A disposable absorbent article is disclosed that is partially defined by a pair of longitudinally extending side edges and a pair of end edges extending between the side edges, and includes a topsheet layer, a backsheet layer, and an absorbent core disposed between the topsheet and the backsheet. The disposable absorbent article also has a pair of side wall structures each having a pair of oppositely positioned end portions. A first side wall structure extends generally longitudinally between the core and one of the side edges and the other side wall structure extends generally longitudinal between the core and the other side edge. Further, an end strip constructed from an elastic material is positioned substantially adjacent each one of the end edges, and extends laterally between the side edges. Each of the end strips includes a fixed elastic end section disposed adjacent the end edge and secured to the topsheet, a fixed intermediate section positioned longitudinally inward of the fixed end section, and a movable, elastic inward section positioned longitudinally inward of the intermediate section.

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