A cleat is adjustably mountable on a support by an attachment strap and a clasp. Alternately, or in combination with the strap, the cleat has a full hand grip surface. Alternately, the cleat can function as an portable article carrier.

Un morsetto è adjustably montabile su un supporto da una cinghia del collegamento e da un clasp. Alternatamente, o congiuntamente alla cinghia, il morsetto ha una superficie completa della presa della mano. Alternatamente, il morsetto può funzionare come elemento portante portatile dell'articolo.


< Latent-elasticity interlaced-textured yarn and suede-like elastic woven fabric produced using the same

< Dehooking device with slidable bite sleeve

> Device and method for cleaning parts of a boat immersed in water

> Towed transport, launch and recovery raft

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