A full services access multiplexer is described. A master digital subscriber line (master DSL) modem is coupled to a conductor pair. A POTS extender also is coupled to the conductor pair and may sense the operation of a fallback or other signal on the conductor pair. A suppression signal may be transmitted to a master DSL modem upon occurrence of the fallback. The suppression signal may travel over a control circuit. Traffic over a backplane or other network segment may be uninterrupted to a Integrated Access Device (IAD) by handling signals inbound and outbound to the backplane via a packet assembler and disassembler (PAD). The PAD may transmit a data stream to a vocoder and receive a data stream from the vocoder for injection onto the backplane. The vocoder connects duplexed traffic to the subscriber line interface circuit (SLIC) wherein traffic between the vocoder and the SLIC are in analog formats in or near the audible range of frequencies.

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