A new and distinct variety of nectarine tree (Prunus persica var. nucipersica). The following features of the tree and its fruit are characterized with the tree budded on `Nemaguard` Rootstock (non-patented), grown on Handford sandy loam soil with Storie Index rating 95, in USDA Hardiness Zone 9, near Modesto, Calif., with standard commercial fruit growing practices, such as pruning, thinning, spraying, irrigation and fertilization. Its novelty consist of the following combination of desirable features: 1. The tree having a winter chilling requirement of approximately 350 to 400 hours at or below 45.degree. F. 2. A regular and productive bearer of large, clingstone fruit. 3. Fruit holding firm on the tree 7 to 8 days after maturity (shipping ripe). 4. Fruit with a high degree of attractive red skin color. 5. Vigorous, upright growth of tree. 6. Fruit with a mild, sweet, sub-acid flavor.

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