A method and apparatus for combining raw fibrous and binding materials in a single mixing step (Step S3), followed by consolidation (Step S5) so as to greatly shorten the overall cycle time to a finished fiber-reinforced composite part. Chopped fibrous materials and binder materials are deposited sequentially onto a belt conveyor (Step S2) so that the materials are successively layered, one on top of each other in a predetermined ratio, and subsequently mixed (Step S3) to achieve uniform dispersion throughout. The mixed materials are then deposited into a rotating mold (Step S4) to further ensure uniform dispersion of fibrous and binder materials. Impregnation of the fibrous materials with the binder material occur in-situ as the uniformly mixed materials are heated and subsequently compacted in the mold (Step S5) to obtain the desired shape of the fiber-reinforced composite part.

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