The invention described relates to formed profiles comprising microcellular TPE foam compositions, and articles therefrom, wherein the TPE are thermoplastic vulcanizates. The foamed thermoplastic elastomer profile comprises a foamable thermoplastic elastomer composition having a) a cross-linkable hydrocarbon rubber in the presence of b) a thermoplastic polyolefin resin having a Tm greater than C. wherein said composition further comprising: a) 25 to 30 wt % of a partially or fully vulcanized reaction product of said cross-linkable hydrocarbon rubber with a cross-linking agent, said reaction product being present as a dispersed phase; b) 7 to 12 wt % of said thermoplastic resin as a continuous phase; c) 8-22 wt % of an elastomeric thermoplastic modifier comprising 1) 3-7 wt. % copolymers of propylene with one or more of ethylene and C.sub.4-C.sub.10 alpha-olefins, said copolymers having a Tm greater than C. and less than C., and, 2) 5-15 wt. % hydrogenated, triblock styrenic copolymers from styrene and isoprene; and, optionally, d) 3-12 wt. % solid filler; and/or e) 35-45 wt. % of non-aromatic hydrocarbon oil; wherein said wt. % amounts are based upon the total weight of the composition, and where the composition has been prepared by a process comprising dynamically vulcanizing said composition. The foamed thermoplastic elastomer profiles having smooth surfaces, improved low water absorption, improved compression set and compression load deflection.


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