An apparatus for orienting section of a plasticized ceramic extrudate includes a marking assembly for applying an orientation reference mark to a plasticized ceramic extrudate exiting an extrusion die onto an extrudate support, and at least one extrudate-contacting deformable roller having an axis of rotation, wherein the axis of rotation is pivotable with respect to a movement of the extrudate exiting an extrusion die, and wherein the roller is adapted to contact the extrudate and correct a corkscrew deformation of the extrudate exiting the extrusion die. The apparatus also includes at least one extrudate-contacting orientation control member for correcting the orientation of a cut section of the extrudate on the extrudate support in response to a misalignment of the reference mark. The apparatus further includes at least one gripping member adapted to laterally transfer the cut section of the extrudate along a linear path with respect to the extrudate support while preventing any orientation change of the cut section of the extrudate support, and a visual inspection apparatus adapted to confirm the orientation of the cut section of the extrudate on extrudate support.


> Process aid for metallocene catalyzed linear low density polyethylene polymers

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