A device for exercising and strengthening the muscles of the spinal column and vertebrae joints and for the spine recreation, designed taking in account that our backbone bio kinematics operate better moving in the horizontal position based on "four legs", comprises: a bearing framework with fore and rear pivot points, two hand striding units and two foot striding units pivotally mounted to corresponding fore and rear pivot points and depending downwardly therefrom; a kinematic transmission connecting the left and right pairs of the striding units with possibility to swing the hand and foot striding units in opposite direction, provides the user with a steady balance and allows to imitate a natural walking or running-type motions with the extremities based on the foot and hand supports while keeping his/her torso suspended freely above the foot and hand supports and with the spine in a substantially free horizontal position whereby the only support for the users body is the foot and hand supports; The main and very individual training load is the user's own weight. Simulating running/galloping-type motions the user stretch and bends his/her spine in the vertical plane, performing walking motions the user bends his/her spine left and right in the horizontal plane, thus balanced exercising of muscles and joints of the spinal column is provided.

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