The present invention relates an interactive media guidance application that provides channel groups. Channel groups may include media channels, such as television channels, radio stations, Internet web sites, etc. Channel groups may be organized around a common characteristic, by utilizing user profile information, and by human editorial selection (e.g., by a service provider or by a user). The guidance application provides information on the channel groups, including media listings, reminders, pending and completed recordings, purchased programs, and previously accessed programs for the channel group. The guidance application enables the user to focus a guidance application function on the channel group. In response to a user initiation to execute the function on the channel group, the function may be executed on all the media channels belonging to the channel group. Information on the channel group and access to functions that are executable on the channel group may be concentrated in a channel group portal screen of the guidance application.


> Tag communication device, tag moving direction detecting system and tag moving direction detecting method

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