A method for treating fibers, yarns or textiles to improve the sensory effect for a user or weaver of a fabric article. The method treats the fiber, yarns or textiles with an emulsion containing 15-30% by weight of a mixture of waxes having melting points in the range of 35.degree. C. to 60.degree. C. including a lipophilic wax matrix; 10%-20% by weight of emulsifier which are at least one of alkyl or alkenyl oligoglycosides or alkyl ether sulfates, 1%-10% by weight of a crystal regulator which can be partial esters of C.sub.12-22 fatty acids with at least one of glycerol, polyglycerol and sorbitan. The mean particle size of the wax crystals is not greater than 6 .mu.m. The emulsion includes water and auxiliaries and additives.

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