In the present invention, when one open or running software application having secured features enters an access signed-in or logged-in state, other open or running software applications having secured features enter a ready signed-in state automatically, without prompting user intervention. The same operation that signed-in or logged-in the initial software application will transition other software applications that are presently open, active to run, or that start in run mode to a ready signed-in state. The access signed-in state fully authenticates the user's identity and grants access to secured features. The ready signed-in state places the software application in a state of readiness to authenticate and access secured features without prompting user intervention. One feature of the present invention is the sharing of a sign-in or login credential (e.g. username and password) and the processing of the shared credential in order to provide a universal, shared sign-in session between open software applications having secured features. This feature helps provide a user experience that in effect, has only one sign-in or login session for software applications with secured features.


> System and method for shared integrated online social interaction

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