A fixing apparatus for fixing a visible image, including a first rotating device for rotatably fixing a visible image transferred on a medium from a transfer device which develops an electrostatic latent image formed on a latent image bearing body with a developer, and a second rotating device for rotatably supporting the first rotating device while the first rotating device fixes the visible image on the medium, the second rotating device being positioned to form a transfer pass for the medium with the first rotating device, wherein the developer contains a toner having a volume mean grain size of from 5 to 10 micrometers and a grain size not larger than 5 micrometers accounting for 60 through 80 number percent, and the first rotating device has a surface resistivity between 1.times.10.sup.7 through 1.times.10.sup.10 .OMEGA./square.

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> Image-forming process and image-forming apparatus using flash fusing

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