Systems and methods of using the systems for delivering information related to an inaccessible location to individuals at the inaccessible location are disclosed. The system comprises a memory device affixed to the inaccessible location, the information related to the inaccessible location residing on the memory device, and a portable memory reading device, separate from the memory device, that retrieves the information from the memory device when positioned at the inaccessible location and communicates the information to a party located at the inaccessible location. The system may further comprise a database wherein the information residing on the memory device is replicated and the database can be accessed by a user of the system via a suitable communications medium or combination of mediums. The system may also comprise a portable memory reading device having a GPS receiver positioned at an inaccessible location and a database, such that the GPS coordinates of the inaccessible location are determined by the portable memory reading device and communicated to the database over a communications link, and the database communicates the information related to the inaccessible location back to the portable memory reading device over the communications link.


> Monitoring storage resources used by computer applications distributed across a network

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