There is provided a vehicle antenna device having a high connection reliability and mounted simply. A vehicle antenna device comprise a film antenna unit 1 in which an emission conductor pattern 3 is formed on a resin film 2 and a power feeding terminal 4 is exposed to a tongue part 2a; an insulating casing 6 having slits 6a and 6b for inserting the tongue part 2a and an opening 6c for inserting a coaxial cable 20, and installed in the vicinity of the film antenna unit 1; and a circuit substrate 7 which is housed and retained within the casing 6, and connected to the power feeding terminal 4 and the coaxial cable 20, wherein the tongue part is loaded within the casing 6 by passing the tongue part 2a through any one of both slits 6a and 6b, and a an electrode pin 9 connected electro-mechanically to the circuit substrate 7 is pressure-contacted to the power feeding terminal 4 within the casing 6.


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