Compressed waveform data structure is proposed which is suited for segmentation of a plurality of samples of compressed waveform data into a plurality of frames and subsequent storage of each of the frames. The number of bits per sample of the compressed waveform data is variable between the frames, but uniform, i.e. the same among all of the samples, within each of the frames. Each of the frames has a same data storage size. Each of the frames includes, in a predetermined layout, an auxiliary information area for storing auxiliary information that includes compression-related information to be used for decompressing the compressed waveform data, and a data area for storing a plurality of samples of the compressed waveform data of the frame with each of the samples comprising a same number of bits. Thus, respective start positions of the frames and compressed waveform data in a memory can be fixed at predetermined positions common to the frames, so that readout control can be performed with ease.


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