New compositions and methods for treating patients suffering from hepatitis-C, AIDS, aberrant apoptosis which include N-acetyl-D-glucosaminyl(.beta.-1-4)-N-Acetyl-muramyl-L-ananyl-D-isoglutami ne (GMDP) of at least 98% purity and provided either alone, as an active ingredient of blastolysine, or in combination with an aminosugar such as N-acetyl-glucosamine(NAG). The high purity GMDP has a decreased amount immunogenic impurities and demonstrates cell protection as opposed to solely immunostimulatory effects, while a synergistic cell protective effect is exhibited when GMDP in combined with NAG. The new compositions modulate FasL mediated apoptosis while simultaneously stimulating TNF-.alpha. production and further selectively inhibiting TNF-.alpha. receptor p55 (TNFR1), providing a treatment for patients suffering from hepatitis-C, AIDS or aberrant apoptosis.

Composições e métodos novos para tratar os pacientes que sofrem do hepatitis-C-C, AIDS, apoptosis aberrant que incluem ne de N-acetyl-D-glucosaminyl(.beta.-1-4)-N-Acetyl-muramyl-L-ananyl-D-isoglutami (GMDP) ao menos do purity de 98% e desde que sozinho, como um ingrediente ativo do blastolysine, ou em combinação com um aminosugar tal como o N-n-acetyl-glucosamine(NAG)-glucosamine(NAG). O purity elevado GMDP tem impurezas immunogenic diminuídas de uma quantidade e demonstra a proteção da pilha como oposta aos efeitos unicamente immunostimulatory, quando um efeito protetor da pilha synergistic for exibido quando GMDP combinou dentro com o NAG. As composições novas modulam o apoptosis mediado FasL ao simultaneamente estimular a produção de TNF-.alpha. e promovem TNF-.alpha seletivamente inibindo. receptor p55 (TNFR1), fornecendo um tratamento para os pacientes que sofrem do hepatitis-C-C, o AIDS ou o apoptosis aberrant.


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