Solutions to a value recycling problem that we define herein facilitate implementations of computer programs that may execute as multithreaded computations in multiprocessor computers, as well as implementations of related shared data structures. Some exploitations of the techniques described herein allow non-blocking, shared data structures to be implemented using standard dynamic allocation mechanisms (such as malloc and free). A variety of solutions to the proposed value recycling problem may be implemented. A class of general solutions to value recycling is described in the context of an illustration we call the Repeat Offender Problem (ROP), including illustrative Application Program Interfaces (APIs) defined in terms of the ROP terminology. Furthermore, specific solutions, implementations and algorithm, including a Pass-The-Buck (PTB) implementation are also described. Solutions to the value recycling problem can be applied in a variety of ways to implement dynamic-sized data structures.


> Apparatus for outputting individual authentication information connectable to a plurality of terminals through a network

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