This invention relates to a diesel fuel composition having enhanced lubricity, said composition comprising a major amount of a diesel fuel as base fuel blended with a minor amount of a nitrogen rich fraction characterised in that the nitrogen rich fraction is derived from a source material selected from (i) a solvent extract of a solid or semi-solid natural fossil, or, (ii) a refinery process stream or blend, the sulphur to nitrogen atom ratio in the nitrogen rich fraction being less than 4. The nitrogen rich fraction has an absolute nitrogen content of at least 1000 ppm by weight and this fraction is (re)blended with the base fuel is no more than 1% by weight of the total fuel composition. Methods of separating, recovering and reblending such naturally occurring nitrogen compounds can be installed or retrofitted at existing refinery and crude oil processing facilities without any substantial increase in production costs.


> Process for the production of alkylaromatics

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