A method for generating a haptic interactive representation including the steps of defining a haptic interaction space and building a hierarchical construct, for use within the haptic interaction space, using a plurality of underlying constructs. In one embodiment the method includes determining the forces to be applied to a user by generating a haptic interactive, sensing a position of a user in real space, determining a haptic interface location in the haptic interaction space in response to the position of the user in real space and determining whether the virtual object collides with the haptic interface location. The invention also relates to a method for interacting with a haptic interactive representation. The method includes creating a haptic process having the haptic interactive representation, associating a callback with the haptic process, connecting to a second process which interacts with the haptic process and associating the callback which is associated with the haptic process with the second process. The method further includes requesting the callback by the second process, and returning, by the haptic process through the callback to the second process, at least one parameter associated with the haptic interactive representation.

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