In a system and an associated method, for data transmission in a computed tomography device, having a data acquisition unit in which measurement data are acquired, converted into a bit stream, and communicated to a transmitter apparatus on a rotating part of the computed tomography device, wherein the transmitter transmits the bit stream to a stationary part of the computed tomography device, and having a receiver apparatus on the stationary part that receives the bit stream from the transmitter apparatus and communicates it to an image reconstruction unit that further processes the bit stream communicated by the receiver apparatus for the reconstruction of the image, the transmitter apparatus and the receiver apparatus each have an error recognition module that monitors the bit stream for errors and signals recognized errors to an error processor that determines the number and rate and/or duration of the recognized errors and stores these in a log data file for an evaluation. Errors thus can be recognized in real time and can be used for error diagnosis without the use of an additional testing tool.


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