There is provided a device capable of evaluating a composition by a computer in the Internet. First, a task of a composition corresponding to the grade level of a learner and evaluation tasks are presented on the Internet. A compositional essay created by the learner according to the presented tasks and terms is evaluated by multiple methods associated with the evaluation tasks and the evaluation result is distributed to a grader responsible for evaluating the learner by means such as e-mail. The grader adds a comment to the evaluation result, records it in the server on the Internet, and displays the evaluation result in a graph or the like so that the learner can easily know the evaluation result. The apparatus for grading and evaluating compositional essays of the present invention is characterized in that (1) a compositional essay is divided into multiple fields such as structure, subject matter, expression, and topic and each of these fields is evaluated by the presence or lack of specified keywords and (2) the individuality of the content is evaluated by the amount and range of unique vocabulary contained in the compositional essay.


> Content-Based Indexing and Retrieval Methods for Surround Video Synthesis

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