An apparatus, method, and system for speculative data mirroring include a rollback log that receives write data corresponding to a write operation that is directed to a storage region within a source volume. Also included is a storage control module that initiates a lock operation on a corresponding storage region within a target volume and a mirror control module configured to send the data corresponding to the write operation to the target volume without waiting for feedback regarding the lock operation. In one embodiment, initiating a lock operation may include sending a lock command to the target volume. Alternatively, the data corresponding to the write operation may initiate the lock operation. In addition, the mirror control module may initiate retransmission of the data in response to subsequent execution of the lock operation. Due to the unique configuration of the present invention, the present invention reduces latencies arising from synchronous mirroring operations, such as lock operations.


> Switching between mirrored and non-mirrored volumes

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