The invention relates to a method for reducing the latency in a GPRS network, via which information is transmitted between a data requesting unit, i.e. a client (1), and a data-providing unit, i.e. a server (9), in the form of data packets. In order to transmit the data packets from the client (1) to the server (9), at least one first communication channel (UL-TBF) is opened and then closed. At least a second communication channel (DL-TBF) is then opened and closed for transmitting information from the server (9) to the client (1). A not insignificant latency is thus produced between the request for information and the receipt of information, which can be reduced, according to the invention, by opening the second communication channel (DL TBF) before closing the first communication channel (UL-TBF). A radio channel is thus provided for preventive purposes, for the feedback of the requested data.


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