhanced presentation aid
Method of evolving classifier programs for signal processing and control
Incorporation of whey into process cheese
Fermentation process for preparing erythritol using mother liquor produced from purification process...
Crumb coating composition
Animated food, food additive and method
Patch bag having curved seal and curved patch
Process for dry stable intermediate pet food composition
Method and system for automatically verifying provisioning of telecommunications services
Lifeline telephony provision for voice over digital subscriber line
Communication system between local area network stations
On-hold messaging system and method
Telephone intercept apparatus and method for intercepting an outgoing telephone number
Method and system for service engineering in an advanced intelligent network
Automatic control of participation in telemeetings
Four beam electrophotographic printing apparatus
Tape drive head assembly and apparatus for mounting a tape drive head to a carriage
Notebook computer with ergonomic stand
Automatic splaying picker finger
Image processing apparatus and methods
System and method for ensuring the integrity of stored data
System and method for selectively recovering areas on a disc marked as unuseable
Torque loading of a sheet material feed roller
Method and apparatus for transferring data between a printer and a replaceable printing component
Optical encoder system and method for use in printing devices
Printhead substrate having a mixture of single and double sided elongate ink feed channels
High-efficiency polycrystalline silicon resistor system for use in a thermal inkjet printhead
Check valve in an ink pump for an ink-jet printer
Printer ink supply system
Media holding apparatus, media size detector and method for detecting size of media for a document-g...
Hand-held scanner apparatus having visual scan-region position feedback system
Wired-and bus interface circuit for galvanically isolating nodes
Generating appendable points in encoded data
Link control state machine for controlling a media access controller, a serial physical layer device...
System for enabling stacking of autochanger modules
System with multiple dynamically-sized logical FIFOs sharing single memory and with read/write point...
Adaptive PCI slot
Apparatus and method for on-line replacement of a running program code and data using checkpoints
Scanner portion
Print media vacuum holddown
Printhead servicing technique
Method and structure for dynamically drilling down through a health monitoring map to determine the ...
Producing photographic images on a matte laser printer
Electrical storage device for a replaceable printing component
Very-high-ratio mixed resolution and biphod pens for low-cost fast bidirectional one-pass incrementa...
Method and apparatus for hiding errors in single-pass incremental printing
Monolithic ink jet nozzle formed from an oxide and nitride composition
Ink jet drop generator and ink composition printing system for producing low ink drop weight with hi...
Signal attenuation using a filter-limiter connection with a threshold setting network
Method and apparatus for prioritized transmission of data over a network
Method for using electronic mail for exchanging data between computer systems
Method and apparatus for determining interleaving schemes in a computer system that supports multipl...
Web cache performance by applying different replacement policies to the web cache
Computer data packet switching and load balancing system using a general-purpose multiprocessor arch...
Object-oriented system, method and article of manufacture for a client-server-centric interprise com...
Object-oriented system, method and article of manufacture for migrating a client-server application ...
Framework for marshaling and unmarshaling argument object references
Deferred reconstruction of objects and remote loading for event notification in a distributed system
Multiprocessing system employing pending tags to maintain cache coherence
Methods and apparatus for branch prediction using hybrid history with index sharing
Object-oriented device management system and method
Refreshing materialized views of a database to maintain consistency with underlying data
Tablespace-relative database pointers
Computerized verification form processing system and method
Method, apparatus and program product for interfacing a multi-threaded, client-based API to a single...
Using a distributed object system to find and download java-based applications
Method and apparatus for processing hypertext objects on optical disc players
Method and system for controlling data acquisition over an information bus
Thermoreversible thickening binder composition
Capacitors and capacitor construction
Laser synthesized ceramic sensors and method for making
Method for reducing the susceptibility to chemical-mechanical polishing damage of an alignment mark ...
Three dimensional micromachined electromagnetic device and associated methods
Method and device for predicting physiological values
Perpetual calendar
Glass water ball with light emitting device
Lighting system for rotating object
Focus detecting device
Electronic flash control apparatus
Order information recording system and photographic image processing method
Real-image finder optical system
Educational tool for defensive driving
Reconfigurable hardware interface for vehicle driving simulators using a field-programmable gate arr...
Individual education program tracking system
Method and device for seismic prospecting using a drilling tool acting in a well
Exhaust silencer panel
Damped structural panel and method of making same
Carbon monoxide containing polymers derived from synthesis gas (KWP-0002)
Ultra-high strength, weldable steels with excellent ultra-low temperature toughness
Thermoplastic elastomeric compositions
Emulsifiable cutting oil that minimizes graphite paste formation when cutting graphite containing me...
Ink composition for ink jet recording
Enzyme cleavable linker bound to solid phase for organic compound synthesis
Endothelin receptor antagonists
Quinolinone derivative, method for preparing the same, and anti-allergic agent
Omnidirectional wind indicator
Method and apparatus for training shooting
Body spray composition with pearl-like oil phase droplets in container
Method for obtaining foamed organosilicon compositions
Method of polymerization
Temperature insensitive capacitor load memory cell
Apparatus including and use of an enhanced toner area coverage sensor to monitor filming levels on a...
Glitter containing filaments for use in brushes
Quinolinate metabolism enzymes
Molybdenum based oxidation catalysts
Stain resistant compositions
Vinyl fluoride interpolymers of low crystallinity
Halogen exchange reactions in preparing catalysts and their precursors
Clean generation of a fluoroaryl grignard reagent
Localized use of nitric oxide-adducts to prevent internal tissue damage
Zwitterionic monomer having amino-multicarboxylic acid functionality
Method for controlling transport and travel operations
System and method for providing menu data using a communication network
Geographic based communications service
Revenue management system and method
Use of colloidal borosilicates in the production of paper
Wipes having a substrate with a discontinous pattern of a high internal phase inverse emulsion dispo...
Propylene-based random copolymers and propylene-based resin compositions, films thereof and propylen...
Cleaning compositions
One-part moisture curable composition
Higher alkyl esters of cyanoacetic acid
Formation of this film capacitors
Method of bonding functional surface materials to substrates and applications in microtechnology and...
Non-lithographic process for producing nanoscale features on a substrate
Single component developer for copolymer resists
Method of producing aqueous dispersions as a base for hot sealing adhesives
Well cementing methods using compositions containing liquid polymeric additives
Colored concrete roofing tiles and a method for producing colored concrete bodies such as colored co...
Polymer liquid crystal emulsion stabilized by water soluble copolymer, liquid crystal composite film...
Dispersion powders with increased autoignition temperature
Hydrogel composites and superporous hydrogel composites having fast swelling, high mechanical streng...
Method for the production of a polymer dispersion by radical aqueous emulsion polymerization with a ...
Pharmaceutical compositions for managing scalp conditions
Oil-water emulsifiers
Cosmetic compositions with sensate mixtures based on isopulegol
Tertiary amide terminated polyamides and uses thereof
Method and compositions for topical treatment of damaged tissue using reactive oxygen metabolite pro...
Polynucleotide encoding secretory membrane protein
Protein Z-dependent protease inhibitor
Automobile exhaust tube
Column fan unit
Sandwich panel made of a composite material and production method
Energy attenuation apparatus for a system conveying liquid under pressure and method of attenuating ...
Picture display device provided with an electron gun, and electron gun for use in such a device
Electroluminescent material comprising a doped conducting oxide
Sealing body having a shielding layer for hermetically sealing a tube lamp
High pressure lamp with specific amount of mercury, halogen and wall loading
Alerting system using elastomeric EL lamp structure
Field emission display having reduced optical sensitivity and method
Method of driving plasma display panel having improved operational margin
Precise electrokinetic delivery of minute volumes of liquid(s)
Method of isolating target specific oligonucleotide ligands
Use of retentate chromatography to generate difference maps
Automated system for two-dimensional electrophoresis
Detection and characterization of microorganisms
Multipurpose marketing pouch
Methods for removal of chlorine from water
Method to treat whey
High production nutcracking apparatus having improved alignment capability
Method for forming confectionery product
Infant formula compositions and method of making
Canola variety producing a seed with reduced glucosinolates and linolenic acid yielding an oil with ...
Advertising board structure
Electronic ballast
Emergency power system
Control circuit for hall-effect switching device
Latch-up controllable insulated gate bipolar transistor
Induction heating apparatus and transformer
Power chip set for a switching mode power supply having a device for providing a drive signal to a c...
Three dimensional display
Electronic watch
Liquid crystal display device
Polymer film liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
Liquid crystal display device with two reflective polarizers providing metallic appearance effects
Remote credit card authentication system
Method and apparatus for generating recurring events in a calendar/schedule system
System for data collection and matching compatible profiles
Asynchronous packet switching with common time reference
Electronic document manager
Hematopoietic cell method for treatment of HIV infection
Aluminum nitride sintered body and method of preparing the same
Constrained helical peptides and methods of making same
HIV protease inhibitors
HIV integrase inhibitors
Arrangement for setting an image display device with a housing
Game racket to show the state of the body of an exerciser
Ductile, high-density, non-toxic shot and other articles and method for producing same
Low cost force feedback peripheral with button activated feel sensations
System for supplying screened random numbers for use in recreational gaming in a casino or over the ...
Monolithic PC audio circuit
Vehicle drive force control device
Vehicle braking system
Integrated control system of vehicle
Method for controlling vehicle behavior during cornering and a braking system for implementation the...
Method and device for detecting motor vehicle tilt
Predicting cylinder pressure for on-vehicle control
Method for displaying a map in a vehicle en-route guidance system
Mixed enclave operation in a computer network
Water-soluble polymers and their use in cosmetic formulations
Magnolia grandiflora named `Halehines01`
Juniper plant named `Taylor's Blue`
Tibouchina plant named `Angyo Lavender`
Poinsettia plant named `Eckadela`
Double impatiens plant named `Cameo Scarlet`
Double impatiens plant named `Cameo Light Pink`
Poinsettia plant named `Winpeach`
Process and apparatus for producing hydrocarbons from residential trash or waste and/or organic wast...
Catalytic hydroconversion of chemically digested organic municipal solid waste materials
Method for recovery of carbon and combinations of hydrocarbons from polymers, preferably in the form...
Intelligent call redirection
Customer self routing call center
Routing call processing communications in a telecommunications system
Access network with an integrated splitter
Electronically switched optically coupled line interface
Method for making a sound transducer integrated into an acoustic signal generating card
Method for preserving a hemoglobin blood substitute
RNA targeted 2'-modified oligonucleotides that are conformationally preorganized
Single-stranded oligodeoxynucleotide mutational vectors
Chimeric molecules targeted to viral RNAs
Process for the preparation of N-(amino-4,6-dihalo-pyrimidine) formamides
Low cost conformal EMI/RFI shield
Linearization method and amplifier arrangement
Video acquisition system including objects with dynamic communication capabilities
Externalizing very large objects in a relational database client/server environment
Method and system for enabling dynamic cache structures in a networked environment
Providing internet travel services via bookmark set
Soybean gene promoters
Plant regulatory proteins III
Plant aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase
Irreversible thin film display with clearing agent
Color selection and identification guides for architectural surface coatings
Type of instant scratch-off lottery games
Method for preparing multilayer film structures for use in the production of banknotes or the like
Mailer with dual face label material
Overlaminated pressure-sensitive adhesive construction
Optically diffractive structure
Die attach adhesives for use in microelectronic devices
Cold water soluble starch aldehydes and the method of preparation thereof
Aqueous dispersion of pigment(s) and/or filler(s) containing a particular saccharide composition
Method of producing arabitol by continuous fermentation
Process for stabilizing proteins in an acidic environment with a high-ester pectin
Water soluble vegetable oil esters for industrial applications
Associative thickener for aqueous fabric softener
Managing a system's performance state
Method and system for reliable broadcasting of data files and streams
Screening for errors in data transmission systems
Telephone line use enablement of lottery participation
Kiosk for sales purposes
Method of polymerizing olefins using borabenzene catalysts
Polymerization of .alpha.-olefins with transition metal catalysts based on bidentate ligands contain...
Supported catalyst
Polysiloxane supported metallocene catalysts
.alpha.-olefin polymerization catalysts
Molded and slab polyurethane foam prepared from double metal cyanide complex-catalyzed polyoxyalkyle...
Molded and slab polyurethane foam prepared from double metal cyanide complex-catalyzed polyoxyalkyle...
Single-site catalysts containing homoaromatic ligands
Olefin polymerization catalyst system
Single-site catalysts for olefin polymerization
Olefin polymerization catalysts containing indolyl-amido ligands
Quinolinoxy and pyridinoxy single-site catalysts containing benzyl ligands
Ethylene polymerization process
Preparation of ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene
Process for the removal of carbon dioxide from 3,4-epoxy-1-butene process recycle streams
Method of producing modified sodium carbonate crystals for the production of sodium bicarbonate
Operation management method of iron carbide production process
Hydrogen fluoride recovery process
Method of manufacturing crystalline microporous materials
Lithium secondary battery and cathode active material for use in lithium secondary battery
Method for manufacturing a carbon dioxide gas absorbent
High speed peripheral interconnect apparatus, method and system
Protocol and method for peer network device discovery
System and method for balancing and distributing control algorithm processing load and real time pla...
System and method for automated collection and analysis of regularly retrieved patient information f...
Systems and methods for minimizing peer-to-peer control disruption during fail-over in a system of r...
Dual channel 100Base-T link for computer networks
Anti-caries oral care compositions and their methods of use
Composition for reducing malodor impression on inanimate surfaces
Squeeze bottle aspirator
Anti-clog pump sprayer
Flexible dip tube for liquid dispenser
Dispenser head for manual dispenser
Vial access spike adapter for pump sprayer
Broadcast encoding system and method
Method of and apparatus for manipulating digital data works
Original-discrimination system for discriminating special document, and image forming apparatus, ima...
Universal asynchronous receiver transmitter (UART) emulation stage for modem communication
Occupant belt presenter
Occupant type and position detection system
High gas yield non-azide gas generants
Dynamic control valve system adapted for inflatable restraint systems for vehicles
Safety restraint
Coiled pipe dispensing rack
Arrow detector
Method and apparatus for automated manufacture of unit filters
Device for selectively detecting metal objects
Fastener driving apparatus and method
Cake container
Electrical control apparatus with unidirectional tactile indicator
Jugfishing apparatus
Fishing tackle eyehole cleaning tool
Sequins mounting stud for fishing lures
Fishing lure and selection method
Flexible oscillating fishing lure system
Fishing lure
Rolling fishing lure with perforated panel construction
Fishing lure with interchangeable tail
Fishing lure
Teaser school fishing apparatus
Fishing lure and kit
Method for producing combination fish hook and weed guard device
Fishing rod holder
Fishing game
Fishing reel cover
Self-propelling fishing float
Surf fishing caddy
Fishing rod holder
Inner rod for a hollow collapsible fishing rod
Spinner-type fishing lures and wire and cable fishing leaders
Artificial fishing lure with longitudinal rows of resiliently flexible rib-like projections
Soft plastic fishing lure with hidden hook
Large arbor fly fishing reel and drag system
Jig and fishing system
Yeast-based process for production of l-pac
Control of fruit ripening and senescence in plants
Module made of at least two-type hollow fibres, and production of same
Methods of alleviating neuropathic pain using prosaposin-derived peptides
Gene therapy for regulating penile smooth muscle tone
Cells and methods for the generation of transgenic pigs
Methods and compositions for regulating cell death and enhancing disease resistance to plant pathoge...
Waste bin
ATM surround
Letter box
Stop sign mailbox flag
Combination gumball dispenser and coin bank
Clinical, heoristic, adminstrative, research & teaching (CHART) java-web-object information system f...
Imaging system protocol handling method and apparatus
Electronic clinical recording system
Method and apparatus for deterring frivolous professional liability claims
Dynamic linking of supplier web sites to reseller web sites
Method, apparatus, and embodied data structures for optimal anytime winner determination in combinat...
Method for monitoring and trading stocks via the internet displaying bid/ask trade bars
Adaptive problem selection
Low cost shallow trench isolation using non-conformal dielectric material
Ski simulator
Method and apparatus for analyzing a language expression elements of cartoon frames and calculating ...
Navigation via environmental objects in three-dimensional workspace interactive displays
Methods systems and computer program products for transporting users in three dimensional virtual re...
Carbon monoxide saturated, preserved raw meat
Stabilizer for meat products and meat product composition
Methods of screening competitors of OB-R binding to SHP-2-SH2 peptides
Cultured plant cell gums for food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and industrial applications
Aspergillus niger aminopeptidase compositions for making bread doughs and cheese
Optical isomer of delta decalactone and organoleptic uses thereof
Method for improving the brain function, inhibiting glutamate excitotoxicity and rescuing from neuro...
Method and apparatus for stress relief system
Sliding capo
Musical blocks and clocks
Method of controlling tone generating drivers by integrating driver on operating system
Music piece distributing apparatus, music piece receiving apparatus, music piece distributing method...
TNF Receptors, TNF binding proteins and DNAs coding for them
Chimeric viral proteins
Recombinant mistletoe lectin (rML)
Graphical search engine visual index
Network for providing switched broadband multipoint/multimedia intercommunication
Unmanned aerial vehicle with counter-rotating ducted rotors and shrouded pusher-prop
Hinge for movable control surfaces in an aircraft and a connecting piece to be used with such a hing...
Method of attaching a soft link for connecting a group of parachute suspension lines to harness via ...
Cargo latch
Low drag ducted Ram air turbine generator and cooling system
Electronic magnetic interference and radio frequency interference protection of airborne missile ele...
System and method for correcting star tracker low spatial frequency error in stellar-inertial attitu...
System and method for controlling access to a user secret using a key recovery field
Digital watermarking to resolve multiple claims of ownership
Systems and methods for protecting access to encrypted information
Information processing device and electric device
Self developing-film unit
Film cassette
Scanning system for film recorder
Process and composition for generation of acid
Thermal imaging medium
Heat and radiation-sensitive imaging medium, and processes for use thereof
Stand alone printer
Hand closing mechanism for library apparatus
Robot arm
Articulated robot
Dual independent robot blades with minimal offset
Nozzle arm movement for resist development
Arc welding monitoring device
Method for applying knowledge from a skilled worker via a master expert machine to a slave expert ma...
System for setting a flag indicating a boot failure of loading a procedure and aborting additional l...
Boot code verification and recovery
Protected storage of core data secrets
Fast scannable output latch with domino logic input
Distributed storage system using front-end and back-end locking
Stylus antenna
Method and apparatus for a virtual display/keyboard for a PDA
Printer for portable information processor
System and method for facilitating a windows based content manifestation environment within a WWW br...
Method and system for recognizing and acting upon dynamic data on the internet
Electronic reminder system with universal email input
Methods and apparatus for transmitting, receiving, and processing secure voice over internet protoco...
System and method for the distribution of code and data
Arrangement and method for providing flexible management of a network
Dynamic network cache directories
Data copyright management system
Method and system for ensuring cache file integrity
Version and configuration management method and apparatus and computer readable recording medium for...
Computer data storage medium having a virtual disk drive and memory management method therefor
Process for allocating memory in a multiprocessor data processing system
Processing method and apparatus involving a processor instruction using hashing
System and method for disambiguating scene graph loads
Error correction code processor employing adjustable correction power for miscorrection minimization
Method and tool for automatically generating engineering change order
Leaching chamber
Cable flushing lateral
Process and device for rehabilitating pipes
Tensionable cable bolt
Method for applying plastic soil mulch
Buoyant device
System for infiltrating water into the ground
Apparatus and method for the secure dispensing of bank papers
Managing business rules using jurisdictions
Computer method for delivery of financial services
Point-of-sale system and distributed computer network for same
System for enabling access to a body of information based on a credit value, and system for allocati...
Digital product execution control and security
Scalable multimedia network
Method and apparatus employing an invalid symbol security jam for communications network security
Computer network malicious code scanner method and apparatus
System for communicating a software-generated pulse waveform between two servers in a network
Dataflow processing with events
Mechanism for automatically establishing connections between executable components of a hypertext-ba...
Method and apparatus for loading a Java application program
Video display initiated by internet module of web TV
Method and system for automatic detection and distribution of code version updates
Wavelet-based facial motion capture for avatar animation
Method of producing pathogen-resistant plants
Cotton and rice cellulose synthase DNA sequences